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Calorie Count Suggestion: Include "sugar" as an element in analysis summary Mar 06 2014
18:31 (UTC)

Think this would be a great idea, sugar has no many calories too it would help us see where we are going wrong, we need to keep levels low so a breakdown chart on the analysis page would be a benefit. Surely not too difficult for all the CC experts.

Weight Loss over 300 lbs. and need help!! Dec 04 2012
16:52 (UTC)
Original Post by buggirl2002:

Hello everyone!

I am loading up even more veggies by adding 1/4 cup of zucchini to my scrambled eggs in the morning. My dinners are half veggies and half lean meat. Still working on the turkey, Thank goodness we are not making another turkey for Christmas. I have been so good since Thanksgiving, I hope I have some weight loss come Thursday when I weigh in. Good luck to you all! You can do it!

Sounds good, I have the zucchini cut in half lengthways and grill in my Forman grill without fat until brown and soft, makes a yummy side dish. Do you use all the egg? I use one whole egg plus one egg white, filling and so low in cals, with a few mushrooms too for a change.

Weight Loss over 300 lbs. and need help!! Nov 11 2012
08:48 (UTC)
Original Post by pinklady68:

I wt.240,love to lose 74lb need help.we can do it together.

Welcome and good luck, yes we can do this, I was 355 in 2008 taken a long time but now 175 and still going, never give up is the plan.

Happy Sunday, Christine

Weight Loss over 300 lbs. and need help!! Nov 10 2012
09:48 (UTC)

So agree with both these last 2 posts, temptation is everywhere right now.. I try to take each hour at a time and celebrate every time I resist, I do not always win but at least I tell myself I try. There is always tomorrow, a nights sleep is like a cleanser, washes away all the bad we did, and we CAN start again. Only by giving up do we fail. It takes a long time, I never thought I would take from 2008 to now to get anywhere but by keeping calm and carrying on and never giving up we can get there, maybe not a quick as we like but the alternative is worse.

Thinking of you all and sending my positive attitude to you all.

Have a great weekend.

Weight Loss over 300 lbs. and need help!! Oct 14 2012
09:13 (UTC)

Hi, just found this forum as I support someone who put up a post here, I too started at 355lbs but joined the group here 300+ club, see above link. This has helped me with its monthly weigh-ins. Some of you may want to join too and with greater numbers we can help each other better.

I have not had chance to read all the posts here so forgive me if you already know about this.

Good luck to all, my main tool to stay on track is log everything in and out, weigh-in monthly and share thoughts with those of us who have been there and worn/still wear the T-shirt.

Happy Sunday.


Calorie Count Weight log Jun 23 2012
08:14 (UTC)

I guess it shows the average over time on how your weight history is going, I lose for 3 weeks then have a blimp and gain one day, but never give up and back to it so even though the weight goes up, the TREND is that I am still losing and the blip is forgiven.

New Members Brand New...Hello! Feb 03 2012
20:16 (UTC)

I find family or friends can be a pain when they do not want to lose wait, they do not want YOU to either. I find its best NOT to tell them your dieting, say you have developed an allergy to (fat, sugar, cheese) anything really, in one sense it is not a lie, if you eat these bad foods you will break-out in fat!

Thanks for supporting me, I hope I can help you too, its a long road but we can do it and never give up.

Weight Loss Breakfast & Lunch - 400 calorie meals... Nov 27 2011
10:09 (UTC)

I have porridge made with water 30g dry oats. under 200 cals and it is good for you and filling! I always stick to 200 cals for breakfast 400 seems too many, I try and save the extra for snacks at night.

good luck.

New Members New here, looking for a few new friends who have over 150lbs to lose Sep 14 2011
19:31 (UTC)

hi, my motto is never give, welcome to the 300+ group onmayway2borabora I was 355 and now around 220 having slipped from 192 UPWARDS, but never give up!!

good luck, I am JUST a grandma of 10weeks, isn't it wonderful.

Christine x

New Members Hi. I'm Rebecca. And I'm a Foodaholic. :) Sep 06 2011
14:06 (UTC)

Welcome to the 300+ club, I so enjoyed your post, it made me smile, I am a foodaholic too!!

Young Calorie Counters OMG I just went on a vacation and ate a ton of calories! What do I do now? Jul 03 2011
08:18 (UTC)

What you do is NEVER GIVE UP, start again and take each day as it comes. Life is a journey not a destination, good luck.

