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Calorie Count The New & Improved Calorie Count Dashboard Mar 09 2012
16:40 (UTC)
Original Post by jamesoverton:

Why can't you leave well enough alone, and STOP screwing with the Calorie Count pages?! 


I don't want an equally useless 'revamped' & 'revamped' & 'revamped' ne w dashboard... I  do not use the My Home page... I couldn't care less about Calorie Camp... I don't want to have to go to yet another Calorie Count page, loaded with even more obnoxious blinking/flashing/animated/browser-crippling ads, just to see my calories eaten and burned... I just want to see the Calories Eaten and Calories Burned on my Food Log page... Okay... can you manage to leave that alone... please...???


I can do simple math with my own logged numbers... I don't need Calorie Count to do some bogus net calorie calculation for me... all I need to see is my Calories Eaten < Calories Burned for the day, or the average for most days... thank you. 

Angry much?
They can't make EVERYONE happy.  As for the 'blinking ads', CC is a FREE site for the most part, it needs support somehow.  If you don't like the ads then change your browser.  I use Firefox with Adblock and I don't even see the ads.

You can disable the Calorie Camp in your settings, can't you?  Regardless, is one click off the dashboard really the end of the world?  They're revamping it trying to make things better/different and they aren't going to know what works without feedback forums like this.

Moving forward, I'm glad it's back to the consumed/burned with an overall net -- I think that works way better than "calories to go/remaining".  I haven't checked the analysis yet, but I'm assuming it's like it was before in that if you go over your calories, it's a negative because of how many calories you "have left" like before?  Perhaps this part hasn't been changed back to the overall net yet.  The analysis is best, in my opinion, when it just shows the overall NET calories.  But perhaps there could be a toggle option with a checkbox on which one you'd like to show -- that would be nice (if anyone actually likes it as calories remained).

Calorie Count Official Calorie Camp Updates Feb 24 2012
04:09 (UTC)

I just completed (5/5) the '15% of Target Net Calories" goal and it still is just flagged as a goal, no check-mark or anything next to it.  Is this one a common problem for people?

Weight Loss Breast feeding? Feb 21 2012
06:26 (UTC)
Original Post by bierorama:

Here is a calculator that will factor in extra calories needed for nursing:

http://nutritiondata.self.com/tools/calories- burned

1,800 is a recommended minimum for nursing moms, according to KellyMom.com.

I haven't read the whole thread -- but I know that when I was trying to lose weight while nursing - I was going doing 1hr cardio 3-5 days a week and lifting an hour 3 days a week.  I nearly lost my milk on 1800 (not enough cal).  I lost weight fairly quick on 2200.  I was 5"2' and ~190 @ 6mo. postpartum.

I would try ~2000 and see how it goes, but I wouldn't recommend the 1800 unless you're not workingout much

Weight Loss Loose 10 pounds in a week. Feb 09 2012
17:02 (UTC)


Calorie Count Official Calorie Camp Updates Jan 20 2012
23:27 (UTC)

So, I typo'd my weight input for today and it triggered the "Achieved Weight Goal" achievement :(  While awesome and all, I really didn't want to see that flag until I've ACTUALLY achieved it! haha... Is there anyway to remove that achievement? :-/



Foods TOPPINGS survey--how would you top it? Jan 11 2012
06:25 (UTC)
Original Post by chrissy1988:

you MUST top (or dip) each of the following items with (or in) something...what do you choose?

1. pancakes -- LIGHT maple syrup (traditional, but tasty)

2. waffles -- strawberry-rhubar compote

3. french toast -- no-fat plain greek yogurt, honey, banana, pecans. DO IT!

4. angel hair pasta -- I don't do Angel hair pasta :-/

5. penne pasta -- cream sauce with spinach, bacon and pine nuts

6. rice -- does a seasons chicken breast count as a topper? :P

7. potato -- sour cream, homemade bacon bits and homegrown chives

8. pumpkin pie -- more pumpkin pie?  How about whip cream

9. cheesecake -- depends on the type of cheesecake :(  I never make just plain cheesecake.  I'm a fan of green tea cheesecake with a blackberry drizzle...

