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Health & Support I'm 19 and I weigh 89 pounds. What happened? Jul 01 2010
05:43 (UTC)

I know how you feel! Well, about the skinny part. I have to have a cushion to sit, or it hurts! One time at a church camp we did a play, and I had to sit on one of my friend's tummy, and she exclaimed (rather loudly) "Wow, you have a boney butt!" ...sooo great for my self-esteem ;p

People at school always asked if I was anorexic, which of course didn't improve my self-esteem either.


Anyhoo. I have a weak heart, and my body uses extra energy just to function. I've been 80 pounds for the last 15 years, and while the doctor says I'm stable, I'd still like to be able to have a little bit of natural cushioning!


I pack things like granola bars, cookies, non-refrigerated juice boxes and any other "travel" foods to eat when I can't be home all day to keep fixing food every couple of hours (this eating 2500 calories thing is a full time job!).

A word of warning though, if you take this into places like theatres, sports events or carnivals... they don't permit outside food. Luckily I have to wear oxygen, so put my oxygen pack in a backpack and hide the food under it...that way I have a legitimate excuse to have a bag to carry in with me.

Weight Gain Alcohol Jul 01 2010
05:20 (UTC)

I would agree to add it on top of your normal count. While alcohol does have a lot of calories, unless you know exactly which drinks have what, it's kinda hard to count.


I always joke that I should just sit around watching TV all day and have beer and pretzels... seems to work for a bunch'a other people! Wink LOL

Weight Gain overwhelmed by the possiblities! Jun 30 2010
22:41 (UTC)

Mmmm, avocados are nummy! They are fattening, but I've heard it's with the good fats...same with peanut butter.
My favorite things are fruit, fish and meat... unfortunately, those are relatively low calorie foods, so I gotta add some!

Fruit = dip in yogurt. Or there's this dip I like: cream cheese (I usually use berry flavored cream cheese) and marshmallow sauce mixed together. I think it's supposed to be a dip, but I usually end up just dumping it all over the fruit salad and mixing it up until it's more like fruit casserole LOL

I dip nearly all my meat (including fish) in Ranch salad dressing. It's the only 'sauce' I like on my meat, as BBQ and A-1 just aren't very good in my opinion. But I guess as long as they add extra calories, anything is better than nothing. I also like to dip red meats into mashed potatoes! (and if there's sour cream in the potatoes, that adds even MORE calories! I usually also have shredded cheddar cheese mixed in).

Lately I've had cravings for nachos, so I microwave a bowl of salsa, LOTS of cheddar cheese (usually 3 or 4 servings), and get it all gooey. Then I add sour cream, and dip the chips in that.

I don't like peanut butter, but I do like Nutella which is basically the same thing - but flavored with chocolate!

I also don't like pizza, but my doctor says that it's rather good for you with all the vegetable and meat stuff on it... the only way I'll eat it, is if it has NO pepperoni and with alfredo sauce instead of tomato sauce.


So yeah, just eat whatever you like, for now, and forget "healthy" until you're at your goal weight. I need to be a little careful about too much fats, though, because I have heart failure and don't need to encourage a heart attack by clogging up stuff that's already weak to begin with! Wink

Weight Gain High calorie Smoothie ideas Jun 30 2010
22:25 (UTC)

banana (100 calories)

Peanut Butter (200 usually, but the free stuff I get from the food bank is only 190)

Nutella (100 calories per tablespoon - already mentioned)

berries and/or fresh fruit - sometimes if I don't have solids, I use fruit juice which is usually 100-120 calories per cup (I like Dole strawberry/orange/banana 100% juice)

yogurt (150 cals if it's the Yoplait custard/creamy... I use either vanilla, strawberry, cheesecake or other flavor that fits with whatever other flavors I have in the shake)

protein powder (I'm using Carnation Instant Breakfast because I can buy it with food stamps)

diet shake (Ensure, Boost, Fortify (it's Kroger's version, and the strawberry flavor is YUMMY even by itself)

wheat germ

chocolate syrup (Hershey's kind, but I buy generic "no name" stuff cuz it's cheaper, but basically the same nutrients)

half and half, heavy whipping cream, or other liquid dairy product (whole milk is 150 per cup, but I think cream is 150 for only a few tablespoons and leaves more room for extra ingredients)

I'm sure there's other stuff you could put in there, but that's all I can think of right now. Depending on how they're mix/matched, I can get up to 1,000 calories... of course, that usually makes 4 cups! So I just drink one cup at a time, and store the rest in the fridge. I have that as my beverage with my meals.

