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Weight Loss shocked faces when you say your weight Aug 13 2010
15:44 (UTC)

Ditto. I'm another one of those people who weighs much more than people think I do. If I ask how much they think I weigh, they consistently guess that it's about 25 - 30 lbs less than what I actually weigh.

I'm in pretty much the same boat you are, with wanting to lose about 40lbs - 5'4" and have unfortunately crept up to 185, but the weight I looked and felt my best at was around 150 (at which point I was tested at 15% body fat).

People like you and me, even if we were nothing but skin, bones, muscle and organs, we still wouldn't be one of those feather-weight waifs. *shrug* Nothing wrong with that at all. I say, keep doing your thing and don't let anyone derail your efforts. You know your body better than they do, right?

Foods Skimming fat off soups & stews Feb 02 2010
21:42 (UTC)
Original Post by victoriagirl:

Subtracting the removed fat from the original weight would be impossible since I have no idea how much fat I started with, i.e. how much fat was on the chicken in the first place.


^^^Exactly! I like your suggestion to treat homemade skimmed stock like commercial chicken stock - if I chill the soup and scoop away any visible traces of fat, it's about as close to fat-free as it's going to get.

Per some of the other responses, I know that it's easy enough to skim off grease and then subtract from a recipe that contains added oil (like the gumbo example) -  you just decrease the amount of oil added by the amount skimmed away. I won't get it all out, of course, but every little bit helps.

However, what about when the grease comes from rendered fat that can't simply be subtracted away, such as braised meats and dishes without added fats? For example, if I make asian-braised beef ribs that slow cook in a marinade with no added fat, by the time it's done cooking I can scoop a full cup of grease off the top of the sauce. I know the resulting dish isn't fat free, but it's certainly not as fatty as if I'd eaten everything that initially went into the pot.

The Lounge I am officially fascinated. Jan 31 2010
22:21 (UTC)
Original Post by r4eboxer:

Just what I need, yet another kitchen gadget. I can see the benefit in it if your remodeling your kitchen or you don't have one. I wonder if it's whole/real/clean food or processed goop.

I have no idea what the actual "food" is composed of; I just assumed it was different flavors of food concentrates because I can't imagine that there are actually whole tomatoes or chicken cutlets in those little canisters. It is a little scary to imagine what the "food" really is... Soylent Green, anyone?

I think most of my excitement comes from seeing a product straight out of Star Trek or The Jetsons. I'd probably buy the gadget, play with it for hours, then lose interest when I realized that the printed food tasted like crap, and that I missed lovingly stirring my own risotto; spoon in one hand, glass of wine in the other.

One can dream, though, right?

The Lounge 10 Words You Need to Stop Misspelling Jan 31 2010
18:00 (UTC)

This is awesome. I love that "lose" and "loose" was the first example on the list because it drives me batty when people mix them up, especially since I see it all the time on CC.

One of my professors makes this mistake all the time on her class literature (syllabus, assignment sheets, etc.), and I just want to shake her.

Weight Loss What is the most ridiculous weight loss tip you have ever heard? Jan 31 2010
17:30 (UTC)

I think the funniest one I've heard so far is "Carbonated beverages make you gain weight. Just cut out anything carbonated."

Me: Uhm, you mean cut out sugary soda, right? Or are you just saying that the carbonation makes your stomach feel bloated?

Her: No, no, carbonated anything will make you fat.

Me: So things like club soda or sparkling water will make me fat. Am I understanding you correctly?

Her: Yeah!

I couldn't help myself - I laughed until my stomach hurt. She seemed so earnest, I couldn't even look her in the face without cracking up. I offended her quite badly, I'm sure, but I really couldn't help it.

Motivation Music Motivation! Jan 29 2010
17:33 (UTC)
Original Post by joanne1980:

For all the american's who may not have heard of The Libertines I can't recommend 'Can't stand me now' enough!

Goodness, I haven't listened to the Libertines in years! (breaks out her ipod and adds Arbeit Macht Frei to her playlist). If you like them, give Dirty Pretty Things a listen, too - Carl Barat fronted for them.

