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Motivation Before and During/After Pictures!!!! Dec 14 2008
01:50 (UTC)

Good job you looking great!...  hard part is done now is just a matter of time.. Enjoy the ride!!

Weight Loss Can you tell me what I should do? Dec 12 2008
18:15 (UTC)

Yeah i think you shouldnt go below 1200 calories

At 5-10 and 155 lbs you are very healthy.. prolly more healthy than at 135..  But if you still want to lose weight, i think u should go with about 1300-1400...  that should be good enough for 1 lb per week with a lil bit of execirse....  it may be slower but it will be more steady and easier to achieve.  But im not a doctor or a nutrionist or an expert :D

Motivation I am very depressed Dec 12 2008
18:07 (UTC)

Hey sorry to hear about what happaned to you..

Hopefully not all men are like that (who am i kiddin we are pigs :( )

Anyway, you the only one who can keep u motivated.  We are here to fuel you up and make sure u dont lose it.  But you need to do this for YOURSELF...  yes imagining the face of your ex when he sees you after you lose weight will be motivating (btw i saw my ex 4 days ago for the first time since i lost weight and her face was priceless =D ) and is part of the reason, but you gotta also do it because you want to be health.

You will see you wil have so mush energy in you that you gonna start thnking about juggin on going into bycicle trips or go swimming. 

Imagine going shopping and having to pick new sizes as all ur old clothes no longer fit on you..

There is a lot of reason to want to do this..  I was the laziest person in the world and I manage to get off my ass and do something.. If I did it, im sure you can do it..

Best start is this:

gather information...  get ur measurements so u know where are u starting.  Read and ask..   Learn why X foods arent good for you and why others are.  First days may be sucky, but once u start feeling great u will not mind those foods and eventually u r gonna like them (me eating broccoli? one year ago i would had swear that will never happen..  but i do eat it a lot now :D )

Try new things, have fun cooking.. Sometimes it will be bad.. sometimes u will discover something really good. 

Enjoy this journey as mush as u can, cause i did it and it can be fun.  Once you start and weight start going down, u will have excess of motivation.  then you can walk in front of ur ex and move along while he is standing there drooling and thinking on the mistake he make.

Motivation Success Dec 12 2008
17:55 (UTC)

Congratulations on reaching your goal + 5.  Losing weight is not as hard as some people believe it is..  Wish you the best on ur surgery.  And keep going strong, and you will reach your healthy weight and felt awesome :)

Motivation how close are you? Dec 12 2008
16:15 (UTC)

my goal was to lose 70 pounds.. I had lost 89 :D

but right now im just tryin to get 6 more to stay at 155, but being stuck at 161 for like a month now..  im going to the gym now too so i really dont mind being stuck as it may just be changin fat for muscles.

Motivation will i ever do this? feeling doubtful... Dec 12 2008
15:50 (UTC)

You gotta be strong,  If you crave something one day, is best to go and get  a lil bit to satisfy that craving and move on..   When you binge (we all do)  you gotta be strong too and realize it happens..  Enjoy whatever u ate and move right back eating healthy on ur next meal...

Just need to have accountability of your foods.. If you binge today, then u know that this next days u should eat healthy.   If you manage to controls this, not only you will lose weight, but you will be able to eat healthy for the rest of your life :)

And btw u a real cutie with that dress ur hubby should be proud ;D

Weight Loss NOW is the time to change my life Dec 08 2008
13:40 (UTC)

Good luck satsumas.


I started just like you.. One day i just felt like it was time to do it and i just did it..  10 months later i had lost 85+ pounds and im on my healthy weight.  Just keep gathering info (knowledge is power) and look for motivation..  Dont fall into a fad diets..  Have fun with it.  Explore new foods and new recipes and you will see it is possible.

Just think how cool it would be when people see u all skinny and think of their reactions..   U will see that it will become a reality.  And wait until u go to the store to buy new clothes!


Best wishes and im sure you can do it



Motivation How to get past the fear of people at the gym? Dec 08 2008
13:27 (UTC)

Just remember a few things

1- If u feel like u the least fit person in the room, dont worry, many of them started that way... U will climb ur way just need to keep going

2- Even if u are the least person in the room, u still are gaining advantage over other people who arent going to the gym (pretty mush almost everyone).


Just keep going.. i remember when i started running, i wanted to go to the track when there wasnt many people there.. couldnt run 250 meters...  in 6 months i was running 2 miles... 