New Members Newbie here needing advice! Feb 19 2011
15:41 (UTC)

Hi and welcome to CC and in particular the 300+ group. One food I love is the laughing cow cheese triangles, low fat cheese spreads and I believe they dont need to be kept in a fridge. Good luck on your journey, hope to know you better.

best wishes, Christine

Health & Support Trying to stop saving calories at night... Feb 18 2011
09:06 (UTC)

I think this is a habit you will have to try and break. I find it best not to eat after 7pm. If I wake at night have a large glass of water by the bed and drink that, turn over and go back to sleep. Tell yourself you are not hungry, it may take a few days but the first week is the worst.

Make sure you eat enough protein as this will make you feel full, count the calories and spread them through the day. You will feel so good in the morning when you can do without the food at night. There is some secret pleasure in eating when no-one is around, but your hips will know!! Good luck

Weight Loss losing the weight Feb 01 2011
09:50 (UTC)

I find it much easier at home on a tradmill. if I only have 15mins spare I can jump on and walk (cant run yet too heavy and arthritic) as fast as I can. To go out means, coats hats gloves shoes keys, and then my 15mins are up.

Incidentally, for what its worth my husband was told by his doctor NOT to run as it places too much stress on your joints and that fast walking is better.

Also, it is better to have 3 sessions throughout the day to stoke your metabolism than one fast bout of 1hr. Take from this want you want.



Weight Loss losing the weight Jan 31 2011
13:47 (UTC)

walking on a treadmill helps but to burn calories and fat quicker you need to build muscle and that involves using small dumbells to buid the muscles. depending on your size and strength now depends what weights size to start with, I am on the smallest but my husband is on 2.5kg after one year of 2kg.

Motivation Sticky Sometimes it's about more than losing weight... Nov 10 2010
16:16 (UTC)

You put into words everything I feel too. You do relate to me, an older woman! Who has the same history with weight. My 'moment' came aged 58 and at 355lbs along with all your symptoms too!! I couldnt walk or climb stairs or get clothes to fit me. (I live in England and XXXXXL clothes are harder to find here).

I found calories counters in August 2008 and for my fithteen months was whistle-stop no-holds barred, and I lost 150lbs quiet easily, since then I am bouncing along on the same weight between 192 and 200lbs. maybe its because I am begining to love myself as I am but my resolve to keep going is weakening. I still want to kick those extra 56lbs and get to my target of 140lbs, I was only ever that weight when in primary schoo so have no concept of what I am aiming at.

You have inspired me again to love myself first and then maybe others will love me too. My help has been the 300+ club on here, as only people of our starting weights really understand our problems.

Good luck with your journey, would love to here from you once you pass your target of 100lbs and after 1 year on the new plan. Having been here for just over 2years now I feel I am in a rut. I am so much happier and healthier but still long to be what I call NORMAL. Before losing this weight I had always thought of myself as a freek and felt others thought so too. The looks and sly comments made about me, within my hearing, did nothing for my self esteem and I ended up never going anywhere turning to food for frienship and ended up being a recluse and turning to food for all the reasons you gave.

You are so right, its more than just food in food out!

New Members hello everyone! im ready this time! Sep 07 2010
11:59 (UTC)

Hi, weclome to the 300+ club, you will definately get support from us. Others of us in the 300 club have all been there and worn the T shirt, Look forward to getting to know you better and helping you to win this time,

Christine x

Pregnancy & Parenting We just found out we're PREGNANT!!!! Mar 03 2010
09:40 (UTC)

Many congratulations!!!! ps, don't think you can eat for two now!!!!Wink

Weight Loss Out of the 300's - My first goal conquered!! Feb 22 2010
21:11 (UTC)

Well done, so proud of you. Here's to the next goal!

Weight Loss I reached my half way mark !! Nov 23 2009
13:08 (UTC)
Original Post by nanny317:

Ya I thought so too.. he is a really good kid.. well not a kid anymore but you know what I mean :)

Well done, you really hit the headlines!! You deserve your success, your right life is a journey, not a destination, enjoy each day. I say if you WANT it have but be prepared to pay the price, mostly you dont need it and if we try we can find an alternative, I love peanut butter but hate celery, but I may try your treat its sounds yummy.

Keep at it, we can all look forward to the 'party' we will have when you get 3/4 the way too!

love Christine