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Calorie Count Sticky UPDATE: Calorie Count desktop site to close March 15th, 2017 Jan 12 2017
19:09 (UTC)

why? If you cannot afford to run it, why not ask for a nominal charge per month from members? It's a really valuable resource and I among many others would happily pay a small fee if it meant saving the site.

Calorie Count Sticky UPDATE: Calorie Count desktop site to close March 15th, 2017 Jan 06 2017
15:58 (UTC)

Actually it has affected use via my mobile. Granted I always use the regular PC version as the mobile app is useless, but it redirects to verywell. Extremely annoying!!!

Calorie Count The New & Improved Calorie Count Dashboard Sep 13 2013
18:22 (UTC)

How do I change back to the old logger? The new one is terrible! I cannot re-add food from another day which is REALLY annoying! Also I cannot edit the calorie amount. Not to mention the site keeps logging me out!

Weight Loss My Before And After Pictures Feb 03 2011
14:46 (UTC)

I'm 5'6" and 32 now. I was 12 1/2 stone when I started, I'm now about 8 stone 4 lbs which is actually less than I was originally aiming for but my job changed and I do much more physical activity now so I lost an extra 7lbs without wishing too. I was also rather slight until about 27 when I met my partner, you know how it is, you get lazy and stay in eating takeaways a lot more so I piled on the weight.


When I started counting at 12 1/2 stone I was eating 1600 calories a day which is what Calorie count advised, which I found when carefully planned out kept me quite comfortably full. When I had lost a stone I did take it down to 1300 which is rather low and I certainly wouldn't advise any lower than that but I had a desk job and did not really exercise, it was what CC advised according to the data I gave but do tweak it slightly if you find you are not eating enough. I found I was losing about 1.5-2lbs a week.


When I got to the weight I felt comfortable at I switched to maintenance which calorie count suggested 1875 per day which I tried but I found I was still losing so I upped it to 1900 but now with my more active job it is often just under 2000 unless I am having a really lazy stay at home day then I might eat about 1900. I was quite good with my calorie counting, I never had binge days, the worst crime was probably going about 100 calories over once in a while but then once I got in to it, it became a way of life.

I do feel a lot healthier now and I don't feel depressed getting dressed in the mornings either.  I found trying to dress a fuller figure very difficult, I also gained a lot of weight around my face which I hated so I am pleased to have lost all that.

If I can do it, any one can. :)



Weight Loss My Before And After Pictures Feb 02 2011
17:31 (UTC)

Thank you. :) The first picture is a place in Southampton and the second is Staunton Country Park. I used windows Paint to crop and then put the pictures in and Corel Paint Shop for the fancy writing. :)

Calorie Count Help please fix this bug Jan 28 2011
11:13 (UTC)

Glad it's not just me then. :)

Maintaining Anyone else "maintaining" but still losing? Dec 11 2009
12:11 (UTC)

Thank you yes I am very pleased with my body now, I can wear all my old clothes again. :)


I will try gradually increasing my calories over the next few weeks which will be nice as it's Christmas and there is always so much yummy food in the house :)

Weight Loss Anyones lost 30-40 pounds??? Nov 03 2009
12:37 (UTC)

I've lost 49lbs and went from a UK size 16 to a UK 10 (I'm 5' 6").  I started at 175lbs late November 2008 and am now 126lbs as of this month, which is what I was in my late teens to mid 20's but when me and my partner moved in together we got really bad eating habits and I ballooned.  I still count calories to make sure I don't overeat and I never have takeaways as that was part of my problem.

Weight Loss When do you decide to stop losing? Nov 01 2009
11:02 (UTC)

I think using your BMI as an indication of healthy weight is a good way to go so to make sure you don't fall into what would be considered as underweight.  I am 5'6" and am now 126.5 lbs which is a good weight for me, I was aiming for 126lb straight which I will probably reach in the next few days.  I don't want to be any slimmer because it won't suit me and I will look too thin especially now I am older.

I imagine it is quite easy to get obsessed about losing weight, especially if you have found a system that really works for you.

