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Health & Support Should i see the doc? pls reply ASAP Jul 29 2010
01:03 (UTC)

thanks everyone..i went to the doctor..she told me it's a mild heat stroke..but i don't understand how i got heat stroke..i was in an air conditioned place most of the time and i drink quite lots of water..when i took the medicine, the red bumps goes away but a few hours later it comes again..might have to go again next week if it still didn't go away completely..

Games & Challenges Challenge me!!! May 31 2010
09:41 (UTC)


Games & Challenges Challenge me!!! May 31 2010
08:18 (UTC)

well have if you think hard enough~cuz I'm not Paris Hilton..I don't have inheritance for me if i ruin my future with nude pictures of myself..

Foods edible,tasty food comparison May 14 2010
22:34 (UTC)

well, i just answered ur question of "why do you eat to pass the time and not to quell hunger?"

i didn't really take offense at anything..I'm not trying to gain weight,instead i'm trying to lose..only healthy food is not really an option anymore..when I'm out, I can easily get fruits or anything but when at home, it's too expensive..by expensive, i mean, when ur mother refuse to give u spending money:for food and transport: cause she thought you are a lost cause,u can only eat whatever is in the house and whatever is cheap..and i only got snack and white bread/rice/maggi is the house..she doesn't really care that I'm going to die from all that..

and healthy food is not something for me because I first develop BED when I was on the healthy food regime..

I tried to eat healthy as much as possible..if my mum buy wholegrain bread, i will have that except she RARELY buy it..rm 3.20 for a 14 pieces whole grain bread and +/- rm 3.20 for white bread..If you're more than 40 years old lady,a single mum of 2 teenagers, which would you choose?

ps : most of the time i'm not hungry..

ps 2 : hope i'm not offending anyone..I was just writing and again to pass the time..it's 6.30 am and I couldn't sleep..

Foods edible,tasty food comparison May 14 2010
21:09 (UTC)

if you are someone who has no self control and can eat up to thousand of calories in "healthy" food,then it would be better to choose not so healthy food..

fenrik : It's not possible to have a book the whole time with me..

craftyminou ,bstudley1 : you know, at Malaysia, our school actually ends at 1 or 1.30 pm and then some of us would have tuition an hour or two(or 4 hours later for me) later..And some of us would usually go straight to the tuition centre and sit on the chair like an idiot with nothing to do..seriously, after 6 hours in school, i don't particularly like to look at another book,unless it's during examination month..and i don't think exercise is ok at NIGHT, unless you're living alone or have a built in gym or actually have a family member that you can talk or play with..

driscoll62090 - thanks for backing me up..XP

Young Calorie Counters Friends with benefits May 12 2010
15:59 (UTC)
solid555-yes,this is real..I'm just one of those girls who have no confidence in real relationship..And I have a serious problem of lacking the feeling of security...I don't feel safe anywhere but I hate to coop (or is it cope??) all days in home..My BED is worst when I'm at home and I felt lonely all the time..So,I choose to walk and wander around aimlessly most of the time,especially very early in the morning when it's dark and around evening when i walk home from school(the route doesn't have much human presence)..And my family (especially my grandmother and mother) always said that I'd get rape if i go out on my own/go out with the boys/go walk around and this has been going on since i was a kid..might seems stupid and blame-placing..but i think the fact that i'm such a tomboy and hated my boobs when I just started puberty was because I was afraid..Of course, having a dad who wasn't around most of the time and a mum who works in other states, and a bro who is useless and never protect me or help me in any other way, totally "help" with my insecurities..

roxysparkles : what it means by being a troll?? is it a forum-language?
Young Calorie Counters Friends with benefits May 01 2010
17:14 (UTC)

I had my first sex last week..quite awkward for both of us though, and pain for me..he kept asking if I felt anything..but i don't,other than the pain..

Am i suppose to feel something? My friend said that's because we don't have much foreplay but then she asked if I really didn't feel anything? I know I'm suppose to feel something yet nothing changes..

I still feel like before..like nothing happened..Just normal..

Am I weird?

To everyone who thinks i shouldn't do it :

Thanks for your concern..Even that guy think i shouldn't do it with him cause he's just a friend..But I have no trust and confidence..

Almost all my life I have been told that if I continue to go out alone,go with my boy friends, I'd get rape at one point..SO much, that my whole personality is warped..Especially after my parents starting to argue all the time and later,divorce..

When they guy ask me why I wanted to lose it so much..Is it because of peer pressure? I don't know how to answer him..

I just don't feel comfortable and safe enough..

And having sex with just a friend is still better than getting rape..Rapist don't tell you to relax and they certainly won't go slowly..

man..I still think I should have felt something..my friend said I should feel guilty but I really don't feel anything..

