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The Lounge Where do you lie? Jun 15 2011
16:39 (UTC)
Original Post by hatamoto:

Original Post by whichwayup:

Men, ahhh - simple creatures :-)

It's true. We basically have four categories in which to place things we encounter:

1. Fight it

2. Fiddle with it

3. Feed on it

4. F*** it

Observant women will notice that some objects may fit more than one category simultaneously. Those are the ones that give us the most trouble. 

See - that's what I love about men :-) the simplicity.

It (foolishly) surprised me to learn how manipulative, cunning & conniving some women can be. On a level I've never encountered any man to reach (and since kissing the first man - very romantically under a beautiful tree in the middle of nowhere, no less - I've encountered a "few").

It's a compliment.

The Lounge Where do you lie? Jun 15 2011
09:02 (UTC)
Original Post by _adrienne_:

Um... Neither?


I’m 21 and recently graduated from college.  I’ve never had a boyfriend, never really had any desire for one.  I’ve had crushes on guys (if you can call them that).  But they’re usually along the lines of “Aw, he’s so sweet!” rather than “he’s sexy.” 

I don’t like my ‘womanly curves.’  I dislike my boobs.  I don’t like the sex-appeal associated with them.   

I tend to get along with guys better than girls.  My closest friends are men, but it’s on purely a platonic level.  The idea of a penis being inserted into my… ew.  Grosses me out.  I’m not sure why.  I’ve never been sexually abused or anything.

So guys are out of the question.  But I can’t see myself being in a relationship with another girl either.  The idea of being intimate with anyone (girl or guy) makes me uncomfortable. 

I honestly can’t imagine being in a relationship with someone else without us driving each other completely crazy.  I know I’m a difficult person to live with, especially with my OCD and anxiety issues.  Just the idea of sharing a bed or kissing makes me uncomfortable, let alone the idea of sex.

Geez, I feel like a freak.

Adrienne - if it's any consolation - I was the same. I think ED's royally scr*w some of us up in that department. Way way too many issues....

It took me until the age of 26 before I even kissed a guy ;-)

but oh boy - lets just say that since then, it was pretty much downhill all the way and making up for lost time has been immense fun!

As for where I lie on the sexuality spectrum? Too complicated to even go there. Suffice to say I'm pretty certain I won't have another relationship (as in romantic) with another women again. They're too damn complicated, hormonal and moody! Men, ahhh - simple creatures :-)

Calorie Count CC freezing Firefox Jun 14 2011
19:42 (UTC)

I use FF and can't say I've ever noticed it. And I'm on CC rather a lot :-)

Weight Loss I need help, guys. Jun 14 2011
17:18 (UTC)

Why don't you ditch the cardio and switch to weight lifting & HIIT? I just lost my last 11lbs (and 4% body fat) in 6 weesk that way (when before that, nothing much was budging).

But my weight training was intense 3 days a week (1 hour) plus another day or 2 per week doing HIIT.

BUT you'll have to up your calories or nothing will keep budging. To build muscle and reduce body fat, it's the only way. If you try to do what I suggest on your current calories, it will back fire.

I only have 2 more lb to go and I'm sure it will be off in the blink of an eye.

Edit to add: Amethystgirl has a very good point too - take a break - give your body a little rest. Then crack on!

Motivation LOSE IT for Independence Day ! **Challenge Ended** Jun 14 2011
16:26 (UTC)

Rachel, (thank you) I have to say that I think the biggest part of my success was due to the fact that my main no. 1 aim was not actually weight loss. It was to get healthy & fit so that I can lead a long life (I hope).

Taking the focus and pressure off weight loss, but aiming instead to bring down my blood pressure, lower my heart rate, make life easier on my knees, make life easier on my lungs, lower my body fat %, reducing my waist size - and not focussing on what I needed *not* to eat to (simply) get thin, was paramount to my success. Obviously none of that comes without weight loss. But to measure my success against those things along the way, was much much easier than staring at the scale and willing mere numbers down for the sake of a number on the scale.

And I think having those goals in mind to always aim for, will no doubt keep me on the straight and narrow much more so than fitting into a certain size.

I wish you all the best!

Motivation LOSE IT for Independence Day ! **Challenge Ended** Jun 14 2011
15:37 (UTC)

Thank you so much graceselene, tina, brtaylor, rachelallk, kotov & foxriver!

