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Weight Loss POLL: Based on your personal observations are most of the people.... Nov 17 2011
09:20 (UTC)

I live in a city in the UK, there seems to be a huge gap between young under 25's and the older generation and wealth and education seems to have a huge impact on who is healthy and who is unhealthy.

I work in a professional environment and I would say about 80% of people I see every day are healthy.

Travelling on the bus home, it seems only the students are healthy, almost evrryone else I see is overweight.

Since losing weight, the amount of people who are morbidly obese and start blocking aisles in supermarkets and taking up 2 seats on the bus seems to have become really noticeable, I come accross at least one person of this size on my journey to work each day. It makes me really sad to see people struggling to walk and move due to something that is so preventable.

Foods Do American fruits have more sugar? Oct 07 2011
18:47 (UTC)

Could be due to the amount of ice per weight of the item and the amount frozen water in the product. I find it hard to calculate frozen food values as often the packets list calories for prepared/defrosted portions and not the frozen weight.


I also hate measuring using cups as the weight depends on the size of the food your measuring and how much air takes up space.

Recipes Oct 04 2011
19:53 (UTC)
Original Post by carmenxox:

why would you want low fat recipes?



**granted it is healthy fats eaten in moderation


This comment is not helpful at all im getting sick of people shouting others down. 

Low fat for me does not mean extra sugar and salt, It means more vegetables and fibre,bigger portions and tons of natural flavours from herbs and spices. Less fat for me means more value for my calorie allowance. 

I've never heard of skinnytaste before but it looks really promising! I think I will try the coconut chicken salad next week. 

Foods What did YOU eat today? Oct 04 2011
19:31 (UTC)

Today has been a grab it and go day for me.

B: Wholemeal bread roll with bacon

L: Innocent veg pot - Thai green curry

D: Mixed salad with lime &chilli salsa, with a White fish fillet on the side

+2 mugs of mint tea, 2 mugs of English breakfast tea with milk

Foods Pudding Ideas (200-300 kcals) Sep 20 2011
21:24 (UTC)

I was wandering around sainsburys last week and my mouth was watering at their puddung section, I saw some nice jelly based deserts in their premium range but I'm all for saving money and knowing what's in my food so I had a go at making my own to take to work.

I set sugar free jelly(jello?) over some diced fruit, and added 0% yogurt,almonds, cacao nibbs and agave nectar(natural sweetner) once it had set - It was very good, i'm looking forward to trying out some other ideas, perhaps mini fruit crumbles.




Foods frustrated with my food Sep 20 2011
21:14 (UTC)

I agree with the above posts, keeping track of the calories is more important than the sodium especially when your not eating dangerous levels.

I do think however that it is better to have the lower calorie intake on a few days than to eat junk or processed food. If your eating for the calories perhaps try to eat something thats not just calories, but is going to give your body something good too.

Natural and unprocessed foods tend to be low on the sodium.

I keep a box of various dried fruit,nuts,cacao nibs and also cans of mango which are surprisingly high in calories for snaking situations. You might not want to be eating sugary foods, you can find your own preferences and keep them stored away for times when you need a bit extra.

Foods Protein other than eggs Sep 20 2011
21:05 (UTC)

I've given up most of my carb intake recently as carbs make me really bloated and tired. I really dislike eggs and eat them only if it's part of a baking recipie.

I eat a lot of lean meat like turkey breast but i've also started eating alot of reduced fat feta cheese and cooking low fat curries with lean meat and 0% yogurt/coconut milk and beans.

If i'm in a rush my staple freezer food is quorn (micoprotein), its about the only really processed/packaged food i eat but there are so many varieties and its so low calorie I usually eat twice the reccomended portion size in replacement of refined carbs to increase my protein.

Foods Tea recommendations? Sep 20 2011
20:56 (UTC)

I live in the UK so I probably can't reccomend any brands but I drink ALOT of tea.

One of my favorites is Mint tea, but it varies greatly by brand. In the UK I love Tetley's peppermint tea. Unlike alot of mint tea which is weak and tasteless this variety steeps to a very dark color in just a few mins and has a strong taste. Mint tea is also great for cleansing the palette and keeping food craving at bay.

I'm not a fan of green tea unless its flavoured(with dried fruits and herbs nothing artificial) as I hate watery weak tea. Some of my favorites green teas are loose gunpowder green tea with moroccan mint, green tea with dried mango or peach is also amazing.

If you prefer black tea, something like darjeeling is nice and mild, or a strong black tea with lemon is another of my faborites.

Caffeine free herbal teas can be hit and miss, ive tried hundreds of brands but ive only found a few which taste strong enough for me. It has been fun experimenting though.



Weight Loss Calorie confusion is 700 a day okay for me? May 27 2009
21:48 (UTC)

The easiest way to get the exact figure you need is to set your activity level in options to Light, then add in how many hours hiking and other exersizes in your log.

Then look at your burn metre(thats how many calories your body needs to maintain your weight) . If you want to lose 1lb a week you need to under eat your burnt calories by 500 per day, so subtract this from your burn metre and what's left is how much you should eat.