I started gym now and i feel like im way behind compare to people At the gym but ill just keep going until i change that (thats the only way to change it)

Motivation Motivating Before and After pics Dec 06 2008
15:54 (UTC)

in gallery as well


Good job those who had post before me ;)

Motivation falling off the wagon Dec 01 2008
15:44 (UTC)

Stop thinking of what u had done and make sure than on the next meal you get right back on track :)

When u binge u gotta know how to shrug it up and dont let it ruin ur mindset and motivation.. It will happen and we gotta learn to deal with it... So go back on track on ur next meal and u will see how u gonna start feeling good again  =)

Motivation Anyone have any before and after pictures? Nov 30 2008
01:08 (UTC)

u can see my before/after pictures as well on my profile :)

Health & Support What should your daily goal sugar and sodium intake be? Nov 29 2008
15:04 (UTC)

not sure about sugar but sodium is about 2400 mgs per day


Motivation help me figure out what's wrong! Nov 28 2008
20:18 (UTC)

I can relate..  Im 5-9.5 and a year ago i was at 250.. I hate pictures cause i really looked as heavy as ever..  i could feel how my dad was disappointed at me every time he saw the huge belly i had..  He died 2 years ago while i was still at my heaviest..

I ate lots of fast food, at nights and had tried to lose weight a million times but nothing.  I always though "one day" i will lose the weight but that day never came..

One night (febraury 12 to be exact) i decided to try again.. only this time I started looking and researching..  I didnt wanted to know which foods were bad.. I wanted to know WHY those foods were bad to me.. I checked Youtube videos, looked for inspiration and I prepare myself mentally and emotionally to know that this was gonna be a long journey, that i wasnt gonna lose the weight overnight..  I went that night thinking of how good i wanted to look.. thinking on the reaction of the people when they see me all skinny..

Next day i woke up like a new person.  I started the diet and didnt look back.  I started eating veggies that i used to hate.  I didnt like Broccoli back then, but i loved chicken, so i had Broccoli and Chicken.  I had to learn to eat that stuff.  I saw it like, ok im doing a sacrify tryin to eat thi broccoli but at least i got the chicken i love.

i keep going on.. Eating Apples, Pears and all kind of fruits for snacks..  Eating Healthy meals..  Looking for new recipes.. I started to HAVE FUN with the weight loss issue.. I saw it like a game.  Every pound lost was a level gained and i wanted to be lvl 70 (World of Warcraft reference.. yah that contributed a lot to why i gained so mush weight).

Every time i go to the market, i bring something new and healthy to try out..  My diet consisted pretty mush of Breakfast, lunch and supper with 3 snacks.. The Snacks were usually fruits (with some bars like special k bars and stuff when i was on the go)..  fast foods was cut to minimum (stil had to eat twice a week but i start going to subway, quiznos, or just healthier choices).  No more fried food and chicken skins. and change everything i could to whole grains (pastas, rices, bread, muffins).

i start working out and running as well.. before i couldnt run 300 meters.. now i run 2 miles.

almost 10 months since that day.. im now at 162 lbs (level 88 for the geeks like me btw).. U can see my pictures and see how mush i  had change..  But I was just like you thinking just like you. and im telling you, you can do this.. You can change your mind and motivate yourself..  and it feels great..  Just imagine it, think about it, dream about it, read and learn about it, and HAVE FUN WITH IT.

Best of luck and sorry if my English sucks, its not my first language


Motivation Goooaaaaaaaal! Nov 20 2008
00:11 (UTC)

Great Job!!!  Congratulations!  Keep up the good work!  You are almost there!  Slowly and steady and keep up having fun

Weight Loss Any advice for a new member? Oct 09 2008
02:16 (UTC)

Nothing wrong with Smoothies as long as u make them yourself with some Fresh Fruits, non fat milk or yogurt, etc.. 

I usually dont use any sugar of them..  I can trow half a banana if i want it to be sweet.

The Bars arent so bad.. I use either Special K, Fiber one chewy ones (They are 140 calories but TONS of fiber..i love the chocolate one) or Kashi Lean Bars...  I wont eat more than 1 per day, and i dont eat them every day..  Is just the perfect thing when i have to go out..  Special K snack bites have lots of vitamins too.

