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Weight Loss how much weight did you lose before you noticed a change? Jun 04 2012
04:52 (UTC)
Noticed after 10 lbs but every one else when I lost 38 lbs this was my healthy weight 130 but I know more people noticed when I started to weighted 123 lbs
The Lounge Did anybody watch the biggest loser this season? May 07 2012
04:26 (UTC)
Oh, I loved to watch it. J want to see them too how they are doing along. I hope no one will gain weight. I am so happy that that guy won. Of corse he still have to lose 50 pounds but he looks great. And his sister looking good but stll has to loose lots of weight.
Weight Loss i want to loose weight Apr 11 2012
02:47 (UTC)
When I had first baby icould not lose 30 pounds like for 6 months and my husband never told me that I am fat. However when I started to lose weight he told me that I'm looking good. So if he loves you be will never tell u that you fat. He would say in different way. More kindly. So lose weight , stay healthy
Motivation This can be so frustrating.....! Mar 31 2012
16:41 (UTC)

don't worry, when I started to do exercises and watch what I eat, I gained pounds or didn't lose any weight till one month, after one month, my weight started to drop off, and then after four month of intense exercises and low calories food i started to shed pounds like crazy. sometimes it takes time. go and search on google how many calories you should eat to lose weight or maintain it. and do calculation. For example for my weight and high I have to eat 1700 calories to maintain my weight and 1200 to loose my weight. So since I am breastfeeding right know I lose about 400 calories a day (sometimes 500). So usually I eat 1600 calories a day then I subtract 400 calories and (since I walk two miles a day I burn around 160 calories a day) subtract 160 = 1040 calories. So when you look I even go beyond my 1200 calories a day :) So just google and find out the right way to lose weight :) It helped to me. Now I know everything about how many calories I should eat in order to lose at least one or two pounds a week :)

Weight Loss What's your average weekly weight loss? Mar 14 2012
03:22 (UTC)
In the brgining I started to do workouts I did not loose any weight for one month, then I lost 14 lbs for 3 months and after counting calories I lost 15 lbs for two months. Of course I stil continued my long runs and walks. So average 1 pound or 2 pounds a were.
Weight Loss HELP! Need 20 lbs gone by may for vacation!!!!! PLEASE HELP!! Mar 02 2012
15:47 (UTC)

try to do running :) you will burn more calories plus your legs, arms, stomach getting much more slimmer :) :) :)  as what you doing right know I believe you will lose 15 pounds up to your vacation. I'm going to vacation too, I though that if I will be 130 by that time I would be happy, as of right know I am back to my per-pregnancy weight :) (126.4 ) :) so and I'm going on vacation in 2 weeks so I know I will lose about 4 pounds by that time :) ... So do not give up. do what you are doing, add walking :) (not less then 2 miles) try walk fast, you will burn more calories, save more time and you will get slimmer faster :) good luck... You Can Do it :)

Motivation weight loss for people in their 20s!!! Feb 27 2012
04:13 (UTC)
Hello. 23 years old . St weight 158 right know 130 desired 118
Weight Loss How can I lose weight after having a baby?? Feb 27 2012
04:00 (UTC)
Ok. I am a second time mom already. With first pregnancy I gained 60 pounds with second I gained 55 pounds. I was breastfeeding first baby for 9 months and second baby still breastfeeding ( he is 6 month right know) with my first baby I could not lose any weight till 6 months old. Then I started to run and crunches and I lost 15 pounds like in a month. After. 9 months I went back to university full time and joined gym there and lost 5 pounds like in 2 months. When my baby girl was 11 I got pregnant again. Again so much weight. But know I was smart. I started to eat right and eat a little bit less then I usually need. ( do not cut lots of calories because will lose your milk) and then after one month I started to do exercises. Started with running for 5 minutes and added few more minutes each week. As of today I can run 5 miles and eating from 1300 to 1600 calories a day. Doing longer walks , crunches, running with faster speed and breast feeding I have to loose 5 more pounds. But I changed my goal I want to be not 125 I want to be 118 so 12 more pounds to go. Do not get into depression for not losing weight, you might gain weight. Instead of thinking that your weight will come off just like that of doing nothing, do more excersices. Good luck. Do not worry about delivery. Yeah contractions are painfully but delivery is not. I gave a birth to my kids without epidural and it wad ok. Nothing to scary. Be brave and enjoy your bundle of joy :) :) :)
Pregnancy & Parenting BE HONEST - does your toddler/older baby sleep through the night? Feb 25 2012
04:19 (UTC)
I was breast feeding my baby till 10 months and we did not do co sleeping since first night . After 6 month old I taught my daughter to sleep through the night. So right know she is two and she sleeps in separate room and through the night. Now I have baby boy and he is almost 6 month old and he sleeps through the night too. Of course some nights he wakes up but it is very rare and still breast feeding him too.
Pregnancy & Parenting how long after marriage did you decide to start a family? Feb 25 2012
04:12 (UTC)
We started family right away. I got married when I wad 19 and my husband 25. I got pregnant after our honeymoon , but had miscarriage and after 5 month I got pregnant again and still had same situation. Then when we was married for 1.5 years I got prefnsnt and we had baby girl. After 11 months I found out that I am pregnant again. This time I was pregnant with baby boy. Have to mention that when we got married me and my husband wad full time students. By today my daughter is 2 years old and son 6 month old and I am ma student of Drexel university. So my point is: if you want family your financial status pretty much does not matter. Kids are blessings. Enjoy them every day