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Fitness Anyone doing SLIM IN 6? Mar 29 2007
14:51 (UTC)
Hey everyone!  I have to admit, I'm failing....but after reading everyone's posts I'm definitely motivated to get going again!  After having the flu I've been having a hard time getting back into the swing of things, and to top it all off, I'm into my exam time at school which usually means I eat CRAP all day long!!  So I'm really trying to NOT do that by having water with me all the time etc. and I think working out helps me stick with my diet too!  I am supposed to be on my BIU weeks now which has added to my lack of motivation...It KILLS me but, as others have said, RIU is fairly easy for me. that i've heard I'm not the only one with these problems I'm definitely motivated to get back at it!!  I'm gonna do BIU today, tomorrow and the next day...I will complete this!!  :)  Thanks so much for posting are my motivation!!  :)
Weight Loss 20 or less challenge Mar 27 2007
03:55 (UTC)
I would love to join!!  right now i'm about 149 and looking to lose about 15-20 lbs to be 130-135.  My first goal is for 5 lbs weight loss....I have a cruise coming up at the end of april so I've been working out lots and not eating any sugar-filled treats but unfortunately haven't been seeing the results I was hoping for...even after almost 4 weeks of this!!  :(  Hopefully I'm building muscle which will melt the fat away as my metabolism increases!  :) so in summary:

SW: 149

CW: 149

GW1:  145 (April 9)

GW2:  140 (April 23)

