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My name's Erica, I'm 17 and am simply hoping to lose the last 10-15 pounds.  I tend to lack willpower and am trying to find more motivation, the two most important things about weight loss!  Grr.  I'm an anime/manga freak, love artsy and creative things, and love music.  I listen to mainly rock and "emo" bands (MCR is the best!!!), but also listen to country and some mainstream stuff (mainly P!nk).  I absolutely love horror movies (bloody or psychological) and anything pertaining to horror or creepy stuff, the creepier the better.  MWAHAHAHA!!  *ahem*  I'm a generally "weird" person, or at least I'm a bit different, but personally I like being considered different.  Whenever someone calls me weird I just say "thank you!" :P  I tend to get along with various different people but I can't stand arrogant people.  I actually like to be around the type of people who wear black all of the time or are really shy (I try to bring them out of their shells) and plus they're pretty freakin' awesome!  I am religious and other than that, hmmm, well, I like mimes.  They're pretty cool.

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