10. vanilla ice cream -- top that with apple pie?  ;-P

11. chocolate ice cream -- I've never actually bought chocolate icecream but I don't think it would need to be topped! haha

12. pudding (you choose flavor) -- Chocolate pudding + Rasbperries

13. frozen yogurt (you choose flavor)

14. cocoa -- cheesecake made with franjelico and cocoa

15. french fries -- I eat them plain with minimal salt, but I'll go with garlic-mayo sauce....

16. sweet potato fries -- garlic-mayo sauce

17. artichoke -- spinach/artichoke dip

18. chicken (or chik'n/tofu) nuggets -- honey mustard

19. baby carrots -- tzaziki

20. ww crackers -- brie and blackberry-habanero jelly

21. pita chips (you choose flavor) plain, cheese dip made with smoked gouda and lots of jalapenos

22. tortilla chips -- homemade salsa

23. rice cake (you choose flavor) -- plain w/ peanut butter

24. nachos -- "nachos" to me are tortilla chips, so I don't know how I should answer this ?

25. popcorn -- popped in coconut oil, topped with salt & pepper


Health & Support Too much iron today. How harmful? May 31 2011
06:22 (UTC)

Hi there --

Because you are recovering, there's also a good chance that your iron is on the lower side anyway? (Possibly), but you're also only marginally over. I wouldn't worry about it too much -- it all balances out.  It's really just if you were excessively over all the time that it could be an issue.

I'm anemic and take a supplement that contains 100mg of iron, but I'm sure that most of that is not even absorbed into the body (it's not easy to actually absorb all the iron you take in)...

A little over shouldn't be an issue, just don't make a habit of it ;)

Foods Puff Pastry Nov 17 2010
02:29 (UTC)

Yes, Phyllo (Filo to some) and puff are VERY different.

Does your store carry the Tenderflake brand?  They make a great Puff pastry that is in a roll


Here's a link simply for image purposes so you know what you're looking for:

http://www.epiceriedirect.com/product.php?idp =7320&hg=591#591


And yes, it should be found with the pie shells, etc.  If they don't have it, it's quite possible that, you're correct, they do suck Wink

Foods Calories in Tortellini? Nov 03 2010
07:25 (UTC)

You had tortellini that was only filled with sauce?

Calculate the calories for the pasta alone -- if it's homemade, you should be able to calculate this from the recipe analyzer.

As for the sauce, if it's plain, just find a generic and it will be close enough.  Unless the sauce was homemade, in which case, the above applies to this as well.

For a 1/2 cup you might be look more in the 250-300 calories range, but even that could be way off depending on the unknowns.

Most cheese filled tortellini run around 230-320 per serving (not accounting for sauce).

Why not use the Recipe Analyzer to figure out the homemade bits, and ball park the rest.


"I looked at tortellini and it varies so much from 170 to 900 calories depending on portion sizes."

... The bigger the portion, the more likely it is to have a higher calorie count...


ETA:  When I'm unsure on something and there's 2 options with different calorie counts (but similar), I tend to opt for the higher calorie count in my log, just in case.... 

Weight Loss totm.. Oct 20 2010
02:52 (UTC)

Hi there!

As mentioned above, it's definitely dependent of the person as to how much you will "gain".  The thing is, not only is it "water weight", but you'll also have a bit of excess weight from increased blood flow and the lining that needs to be passed.  Furing my TTOTM, I actually gain a whopping 5 lbs that is gong (and then some, on good weeks!) the day after my period is completely gone.

Everyone is different, I tend to not take my scale readings to heart that week.  I tend to weight myself every day and look at the average, but during TOTM, I may way myself at the beginning, but won't weigh in again until after.. I don't see the point.

I don't normally eat a lot of sweets, but I find I do crave sweets, a a bit of salt during this time... and this time of year is EVIL for that!

This week alone, I've already made a lemon meringue pie, pumpkin creme brulee and eggnog creme brulee! WOOPS!!! I'm glad my partner chimes in and does his "dutiful" part in being the household human garburator so I only eat 1 or 2 servings of dessert during the week ;)  (we don't normally have desserts).