Some songs that get me going are :

Brazilian Girls - Homme. This is a good warmup song because it's just over 5 minutes long, starts slow (for jogging) and ends fast (for running).

Major Lazer - Hold the Line

Gnarls Barkley - Surprise

Santigold - Creator

Of Montreal - Love too much of their stuff; I'm currently obsessed with Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer. Favorite tracks include: Bunny Ain't No Kind of Rider, Faberge Falls for Shuggie, Gronlandic Edit, and Cato as a Pun.

Julian Plenti - Games for Days

Phoenix - 1901

Silversun Pickups - Again, too many favorites to name; two great picks for working out are Future Foe Scenarios, and Panic Switch

Kanye West - Flashing Lights; because you just can't have a workout playlist without some Kanye on it, no matter how crazy he acts.

Foods What's your current craving kick? Jan 29 2010
01:40 (UTC)

*sigh* White Castle cheeseburgers.

I've avoided giving in so far, but it's been nibbling at my mind off and on for a few weeks. Just thinking about a sack of those steaming hot little cheeseburgers, with fresh, crispy fries and a creamy vanilla milkshake... I swear, their milkshakes are so thick it's like a cup of ice cream.

I want to eat those gooey cheeseburgers, and dip my fries in the milkshake.

Weight Loss What do i do about veggies?! Jan 28 2010
18:31 (UTC)
Original Post by sfredbull:

Wow wetmosaic it sounds like your a good cook!  Good ideas.

Thank you! I love to cook Smile

I think that, even though they're nutritious and we know we're supposed to eat them, vegetables are like any other food - sometimes we like them, sometimes we don't. Having to force them down is akin to taking medicine, and eating shouldn't be like taking cough syrup!

Bold cheeses, like blue or feta, can be used like a condiment to make strong-tasting vegetables (like brussels sprouts) easier to bear. And because you don't have to use very much of it to get a lot of flavor, it can still be calorie-friendly.

Steaming veggies in a little stock or fruit juice is a great way to impart flavor without fat - I love, love, love glazed orange carrots - I just cook them in orange juice with a sprinkle of sugar (honey is also good) until the juice reduces into a glaze, and then stir in a little low-fat margarine at the end for a buttery finish. Roasting is another way to impart great flavor to bitter greens, because caramelizing them in the oven until they have that luscious brown exterior sweetens their flavor. This is great for green beans - I toss them with just a little olive oil, sea salt and fresh cracked pepper and roast until delicious.

Eggplant is another thing I like to roast; it's fantastic in a nice rustic ratatouille. Roughly chop the veggies (eggplant, onions, sweet grape or cherry tomatoes, zucchini, garlic and peppers), season them (fresh herbs, crushed red pepper, s&p to taste), sautee everything but the tomatoes for a few minutes to get the cooking process started, add the tomatoes and move the pan to the oven. Roast everything together until the tomatoes start to burst out of their skins, about 20 minutes. Serve over soft, creamy polenta, and it's orgasmic. Sometimes I pile grilled shrimp on top, but it's totally gilding the lily to do so.

Okay, I've just got to have this for dinner tonight. Hope I can get my hands on eggplant!

Weight Loss What do i do about veggies?! Jan 26 2010
21:30 (UTC)

I think the suggestions to "hide" your veggies are right on. My bf swears he doesn't like certain vegetables, but usually doesn't even know he's eating them until I tell him he is. For instance, when you make burgers, meatballs or meatloaf, mix in some chopped spinach or shredded carrots. Steam or roast a bunch of veggies and then puree them into your soups and sauces - that works really well because you don't even have to contend with the texture of the vegetables, it just tastes creamy and delicious. Some other ideas:

- Blend root vegetables (turnips, celery root, parsnips, whatever) into your mashed potatoes.

- Bake veggies au gratin style (it's not just for potatoes) - you can do peas, grean beans, turnips, cauliflower, the list goes on.

- Toss cooked veggies in low-fat cheese sauce.

- Try getting a juicer and making your own fruit and vegetable smoothies - or you can buy ready-made veggie smoothies, like Naked.

- Put it in your morning food - make zucchini bread, carrot muffins, pumpkin pancakes, etc.