GW3:  130 (May 21 - 8 week challenge!)
Fitness college student looking for time to exercise Mar 26 2007
15:12 (UTC)
Hey!  I'm a veterinary student with at least 8 hours of class a I definitely feel some of that pain!  And then i'm supposed to go home and actually learn the stuff that was taught during the day!  yikes!  anyway I make sure I get up extra early to get in a  workout before I head off to school....I know you said you won't be able to workout in the mornings and that's just need to find a time that works best for you!  to begin with, I would try to fit in 20 minutes each day....and to start, it doesn't reallyl matter what you're doing....just do anything active for 20 minutes!  At this point, you're just trying to  make it a habit!  And then you can gradually increase the amount of time if you want....and you can just start with 3 days a week and gradually increase the number of days as well!  don't overwhelm yourself right from the get-go because then you'll be frustrated!  i've taken on the mentality that anything active i do is better than nothing and i've been a lot less frustrated and therefore more motivated to keep going!  :)
Fitness Anyone doing SLIM IN 6? Mar 26 2007
15:07 (UTC)
Hey Florence!  Welcome!  Congrats on starting SI6...It has definitely kept me motivated...this is the first time i've really stuck with an exercise program!  yay!  anyway, I did start it up for about 3 days (until I felt fairly comfortable and wasn't in a lot of pain the next day) and then started Ramp it Up for the remainder of my first 3 weeks on the program.  I am now starting my 3 weeks of burn it up (my last 3 weeks...yay!)  but honestly do what you feel is right for you!  RIU was definitely getting easier at the end of the 3 weeks...i just hope BIU starts to get easier soon...whew!!  haha  So basically, SIU for 3 days, RIU for 18 and then BIU for 21 (these totals are including the 1 day off you get each week).  Hope that helps!  :)  Good luck with it!
Motivation My WOOOOHOOOO for the day!! What is yours? Mar 23 2007
23:10 (UTC)
Good work everyone!!  I definitely have a WOOHOO for today...I was actually just going to come on and start a post similar to this one!!  haha  Anyway, my woohoo has a negative part to it (I cheated while making some chocolate chip cookies for a friend's birthday and ate some cookie dough...haven't eaten sugar in like 4 weeks...why would i cave??) BUT....then I felt so guilty I went for a run and a bit of a walk....and I had already done my slim in 6 workout this morning!!  Usually I would drown my guilt in more food but all I could think about was "I need to burn some of this off!"  YAY!!!  I'm so excited!!  :)
Fitness Anyone doing SLIM IN 6? Mar 22 2007
19:44 (UTC)
Hey Everyone!  congrats to those that are still sticking with it and welcome to the new comers!!  I'm sure you'll enjoy it!  I've finished 3 weeks so far and should be in the middle of my fourth week right now, but unfortunately woke up with the flu on Monday and haven't been able to do much since then because I just started to be able to stomach some food today!  So needless to say I've been exhausted!  ...and still am but feel i can get back into the program tomorrow morning!  I'm just not sure where I should start????  I had just completed all of my days of RIU so I'm thinking I'll start back in with one day of that and then go from there...hopefully start my 3 weeks of BIU after that first day of RIU!  Wish me luck!  :)
Fitness What is the best carb for post workout? Mar 20 2007
16:07 (UTC)
The best thing to have after resistance training (if you're trying to build muscle, which I'm assuming you are) is actually chocolate milk!  It has the perfect balance of carbs and protein.  If you want more information try searching some of the research done by Stu Phillips!!  I helped out with these studies and definitely those on chocolate milk did a lot better than those on placebo or protein only!  And it tastes good!  haha...enjoy!
Weight Loss Calling all women with the about same stats as me (5' 4" and 148 pounds) Mar 18 2007
21:10 (UTC)
Just wanted to check in and see how everyone has been doing!  I unfortunately haven't lost much weight yet, but I'm still working out hard (Slim in 6) and eating right and hoping it will all pay off in the end!  I definitely feel more muscular so I'm hoping I've been losing body fat, which in turn will speed up my metabolism and help me lose weight!  I'd love to hear how everyone else is doing!  It's hard for me to judge how much I should be losing, but with people that are at least similar in stats I find it easier (even though I know everyone is different!)  Hope to hear from everyone soon!  :)
Fitness Anyone doing SLIM IN 6? Mar 18 2007
03:07 (UTC)
Hey Everyone!  Whew!  I got through my tough week (hence the reason I haven't posted in a while!)  SO...this week was CRAZY busy but I still managed to fit in my 6 days of exercising!!  YAY!!  I'm so proud of myself!  I almost took Wednesday as my day off but I felt SOO guilty for not working out that by later in the evening I just HAD to do a work out before I went to bed!  I was so pleased that I feel so guilty when I don't work out....that's better than losing pounds or inches for me!  (well maybe...haha)  but I really do like being motivated to work out and feel like I have to in order to make my day complete!  So tomorrow marks the end of my third week...half way done!  I can't believe it!  I can definitely feel that my muscles are stronger and my legs look more toned I think....I can also feel my muscles better so I'm assuming I'm losing body fat!!  YAY!!  And to top off this crazy week I got offered an AMAZING job for the summer so I am super excited for that too!!  Anyway I'd love to hear from everyone else...6 weeks till my cruise!  gotta get a move on!!  :)
Fitness Anyone doing SLIM IN 6? Mar 11 2007
20:17 (UTC)
Wow pie!  those are some AWESOME results!  congrats!!  I have just finished my 2nd week today and i'm definitely not seeing the results you have achieved, but I'm just trying to stick with it and convince myself that it will all work out by the end of the 6 weeks!  :)  I'm pretty proud of myself for sticking with it this long...I usually work out but not quite this consistently!  I'm fearing this upcoming week though because it is going to be TOUGH!  I have TONS of class time and also have to get a TON of work done in preparation for my final my feeling is, if I can get through this upcoming week then the last 3 weeks will be a breeze!  :)  My concern right now is that I'm finding it harder to get through the workouts rather than easier and I feel like it's because my legs aren't being given enough recover time with doing the work out every day....but I'm also scared to not do it every day since I have to leave for a cruise at the end of april!  ahh!  any suggestions??  thanks everyone...and please post lots this week because i'm going to need some serious motivation to keep going!  :)
Fitness Anyone doing SLIM IN 6? Mar 10 2007
17:32 (UTC)
thanks everyone!  yeah i definitely took measurements at the beginning but haven't seen any changes in them yet....i guess my biggest frustration is that in the summer i did south beach diet and lost a LOT of weight (10-15 lbs in 2 weeks and have kept it off so it wasn't all water weight...yay!) and didn't do exercise...but now i'm doing south beach and SI6 and not really losing!  but i just saw the SI6 infomercial and my motivation is kinda coming back up....does anyone know what the express program is???  how on earth are people losing up to 10 inches in 6 days???  (mine is from a friend so i didn't get all of the papers etc. with it unfortunately!)  anyway if anyone could give me a run down of the express program that would be GREATLY appreciated!  thanks!  keep up the good work everyone!  2 more workouts and i'll be done my 2nd week!  yay!  can't wait to move on to burn it up!  :)
Weight Loss Younger dieters Mar 10 2007
01:31 (UTC)
Hey!  yay for younger dieters!  i'm so excited that i found this!  i recently turned 23 and i'm in my first year of a veterinary medicine program so i'm definitely feeling the pressure of lots of school and very little time to work out!  i've been working really hard the last 2 weeks and i've been sticking to the slim in 6 work out plan (it's about an hour work out 6 days a week)...most days i've been getting up before school to do it...which isn't fun when i go to school from 8:30-5:30 and then have to come home and do h/w all night just to stay afloat!  haha  but i'm feeling better and seem to have more energy to do my work even with getting up earlier!  yay!  i'm heading into finals soon though so i'm definitely going to need lots of motivation from all of you that are also working so hard in order for me to keep this up!  i'm going on a carribean cruise at the end of april (when i'm done school) and need to feel good about myself in my bathing suit!!  thanks for starting this up...look forward to hearing from all of you! :)
Weight Loss Calling all women with the about same stats as me (5' 4" and 148 pounds) Mar 10 2007
01:27 (UTC)
hello!  i would love to be a part of this thread!  i'm 5'4 and about 149 lbs....i too have been at the same weight for about 6 months now!  i lost 10-15 lbs in the summer but have been stalled ever since at about 150!  I have been doing slim in 6 exercises for almost 2 weeks now and following south beach for at least 3 weeks but have only lost about a pound!  :(  i'm starting to get a little frustrated and i'm not sure what i'm doing wrong!  I did south beach in the summer to lose the 10-15 lbs (and it came off rather quickly) but now i'm not seeing the same results!  anyway thanks so much for starting up this thread!  lets keep each other motivated!!  :)
Fitness Anyone doing SLIM IN 6? Mar 10 2007
01:18 (UTC)
hey i'm almost done my 2nd week of SI6 and i'm having trouble staying motivated....i'm sticking to my south beach diet and doing the workouts consistently (only 1 day off each week when necessary) but i don't feel like i'm getting the results i should be!  I realize i'm only about 1/3 of the way through, but it's still frustrating!  when did everyone else start to see results etc?  some motivation would be GREATLY appreciated!  thanks!  hope to hear how everyone else is doing as well....
Foods snack under 100 calories? Mar 05 2007
02:37 (UTC)
Here is my list of 100 Cal snacks (or less) that I use:

30 pistachios, 13 almonds, apple, banana, hard boiled egg, 16 baby carrots and 1.5 tablespoons of hummus, 1/2 and apple and a cheesestring, or 12 grapes and a cheesestring, or 30 grapes!

hope that helps!  :)
Recipes How to boil an egg (for nymo) Mar 04 2007
18:52 (UTC)
Hey nymo...everything in your last post sounds right I think...I usually put the eggs in, cover with water, put the pan on the stove on the highest setting and wait until it boils.  Once the water boils, I turn it down to around 3 or 4 (mine goes up to 7) so that the water continues to boil but less rapidly and leave it like that for 10 minutes.  As soon as that 10 minutes is up I dump out the hot water and replace it with cold and will sometimes throw in a couple of ice cubes to make sure the water stays cold (as I have also heard that it is the instant cold that cures the grey ring).  Hope that helps!  :)
Fitness Anyone doing SLIM IN 6? Mar 03 2007
18:15 (UTC)
Hey Everyone!  congrats to those starting out with SI6 just like me!  I have done 4 days of SIU and 1 day of RIU...I posted earlier in the week saying that I was going to have to take Thursday as my day off because I had a test that day and assignment due the next day, but while writing my assignment I was bored and wanted to work I did! yay!  so i'm almost done my first week and just went shopping for fun...went into American Eagle and was able to put on a size 8 shorts and they fit!!!  Before I don't think I could even get my butt into their size 10 or 12 I was definitely pleased!  and before they didn't fit properly because my bum and legs were too big....but the shorts were perfect!  after only one week!  :)  i hope this serves as some motivation for those just starting out....keep up the good work everyone!  :)
Fitness Anyone doing SLIM IN 6? Mar 01 2007
02:30 (UTC)
Hey!  Well I completed my third SIU this morning...and I have to take a day off tomorrow because I have a test in the morning that I still need to do quite a bit of studying for tonight and early tomorrow morning and then write a paper tomorrow I figure tomorrow would be a good day for a rest day...and then I'm going to start my RIU days on Friday morning!  I'm excited to move to the next level!  yay!  haha  Anyway I hope everyone else is doing well and working hard!  Keep it up!  :)  anyway i'm off to studying....
Fitness Anyone doing SLIM IN 6? Feb 28 2007
02:41 (UTC)
Hey Everyone!  I'm so glad I found this site!  I just started SI6 two days ago and really really REALLY have to stick it out for the full 6 weeks because I'm going on a cruise at the end of april!  yay!  My biggest challenge is finding the time in between studying and classes...and also finding time to sleep so i can be awake for tests!  haha  But I'm extremely motivated...I've been doing south beach for over a week now (I did it in the summer and lost 15 lbs that i've kept off, but now want to lose more before vacation!)  Anyway just wanted to say thanks for the motivation to keep going!  Keep up the good work everyone!  :)