Young Calorie Counters Friends with benefits Apr 17 2010
13:35 (UTC)

Ya..at least i think so..I'm confused..hmm..

well, I just..I don't know what I want..

Young Calorie Counters Friends with benefits Apr 17 2010
04:27 (UTC)

bsh- he didn't make any demand..I make the demand..I told him I'm not comfortable with my body yet not him..He just said that if i want to, give him a call..

but I want the sexual experience without emotional ties..I don't trust myself in relationship bcuz i had been hurt before..So does this guy..and we both have problems with commitment...

chrissy- i think he cares about me as a friend..We used to be friends and when I'm upset, he and a few of my friends would always be there..

I'm just not sure if i'm good with sex..it's my first time but not his..

Motivation Straight or down right lesbian? Apr 12 2010
09:14 (UTC)

I would like to try kissing..with boys or girls doesn't matter..I just want to feel it..But at the same time, the thought of kissing someone is kind of weird...

sometimes,I'd think of having sexs with someone,but it disgusts me..I won't mind thinking about sexs between anime character(m i weird?) but sexs between human is really disgusting..

oh ya..I don't like holding hands because it cause sweat and is really uncomfortable..

but i think the most that i want is someone to love me..without expecting anything from me..

my mum.like all mum, expect good results in exam from me..(I fail all my exam on purpose then)..I thought she won't love me if I fail my exam,and I've been right..she's sort of ashamed of me because now she can't brag to others that I'm a clever girl..

my brother..well,we HATE each other..

my father..I don't want anything to do with him except for money..

my aunt/uncle from my father side is OK..they don't expect much from us..My mum said that's because we are not their children but I saw how they treated their kids..They said that they don't mind how their kids do in exam , as long as they got an average and they are happy..My aunt even made a complaint to her youngest daughter (who is 7 years old)'s headmistress..The HM said that children nowadays need to be give some pressure so that they would strive better..My aunt thought the HM said that it's the parents fault then, then she told us that they are only kids..The pressure can come later..Let them have a fun childhood..

so..oh well..

I just want someone to love me for who i am..Just ME,not a fake me..

Motivation Straight or down right lesbian? Apr 11 2010
03:50 (UTC)

I don't know..

what repulse me about having a boyfriend or girlfriend? I think it's the sexual contact..I'm almost 18 and sexual contact is quite normal during this age of dating right?

a girl pal of mine ask if i'm ok with people linking their hands with me when walking cause she said she felt weird letting the hand on the side..I'm glad she ask..In fact, of all my friends,she's the only one who ask me about this..I told her no,I'm not ok..It makes me feel uncomfortable though I never tell any of my friends that..They link their hand into mine, and I just shrug and act ok..So,this girl pal of mine is really understanding..She's also one of the few who is ok with me when I told her that I might be bisexual..

back to the point,

The reason I wanted a bf/gf is just for the warmth..I wanted someone to hug, to love..I find it hard to do any of those with my family. I don't even want to talk to my mum or brother or father..I only talk to my father for money and I don't talk to my mum or bro..

so..I'm not sure if i'm out of question..

Weight Loss Atkins beginner need help Apr 05 2010
07:57 (UTC)

what if I do Atkins for 2-3 weeks, until i get over my BED(which Atkins helps a lot!)??

what if I lose until a certain kilos, then revert to eating carbs, but manage to keep it under 1800 calories..will i still lost the weight? or would I gain?

and tonight got bird nest with rock sugar that my mum made..damn..sigh..

I should skip it right? it's the seventh day of my induction phase and I don't want to waste everything I did so far..

aofficer : I don't think 20 lbs over 5 years is bad..I lose 9kg once and gained 13 kg back over 5 months because I started developing BED soon after I lose..I only do Atkins, and continue going through the Induction Phase not only because it helps with the weight loss,but also with my BED..

Young Calorie Counters Help with my ipod Mar 10 2010
01:45 (UTC)

oo..i took it to the seller guy and he did what mermaid18 said..now it's ok d!!!Laughing and the sensitivity of the button become better and move faster..

thxs anyway..XD

Health & Support Food diary dilemma..is the spelling correct?XD Mar 05 2010
02:33 (UTC)

I've been trying to stay out until night time..either going to gym or walking around..both creates a problem for my wallet..but I'd rather spend my money than go home and stuff my fat face up, which i know would happen if i go home..

see, the thing with being a GIRL means that no running after sun goes down, even when i run in a housing area with lights on..

about the communication thing..that's not a thing i wish to tempt..communication in my family = major destruction, anger building up, scolding,slapping and the occasional kicking..

I've been trying to eat healthily during my binge..and for yesterday, yes, i binge again, I only had 2 pieces of white bread instead of the whole loaf. And I binge on energy bars and steam fish and jell-o chocolate puddings..still,it's 2000 calories more than I'd like..sigh..

