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Weight Loss Does it make you jealous? Feb 05 2008
16:56 (UTC)
i've watched my brother (who's a lot younger than me) grow up, and he's been sick quite a lot.  He's around four eight now, and weighs from forty seven to fifty pounds.  i'm not implying that all very thin people are sick, but being that thin has had an effect on everything form his ability to fight off things like colds, to his acute induced athsma, to getting beat up at school.  my parents feed him like no other to get him to gain weight, but nothing works.  choosing between that, and my own body, i'd rather have mine.  i may be fat, but at least i can depend on my body to get me through pretty much anything.  i've been through bronchitis without realizing it (i thought it was just a common cold).  i'd rather be healthy...

on a different note, i'd hate to be labelled as anorexic and hated by non-skinny people everywhere :)
Weight Loss Success! Pictures inside! Sep 06 2007
06:58 (UTC)



Weight Loss Nobody you don't know really cares whether you're overweight Sep 03 2007
08:49 (UTC)

willow, i know exactly how you feel...i'm 19, but i remember when i was 16, i was around a size 10 at 5' 7.5" (i'm around a 13 now).  i had dropped a few pounds, and we were on the beach, and i was wearing a one piece, and i felt great and was having fun.  as soon as i got back from the pool however, my mother started telling me how my thighs looked like i was morbidly obese, how my profile looked bad because of my stomach and the fat around my face, and how i would be pretty if i only dropped thirty pounds.  it felt like someone had popped my bubble.  she and my father genuinely believe that i won't find happiness or love if i'm overweight, and that even employers will look down on me in the future, because they'll see a fat lazy slob.  right now, in their eyes, i am unbelievably fat (at a size 13, i know i can stand to lose some weight, but i have a solid muscular body that i'm not going to starve) i've gotten over my lack of confidence when it comes to jobs and academics, because i've earned the respect of professors, employers, and peers with my achievements, but to this day, i can't make myself go bathing suit shopping, much less go to the pool.  and it's not just my mother--how can a modest, overweight girl feel sexy when guys don't look at her, instead going for the skinny girl, or the one who shows excessive skin?  how can a girl have confidence when she's barely in the "normal" size range?  it's hurtful and humiliating to have to shop in the womens section when you're fourteen, and have other people give you looks.  or have your own uncle estimate your weight at a hundred pounds over what you really are.

 as much as we would like to pretend that we are unaffected by others, not a single one of us lives in a bubble with only their own voice.  if we're not loved for who we are, we try to change ourselves to become someone different.  we're social creatures, and even though the sentiment of "not later, but now" is in the right place, it's hard to ignore what everyone tells you about the one thing that you have to completely rely on--your body.  

Weight Loss Is ANYONE happy with their body? Aug 30 2007
13:37 (UTC)
it's up and down...i'm not thin, and i never really have been.  the days when i feel like i hate myself, i have to force myself to think of all the people who have so many problems with their bodies, from MS to allergies and food intolerances, from epilepsy to unusual susceptibility to colds.  and then i think that whether or not i'm happy with the way my body looks, i am happy with the way it works, because i can depend on it. 
Foods Draining Ramen? Aug 29 2007
12:51 (UTC)
you really don't need more than half a packet of that flavoring without dying of a gritty throat--i'm cheap, so i save the other half and mix it with plain rice for a super-inexpensive low cal meal...yay for college, huh? :D
Health & Support When did you stop growing. Aug 29 2007
12:48 (UTC)
i hit five eight around 17, and now i've shrunk a little down to somewhere between five seven and five eight :)
Weight Loss Best cutting cals strategy Aug 26 2007
11:22 (UTC)

i love avacado as a substitute for mayo--a tablespoon mashed only has around 25 calories, is tasty (esp with just a little bit of chili powder or paired with a dash of mustard) and has healthy fats :)

i also love my brita pitcher.  i don't know if it's psychological or not, but cold filtered water just tastes really good, and i know how much the pitcher holds, so i know how much water i'm drinking--along the same lines, i buy a glass bottle of juice or something occasionally for my bottled water, so i don't have to keep buying bottled water.  glass doesn't have dissolving plastics.

 great post!