In the winter, when it's cold, I make hot chocolate with whole milk and Carnation Instant's only about 300 calories per mug, but nice and warm! has some recipes, I'm sure you could alter slightly for your own needs/tastes.

Weight Gain Sticky To all weight gain forum members: please read & respond that you agree before starting threads .... Jun 30 2010
21:50 (UTC)

I agree too!

I just made a post about adding calories to apple sauce, BEFORE I noticed this post. Whoopsie.

I've been gone a while ;p

Weight Gain First big breakfast Feb 02 2009
17:58 (UTC)

I have trouble with feeling full after only a little bit, too. I just finished breakfast (actually, still got half a cup of apple cider to finish), and feel like my tummy is going to explode! I had:
1 egg with a slice of chedder cheese on it (I'm lazy, I just put that in a bowl and microwave it for 1 minute)
1 slice of "Honey Wheat" Wonder bread toasted, with 1 tablespoon peanut butter and 1 tablespoon jelly
1 'cup' Yoplait yogurt
1  cup of apple cider.
The total calories was 580. If I had milk instead (which I'm out of...gotta go shopping) it'd be 650. If I could handle 2 pieces of toast, it'd then be 840.

You asked for recipes for other meals...there's a few on the thread "Support Recipes" (in bold, since it's a sticky). I only have submitted breakfast shakes, because I hate cooking and am lazy ;)
You could also probably get some ideas for combining different foods to be in one meal, from the threads "What did you eat today", and "Official high-cal foods".

Good luck!

P.S. Lala suggested taking it slow. Though I've heard that if you eat fast, your stomach doesn't have time to register the amount of food, so you can eat more before feeling it. I tried this, and it sort of works. But then I get a tummy-ache afterwards, and want to lay down. So I wouldn't suggest it unless you've got time for a nap afterward ;)

Weight Gain How many people react negatively when you tell them you're trying to gain weight? Feb 02 2009
17:33 (UTC)

I got told, a couple years ago, by a co-worker "Just wait until you're 30, then you'll start putting on the weight." Well, I've been 30 for 8 months, and I wish this theory would hurry up and be true!

The most common response to me saying I need more weight, is "Take some of mine!"...even from people who don't seem that heavy, in my opinion.

So far, nobody's really been very rude or negative...usually it's in a teasing/joking manner.

I find it hard to gain, because society is on the "thin is in" mode of thought. I have to eat 2 or 3 times as much as I really should, because everything is fat-free this, and low-carb that. For example, my favorite flavor of lunch meat comes ONLY in 'lite' rather than having one slice of meat, I gotta have 3 in order to get near 100 calories from it (it's only 30 calories a slice, and they're actually pretty thick!). My sandwich is bread 140, meat 90, Ranch salad dressing 110 and cheese 100...for a total of 440. But by the time I finish it, and milk, I'm about to explode. Favorite yogurt flavor also is lite/diet, so I always have to have a fruit and crackers or something with it. My poor tummy is only so big!

On a side note, it's actually kind of healthier to be a little 'plump'. Ever seen the renaissance paintings? None of those women are living toothpicks! Having just a bit of extra weight is good for such things as living in colder climates (I'm 80 lbs and constantly freezing, even if the room is at 70f!), helps with pregnancy and giving enough nutrient support to the baby, when you get sick you can usually lose a couple pounds just because you don't feel like eating as much (when I get sick, I always go down below 80, then it takes FOREVER to get it back). Anyway, being too fat or skinny is bad...the perfect body is not exactly slender, but has a bit of padding. At least that's how I see it.

Weight Gain Need Help Counting My Calories! Jan 26 2009
06:29 (UTC)

Oh, whoops... silly me, I thought I read "had TO drop".

I just thought of another thing... maybe you could also pack a couple little juice boxes (I like 100% juices...a bit more expensive, but healthier than high fructose junk), and have them between classes for a bit of extra calories. They don't need to be refridgerated, so will do fine in your bag.

Weight Gain Support Recipes Jan 25 2009
20:01 (UTC)

I just made another experiment. The texture is a bit gritty, but that's because I didn't blend it enough. I figured if I put the oatmeal and juice together first, I could make the oatmeal mushy... maybe I need to soak it first. Or I just looked up "oat flour", and apparently you can make rolled oats into flour by putting them in a blender alone and making them into powder.

Anyway, this tastes nummy! But there's quite a makes 4 cups. So what I'll do, is just put it in the fridge and drink 1 glass with a meal, and finish it throughout the day.