- Sprinkle peas and bacon over truffled macaroni and cheese. This tastes like a little bit of heaven.

- My boyfriend hated brussels sprouts until I served them to him topped with caramelized onions and blue cheese.

- He also refused to even look at peas until I tossed them with lots of garlic and steamed them in chicken stock. He still doesn't love them, but will at least eat some.

- Didn't realize his boeuf bourguignon had mushrooms in it until I told him so. You getting the picture yet, lol?

- Who doesn't love green bean casserole? It doesn't just have to be for the holidays. Use low-fat cream of mushroom soup or make your own mushroom sauce, and top with crispy onions.

I hope I gave you some ideas that you haven't already tried!

Foods Most pointless "diet" food? Jan 22 2010
21:29 (UTC)
Original Post by tikiremy:

 Hmmm interesting. I like pasta so much! I transferred over to whole grain pasta and brown rice for more whole grains, and I love the taste. Don't know if I'd ever try carb free pasta, but it is interesting. Never knew there could be such a thing.

Lately I've been eating Dreamfields pasta, and it's absolutely delicious. It tastes very much like regular white pasta and doesn't have the grainy texture that's often there in whole wheat pasta. It's still high in fiber like whole wheat pasta, and reportedly has something like 5 usable carbs per serving. If you're interested in trying low-carb pasta, you could give that a try. It's not lower in calories, so you still have to watch portion sizes, of course.

I haven't tried the Shirataki noodles (those are the carb free asian noodles - they're made out of some sort of vegetable fiber), but I've read that they're an acquired taste and really only work in Asian dishes, like White Sakura suggested. Maybe you could try the Shirataki for stir fry dishes and the Dreamfields pasta for other stuff?

Foods "Healthy Choices" in Vending Machines Jan 22 2010
21:17 (UTC)

Unless you have access to one of those refrigerated snack machines that has fresh fruit, soups and half-sandwiches in it, you might be out of luck on decent vending machine snacks. Pretzels really aren't much but flour, sugar and salt, and popcorn is only decent if it's light popcorn, but what I usually see in vending machines is greasy butter-flavor packs of corn.

The best way, especially since you have allergies that limit your choices, is to pack homemade snacks in your purse/backpack. I nearly always keep an apple or an orange in my bag, and/or a protein bar in case I get hungry. If I know I won't have time to eat before my evening classes (which run until 10:00 pm), I'll pack some soup in a small Tupperware bowl with a screw-on lid, and then warm it up during the break. I also carry a refillable water bottle, and sugar-free gum to keep my mouth busy.

You may just have to bite the bullet and start planning ahead.

The Lounge Calories burned while peeing your pants? A Rant. Jan 20 2010
18:25 (UTC)

You're the sweetest woman in the world, because I would have called that man every name I could possibly think of, and then made up some more names that didn't even make sense, just so I could keep cursing him out. It's not the dogs' fault; that's just a piss-poor owner, all the way. Dogs need training and discipline, and he is apparently too much of a wuss to give it to them. Even if he knew all they'd do was bark, YOU didn't know that, and he shouldn't assume that you would.

You absolutely did the right thing by not running, because they almost certainly would have chased you. As someone who is occasionally confronted by the odd dog while out for a run, or when walking around the neighborhood - they're always unattended, so I assume that they managed to get out of their yards without the owners knowing, or maybe just strays - I've found that posture is everything. My heart could be up in my throat, but as long as I stand my ground and treat them firmly, they back off and go away, or at least don't advance. They still bark, but I don't give a hoot if they bark as long as they don't try to bite me. I like dogs, but I doubt that I would have any regrets whatsoever about beating down an animal that attacked me.

As for calories... I think you burned off at least enough calories to cover a soothing, non-fat chai latte. Delicious, and guaranteed to take some of the edge off your nerves!

Foods Most pointless "diet" food? Jan 19 2010
18:17 (UTC)
Original Post by teacastles:

Anyway, look these other diet product horrors I found..Walden Farms, PB2, Arctic Zero. They sound awful! Does anybody actually eat these things? How do they taste like?

