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Recipes Milkshakes and smoothies Jun 15 2012
15:23 (UTC)

Here's one I love; If you make it thicker, it is like a mousse. I just guess-timate the amounts: I am vegan, BTW. This works very well with a hand-held immersion blender. 

half can of pumpkin puree

half cup of silken soft tofu

Soy or almond milk 

Maple syrup to taste

Cinnamon and other suitable spices

Tastes like pumpkin pie in a glass. Lots of beta carotene and fibre.

Maintaining If you've lost weight, to maintain you have to eat less than someone whose weight has been stable May 23 2012
20:57 (UTC)

I agree. I am going to go back and look at the recording to see which researcher stated that and see if I can find out more about the studies they used to draw this conclusion. But as one who has gained and lost a number of times over the years (maximum of about 40 pounds), it seems to fit my experience that, for someone of my fitness and activity level, I have to eat considerably less that the number crunching would suggest in order to maintain any weight loss....

Recipes New Lunch Ideas Apr 14 2012
15:58 (UTC)

a thermos container in which you can pack grain and veggie salads, soups, veg chill, whole grain pasta with tomato sauce and veggies, stews, etc. is nice when you want a change from sandwiches and wraps. But as you need to use a fork or spoon, yes, please pull over first! Besides, you need the stretch and change of position from long stretches of driving. Fit in some quick stretches and movement to get the blood flowing as you recharge with your meal. A tiffin allows you to pack multiple things in one package with several compartments. It is metal so not wasteful for the environment. An insulated lunch bag and cold/hot packs help keep foods fresh and cool/warm. For snacking while driving: bite-size fresh fruits/veg, nuts, dried fruit, soy nuts, etc. I love a whole wheat wrap with peanut butter and banana rolled up; if sliced into small pieces, can be eaten one-handed. 

Vegetarian Joining the veggie way of life Apr 14 2012
15:42 (UTC)

There is a huge difference between animals eating other animals in the wild-- and humans domesticating and farming animals in gigantic, artificial operations where animals are mistreated and the environment is decimated

Fitness Machines for lifting weights Mar 04 2012
21:00 (UTC)

Hee,hee; read the last post too quickly and thought it said "when I get released next month". Never know who you might meet on CC! 

Weight Loss Removed Processed Food from My Diet - Anyone else? Mar 04 2012
03:30 (UTC)
Original Post by ld5252:

February 1 I gave up meat, fish, dairy, caffeine, sugar and alcohol. I don't eat white flour or white rice. Instead of saying I don't eat processed food, I'm going with "I eat whole foods". Yes, I do use tomatoes in the can, hemp milk in a box, tofu in a package. But my goal is to take single ingredients and eat them like that, or juice them, or put them in a soup or another recipe that I put together! I'm feeling fantastic. My skin feels & looks better. I have a ton of energy. I'm in a good mood. I haven't felt this good in years. I may not always be a teetotaling vegan, but I have no desire for anything I've given up so far.

Two films got me going - "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead" inspired me to get out the juicer and I did a juice fast for 10 days. That was more fun than I would have guessed, and I'm still having at least one juice most days. "Forks Over Knives" took care of the meat, fish and dairy for me. Both were really good films, both on Netflix. 

If anyone wants to hear me rave about juices and whole foods, just let me know!

I think this is a very good "middle of the road" definition of processed/non-processed. Any food that is altered from it's natural state--with heat, pressing, squeezing, adding chemicals--is technically "processed" but if it is a single ingredient in the package; or what is added is also a whole food (as when you cook a recipe at home and use whole foods and limited salt/sugar), then I think it is fair to think of it as "unprocessed". 

Foods Cutting refined sugar from you diet Mar 01 2012
15:57 (UTC)

I totally agree with eating as few processed foods as possible due to the sugar (and sodium) in them. Learn to cook, a few whole foods at a time. (The internet will tell you how to cook anything!) Then you can put in just enough sweetener to enjoy it and, as you get used to less sweetness, you can reduce or even eliminate the added sugar source. It really helps you taste the whole food. Fruit and even some veggies are quite sweet and, when added to grains, give them a nice light sweet taste. Nix the box!