100    8 ounces      &nb sp;     juice (Dole 100% strawberry/kiwi)
480    4 ounces      &nb sp;     heavy whipping cream
150    1 'cup'           &nb sp;    Yoplait fruit yogurt (strawberry/banana)
150    1 cup           &nb sp;      oatmeal (not instant, just rolled)
50      2 tablespoons    wheat germ
100    1 whole           &nb sp;   banana
240    1 (8 oz)                Boost (vanilla)
--------------------------------------------- ---------------
1270    4 cups (32 oz)    total

Obviously, you can use different flavors of juice, yogurt, Boost/Ensure, and other real fruit. This is just what I had available this morning.

Weight Gain Need Help Counting My Calories! Jan 25 2009
19:46 (UTC)

I'm not quite sure if you're trying to lose or gain weight...

But this tip should help either way... pack a lunch, if you can! If you're allowed to bring your own food to school, that would be a great way to know just what your eating. Helps with both calories and other nutrients (even though school food is supposed to be healthy, a lot of it is still "processed junk")


Weight Gain Mantaining on a lot of calories forever?? Jan 21 2009
22:34 (UTC)

Lala is right. Once you get back to normal, most people only need 2500 or so. If you've notice on food lables, it always says "Based on a 2000 calorie diet". That's about what most people need, if they're healthy and get moderate excersize.


I'm a special case, though. The reason I can't keep much weight, is I have a defective heart, and it takes more energy to simply function than it should. Until I get a transplant, I'm gonna have to stick with extra nutrients. Lucky me *rolls eyes* LOL


Weight Gain Ways to make Ensure taste 100x better!! =D Jan 21 2009
22:21 (UTC)

Kayeanne - If I remember right, somebody in the UK said they could only get it in powder. In the USA, it's generally pre-mixed. You can get it in a can, or in a plastic re-closable bottle. A'course, when I drink it, I never close it again...I take it all in one glug! LOL


There's also Boost, which is a bit cheaper. And then as I mentioned, Wal-Mart's generic "Equate" version. That's what I get, cuz it's cheapest... $5.75 for a 6-pack of cans (I don't think Equate comes in bottles).


I tried a SlimFast meal replacer drink/shake. I was at work, and forgot to pack a lunch, so figured I'd just get something from the vending machines. Now that stuff is NASTY!!! I literally spit out the first sip, into the breakroom sink! I had the chocolate... maybe the other flavors aren't so bad, but now I don't even dare try.

Ironically, I do like the chocolate chip cookie dough meal replacement bars from SlimFast...

Weight Gain Lunch? Jan 21 2009
22:12 (UTC)

These individual suggestions are only about 200 calories each. You could just eat a couple of them together, I guess.


Unless you have problems with cholesterol, you could have a boiled egg. Might sound weird, but I actually like to put Ranch salad dressing on mine. (or I make deviled eggs, and put it in the yolk-fluff, along with mustard and pickles chopped up really tiny!)


Pretzels are good too. The low sodium kind wouldn't be too salty. For extra calories, dip them in cream cheese or cake frosting. In fact, graham crackers dipped in cream cheese frosting tastes much like cheesecake!


Cookies and milk! Or a couple of granola bars and milk. I get Quaker "dipped"...chocolate chip chewy granola bar, that's got chocolate coating, and a big glass of milk... it's about 550 calories if you have 2 bars and 1 cup whole milk.


This also sounds weird, but my friend likes Pringles dipped in cottage cheese. Though that might be too salty. I tried tortilla chips with cottage cheese, and that was okay too. Or just wheat crackers (bit of extra protein, too) with cottage cheese.


Fruit dipped in yogurt. I like the store-bought caramel dip for apples. And my mother-in-law made this stuff... equal parts marshmallow cream and berry flavored cream cheese, mix it all together. You can either dip cut up fresh fruit in it, or (because I'm lazy) I like to dump the canned fruit cocktail in it and make a fruit salad kind of thing.


And of course you can make shakes to drink. I just put a couple recipes up on "Support Recipes" thread (page 2). Those are 500-1000 calories.

Weight Gain Support Recipes Jan 21 2009
21:48 (UTC)

Well, I suppose this is where I put my creations! LOL

I love salad, but it's always deemed as a "typical"/weight LOSS dieting thing. So here's what I do. Lettuce - but get the green or red leaf, or romaine...they have more nutrients than ice-burg (in fact, I heard ice burg isn't even really good for you, cuz it's "solid green water"!)  Then I put any (usually all) of the following... shredded cheese (either chedder or parmesan, or both!), sliced meat (usually too lazy to grill chicken, so I just cut lunch meat into strips), a diced boiled egg, mandarian oranges, bacon bits, sunflower seeds, and extra dressing. Obviously crutons or bread cubes are good, but I don't like things that are really crunchy. With everything put in it, can be up to 500 calories... just for a salad!