Health & Support Food diary dilemma..is the spelling correct?XD Mar 04 2010
03:59 (UTC)

i think i'm getting enough calories..usually on the rare good days, it's 1700-2000 calories..I looked back on my old books,on average, i binge in 3 times a week, on a scale of 3000-5000 calories a day..so, i don't think not eating enough is my problem..The problem of my binge in might be loneliness..cause that's what i'm getting..I don't like associating with my family members..whenever I got home, the first thing i do is go to the fridge for something cold to eat/drink..then take a bath..then spend the rest of the day in my room..either eating or reading or a combination of both..

the food was just lying around if you ask me..My mum never been supportive..I told her to stop buying white breads(it's the trigger, MAIN TRIGGER) or if she want, buy less..She went from 1 small loaf a day to 1 big loaf, and now, it's 2 big loaf a day..She said that since I eat everything like a pig, she have to stock up so that SHE can eat when she want..I told her that I'd stop eating if she stop buying but she don't care much..

sry if it's hang..late for class now..

Health & Support Food diary dilemma..is the spelling correct?XD Mar 03 2010
06:53 (UTC)


Fitness Training for a 1/2 Marathon- Help please! :) Feb 05 2010
10:14 (UTC)

wow..didn't know about the cotton-thingy..I thought its ok to wear during my morning jog..i guess i'd have to spend some money on a whole set of running equipment..hmm..

about the running partners..i told my mum that SHE have to take a bike cause she can't run for as long as me, and she gave me THAT LOOK..geez..I tried to get my friends into joining the half marathon with me and only one would THINK about it..Others got scared by the mere mention of 21km..i didn't even tell them how much training it would needed before running a full 21 km..haha..

Fitness February's Distance Challenge Feb 04 2010
03:17 (UTC)

Sorry its so late..haha..

I'm up for 60 km of jogging / walking for this month..it might seems little but that's ok for me since i had just beginning to run more..

2/1 : 4k walk

2/3 : 1 km walk , 1 km jog

2/4 : 5k jog : walk (2.5 : 2.5)

I really need to shorten the time taken..

Total : 11 km..

also swimming, my target is 4000 meter..so 4k..it's quite a small number compare to others but this month, i had my period the first week, so obviously i couldn't go..can tampon be trusted for swimming? nvr dare to risk..XD..

next week, exams..as much as i often show that i DON"T care, i still should make some effort to at least get a C..then the week after, CNY..i'm chinese, period..I wonder if my college closed during CNY week..hmm..That leaves only the last week for me to swim the 4k...sad case of mine..

2/7 : 5k jog all the way  (32-33 minutes)

2/8 : just 30 minutes of easy run/jog, so not sure how many k's i did..but since i also walk 30 minutes later on, i assume that its another 5k..

edited on 2/9.

2/10 : 3k walk

2/11 : 5.2 km (32 minutes,45 seconds) convert to 5 km..

2/13 : 6.4 k(45 minutes),but it would make the calculation complicated on later on, so, i take it as 6k.

edited on 2/14 also known as Chinese New Year..XD

Total so far : 35 km..

25 km to go...


edited on 2/19

Total so far : 57 km

3 km to go!!!!yaya!!!!

too bad i gained weight thought..stupid chinese new year..sigh..

 edited on 2/23

2/21 - 5k(PR new = 31 minutes 58 seconds) + 6k walk

2/22 - 3k walk

2/23 - 5k (45 minutes, mostly walk) + 4k walking,leisure..

total so far : 80 km


I broke my running/walking target!!!!!!yaya!!!!!!!!

next month can try hitting this 80km mileage or is it km-age?haha

Fitness Training for a 1/2 Marathon- Help please! :) Feb 04 2010
02:53 (UTC)

no..i mean i didn't get out of breath..my breath is normal..just that i got bored easily after a while..I thought of getting my mum to join me before,but i don't think she can keep up and then i would have to slow down and wait for her..friends can't help either..they are basketball players and don't run unless there's prize/money/food/bribe involve.useless pals..XP

about the shoes, can i go like an adidas or nike shop for them to fit?

what's a wicking socks?

Fitness Training for a 1/2 Marathon- Help please! :) Feb 03 2010
23:50 (UTC)

hei..me too!!going to join a half marathon on june..still struggling with 5k now though..haha..the registration time opens on march so,i've got about one month..if i still can't run 5k without stopping,then i choose the 10k run..

one thing..

i never feel out of breath when running..but like until 1.5 miles, i would be EXTREMELY BORED and would choose to walk..another reason is blisters growing underneath my feet, i think its call the balls? the part near the toes..everytime i run,it hurts..anybody knows why?