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Games & Challenges SUPPORT GROUP/CHALLENGE for 20-somethings! May 20 2008
03:58 (UTC)

Hi everyone~

Sounds like everyone's had a pretty busy week! Good Job!

LW: 151.6 lbs

CW: 154 lbs

yeeeeeah. I had an indulgent weekend with my family this weekend. Oh well, got focus on working back down again! May this next week be less hectic than the last, and GOOD LUCK GUYS~ <3

Games & Challenges SUPPORT GROUP/CHALLENGE for 20-somethings! May 14 2008
03:27 (UTC)

*coughs* lol yes, I got the warning "spanking", so here I come slinking back... :P

This week has been rather difficult for me. I'm still in the 151-154 range for the 4th consecutive week, as completely fustrating as that is, and I haven't really be counting my calories. I'm ending my 15-month stay here in Quebec this week, so I'm not really paying attention to what and when I'm eating. But I'm thinking that this is just in preparation for the move back home next week. Uggh. Will someone give me a swift kick in the bum to get me back on the wagon? XP

And thank you, xzcandizx for your effort in keep us motivated and working together! :D

I like the idea of more fresh fruit, anything to keep me from raiding the chocolate cubboard after dinner. -_____-;

Have a great rest of the week guys!~


Games & Challenges SUPPORT GROUP/CHALLENGE for 20-somethings! May 06 2008
02:41 (UTC)

LW: 151 lbs

CW: 151.6 lbs

Uggggh, lol I had a crazy weekend. Birthday celebration stripped me of my resolve, so I totally gained some on Saturday, but I had a 2 hour rollerblading workout today, which totally kicked my butt... but brought me back down. I have the craziest weight flux during the weekends.

*hobbles off*

Games & Challenges SUPPORT GROUP/CHALLENGE for 20-somethings! Apr 30 2008
19:55 (UTC)

Well, I guess this puts me on the "late" bandwagon as well!


CW~ (Weighed on Monday) 151

Good luck, ladies, on your endeavors! Everyone's doing so awesome!

*falls back into lurker mode* ;D


Games & Challenges SUPPORT GROUP/CHALLENGE for 20-somethings! Apr 21 2008
22:48 (UTC)

Hey Guys!

Congrats on all the weight loss, it's fantastic!

I, on the other hand... lol well, let's just say that when you're staying away from home for a couple of days, and on a budget, it's just a *smidge* difficult to stay on base. I tried! But, alas...

LW: 153

CW: 154 :(

lol I -really- missed my water bottle, but after two days of carrying an extra pound in my already 5 lb bag... My shoulders were crying in pain. :P Oh well, back to the regularly scheduled program! ^^

Good luck everyone!

Games & Challenges SUPPORT GROUP/CHALLENGE for 20-somethings! Apr 14 2008
16:28 (UTC)

Hi guys~

I'm still alive! LOL honest!

I was able to do 3-35 min swim sessions (does that count? lol I hadn't mentioned it before but I also have problems with my knees) and 1-one hour walk this week... YAY!

Here's my weigh in for this week:


CW: 153.2

Mysticdragon~ I've taken Step classes, and MAN! They really are a lot of fun! It's a nice way to tone your butt, thighs and calves, but you've got to be careful because if you don't have the right support, or don't stretch, you can end up doing damage to your knees, which was the reason why I had to stop :(... but it's a great cardio workout and sometimes you can even get some muscle building at the end, depending on the teacher or course. ^^

The Water Challenge sounds great! kingje is right, 64 oz is roughly 1.89 something something something liters, which if you grab one of those 1.5 L bottles that cost like $1.50, you can drink that, refill it, drink half and you're already past your 64 oz "requirement". Though I can imagine, for those of us who are students, it's a pain in the butt to carry around a 1.5 L of water to class... ;D

Good Luck everyone! <3

Games & Challenges SUPPORT GROUP/CHALLENGE for 20-somethings! Apr 07 2008
03:30 (UTC)


First weight in:

LW: 157.8 lbs  

CW: 155.6 lb


Games & Challenges SUPPORT GROUP/CHALLENGE for 20-somethings! Apr 04 2008
23:50 (UTC)

steviegiles~ Really!? LOL it's always a joke that -nobody- knows where Hemet is except those who live there ^^ That's awesome! So what's the biggest difference you find between Northern and Southern Cali... or is it too soon to ask ;D?


I too eat about 5-6 meals a day. lol I like the freedom of having a number of calories set aside for "snacks" instead of a whole lot of calories for three main meals. Also, I find myself doing alright with about 1200-1400 calories each day, even though CC allows me 1650. And I drink 2 or more liters of water each day, that -really- helps keep my appetite down. Oh, and writing down what I eat, it (usually) keeps the inbetween snack snacks away... ^____^

Games & Challenges SUPPORT GROUP/CHALLENGE for 20-somethings! Apr 03 2008
11:45 (UTC)


LOL I am!! I'm from So Cal! In between LA and San Diego. Ever heard of Hemet?