Just made this (still working on drinking it, actually)'s about 1080 calories, for a big cup. Kinda tastes like liquid Reeses
4 tablespoons peanut butter (400)
4 tablespoons chocolate syrup (200)
1/4 cup heavy whipping cream (240)
1 can vanilla Boost/Ensure Plus (240)

Haven't tried these ones yet, but I imagine they'd be pretty good. The "Reeses" one was made up, and it was okay (if you like Reeses, which I kinda don't...but oh well)

Strawberry Banana = 450 - 900 (depending on ingredients included)
4 tablespoons strawberry jam (100)
1 banana (100)
1 can vanilla (or strawberry) Boost/Ensure Plus (250)
4 tablespoons wheat germ (100)
1/2 cup ice cream (vanilla, strawberry, pralines, or whatever you like) (150)
Plus, you could add 4 tablespoons chocolate syrup, and I bet it'd taste pretty much like a banana split!

Banana Nut - up to 1000, depending on which ingredients are included
4 tablespoons peanut butter (400)
1 banana (100)
1 can vanilla Boost/Ensure Plus (250)
4 tablespoons wheat germ (100)
1/2 cup ice cream (150)

Weight Gain Ways to make Ensure taste 100x better!! =D Jan 17 2009
01:28 (UTC)

I suppose I'm the odd one... I love Ensure. Boost is a bit too rich for me, so I dilute it with a bit of milk. And the Wal-Mart "Equate" stuff is bland, but not too bad overall.



Ensure's website has a bunch of recipes. Some for drinks, some for solid food! The only one I think is a bit too weird, is "Vanilla Soda"... Vanilla Ensure and club soda together? I just might get curious enough to try it some time.


Weight Gain Cheap supplements Dec 21 2008
18:15 (UTC)

I have to eat with my Ensure/Boost/whatever, because they make me nauseous if I take them on an empty stomach.


Anyhoo! After finishing breakfast, I have 970 calories so far. I guestimated something wrong, before, for the 800 figure... but hey, better end up being over than under!

I got this nifty diet program on my PDA/Palm Pilot to track stuff. Does exercise too, but I never use that. I have to put in "maintain weight" and "very active", though, because it's for a stereotypical diet of losing weight, and even then it only goes up to a suggestion of 1960 calories. I just have my goal of always going into the red zone! LOL

Of course it also does stuff like fat, cholesterol, sodium, protein, etc. Which is good, because I need to watch those things for my bad heart anyway.


I try to do at least 500 calories for every meal (and yes, I do the BSLSDS, plus usually a little (200-350 cals) snack in the middle of the night.


Okay, I think we can kill this topic if needed. I just needed a bit of encouragement about what else to do for cramming in extra stuff.

Thankies, ever'body!  :)

Weight Gain Cheap supplements Dec 21 2008
17:00 (UTC)

Oh, I love Ensure! That's the problem...I want to drink it! LOL Boost is too rich, I usually have to add a bit of milk to dilute it. Equate isn't so grand, but probably because it's generic, but I'll still drink it (except for Strawberry...tastes like blood >_< )


I keep getting told about shakes...guess I'll just have to finally go with that. Though I'd rather wait a bit, since it's winter (been blizzarding for a week now!), and I hate being cold.

I heat up the chocolate drinks (gonna have some Carnation instant breakfast in a few minutes) like hot cocoa, and that's both nutrition and warms me up!


Anyhoo, off to make French Toast now. I'm not really in the mood for maple syrup...I'm going to try and add a bit of water to fruit jelly to make fruit syrup. I hope it works out okay!


My calorie goal is at least 3,000... I may be sedentry, but need the extra because of my clunky heart taking more energy than normal. I figure breakfast today will be about 500, which is good...I've only been getting about 300 each meal the last few days (been keeping track!). I had 300 earlier, at 3 A.M. when I got up for a potty break LOL yogurt and juice. 800 so far today!


Thanks for reminding me about shakes!

Weight Gain Cheap supplements Dec 21 2008
04:30 (UTC)

Yeah, the tubs are about $25 each, and I need 4 a month to meet my requirement the doctor wants. (I mix it with whole-fat milk, too! Water both isn't extra calories, and kinda tastes icky!)

I find it odd that the government won't pay $100 a month to let me keep my heart strong and extend my natural lifespan, but they'll pay $75,000 (or more) for a transplant when my heart konks out from not being able to take care of it properly in the first place. That makes a lot of sense...NOT! 


The doctor said I probably don't really need to worry about my weight, if I've been so small all along. But as I said, I would like some "reserves" for when I get sick and loose some. Guess I shouldn't be too desperate, just a personal goal I'd like to do.