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Vegetarian 100 Calorie Vegan Snacks/Meals Sep 15 2012
19:45 (UTC)
Smoothies I like smoothie's try an apple an cinnamon smoothie in almond or another plant milk. So scrummy!!
Vegetarian 100 Calorie Vegan Snacks/Meals Sep 15 2012
19:45 (UTC)
Smoothies I like smoothie's try an apple an cinnamon smoothie in almond or another plant milk. So scrummy!!
Vegetarian vegitarian all my life but want to be Vegan Sep 15 2012
17:11 (UTC)
:) Do some research buy a few good books I recommenced buy the book 100 best health foods it's a vegan book per say but 88 of the foods are vegan. It's helping me greatly plan meals It gives the Nutrition value of each food including protein, calcium,fibre, calories etc. Also buy a couple of vegan books, a couple of apps or e.books. I decided to go vegan about a month ago ;) I just went ahead and researched like mad. Now I get about 46-69grams of vegan protein per day 600-700mg of vegan calcium which is the UK rda. And all my fibre and all my vitamins too.. Yeast extract is vegan b12, many cereals and breads are fortified with b12 too. Leafy greens like spinach have iron in them. Do some in-depth research and get all the info you need b4 you switch ;) once you got the knowledge, facts and find vegan food stuffs in your area it's easy. At first it's hard thou but gradually gets easier ;)
Vegetarian Pets Sep 15 2012
16:55 (UTC)
It varies from person to person, I have one cat and two budgies been mostly veggie for 6yrs with the occasional meat dish. Recently curving a lot more to the the vegan side cutting out all meat, eggs, milk and cheese. I personally see nothing wrong with having a pet it depends how you go about it. You could go and buy a puppy which has been raised in a puppy farm, treated like crap and support the pet industry or you could go to the shelters or pound and give a dog a second chance of having a lovely home. Considering the pound is going to put the dog to sleep you could spare it and show it kindness and a happy life. ^.^ thats my opinion any way.
Fitness Having a hard time excersizing at all due to back problems! Jun 29 2012
12:44 (UTC)
Damn just read more 0.0 holy hell bad wolfie must read full threads. Anyhoo have you tried heat relief pads? U can wear them all day to try n ease pain hun. I hope you find a solution hun.
Fitness Having a hard time excersizing at all due to back problems! Jun 29 2012
12:42 (UTC)
Swimming gia :D or water aerobic :D very good exercise and works the whole body. Biking is good too but needs work to keep posture right. Dnt slouch. Have you had anyone look at ur back? I had problems years ago anyhoo I did some physio therapy that helped and now I note my posture. I walk alot which is good. If you need to pick things up bend ur knees not ur back. Posture is key when it come to back. Try adapting how u stand, sit, walk imagine you have a rod or ruler holding ur back up straight. Take time to adjust but soon becomes nature to keep a good posture. If need be a new mattress may do wonders as how sleep can also trigger back pain ^.^ hope that helps
Motivation size 0 beautiful? Jun 29 2012
12:36 (UTC)
Gia it's all good sweetie :D 0.o ur right to feel under attack hun. It's my own fault for not wording things right. Doh guess I'll think b4 I type next time. No harm no foul. Keep smiling be happy hun
Weight Loss How do I block out my fast food cravings?? Jun 29 2012
12:32 (UTC)
Hi dana I agree with mac d's eeewwe *looks for a bucket* ur right pink slimee!! Anyhoo it's been 4yrs no mac d's yay!!! ^.^ ppl need to try and cook more. I recently started cooking and now I love it. It's just finding recipes that are easy to do ^.^ so if u want a burger make one instead if buying one. You'll be amazed how yummy and low cal homemade is.
Weight Loss Bad news, scale. You're not going to be happy with me in the morning. Jun 29 2012
12:27 (UTC)
It happens :D we all have those bad calorie days no worries keep smiling just get back on track the next day ^.^
Weight Loss The best time to work out - in relation to meals Jun 29 2012
12:25 (UTC)
Me too I agree with smashly it's your body, your life you workout when you can fit in the time to workout
Weight Loss Weight lose in stomach only? Jun 29 2012
12:23 (UTC)
Nope you can't target weight lose, as pointed out you need to lose overall body fat. However you maybe able to flatten your belly by doing some toning/firming ab work. If you not getting enough fibre or water you could be bloated. Try increase your fibre to as my belly tends to bloat if Im not getting enough. ^.^ which may make ur belly look bigger.
Weight Loss I refuse to own scales! Jun 28 2012
23:47 (UTC)
Yer cool it's a really good way to check weight loss! Thank u :D I hadnt checked my weight for 2 weeks and was like what the 4 more lbs gone!! Yay
Recipes Substitute for White Wine? Jun 28 2012
20:45 (UTC)
Oh right u want to cook with it. Just take it out of the recipe. ??
Recipes Substitute for White Wine? Jun 28 2012
20:44 (UTC)
A good substitute for wine is water :D I dnt drink so thats my option
Motivation Someone motivate me to exercise... Jun 28 2012
20:35 (UTC)
Can I say that ;) Im a bit lazy so I do things I enjoy and want to actually do for pleasure ??
Motivation help? Jun 28 2012
20:32 (UTC)
Sarah without knowing some stats how can we help her? Anyhoo I get what ur saying so im making alternative suggestions
Vegetarian new veggies! Jun 28 2012
20:29 (UTC)
Thank you lysistrata! Thats was my whole point I was trying to make but somehow frapped about chicken *face palm* I hope i spelt ur user name right. ^.^ use to be a big meat eater now im just about veggie.
Weight Loss How do I block out my fast food cravings?? Jun 28 2012
18:39 (UTC)
Cook your own healthy versions or have food swaps of some sort. Since I started cooking more ive noticed what im putting in my food and thus whizz up very tasty but low cal/foods and this helps me keep my cravings at bay. Food swapping to is good, swap chocolate for weight watchers hot choc for instance 250 in a bar of choc whilst the hot choc is a mere 50 :D burgers swap them for homemade patties in pitta,chicken wings in batter swap for grilled chicken. It's all bout becoming treat wise :D and keeping it in moderation. Soda swap for sparkling water u can add some low cal cordial or even better lemon juice to.
Weight Loss The Weight Of Poo Jun 28 2012
18:22 (UTC)
A poo topic? O.o oh my ok heres my thought or what Ive heard any weight u may lose after a poo is temporary weight and there for as we eat the mass will come back. ^.^ there my 2cents
Motivation Is it normal to gain back weight that was lost slowly? Jun 28 2012
18:18 (UTC)
Good job you lost 85lbs :D con grates on that. Im happy for u