I've had the Walden Farms chocolate syrup, and it tasted like a used diaper filled with cheap chocolate. I don't know what I was thinking when I bought it, but the money was definitely wasted - the entire bottle went directly into the trash.

I think some other pointless "diet" foods are:

- 1000+ calorie salads: it must be good for you, because it's a salad!

- Subway sandwiches: Jared lost all the weight eating Subway, so a footlong steak and cheese, or tuna with extra mayonnaise must be okay, right? I've witnessed this phenomenon first hand many times.

- Breakfast cereal: most of them are action-packed with sugar, devoid of fiber, and the recommended serving is about the size of a kid's teacup - seriously, is anyone older than a toddler actually satisfied with only a 1/2 cup of cereal?

- Microwave popcorn: People that eat a bag of popcorn for lunch and call it healthy because "it's just popcorn," I'm talking to you. Do I really need to explain why a salt and artificial butter-crusted sack of kernels isn't the best way to go? Some of that stuff is right on par with movie theater corn.

- Fat-free cream/half & half: For one thing, it tastes like a combination of sweetened funk and similac. For another, is it even legal to call something fat free that, by definition, is supposed to have fat in it? Call it creamer blend, maybe. Or half & half substitute. But there's really no such thing as fat free cream or fat free half & half. It's an oxymoron, like vegetarian prime rib.

Foods meal plan templates for different calorie ranges--WHAT DID YOU EAT TODAY?? Dec 28 2009
03:42 (UTC)

Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day - oh, my! But I guess it's time to eat like I have some modicum of sense... Yeah, right after breakfast.

B: Obscenely delicious cinnamon roll w/cream cheese icing (400), coffee w/1% milk (13)

L: Scrambled eggs, feta, tomatoes and veggie sausage in a whole wheat tortilla (250), Tea w/1% milk (13)

D: Ribeye steak (425), HP (50), peas w/garlic and onions (150), salad w/light balsamic vinaigrette (60), light beer (95).

Total: 1456

While I technically have one week left to meet my short-term goal - lose 20 lbs by the end of the year - I seriously doubt that I'm going to meet that in this last week without lopping off body parts. I have managed to shave off 15 lbs since the end of October, however, so I don't feel too badly about it. Mostly I think I'll just focus on maintaining through the rest of the holidays and then return to losing when I get back from the awesome cruise my boyfriend got me for Christmas!! Can we say "Mexico in January," children? Si, se puede!

Foods meal plan templates for different calorie ranges--WHAT DID YOU EAT TODAY?? Dec 23 2009
16:13 (UTC)


B: Fried egg (72), toast w/margarine (115)

S: Large apple (110)

L: Shiitake egg foo young (w/tofu, carrots, spinach, zucchini and bean sprouts - 165), steamed brown rice (about 1/2 cup, 103)

S: Protein bar (170)

D: Chicken breast w/herb-mustard pan sauce (300), sauteed asparagus w/light margarine (60), glass of wine (85)

S: Chai ice cream sundae (100)

S: Tea w/milk (13)

Total: 1293

Foods meal plan templates for different calorie ranges--WHAT DID YOU EAT TODAY?? Dec 22 2009
16:56 (UTC)

Thanks, Emma! I messaged you a couple of questions about some of the ingredients, if you don't mind.


B: BLT sandwich w/light mayo (185)

S: Large apple (110)

L: Red bean soup w/andouille sausage and kale (300)

S: Protein bar (160)

D: Oven-fried catfish fillet (290), salad w/light balsamic vinaigrette (60)

S: Tea w/milk (13), Havarti cheese (120), multi-grain crackers (70)

Total: 1308

Foods meal plan templates for different calorie ranges--WHAT DID YOU EAT TODAY?? Dec 21 2009
18:13 (UTC)
Original Post by chrissy1988:

wetmosaic: you're freakin awesome to put it simply.

Aww, thank you! You guys are the best, I swear. I was totally un-awesome yesterday, though, lol.

