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Weight Loss Accounting for bites, and taste tests? Aug 18 2011
17:06 (UTC)
Original Post by sweenerborg:

For high-calorie foods, estimate the quantity and add it up. Better yet, use a tablespoon or teaspoon measurement for your taste tests. That way you can keep track. For low-calorie foods, I wouldn't bother adding it up.

Thanks. I like this idea.  The worst is probably baked goods. You know...scrapping the brownie pan, or licking the spoon.  Yell

Weight Loss Accounting for bites, and taste tests? Aug 18 2011
14:34 (UTC)

hahah. Now that would look really weird in my putting things in my mouth and spitting it out. Isn't that a good road to an eating disorder?

Weight Loss pound a week anyone? Aug 01 2011
13:38 (UTC)
Original Post by chochomun:


@weddingmama: don't stress out over being back at your starting weight. the trick is to pick oneself up once more often than one falls, as churchill said. :)

@carolpm: congrats for the loss. hope you are still moving like that!

@yogurt_muse: those jeans may sound/feel like a dream, but hey: it is reality!!! whoot-whoot!!!

@rrmooney: hope you are enjoying yourself on that vacation. don't be disappointed with yourself - it won't change anything for the better, so you might as well take it from where you are. all the best for thanksgiving! as you said: let's start again together.

@all: so, I will soon be off on holidays myself and have already been wondering if everyone will keep this thread alive during those three weeks when I won't have internet access. I'd love to know I can rely on all of you to still be there on my return. I fear I will be in desperate need of some cc after the US... :S

apart from that I hope everyone had a good start into this new week. thinking of you ladies! take care everyone.



:( Today was my official weigh in day and I am exactly 172lbs.  Its simply not fair.  :( 

I have to go out looking for a job this morning. Its not gonna be easy I have been searching for work for over a yaer now, and have only been able to land one SUPER part time job taht I had to quit..a.s I wasn't making any money after gas expenses. 

I am looking again, and I still have race training, P90X and "fun" time with my DS to do...and my house is nasty. 


I will be here to support and complain. Perhaps next week I shall fair better. 


Weight Loss pound a week anyone? Jul 31 2011
13:30 (UTC)

I don't think I'' hit the 1lb weight loss this week.  :(  My initial two pound weight gain earlier this week combined with the fact I ate carbs at dinner the past two nights, I am back to my starting weight 171.6.




Weight Loss pound a week anyone? Jul 28 2011
00:44 (UTC)

@ tripolar1  That's excellent results.  Yes, sometimes I lose more weight when not working out or when I am on rest work outs. 


This morning I woke up feeling "heavy", like I weighed a 1000lbs...sure enough I gained 2lbs. I am pretty sure that its water weight because I have sucking down water over the past few days, and probably too much sodium.


Weight Loss pound a week anyone? Jul 26 2011
18:11 (UTC)

@ matayas

I work out at home and the gym.  Generally speaking I work out every day with one of the P90X videos. Sometimes my son (7) will work out with me, and sometimes I am alone.

I have been going to the gym for running on the treadmill.  I am attempting a Warrior Dash in August and just want to be able to run consistently....and a friend of mine told me he'd pay me $55 if I did it in 45 minutes LOL.

A friend of mine has wanted a "fun" work out partner for a while now. She wants someone to play Wii games like Just Dance with her.  She doesn't want to work out alone, and I can always stand to burn a few more calories, So I am gonna work out with her 2 or 3 times a week for 30 minutes. That means somedays I'll work out for more than 2 hours....but I have compensated teh calories...I eat more like 2200 instead of 1800 (which is where I normally am for P90X work outs)



Weight Loss pound a week anyone? Jul 26 2011
18:07 (UTC)


Yes, I had to get back on track. So many times I would tell myself..I am gonna lose 2lbs this week and lose absolutely nothing or i'd lose only a pound and wouldn't be happy.

Needless to say my goal was a bit unrealistic.  I need to be okay with losing only a 1lb a week, even a half pound.  What matters is that I am losing weight.


It was really nice to see people with a similar view.

Weight Loss pound a week anyone? Jul 26 2011
11:35 (UTC)

I wanted to say this the title of this thread inspired me.  Generally speaking I always tried to get maximum weight loss from CC and often quit when I lost a half pound or a pound a week.

I truly believe that 1 pound a week is far more attainable than, 2lbs.  Its a smaller goal that I can live with and I cannot WAIT until next Monday morning.