Pregnancy & Parenting Sit-n-Stand Stroller Anyone? Double Strollers and Toddlers Oct 19 2010
21:17 (UTC)
Original Post by bierorama:

Also, I've seen parents with the side-by-side double strollers. It looks like a pain in the rear trying to get them through doorways or small, crowded shops. The double jogging strollers seem less wide and more easily maneuverable.

One thing I've noticed with the double (side by side) strollers is that they tend to LOOK bigger than they actually are.  My daughter was 13 months when our son was born (Yikes!) and a souble stroller for us was a MUST!  We've had our share of strollers, and nightmares.

We started with a BOB Revolution and I absolutely LOVE this stroller, I wish we never got rid of it!  The issue I had was that I was living in a smaller city at the time and my hubby had the car during the day, so I was walking everywhere. Fine, right?  Well, most of the places where I was didn't have wheelchair accessable doorways to accomodate the width requirement for the stroller.  That being said, as long as it's wheelchair accessable, it's wide enough for the stroller.  I believe the BOB was 36" in width?  Most singles are around 32"?  I can't remember.  It's really not much bigger than a single, it's smaller than MOST side by side doubles, and with the articulating front wheel it's able to turn on a dime.  It was easy to maneuver with one hand, and even with an unbalanced load, it didn't affect the tracking on the stroller at all (still strolled in a straight line).


Ok, sold it because I couldn't fit in the stores where I was.


Bought a Phil & Teds VIBE.  Been a nightmare ever since. Phil & Ted and a great idea for a small inline double, my daughter LOVED sitting in the back seat (novelty I think that would wear off later, I'm sure).  What I loved about the Vibe was that the canopy wasn't attached completely, so I could literally move it to ANY position I wanted.  Tracking was an issue, this stroller wouldn't stay going straight, so I was CONSTANTLY correcting it.  HArd to push with 1 hand. Smaller wheels aren't so great on trails that are a little rugged.  Clasp on the side to lock down the stroller broke within the first few months.  Quality isn't quite there for the price.

I didn't realize that the sit & stand strollers had a bench thing for the back kid to sit on!  Although, I didn't really like the idea of 1 kid not being able to see --


We've since gone back to a BOB (Sport Utility model though, because my hubby likes hardcore trails and this thing can manage them) and are trying to sell our stupid Phil & Ted! (Which is obviously not selling so well!)

Quite often on Craiglist and things of that nature, you can find BOB selling used.  They hold up pretty well, if the previous owner has the receipt, they have a 5 year warranty, or they will honor the warranty 5 years from the manufacture date marked on the stroller if you don't have the receipt.  I had bought my first one used, and the previous owner had broke something on it and fixed it themselves (incorrectly).  I email BOB asking for the proper screws and washers, and within a week I had the spare parts in my mail box no questions asked!


I know you didn't ask about these strollers but I figured I'd offer the review because I abosolutely love the BOB.

Most people tend to use it until their oldest is about 5, haha.  You can still use it with 1 kid if you want, and it gives a big comfy space for the older kid if they get tired (or are just being rambunctious and you need to put them somewhere so they don't run out of your site in the mall! hahahaha).

Anyway, hope you find something that works for you and hope you have a smooth delivery!  ^.^

Pregnancy & Parenting BE HONEST - does your toddler/older baby sleep through the night? Oct 09 2010
04:39 (UTC)

Our daughter (oldest, 2mo.) started sleeping through the night by 2 months old... we were VERY lucky with her!!!

Our son (now16 months) has been sleeping through the night since 10 or 11 months.

Both have slept in their own cribs since day 1.

I can't say that I know anyone personally that has had their baby waking up to feed that late at night -- it could also be that he is waking out of habit?

Definitely check out Babycenter (there's a Canadian, US and UK site for this company).  I'm sure there's other mom's out there in a similar situation.

As for the night time nurser that you want to transition -- could you maybe slowly cut back on how long you are nursing for each time so that gradually he no longer wakes up for that "feed"?  (I say that in quotations because I don't really think it's a meal at that age.. I think it's waking up out of habit -- but I could be wrong....)

Weight Loss "eat 2 live, don't live 2 eat" Sep 27 2010
20:39 (UTC)
Original Post by jp5074139:

Original Post by hatethekate:

mmmmm bacon burgers

Exactly.  And the worst thing in one is the bun!  Okay, and maybe the mayo.