Games & Challenges SUPPORT GROUP/CHALLENGE for 20-somethings! Apr 03 2008
03:09 (UTC)

Sweet! whitelyte, checking in! XD

Thank you for all your hard work! It looks fantastic!

I totally up for the first challenge... Lets. PUMP. YOU. UP! *flex*

... sorry about that, dork moment ^^;

Weight Loss Support group/challenge for 20-somethings!- Group closed Apr 01 2008
21:17 (UTC)


lol the internet :D... I had a response from my current "host family" on the au pair website where I had my profile, and through email I got to know my "host mum" (Though it's a little weird to call her that, she's only 28! XD)... and after a couple of weeks of talking, she asked if I wanted to come and take care of their babies (3 and 2, now, with a third arriving in July XO) and I was like "Totally!" C:

The prairies! Awesome! LOL are you still as entrenched in snow as we are?!


~(general conversation)~

Since I weigh myself on Saturdays, I guess my preference is Fridays, but I could do either ^^

Weight Loss Support group/challenge for 20-somethings!- Group closed Mar 31 2008
22:04 (UTC)

Hi guys!~

I'm Alena, so happy to meet you! :D I'm a 22 year old, with my college career on pause, and currently an au pair/ live-in babysitter in Quebec, Canada. Due to the healthy lifestyle I've had here in Quebec for over a year, I've decided to continue doing so when I go back home to California. However, those of you familiar with the American health awareness (ha ha, what awareness?), I found this group very appealing as I would love to have a network of support to keep me on track! I've been on this diet for about 6 weeks now and already lost about 11 lbs. My highest weight, ever, I've been was 204 about 2 years ago and I -don't- want to go back. And because of recent over-exertion on my knees, my exercise is currently limited to swimming, but my lack of desire to do said exercise has me worried since I don't want to stop loosing weight and I'm afraid I'm not getting enough exercise. Anyone giving out free kicks in the motivational butt? XD

I have two goals in mind, I would like to hit 144 by the 16th of May and 128 by the beginning of August (or before ;D). The first is because I want to look the best I can when I go back home, in order to surprise my family. XD And the second, because firstly, it's my healthy weight, and secondly, I want to finally look good in a bathing suit. A two piece, preferably ;)

My stats~

Height: 5'3

Starting weight: 168 lbs

Current weight: 157 lbs

Goal (1st): 144

Goal (Final): 128-130

(Btw, I'd be totally up for weekly weigh in's if anyone else is interested ^^ I think it helps!)

And for some fun stuff, my hobbies include drawing, animation, anime, manga, reading, taking walks, watching movies, listening to music... and talking to new people! XD

So I look forward to getting to know you! We can do this!



New Members Sticky **New Member forum Meet N Greet** Mar 17 2008
02:08 (UTC)

1. Calorie Count Name (user id): whitelyte
2. Name you prefer to be called in discussions: Alena, Lena
3. Age & Sex: 22 female
4. General Location: For the next two months- Quebec, After that- So. California
5. Married? Single? Single
6. Kids? Furbabies? Well, I have the babies I take care of, but actually just one furbaby, my black and white hellion, Sirius.
7. Favorite color? Purple, cerulean blue, forest green
8. Favorite movie? Beauty and the Beast
9. Hobbies? Reading, Drawing, working on the computer, anime/manga
10. Favorite Snack? Fresh fruit... any of it. :D
11. Favorite Beverage? Ice cold skim milk
12. Biggest Obstacle to Getting Healthy? Actually motivating myself to go work out. -_____- I literally need someone to tell me to go.
13. Weight/Fitness Goal? End of two months- 144 lbs, Before August- 128 lbs
14. Least Favorite Household Chore? Cleaning FLOORS... blegh
15. How did you find Calorie Count? I was looking for a calorie count of fruit in a Google search engine. And I stayed because I liked the look of the place :D
16. Anything Else You'd Like To Share? Nope *waves* I look forward to making some friends while I'm here and I'm always up for a chat!

Young Calorie Counters **Post here to find a weight loss buddy!** Mar 16 2008
04:31 (UTC)

*waves* Hi~

I just signed up a couple of days ago and I'm slowly making my rounds in the community. :D

My name is Alena and I'm 5'3 and "weighing" in at 162 lbs ;) (says the scale this morning)

I've been actively trying to lose weight for about three weeks now, in which I've lost about 6 lbs. (YAY~) and would like to find a friend/buddy to share experiences of what works/doesn't as well as being a strong support for each other.

My goal is to lose at least 18 more pounds before I go home (I'm currently in Quebec, Canada being an au pair, and will be returning to California in two months.). And then another 26 lbs before the end of summer, as I would like to see what it's like to wear a bikini this year... >//////<

Motivation is my weak point, so anyone willing to give me a little nudge, I'd be oh, so happy to return the favor! :D So feel free to drop me a note, I'd be very happy to meet you~