Well, today I have the most awesome-est (is that a word?) news! When I found out, I almost burst with joy and excitement - because the results of my body fat % was beyond my wildest dare-to-dream-dreams.

In just 6 weeks of weight training, I've lost basically 11lbs but more importantly: I lost 4% in body fat!!! Going from just over 30 to 26% (I am beyond ecstatic!)

I think if there's one thing / tip I'd like to pass on (in my limited) experience, is that it's to start weight training sooner rather than later. Everyone always says the last few lbs are the hardest to lose. Well, since I started the weight training they've almost been the easiest to lose. PLUS the fact that my body fat has plummeted in such a short space of time. So if anyone isn't doing any weight training yet and thinking about it: stop thinking.....!

That aside, I'm also super proud of myself for achieving something else without even knowing it. I'm not a treadmill person at the gym (only ever elliptical). And my running / road running experience is zero. But on Sunday - on the spur of the moment - I decided to go for a run instead of the gym. Don't ask me why - the thought just popped into my head and so I put on my shoes and hit the road. I did what I thought would be a fair "circuit" around the neighbourhood (which happens to include a couple of nasty hills). Running time 35 minutes. My body ached in places I didn't know could, and I was wiped out (but felt great). Dodging cars, jumping up and down pavements, ducking under trees, avoiding people, breathing in cold windy air - none of that I'm used to - but it was fun!

It was only then that I found out the circuit was exactly 5 kilometres.  And there I was, thinking that if I wanted to start running, I need to start running on a couch-to-5k programme - when I just did it without thinking!

Anyway - so I'm super chuffed with myself. And I sincerely wish all of you the best of success in the rest of your journey :-) See you again!

Motivation LOSE IT for Independence Day ! **Challenge Ended** Jun 12 2011
10:12 (UTC)

CSW (Challenge Start Weight): 153

CGW (Challenge Goal Weight): 145

UGW (Ultimate Goal Weight): 141 (BMI 23)

CC start weight: 200 (56.7 lbs lost since beginning Aug 2010!)


01 May - 153

08 May - 153

15 May - 152

22 May - 150 (actually it's 149.9!)

30 May - 149 (actually 148.8)

05 Jun - 146.6

12 Jun - 143.3 (speechless) - BMI 23.5

I'm speechless...I don't know what to say really. It almost doesn't feel real. That's a pretty ginormous drop by my standards and especially now that I only have a little over 2lb to lose until my "Ultimate Goal" - a thought I'm not sure I'm able to wrap my head around yet.

This past week I only went to the gym twice  for weight training (I usually go 3 times plus another day for HIIT) and I ate lots of yummy goodies (with a glass of wine @ dinner almost each night) - I almost feel guilty for even saying that. I'd be interested to know what my body fat % reads when we take it next week - perhaps I have some extra muscle now and a bit less body fat and increased metabolism?

I am genuinely so happy with what I've achieved over the past 10 months of my "get healthy" journey. I could never have predicted being "here" right now. Fit & healthy at an ideal BMI. It's beyond awesome.

I will sadly have to make this my last official weigh in for this challenge as I'm off on holiday on Thursday (Paris & Bordeaux!). But I'd like to thank ALL of you for sharing your weight loss journey on this challenge - for through "you", you help to inspire and motivate me. Foxriver... THANK you - you are such an amazing group leader (outstanding actually). I wouldn't have been able to do this without you.

I also hope to see you guys on some future challenge. Not that I wish to lose more weight at this stage - but I'm not sure what France is going to do to me (though I feel pretty confident in my maintaining ability).

I will still check in on this thread until I'm off on Thursday. And in the mean time, I wish all of you every success, health and inner happiness :-)

Weight Loss So, what, if any, foods have you quit? Jun 11 2011
20:10 (UTC)

Crickey - I gave up nothing...for me it was all about portion control.

Then again, I was never a big fan of fast food and lots of processed stuff. I'm quite a bit more mindful though and will think carefully about really wanting something. But if I really want something, I'll have it! Not having it will risk creating cravings - which may result in binges. So I have whatever I want, I just account for in my calorie allowance.


Weight Loss Giving up Alcohol Jun 11 2011
19:47 (UTC)

Alcohol it appears is the "devil" for a "diet". Or so seen by many. Choose to drop alcohol if you drink yourself to a stupor or if you're addicted. However if you behave responsibly around alcohol & if you enjoy the occasional drink here and there, I can't see how it hinders weight loss if calculated into your daily calories.