Scratch the mayo and add some mushrooms and brie...

Health & Support Getting out of gym class? Sep 27 2010
05:19 (UTC)

Oi... the painful memories!

When I was in grade 10, I was told by my doctor that I could no longer participate in gym class in fear of me passing out, etc.  When I took the note to my gym instructor, she look at me straight faced and said, "well [ED] should be easy to get over!" 


... And almost failed me for not participating in enough gym classes...

She pretty much ignored my doctors request.


That being said, I'm surprised you haven't been told to not participate -- Hopefully your gym teacher takes it better than mine did!  I still despise that woman to this day, and it's been 10 years!  XD

Motivation Unrealistic deadline........... Sep 27 2010
02:45 (UTC)

I agree with most in that you should see about getting the dress altered.

Keep in mind that the dress is a 16 and you are a 20.  Now.. Wedding dresses USUALLY fit 1 size small, so it's more like a street size 14...

Be honest with your mom, like you said, "she has eyes"...  You have 4 weeks until your wedding, and depending on your seamstress, it could take almost that to get your dress back unless you pay for a rush on the work.  Start shopping for a good seamstress!!

I think the corset back is definitely your best option and really looks great.  It's also more forgiving than a zipper, so as you fluctuate, you can adjust accordingly.  So, say you get it done to fit a 16-20  (range for a corset back is usually 2-4 sizes), you'll still fit it if you lose some weight.

As for each size being 10 lbs -- that's the average.  It definitely depends on where you lose the weight first, KWIM?

In the final count down to the big day, you don't want to be adding stress, there's going to be enough of it as there is.  It's so much easier to just tell your mom that it doesn't fit and to get it altered.  A few hundred dollars in alterations is MUCH cheaper than a new dress.

On another note:  Was the dress purchased without trying it on?  Or had you gained a little weight after the purchase?

Don't look at yourself as a failure -- **** happens!  You have kids, you have a career, you're a busy momma planning her biggest day!

Relax, tell your mom, get it altered, enjoy your wedding :)



Health & Support Anyone infertile because of secondary amenorrhea?? Sep 22 2010
00:49 (UTC)

I apologize, I haven't read all the responses, but I just wanted to give my $0.02 on the situation, because I think I can relate.

For as long as I can remember, I've never had a consistent period (ED started @ 11, got my period @ 12)

Anyway, I fully recovered by 19 and started to actually swing to the other end of the spectrum being moderately overweight (my own fault).  Still no regular period... 1 or 2 a year was my best.... I was told that I would have a difficult time getting pregnant, if I did at all.  Being told this @ 20 was a total heartbreaker because I KNEW I always wanted to have 2 kids.

Fast forward 6 years-- I now have 2 wondering kids!  As soon as my FI and I came to terms with the fact that we might not have kids, and I stopped stressing about it, it happened!  I actually had 1 right after the other (oops!)  13.5 months apart!

After my second, I never got a period until 2 months after I stopped breastfeeding.  It's been irregular and my PMS has been different, but I've had more periods in the last 4 months than I have in the last 6 years!!! (Still not sure if that's a good or a bad thing, hahahaha)

So it IS possible, but not guaranteed.  There are so many factors that can affect pregnancy that it's hard to ever really predict.  Some people change their diet and get pregnant (being healthier, etc; not eating as much food that can mimic hormones and throw your body out of whack, etc).  I stopped stressing and got pregnant...  Maybe coincidence... maybe luck in timing with that ovulation as I hadn't had a period in about 6 or 7 months prior to getting pregnant.

It's also hard to say how long it can take for your body to FULLY recover...

Focus on your recovery now and worry about fertility later.  When it comes to that point, you will have other options if necessary, but worry about it then... Recovery is far more important because that needs to happen first before you can even think about carrying a baby...

Weight Loss weight loss with eating disorder history Sep 15 2010
20:12 (UTC)

Hey there!


When I was younger (11-20) I suffered from Ana/Mia and after recovery, became overweight.  Since having 2 kids, I'm ready to get my butt in shape! Every now and then I had (have?) really bad days where it's a battle to ignore any bad habit thoughts from forming.  But I tell myself that I have to do this the right way-- the healthy way; I wasn't healthy before, and I won't ever be healthy if I let myself slip, etc.