So, the bad news - bad for me, anyway - is that I scarfed down way more than I wanted to on Sunday, beginning with the breakfast I made for some last-minute overnight guests, and then nibbling candy all afternoon. The good news is that I finished all my Christmas baking/candy making, though I was on my feet for 7 hours straight doing it. That sort of counts as exercise, right, lol? My boyfriend felt badly because I'd been cooking all day, so he ordered Indian takeout for dinner - naan and an enormous bowl of biryani -  and rubbed my feet. I do love that man.

B: Sausage links (340), cheese eggs (204), potatoes O'Brien (100), cinnamon streusel muffin (150), orange juice (84), coffee w/cream (50)

L: A day long extravaganza of homemade treat tasting: linzer cookies, whiskey truffles, chocolate chip molasses cookies, salted caramel sauce, espresso toffee, and hot fudge sauce. About 500.

D: Indian takeout; Chicken biryani (about 650), naan (80), half a glass of red wine (50 - fell asleep before I could even take more than a few sips - can you say exhausted?)

Total: 2208

I'm totally offering up this day as CC's poster child for how not to eat when you're trying to lose that last 3 or 4 pounds by the New Year.

Emma: Ginger & syrup muffins? You know you can't get away without posting the recipe for that, right? They sound delicious!

Foods meal plan templates for different calorie ranges--WHAT DID YOU EAT TODAY?? Dec 19 2009
03:13 (UTC)
Original Post by chrissy1988:

haha..how did you manage your estimate of lunch? and did you have dinner only AFTER calculating your lunch? 

Heh, I was totally eyeballing things when I put my plate together. It was "Okay, that cheese is about the size of my thumb, that pile of roasted veggies is about a cup, and that slice of turkey looks like a deck of cards, right?" I weigh and measure all my food at home, so I've gotten pretty good at  being able to estimate portions by sight. I think I might have been okay until the pie at the end - they put dessert at each place before the meal even started, so it was sitting in front of me for the whole 2 hours and I finally caved. That cruddy half of a tart cost me about 150 calories.

As for dinner.... I'd been looking forward to leftover chicken all day so I was going to have it come hell or high water. You know, I'm sure I measured everything correctly from my recipe, so I don't doubt that the calorie estimate is pretty right on, but I still can't get over how many calories there apparently are in a skinless leg and thigh. Undecided


Foods meal plan templates for different calorie ranges--WHAT DID YOU EAT TODAY?? Dec 19 2009
02:15 (UTC)

B: Scrambled egg on buttered (margarined?) toast - 131

Lunch was a buffet at my university's Christmas luncheon; I estimated 765 for the whole thing:

1 slice of port wine cheddar and several grapes
Tossed salad (no dressing)
Roasted vegetables
1 slice of turkey breast
1 slice of roast beef w/horseradish cream
Small scoop of mashed potatoes
Half of an individual-sized dutch apple tart

D: Roman-style chicken (506) w/penne (Dreamfields, 190) and kale (40) - 736

Total: 1632

Foods meal plan templates for different calorie ranges--WHAT DID YOU EAT TODAY?? Dec 18 2009
15:51 (UTC)
Original Post by emmabrody:

The snow is really heavy here so I can't go for my long walks as I usually do which is driving me mad! I hate being stuck indoors.

I hear you - sometimes you want so much to be active, and it sucks when you can't get out. Then again, you could always bundle up, put on some waterproof boots and go for a short walk anyway. Walking through all that snow would probably provide a great leg workout without having to go as far!


B: Plain, nonfat yogurt (80)

L (Italian Village): Tossed salad w/ a little red wine vinaigrette (70), Salmon puttanesca (broiled with tomatoes, kalamata olives, capers, basil and white wine, served over sauteed escarole - 465), small cappuccino for dessert (60)

D: Five-spice turkey meatballs with balsamic-plum glaze (260), steamed broccoli (50), glass of red wine (100)

S: Salted butter caramel ice cream sundae (182) - I started making this year's batch of homemade goodies last night to give as Christmas gifts, and of course I had to make sure the sauce tasted good!

Total: 1267

I had a light breakfast because I was going to an office luncheon at an Italian restaurant, and wanted to make sure I wouldn't end up overeating for the day - turns out I came in at lower than where I wanted to be! I have another luncheon today, so I'll try not to make the same mistake twice.