Speaking for myself, I drink about a (large) glass of wine every night - and well have lost 56lb over 10 months. Then again, I don't "diet" - I just eat & drink normally - just less.

But to each their own....

The Lounge What hair color looks better? Jun 10 2011
12:11 (UTC)

Absolutely no question about it - dark hair suits you (skin tone & eyes) beautifully! Stunning :-)

Weight Loss / Jun 09 2011
17:50 (UTC)

Edit: now I see you're 13 & 115lbs? OK, I'm sorry but I'm not the right person to advise....

The Lounge Who else hears the "bug clickers" or siren things outside of stores? Jun 09 2011
10:54 (UTC)

Yep - all the time. I was told it shouldn't be possible and the building manger at my previous place of employment was p*ssed off that he had to turn the "pigeon scarer" off because it literally drove me insane. The most unbelievable piercing super high pitched noise.

At first he didn't believe me when I said there's a strange noise coming from the building - and tried to brush it off. Telling me I'm just imagining  it.

But finally admitted that there was such a device for the pigeons on the fire exit stairs - and had turned it off. Voila - I could work. My hearing and smell are both super sensitive - far more so than most.

I'm 37.

Fitness Why does my chest burn so much when I run? Jun 08 2011
11:35 (UTC)
Original Post by abcurley10:

Hi there! I just started running on the treadmill because I hear its a great full body workout. My only problem is, when I start running and I get .3 miles into it, my Chest is burning so much I have to stop and walk. I want to run in a 5k races in August but theres no way I'm going to make it at this rate! If I didn't have this, I could make it, no problems! Any suggestions? I can barely make it a mile now, let alone a 5k...

This is most probably the reason. Quoting it to save my from typing it out myself. Take note of the first sentence in that article.

Weight Loss One week of vacation = 20 pounds gained?! Jun 08 2011
08:39 (UTC)

I'm really glad you understood my question for what it was! :-)

Though I'm almost at my goal weight, it's still a learning curve for me and when I go onto maintenance soon, I want to know what I can do to avoid a similar experience. Hence asking. I've never "dieted" before so don't really have experience with this.

I was afraid that you were going to say you really don't know. But it sounds like there's one clear reason - "all or nothing".

I've just had a quick look at your profile - 91lbs lost?! Flip!! Wow, well well done that's just incredible.

Though if through that entire journey it was the "all or nothing" method, I can fully understand why things would fall out of control when you no longer have that structure around you.

And is very likely to happen again I guess (if nothing changes).

(just trying to help) but do you feel it's "unsafe" for you to incorporate some treats or those things you couldn't control yourself with? So that it doesn't feel like such a deprivation?

Btw - I've had eating disorders for half my life (18 years) so this is the first time I tackle healthy living and maintaining weight in a healthy way. I think as my approach was first and foremost health focussed and not weight focussed, it indirectly took the pressure off. I assumed that if I fixed my health, the weight would follow - and it has.

Anyway - just to say congrats and coming as far as you have (and for already losing half your holiday weight!) - and all the best with teaching yourself how to enjoy things in moderation along the way :-)


Weight Loss One week of vacation = 20 pounds gained?! Jun 07 2011
21:57 (UTC)

This may sound like a dumb question, but....why....?

Why did you go nuts and eat out of control? Were you depraving yourself before? Not eating enough? Starved?

If not, why? I'm not sure I get how someone would (without blinking) throw everything out of the window that they've learnt about food & nutrition and portion sizes?

To have a day or so where you eat yummy stuff and don't care about calories - I get. But to stuff yourself to the brim for 7 days? Is beyond comprehension.

I'm not criticizing - just really puzzled.

The Lounge Anybody here meditate? Jun 06 2011
18:39 (UTC)

Tried it years ago - several times. Kept falling asleep (literally) or making mental notes. My brain it seems only has two modes - shut down and sleep or think in overdrive.

Edit to add: I have my "mental cleansing" time (as I call it) when I'm swimming, gardening or horse riding. Those are the times my brain seems to turn to candy floss and everything just "is".

The Lounge Sleeping with the Enemy Jun 06 2011
18:34 (UTC)

That's just bizarre. I have always been a 36DD / 34 E and have never ever (ever) had problems due to their "ginormousness"  (come on - they're big but not porn star big). So I don't quite get it...