The Lounge Proof: Friends aren't always friends Oct 06 2009
12:00 (UTC)

It sounds like a really odd combination. Now I don't like dark chocolate or bacon so don't think I would like it but I'm sure you can have a little bit as a treat, perhaps just ration it a bit :)  My partner buys me those Lindor Truffle balls which I love, but I have to hold myself back as I would gorge myself silly with them.

Weight Loss Actual calorie consumption compared to perceived Sep 29 2009
16:02 (UTC)

I wouldn't worry about it too much, as someone already said calories are an estimate to a degree.

Health & Support Has anyone had a cortisone injection for a pimple? Sep 15 2009
12:27 (UTC)

If it doesn't start to go down within 7-10 days then certainly see a dermatologist about it. A lot of people have that stuff injected to get rid of nasty spots so I see no harm in trying.

I used to get the odd really painful lump on my chin, with no head but found they went away on their own but took a long time.  If I tried to poke at it, it got ten times worse and looked really ugly. I find Tea Tree oil very effective but use sparingly else you will burn your skin, failing that TCP, but again use very sparingly.

Health & Support Taking citalopram (celexa) and weight. Sep 12 2009
07:58 (UTC)

I took that a few years ago and I gained about 2-3 stone. I stopped taking it and the weight didn't fall off, I had to make an effort to lose it which I have now done :)

Maintaining Throwing away the old clothes? Sep 10 2009
17:30 (UTC)

I binned the size 16 clothes the minute they started dropping off me. I have kept my size 14 clothing even though I am now a 12 as I have some nice things which I can get away with wearing using a belt or whatever.

As far as I'm concerned I have no intention of ever gaining all that weight again so I don't need my old 16s.

Maintaining "You're losing too much!" and Other Charming Comments Sep 10 2009
17:27 (UTC)

To be honest I have had mainly positive comments about my weight loss (3 stone in total) but a couple of people have told me I was getting too thin including my Mother and a work colleague who deliberately made me feel uncomfortable. I'm not too thin, I'm 5ft 6" and 133lbs which yes is slim but certainly not skinny and I still have the odd "fat" day and wonder if I should aim for 9 stone which is what I weighed in my younger days but I don't think it would suit me so much now I'm older.

I honestly think those people just got used to seeing me chubby and found it a shock to see me much slimmer.  I had always been naturally very slim in my teens to early 20's (From 8 stone to 9 stone max) but got a bit too plump in the last few years of my late 20's due to sitting in front of the TV with my partner and eating too many takeaways so it gradually crept on. Well I don't touch takeaways now and watch the calories and I feel like a totally different person as I am far more confident in my own skin :)

Maintaining Do you still count calories while maintaining? Sep 10 2009
17:11 (UTC)

I have only just started "maintaining" although I reached my CC goal about a month ago, I decided I wanted to lose another 7 lbs which I have now done. However I will always still count calories as I don't trust myself not to over eat and because I gradually gained about 3 stone over 2 years and became overweight, now having lost it all I am scared stiff of gaining it again and as I like food but don't want to slip into bad habits calorie counting and doing a food diary works a treat for me :) 

Weight Loss 1200 calories is the bare minimum, not the norm. Sep 04 2009
08:12 (UTC)

I think a lot of people forget to amend the date bit when using CC to work out how much they need to eat per day calorie wise, hence the 1200 coming up a lot. I personally would say not to go lower than 1300 during your diet else you find you get really hungry and it's bad for you.

Weight Loss Last Five Pounds Sep 04 2009
08:09 (UTC)

I did go through a period of about 3 weeks only losing a pound, instead of the 0.5-1lb per week I was losing before, when I was very near my original goal, but it quickly passed. I actually started eating a little bit more and then I started losing again :) 


I have since reached my goal but decided I would like to lose a few more pounds so set a new goal and am only a pound away :)  I'm sure you will reach your goal in no time :)

The Lounge I have the worst neighbors in the entire world. Aug 13 2009
16:06 (UTC)

I have stupid neighbours too, mainly weird nosey ones that go through the bins. Personally I would complain about the noise if I were you.

Foods Making Pizza Healthy Jul 30 2009
08:29 (UTC)

I suggest making your own. I quit eating the shop bought ones and eat only the ones my partner makes. That way you can weigh all your ingredients and you know exactly what's in it.  I didn't gain any weight from eating them, just kept losing so never ban all "nice" foods from your diet :)