Weight Loss Turkey meat? Good or bad... Jul 22 2011
22:18 (UTC)

Ground Turkey is fine but if you are aiming to go more lean than ground beef make sure to purchase something MORE LEAN. There's actually ground turkey on the market aimed at "beef lovers" that is 85/15, for that what's the point kwim?

Additionally, Turkey bacon isn't bacon at all, and this one turkey item I stay far far away from.  In fact its mechanically processed turkey that has been through an extrude and pressed. 

Fitness Hoop Dancing Oct 09 2010
16:41 (UTC)

I just found this thread.  I am a hoop dancer but I usually reserve hooping for Parades, and Festivals.  :)

Weight Loss P90X Lean version how many calories to eat? Sep 29 2010
19:03 (UTC)

First off you'll need your stats. Second, if have the program from beach body (this is important as there's knock offs everywhere and ususally don't come with the nutrition guide)

Inside of the nutrition guide is a formula to figure how many calories you SHOULD eat if you going to maintain your current weight and do P90X (classic or lean).  After you calculated that amount, the general rule is to subtract off enough calories to allow for a 1lb weight loss per week.  That's roughly 500 calories. 

When I was on Phase I, I ate at "Activity Level I consuming roughly 1800 calories." 

I lost 4lbs, and 2 inches off my waist during the first Phase.  That's pretty remarkable for a month of work if you ask me. 

one thing to keep in mind about P90X or any Program that had a set time in its title, wouldn't be called p*90*x if results were meant to be seen in the first 13 days.  :)  I have to keep telling myself this over and over and over and over again.

Just keep pushing play, do the best you can on nutrition.



Pregnancy & Parenting How much does it cost to have a baby? Aug 05 2010
13:26 (UTC)

I was on Medicaid for Pregnant women when I had DS.  It didn't cost me out of pocket.  The only downside is that Medicaid for Pregnant women runs out after the 12 week postpartum visit..unless you have complication.


I had a friend that after insurance it cost her and her husband $3K out of pocket for hospital and Doctor.

She had her next baby at home with a mid wife, and paid $2K out of pocket for the whole deal, plus $150 for a doula.  she's not the only one who paid less than $3K for the birth of a child at home. 

i live in North carolina, so finding a home birth midwife is difficult as lay midwives are considered "illegal"...but women in the know, know where to find them and they are GREAT!


Other specifics.

Feeding an Infant the first 6 months- the cost of feeding me food, as I exclusively breastfed.

Feeding an infant afterwards, the cost of an extra serving or so of food off my plate.

Diapers- $500,  I cloth diapered.  The cost of water was nominal. DP and I saw little effect on our water bill when we started with the extra two loads of wash every week.

Equipment- This will solely depend on what you need as a parent.  If I were to ever have a baby I'd probably spend less thant $400 in this area, with half of that going to a high End Car seat. 

Nursery- DS I spent $400 total, if I have another...FREE, I'll be a full time co-sleeping parent.



Pregnancy & Parenting Breastfeeding and not loosing driving me mad Aug 05 2010
13:13 (UTC)
Original Post by dog_lady:

I kind of think that the "you'll lose weight breastfeeding" thing is all a myth.   At least for me, and most moms I know.  I didn't really lose much for the first year or so of bf-ing, at least not down to my pre-pregnancy weight.  I'm still nursing my 14mo and only now am I losing weight.  I think that at first I was so hungry from producing milk that I just couldn't lose weight.  But now he nurses way less and I'm able to eat less and I'm finally losing.

Be patient!  That's the lesson I've learned. 

It worked for me.  I was pre-pregnancy weight within a few weeks of having my DS.  However, I will say when he cut back on nursing when he was about 14 or so months old, the weight came back.  :( I'd lost my "work out." 


Pregnancy & Parenting How long did you breastfeed? How did you stop? Aug 05 2010
12:10 (UTC)

I breastfed until my DS was 3 years 8 months old.  I would have stopped about 6 months sooner but my DS simply wasn't ready.

There's LOTS of advantages to breastfeeding a toddler.  First off, all of those wonderful antibodies are now concentrated in the breastmilk.  That means although your DC is nursing fewer times a day they are still getting a lot of infection fighting goods from you.

Secondly, Nursing Tames a toddler tantrums.  Some mommies call them they "magic boobs" but its truly amazing how quickly nursing can calm an upset and frustrated toddler. 

Thirdly, you can insist on proper nutrition from your child. I read all the time about toddlers who want eat this or that so the parents feed their kids WHATEVER just to get food in them.  With extended breastfeeding if your DC doesn't want veggies, and what not or anything you serve you still have calorie rich breast milk as back up.