It took a while to put it back on, it won't come off overnight :)

I've also not really set a hardest goal as to when I'd like to lose it by, I just look at the lbs and make my goals / rewards that way. 

For example, I'm 2 lbs away from being out of the obese category -- and that's going to be a big reward for me :)  (@ 26 lbs lost for that goal), then it'll be in another 15 or so, etc etc.

It may sound like a lot to eat (@ 1900/2000 calories to lose weight), but it's really not :)  You just need to kick those thoughts to the back and know that to succeed, you need to do it slow and steady.  A drastic cut in calories (your 1500) will only make it harder on yourself and your body.

If I'm having a really bad day, then I make sure that I get a good hard workout in (to remind myself that I am working hard at this) and then a treat after it to make up for some of the extra burn :P  Who doesn't love a little hard earned gelato to make everything better ;) har har. :P  The treat reminds me that it's okay for me to eat these things, that nothing is "bad", and I really appreciate those treats once in a while   ^.^


GL to you :)

Also, along with Whipple's questions -- I hope you're still seeing a nutritionist/counsellor maybe to help you with your HEALTHY weight loss?  I know it can be easy to get back into disordered eating, but I found the easiest way to not slip was to keep my deficit at a minimum (I aim for no more than a 500 deficit).



Recipes Making lasagna Sep 08 2010
02:39 (UTC)

Glad you're donating them if you're not going to use them --

On another note:  I have made lasagna with beans (kidney) before instead of meat, and loaded up on other veggies (zucchini, carrots, mushrooms, spinach, etc).  But I don't think I'd ever switch to yogurt from cottage cheese :-S

The Lounge The time you almost accidentally killed your kid. Everyone has done it don't pretend you haven't Sep 07 2010
04:39 (UTC)

Well... My kids are only 1 and 2 as of yet, so I have some time to make my doozies still ;)

Surprisingly, we never really had any accidents with my daughter.  Enter our son 13.5 months later, though....

Wasn't actually me that did it though, haha... it was my daughter!

Not really that bad, but when he was 3 months (and her 15mo), she decided that she should share her Goldfish crackers with him because they were just so yummy!!

I'd given her a snack trap with a few goldfish in it as a snack after her nap. I'm sitting in the dining room, pumping... cause that's what I had to do.. /sigh ... and they are in the living room playing.  She comes up to me and puts her snack trap on the table and it's empty, so I think she ate them all --- apparently she dumped them onto the playmat in the living room (I didn't know that though)... I hear lots of laughing, thinking nothing of it.  Suddenly I hear him choking and trying to scream..  Must of been quite the site of me dropping what I was doing to go run across my dining room into the living room to perform the infant heimlich....

What's funny, is that to this day I still haven't given him a goldfish cracker... probably for the better, really... lol....  I've got them hooked on the Kashi TLC 7 grain ones... better than the alternative! hahaha.

I'm sure in 5 years I'll have a better story than this, lol... 

Vegetarian People who got Fat being a vegetarian! Sep 06 2010
14:43 (UTC)
Original Post by vejitarian:

If there is nothing wrong with the way meat is harvested, there does not need to be any undue sensitivity about the topic and schoolchildren should be taken to abbatoirs and shown meat production videos in class, just as they would any other foodstuffs.

If that strikes you as wrong, ask yourself why?

Sorry, a little oft topic -- but this just reminded me of this:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9B7im8aQjo&am p;feature=related


It's part of an episode of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution where he's going around to the schools and showing them what a "Chicken nugget" is (in the sense of most of them being made from mechanically reclaimed meat --- I think I just gagged at mentioning that)...

Anyway, I agree completely that kids should see the reality of where ALL Their food comes from... But I honestly don't see that happening any time soon.. If they were shown this, then some might be in uproar to discover the quality of the meat that is going into their school lunch programs, etc!  (Man, I'm glad I never ate that stuff.... I can hope that in Canada it is a bit better, but I won't hold my breath on that thought neither)...

Sorry to the OP for staying a little.