Motivation emotional eating habits! Mar 01 2012
15:42 (UTC)

Betty, I am so terribly sorry for your loss. When something so tragic and incomprehensible happens, it's a wonder we can keep body and soul together. My thoughts are with you.

Motivation emotional eating habits! Feb 29 2012
20:40 (UTC)

Using food to soothe emotional pain/injury is like putting ice cream on a cut on your leg! It has nothing to do with why you are hurting, so it cannot fix it. It might distract you for a while but might also cause unhealthy complications afterward. We have to learn to "stay with" our painful emotions long enough to realize that, while they hurt, they won't kill us. Then we can confront them and deal with the underlying cause of the pain. Maybe we will need a therapist to help us with that process, but we deserve to love and honour ourselves. 

Foods What are some new things that you've tried? Feb 28 2012
16:13 (UTC)


Dawnipn, in post #33, you said:

"I make a crunchy spice snack out of baked garbanzo beans(chick peas)."

How long do you have to bake them so they get crunchy? mine kept getting smaller but never really got crunchy.



Foods What are some new things that you've tried? Feb 28 2012
16:10 (UTC)

kale, where have you been all my life?

Made Thai black rice pudding (with coconut milk and maple syrup)--yum


Motivation Lose 10lbs!!1 rule Feb 27 2012
16:26 (UTC)

I agree; it is not even food; I refer to it as "poison" or "garbage" (well, I try to be careful not to offend anyone, but that is honestly what I think of it). Even a lot of what we buy in the inner aisles of the grocery store is processed and full of chemicals. I think that the food industry is very corrupt in many ways; how they manipulate people by layering salt, fat and sugar in our restaurant and processed store-bought foods is unconscionable. Read "The End of Overeating" by David Kessler for an inside look at the food industry and how they create and perpetuate and "endless cycle of craving and consumption". 

Motivation Accountability/Commitment Feb 27 2012
16:17 (UTC)

I am always a bit perplexed with the concept of rewarding ourselves with food (especially ones that are not healthy); not that food is the "enemy" or anything but if we are losing weight and increasing fitness to improve our health and appearance, maybe a better reward  is something directly related to that (new workout wear, manicure, massage, etc). If we choose to eat something that is not the most nutritious, fine, just know that is a choice and accept the consequences. I just find that using food as a reward doesn't "disconnect" food from self-concept (I was "good" so I "deserve" to eat something non-nutritious). I actually have started to tell my kids that something really isn't a "treat" if it is unhealthy; that being said, I do help them understand that there are foods that we should only eat infrequently--but when they do choose those, think about if they really taste that good or make them feel good afterward (mindfulness). 

Recipes A great ending to a BBQ Feb 17 2012
18:30 (UTC)

What is really tasty is to peel a whole pineapple, put it on your barbecue/grill rotisserie and baste it as you would with a roast (with a brown sugar/whisky or similar marinade), then slice into rings when it's time to serve. While I don't eat meat anymore, it was a great accompaniment to a pork roast (also done on the rotisserie grill).

Weight Loss Dieting and hotels.. any ideas. Jan 10 2012
16:09 (UTC)

Also, get some exercise tubing if there isn't a gym; easily fits in your suitcase and you can do resistance exercises in your room; maybe get a list of exercises that use your own body weight (e.g., push-ups, crunches, etc.) you can do in your room, using furniture and the floor (put down a towel) too. Bring your music or turn on the radio and work up a sweat! The shower is right there afterward! An insulated lunch kit has been a big help; I'll go to the grocery store and get prepared fruits, veggies, hummus and whole-grain crackers, etc. With so many airlines not offering meals anymore--or awful meals--you can bring your own snacks/mini-meals onto the plane. I always drink tomato juice (and water) when I fly. Good luck!