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Weight Loss shut up, special k! and thanks jezebel Jun 06 2009
23:38 (UTC)

Oh, quite humorous! With the random tongue twisting ingredients on most boxes of cereal, one might be better off with a different sort of diet- starvation.

Wait... isn't that what eating 2 bowls of "'Special' K" cereal per day like anyways?

Weight Loss Share your Diet Tips "To Live By" May 13 2009
01:47 (UTC)

I feel the need to share my few favourite mantras, as they've helped me lose 85 pounds over 3 years. They include,

-"Keep on keepin' on".

-"Weightloss is a journey- not an event".

-"You didn't get fat overnight; you're certainly not going to get skinny over night".

-"Everything in moderation... including moderation".

Whenever those self-depricating thoughts creep out from their lurking shadows or I get an intense craving I can usually conquer them, beating them back into submission by meditating over one of these lessons/ quotations/ motos etc. 




Foods Flaw in low-calorie food?? May 04 2009
14:13 (UTC)

Never confuse "low calorie"  with "healthy". These terms are not synonymous. Your instant soup is high in preservatives unless it came from the freezer, high in sodium and most likely, void of any nutrients. Instant "cup-a-soup" is not healthy. It is a convenient, snack-food treat. A healthier way to fill up on 100 calories would have been a large apple, a large portion of carrots or a yogurt.

Now, this isn't to say you shouldn't eat these soups, it's simply to remind that while it is low in calories, it certainly cannot be considered healthy.

The Lounge Men & Women's Opinions Please!!! May 01 2009
22:21 (UTC)

And thank you!

The Lounge Men & Women's Opinions Please!!! May 01 2009
22:15 (UTC)

Nope, I'm reeeaallly lazy when it comes to hair care. I don't wash it, just condition. When I get out of the shower, I use the Fructis hair goop and go. Nothin' else.

The Lounge Men & Women's Opinions Please!!! May 01 2009
20:06 (UTC)

They are natural, but they too get a "product treatment". I use Fructis Curls n' Shine when I come out of the shower. It's awesome.

Weight Loss I have not lost a pound in six weeks May 01 2009
18:16 (UTC)

Because you don't have much to lose to be a perfectly healthy weight, it's going to be difficult for you- isn't life fun (I'm assuming you're female?)! What is "slightly" active? Do you walk 30 minutes a day? Do a lot of housework? Physical job?

1800 actually sounds like it might be too many- if you're prone to underestimating how much you are eating. If you don't weight your foods, it could be entirely possible that you are consuming 2000+ calories/ day, which isn't conducive to weight loss if you aren't active. If you're really not active, I would reduce the calorie intake to 1600, with a careful diet of bulky foods since you already say you're hungry eating 1800. You may have to omit the high calorie/ low quantity foods we all love so much here on CC like peanut butter and avacodo, or at least eat them as a once in a while treat.

Without exercise, it can be extremely difficult to lose weight. Even walking during your lunch break with easily to handle lunch foods will help you if you find you truly don't have 30 minutes to exercise each day.

Weight Loss I have not lost a pound in six weeks May 01 2009
17:50 (UTC)

Well, post for us C.C.ers your stats and maybe we can help clarify if 1800  calories is right for you. If you're really hungry with 1800 calories, you may need to be eating bulkier, leafier foods that fill the tummy and don't "bankrupt your calorie budget".

The Lounge Men & Women's Opinions Please!!! May 01 2009
17:47 (UTC)

Thanks everyone- I just got back from the hair stylist. I just ended up "significantly trimming" it. If you look at my gallery, it's just a few inches shorter, but now rounded and flouncy. I wasn't too adventurous.

Again, thank you all for the input! I "favourited" a few of the curly hair sites for future reference :)

The Lounge Men & Women's Opinions Please!!! May 01 2009
14:08 (UTC)

-Eager beaver here, so.... BUMP!

Now I'm off to Curves. I hope there's a surprise waiting when I come back to this topic!

Motivation A slightly different before and after. May 01 2009
14:06 (UTC)

By the way, congrats on turning 19 at your healthiest yet! I just turned 20 (we both fall under the stubborn Taurus- of course we'll reach our goals)!

Motivation A slightly different before and after. May 01 2009
14:03 (UTC)

Lala, you won't find me around the weight gain forums because I don't post there, but I lurk in the shadows, waiting and reading. You're an inspiration to a lot of girls & boys/ men & women who use this website as a tool increase their weight and health. Good for you! I think you're an amazing person, and tremendously helpful. I'm so happy for you, and your successes. Best of luck in the future :)

Weight Loss Almost at your goal? What do you see when you look in the mirror? May 01 2009
00:43 (UTC)
While losing the weight physically certainly isn't easy, I think it's even more difficult to lose it mentally, you know?

 Oh, I know.

Truer words have not been said. I still frequently have days when I am still the "fat girl" trapped inside a "skinny girl"'s body. For our minds it's harder to lose the weight than our bodies! Go figure...

Motivation I'm wearing my skinny pants today. YIPPY! Apr 30 2009
15:33 (UTC)

Congratulations on your success! It's quite the high, no? Spread the cheer; pay it forward :)

Weight Loss I feel like a failure Apr 30 2009
15:26 (UTC)

This is why I (usually) adore this website! There is support from all angles, each corner of the globe :)

I know it won't seem very helpful to say "I know how you feel" or "We all have our days", but the reason these little sayings are so common are because they ring true for so many of us. Like mperic81 said, it's time to move on. You can't sit around waiting for motivation- it might not come! If we all waited until we wanted to go to the gym, until we wanted to put down the chocolate, very few of us would find any weightloss and health success.

Try going out for coffee with some friends, or watch a great film. Right now, I'm listening to the Backstreet boys- find a harmless guilty pleasure and indulge! I hope you feel better soon; of course you're worth it!

The Lounge From Chubby Teen to Svelt Adult... Apr 30 2009
13:08 (UTC)

I'm hoping to have a piece in everyone's inbox by 6pm, k? ;)

I think I'm going to live by Julia Child's quotation, "Everything in Moderation...including moderation" today. A little indulgence never hurt anyone!

The Lounge From Chubby Teen to Svelt Adult... Apr 29 2009
20:43 (UTC)

Thank you both! I'm still counting down the hours- 8 to go!

Foods Cottage Cheese Apr 29 2009
18:01 (UTC)

I use 1/4 cup or so on omelettes- it's lovely! Add a lot of pepper, or some fresh basil and you're in protein & healthy fats heaven.

The Lounge Summer time and the readin' is easy Apr 29 2009
01:49 (UTC)
Original Post by pavlovcat:

None of those!  Heard of a couple.  Will add a couple to my list.

What the heck is historiographic metafiction?

I swear, I didn't make this term up! Haha, it's a technique in which an author uses real history within a fictional text. They might take real events or people and incorporate them in such a way that makes their fictional text seem real. Julian Barnes does this in A History of the World in 10 1/2 Chapters, where he humourously explores the filtration and corruption of history through short story cycles. It's an EXCELLENT read!!!

The Lounge Summer time and the readin' is easy Apr 28 2009
16:41 (UTC)

I'm an English major and thsi semester I had to read a lot of novels! My favourites from the year were Atwood's Oryx and Crake, Huxley's Ape and Essence, Nabokov's Lolita and Julian Barnes' A History of the World in 10 1/2 Chapters. These novels are radically different, sci-fi/ dystopia/ criminal/ historiographic metafiction. A little something for everyone! Have you read any of them yet?