Perhaps do some rowing at the gym to strengthen your back muscles?

Motivation LOSE IT for Independence Day ! **Challenge Ended** Jun 06 2011
17:34 (UTC)
Original Post by cdenali:

Original Post by whichwayup:

@ Cdenali - are you struggling at the moment? Or lost motivation a little?

 I'm letting you win this challenge

Noooo - it's not about winning :-) To me it's about fighting battles together. There's much to be said for strength in numbers.

I'm honestly not sure I'd have been able to do as well as I have without CC, you guys and these groups.

You seem to be so much more active than I am though - apart from my PT sessions I'm very sedentary and do almost no house work at all.

Why don't you try eating at maintenance (I'm guessing that would be around 2000 / 2200?) for a week. Then drop back down to your normal consumption (or even slightly less for a few days) and see how that goes? Just a thought....

Oh btw - I know there are sooo many calorie calculators out there and it can be a bit confusing (and contradictory) sometimes - but I'm quite liking this one - ulator.htm (especially the 7 day calorie zig zag suggestion)

Motivation LOSE IT for Independence Day ! **Challenge Ended** Jun 06 2011
16:23 (UTC)
Original Post by foxriver:

Whichway, fantastic that you are getting such good results with your new weight training program. Glad you liked my comment about attitude. Thanks for posting that link. What an inspiring story! With your holiday so close now, have you got an exercise plan for while you are away?

Thank you! So much for having to "starve" myself according to the PT hey? Mmm I am really surprised though about the loss. I've stopped logging calories again (oops) - I'm just eye balling stuff now and just don't have the motivation to track every calorie. I think I've learnt well over the past 10 months and feel confident in my ability to judge & create a healthy plate of food by now :-)

It's hard to describe just how awesome I feel (within myself) - so full of energy. So vibrant & radiant. I sleep like a baby and wake up with a spring in my step. Life is beautiful!

As for exercise while I'm away - I'm going to completely take off 2 weeks from the gym. I think I well deserve it! and it will do my body so good, I just know it. It's been hammered pretty hard with all this PT stuff over the past weeks. But from the 2nd of July (when I'll have a stable home again but will have to get a new scale!) I'll pick up and start NROLFW :-) I'm also quite keen to have a go at one of the Jillian Michaels programmes... (though I may be a bit delusional thinking I can run both simultaneously - we'll see)

@ Tina - thank you so much :-) it really does feel fabulous! I now just about love my own bum in jeans (not so much without - still plenty of cellulite!)

@ Heyleese - thank you lovely :-) erm, but I'm genuinely *not* that skinny just yet ;-) Just 1 (ONE) more BMI point to go!

@ Claire314 - you go girl! Fake it 'til you make it.

@ Cdenali - are you struggling at the moment? Or lost motivation a little?

@ Foxriver - almost forgot to say but congrats on you inch loss! That's awesome.

Motivation LOSE IT for Independence Day ! **Challenge Ended** Jun 05 2011
07:43 (UTC)

CSW (Challenge Start Weight): 153

CGW (Challenge Goal Weight): 145

UGW (Ultimate Goal Weight): 141 (BMI 23)

CC start weight: 200 (53.4 lbs lost since beginning Aug 2010!)


01 May - 153

08 May - 153

15 May - 152

22 May - 150 (actually it's 149.9!)

30 May - 149 (actually 148.8)

05 Jun - 146.6

Well... blow me down... not totally sure how that happened and it's not fake loss either as it's been rock solid. So at last :-)

I'm hoping to scrape off the last 1.6 before I leave on hols in 11 days time but that's probably asking a bit much. We'll see. I'm thinking I may actually have to make my last weigh in for this challenge on Thursday the 16th as I won't have access to my own scale.

Anyhow, I hope everyone else is well - and YAY for half way party *sparkly hats & streamers* !!

Ps: Foxriver - you said something above which, when I read it, went back and and thought "woah - hang on a second: attitude IS everything".

It's such an inconspicuous comment I almost passed right by. Despite all the issues and the multitude of medical problems many of us face, with the right attitude, anything can be done. A little off the topic but very appropriate to the battles  we're fighting, there's a quote coined by an amazing young man called Nick Vujicic "Attitude is Altitude". His story is deeply touching - and if that doesn't inspire and make us grateful for what we have and just how much possibility each one of us has, nothing will.