Foods Crap...I just ate crap Aug 11 2007
03:48 (UTC)
it could have been could have eaten a whole package or something...and let's face was yummy, wasn't it? 
Weight Loss omgg binge eating Aug 07 2007
11:23 (UTC)
did you literally eat next to nothing yesterday?  that's probably why you binged in the first place--you must have been starved!

you need to eat quite a bit to put on a full pound, and it also depends on what you binged on.  high sodium will cause water retention, and up your weight, so maybe it's best that you don't look tomorrow?  by real weight, unless you ate a full 3500 calories over what you can eat (prbly around 2000)--that's 5500 cal total--, you didn't even gain a pound. 

how do you think you've done permanent damage to yourself?  not by the binging, but maybe from the starving yourself part...try to eat normal amounts instead of going back and forth like crazy.

judging by your username and your extreme approach to dieting, maybe you're being a bit harsh to yourself? 
Weight Loss Indians!!! Cuisine and Weight Loss/Management Discussion Aug 07 2007
11:18 (UTC)
i'm indian!  bengali to be specific...but i've found that indian food isn't really all that bad for you.  i tend to eat better at home, and when i'm in india, i eat whatever i want, and still manage to lose lots of weight (which i gain back as soon as i get back to the US).  i think the rules for indian food are no different than american food--more shobji, more paneer, more fish, and less of that yummy ghee-based stuffs.  potato curries with whole wheat flour puris are relatively low cal, almost like eating a baked potato, dhal, plain chapatis, and the tomato-based curries are actually not bad for you, if cooked right.  good luck to all :) maybe we should start our own club!

again, recipies would be appreciated.  i've found one that's very NOT indian but tastes like it anyway.  i chop up some onions, mix with a can of tuna, maybe a small cut up baked potato, and add the usual spices that accompany curry into it.  then i put it straight on the pan (no oil) and stir until it smells really good.  pure protien, no oil, yet it tastes like curry :)  i've never tried it, but maybe you can try it with cooked chicken as well?
Foods Turkey Burgers Aug 07 2007
07:38 (UTC)
why don't you try making your own, with lean groud turkey and whatever spices strike your fancy?
Foods Chicken Caesar? Aug 07 2007
07:29 (UTC)
i always under-estimate salads for some kind of depends on how much dressing you used, and how much chicken there was, i think.  but that sounds all right to me.  
Foods Water in a bottle Aug 03 2007
07:13 (UTC)
i got myself a brita pitcher, and it tastes really good.  it costs me around 9 dollars or so to replace the filter every month, and i just keep it in the fridge so it's cold, and pour it into a water bottle. i can't afford to drink bottled water. 
Foods Hersheys Milk Chocolate Calories Aug 03 2007
07:11 (UTC)
i mean twelve sqares, btw
Foods Hersheys Milk Chocolate Calories Aug 03 2007
06:54 (UTC)
*counts in head*

twelve i think...but don't take my word for it :)
Weight Loss ! SILLY POST ! - W.Watchers tonight! help me lose 4lbs in less than 9 hours! Jul 24 2007
16:25 (UTC)
i'd like to add, along with not drinking water and peeing a lot, you should also blow your nose a lot and pluck your eyebrows and shave your legs (or any other area)...every ounce counts, right?  :P
The Lounge The Harry Potter Book Seven Discussion Thread (Now with Spoilers - Do not read if you want no spoilers) Jul 21 2007
17:04 (UTC)
I JUST FINISHED IT!  not as good as i thought it would be.  a bit predictable at times.  it's not my favorite so far, but it's a satisfying ending.
Foods a-,c,c,=a Jul 20 2007
15:33 (UTC)
i think it depends on how much of the C item you eat and how much of the A item you eat.  if you eat something like salad dressing with a lot of fat in it, it's going to show up as a C individually.  but you don't eat that much salad dressing, so your fat:carb:protien ratio is still good enough to give you an A.   i hope that made sense.
Foods Does anyone eat Indian food here??? Jul 17 2007
10:51 (UTC)
hm...weird...i always lose weight at home...but then i can't eat too much rice without getting sleeeepy...and my mom makes two veggie dishes and one dal and serves it before the meat dish...

why don't you ask her to make more veggie things for you?  fill up on plain dal and rice, and avoid the "kai" and eat the actual stuff in the fatty curries.  usually those tend to be things like butter chicken (oh god...drooling), so just eat the meat and keep your rice drier than usual.  other than that, make your own food during the day only, i guess. 
Foods breafast cereals. how much is normal for you to eat? Jul 17 2007
10:43 (UTC)
3/4 of a cup of resee's pieces...with skim  milk (hey, i know it's a kiddie cereal but it's good!) but i'm not a big breakfast eater...