This one might not mean as much, but you can skip Whole Milk all together.  I bought a grand total of one gallon of whole milk when my DS was a toddler.  I realized he didn't need all of that, since he was still nursing. The fat in breast milk is far superior to that in cows milk to begin with. 


My favorite thing though was that the boobs instantly put DS to sleep when he was younger. there were no fights over nap time. Nursing was like a sleeping pill and he'd sleep for 3 or 4 hours some days. 

Weaning for me was a different story. The toddler years was like a soft twilight in my nursing relationship.  The beginning was rough, and the ending was rougher.  It took me nearly 6 months to wean DS. He was VERY attached to nursing. We had to learn some new skills. The first thing he learned was sleeping without nursing. That was actually the easy part...he cried a few nights over it.  The hardest part were those moments when things overwhelmed him and he no longer had his nur nur.  We got through that as well. 


A word about Eating Less...when you have toddler breastfeeding or Weaning...YES you must eat less. You aern't doing the marathon nursing sessions any more that result in a huge calorie burn.  I learned this the hard way. All that wonderful weight I had lost after DS was born, was back when he turned 18 months old. he'd cut down his nursing and OMG ! it was shocking.  Needless to say it never went away either LOL.


I weaned so gradually that personally I didn't have any issues from it or any that I noticed. It could have been because my cycle came back when i was 12 weeks  postpartum .  I have been every 27.5 days since. 


There's a GREAT book called "Mothering your Nursing Toddler" which devulges lots of things about nursing a toddler.  Things I never even considered but it was reassurance that nursing beyond a year was far superior to parent led weaning.

The Lounge'll kill ya Aug 04 2010
00:33 (UTC)
Original Post by cptbunny:

Phew... there's no HFCS in my mustard. *feels better* I love mustard!

The majority of all Organic processed foods do not have HFCS in it either because Organic corn is EXPENSIVE.

The Lounge'll kill ya Aug 04 2010
00:06 (UTC)
Original Post by adolphs:

Original Post by weddingmama:

For the most part I avoid any processed sweeteners.

However, I will say that HFCS and Sugar are often preservatives in processed foods.  They aren't being put there just to take up space in a recipe, they are put in foods to make them last FOREVER! 

I think there are actually other chemicals which do that (preserve foods)....  

It was previously posted that sugar is added to recipes to make you eat more of it, thus buying more of their product, thus making them more money. 

Funny how everything comes back to money, money, money, isn't it?

That's one theory but my statement is True...its a preservative also.  Sugar goes a long way to extend the shelf life of those "Foods." e-corn-syrup/AN01588


The Lounge'll kill ya Aug 03 2010
18:19 (UTC)

For the most part I avoid any processed sweeteners.

However, I will say that HFCS and Sugar are often preservatives in processed foods.  They aren't being put there just to take up space in a recipe, they are put in foods to make them last FOREVER! 

While I realize there's a debate over HFCS vs Sugar vs whatever else. Many who have posted here have pointed out the obvious, there's too much processed SUGAR in our diet. 

I challenge anyone to go to the grocery store and look at whats in other peoples grocery carts. If you have to write it down.  Then go look at the labels. you'll find about 70% of what people buy are processed carbs topped with salt or sugar.  Hypertension and Diabetes anyone???


Fitness Another p90x question Jul 29 2010
22:39 (UTC)

For me I am following the nutrition guide, mainly because what I was doing in the past WAS NOT working.  I figure I would give it a shot.

My other reason is I paid for the entire program, and the entire program was designed with both fitness and nutrition to work together, I may as well trust it.

Fitness Another p90x question Jul 29 2010
13:45 (UTC)

I was similar to you. I had been working out 4 or 5 times a week and wanted to do something different. I was going to get power 90, but ultimately decided on P90X. I did the Fitness test in the guide book and passed with Flying colors.  The only thing I didn't do was the Pull Ups. 

P90X comes with three work out schedules., Lean, Classic, and Doubles.  I am doing the lean program to start.  There's more cardio than Strength training. The three phase nutrition plan is the same for the each work out schedule, and I am on Phase I. 

Like many people who have started P90X and were unsure, I have decided to do two rounds back to back. The first will be the Lean and the second round will be Classic. 



BTW, I am using the Journal here on CC to share my P90X experience. You can read it at any time.


Weight Loss Old Spice Guy Jul 29 2010
13:30 (UTC)

I see nothing worng with it.  I have lots of friends who are Vegan and Vegetarian and eat a similar diet.  Umm Coconut ice cream.

There's plenty you can enjoy by being Vegan, it just doesn't include Krispy Kreme and Steak.