Eating trough the whole day is good too.. I try to eat every 2 hours in the day and then every 3 hours after supper. 0 So before u go to classes, eat a nice breakfast and carry a bar or an apple in your backpack...   (ill rather have the fruit but sometimes the bar is just easier).  It will keep u full enough so when its time to eat, u will eat less..  eat supper like a nice turkey sandwish with whole grain bread and lots of veggies on it..  then when u get back to ur apartment eat another fruit (in this case i would go for a citric one like orange or mandarins).  At dinner u wont eat as mush...

Also make sure to get whole wheat bread instead of plain one.. and about drinking, if you can do it, just drink water..  Dont drink your calories..  an Orange is better than orange juice... 


Motivation How do I stop overeating when I consume alcohol? Jul 16 2008
23:04 (UTC)

Every time i go drinking, i end up eating something bad..  So i do ocassionally. 

Only go out drinking 1 or twice per month...  Sometimes i drink a lil bit and its fine..  if i go overboard and end up eating bad, then its not a big deal as long as the next day when i wake up i come back on track.  I had lost 63 pds in 6 months and i had gone drinking badly 4 times.  If you go out to drink heavily weekly, then it may be a problem, so maybe start taking it easy some days so when u go overboard u dont feel bad

Motivation Weight loss is not easy when you are an impatient person! Jul 09 2008
05:51 (UTC)

Think everyone can relate to this.  Losing weight sometimes seem likes a hard work and we expect to see those results right away.

Thats why we gotta celebrate every little step..  be happy when u need a different hole on ur belt, or when u lose 2 pounds, or when u lose 1 cm of ur belly.  When u break your own records running/juggin


Gotta make it fun...  Looks for new recipes, try new things..  Losing weight is more of a Life change style than a diet..  Right now i lost 60 pounds and need to lose 25, but im not even worried about it anymore cause im sure i wont go back eating what i used to, so it will go down eventually..


Motivation Missed your goal ... now what Jul 08 2008
21:45 (UTC)

Great Job on losing 26 pounds!! its not an easy task..  But dont give up, you can still reach your goal even if it takes you a few more week

If a long distance runner was on a marathon and he wanted to get to the goal line at X time, and he couldnt, would he all of the sudden stop running? or would he try to get to the goal line no matter how long it took him... 

Keep going and finish your goal..  You will felt great when u reach it and will have no regrets

Motivation NOOOOOOOOOOOOOo! Jul 08 2008
21:34 (UTC)

eat something light later tonight..  If you are not hungry, eat something, like a yogurt or another apple.

Go for a walk or joggin

Drink lots of water..  all those turkey breast and bacon may had add ur sodium intake =/

And more importantly, dont worry about it... Tomorow is another day so start it fresh.


Motivation Motivation Needed Here!! Jul 08 2008
21:27 (UTC)

I was somoene who had try to lose weight and didnt last more than 5 days.  Now i been losing weight for 6 months (i know its not mush) but i had lost 60 pds and need to lose around 25 more.

Im surprised that i havent struggle like i did the others time.  This are the stuff i had done differently this time:

1) When i went to sleep, i was thinking of how awesome it would be if i lose the weight.  I imagine myself at that weight. I know it wasnt gonna happen from 1 day to another but keeping this in mind helped me.

2) I research..  I look for all the information i could get..  I start loggin calories (i stopped loggin calories a month ago cause i didnt wanted to be a slave to it like i was, but im still losing weight.)  Now i got an idea of what i should be eating and which portions.

3) I have fun with it.  I look for new recipes everytime i could.  During my diet i had have homemade pizzas for breakfast, or mexican pizzas for dinner.  But i made them myself on wheat breads or tortillas, full of fibers and full of veggies!..  Im still eating my favorite foods, just with a twist and healthier and equally delicious.

4) Try new things..  Everytime i go to supermarket i try bringin at least 1 new item.. Sometimes i dont like them, sometimes they are awesome (like cottage cheese)..

5) Eat snacks.. i eat every 2 hours..  1 of my snacks is always a bowl of fruits (Apples, Pearls, Kiwis, Watermelons whatever i have).. Another snack i try to have a citric food on it (helps having an orange tree on my backyard =D).

Dont give up... And dont get fustrated, is a slow and steady ride to lose weight, but enjoy every minute of it.. I think im gonna miss when i finally reach my weight and people get use to the new me (and no more jaw droppings faces).