The 1200 calorie intake is the absolute minimum,unless you do very little exersize and have a desk job, you should be looking at no less than 1400, and with a lifestyle such as yours,much more.

Motivation SCHMOOZE & LOSE: Final week (June 21-27) {CLOSED} May 23 2009
12:34 (UTC)

Ive been away for the last 5 days so ive not had much of a chance at the challenge, todays weight is 144.4 which is the same as last week.

Motivation SCHMOOZE & LOSE: Final week (June 21-27) {CLOSED} May 17 2009
19:28 (UTC)

Had a really bad week unfortunatly, todays weigh in was 134.4 so pretty much all the way back at the weight i was in week 1 :(

Foods Do you believe the cals in prepackaged food? May 14 2009
12:19 (UTC)

260 sounds resonable if its a roll, but if its a sub then definatly not.

I usually believe nutritional info but yesterday i was looking at my food log and i noticed that 300g of preacked potato wedges in oil and herb dressing was supposed to be 180cal, but when i put in 300g of just raw potato on CC,for my jacket potato it was over 200 calories for 280g.

I dont believe potato wedges in an oil dressing can be less than the same weight in raw otato, so either CC is wrong, or the packet is!

Foods zero nutrition May 13 2009
19:32 (UTC)

I'm becoming quite health concious and try to plan my meals to fit my calorie limit, but if im at the end of the day and have got no allowence left its either take the jelly or nothing. I dont have the will power to say no si dont think it does any harm to have some now and again.

The Lounge Sleeping with a friend?! May 13 2009
18:16 (UTC)

I guess not everyone will agree with me here, and i have nothing against those who have casual sex but...

I personally think that you should never sleep with anyone you do not see yourself being with in the future, or are willing to have a child with. No BC is 100% effective (not saying this because to lecture,i know from experience!) So unless your willing to cope with the possibility of a pregnancy and the decision that comes with it, wait until you know 100% that you want to take the step into a relationship.

Once you do it you can never go back, take the time to make a decision before you jump into it, because you have to be able to take whatever occurs because of your decision (a child,ruining your friendship,having a good time,starting a meaningful relationship).

Definatly talk to him about it and express your feelings, if he is such a good friend i woulnt think it would hurt.

Foods Waffles, Crepes or Pancakes? - or French toast? May 12 2009
11:57 (UTC)

If we take the UK versions then WAFFLES (potato waffles that is), or crepes but we call them pancakes here.

Shrove tuesday (PANCAKE DAY :D) is my favorite special day of the year *other than christmas*

Motivation Frustration with healthy eating comments. May 11 2009
13:34 (UTC)

I actually have the complete oposite problem! My fammily and bf always think i'm eating too much despite being on 1400 calories.

This morning my bf said to me 'What am i going to save you from?....A bar of chocolate?' After i jokingly said he should be my hero too after he saved a woman at work from falling down three flights of stairs.

He also started ranting at me for uping my calories to 1400 because he coudnt see how upping calories could make me loose weight.

Derogatory comments from people who just dont understand anything about halthy eating REALLY annoy me, i often wonder if they are as ignorant as they seem or if they are trying to be mean because they ae jealous!

The Lounge Anyone from the UK? This site needs more British foods! May 11 2009
13:27 (UTC)

This has been frustrating me too, and i almost always weigh my food even salad dressings and then use the 'other' options.

I find that things like '1 egg' and '1 medium apple'  are rarely ever close to the the products i have and do always have to weigh them. It's not such a big deal as i manually put in all my food label data anyway because i find it usually differs quite alot from the american versions.

I think the biggest frustration for me the huge variety of packaged goods that are suggested in recipies that are just not available here. I bought a cook book recently that was american and pretty much every recipie calls for some kind of product i cant buy.

The cup thing also is a bit of a bother because i usually only cook for one and trying to measure 7/8th's or 2/3 of a cup  is pretty difficult to do accuratly when i only have 1 and 1/4 measuring cups. I usually have to weigh out a cup to convert it to grams in order to get things right. I never really understood why cups were used instead of grams, grams seem more acurate and easy to use to me and i dont have to keep 10 different measuring cups in my cubourd, just one scale.

Fitness Burning While Reading Is It Really Possible ? May 10 2009
23:10 (UTC)

I just looked up reading and its between 70 and 100cal per hour, a sedatory person burns 70 cals per hour just from normal bodily functions so it does sound about right.

Motivation SCHMOOZE & LOSE: Final week (June 21-27) {CLOSED} May 10 2009
15:48 (UTC)
Original Post by lilygirl1970:

We've been at this three solid weeks and have already lost over 70 pounds! We've cut back enough calories to feed someone 2000 calories a day for 4 months!

 Wow that actually is something to think about! If we all sent our extra calories to africa we could save alot of people!

Foods HOW MUCH on groceries EACH WEEK? May 10 2009
11:38 (UTC)

Im in the UK and i end up spending the equivelent of $70-80 per week just on myself(inc household stuff and dry cat food).

It amazes me how fresh vegetables can be so expensive when i can buy junk food like pizza and burgers for half the price!