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Motivation Get back out there! Jan 13 2015
14:52 (UTC)

Holy crap, that DEFINITELY spoke to me! I was overweight most of my life, then lost it all and maintained for awhile. In the last 2 years, I've gained 40lbs...ok, maybe 50lbs. 

Let's do this! :)

Motivation Hit my target today! Jul 23 2013
19:20 (UTC)

Click on our username and it'll take you to our home page. Then you click 'support' next to our username. I'll do that to you!

Motivation how can I get supporters? Jul 23 2013
19:20 (UTC)

So any ideas for a challenge?

We could do a calorie intake one, a working out days per week one.....


The last group that I did this w/, we all set our own goals since everyone was at different levels.

Motivation searching motivation Jul 23 2013
19:15 (UTC)

Yea, I like both of those ideas!

I used to have a picture of me that I HATED on the fridge. It was my 'ah ha' moment picture. I should put it back up!

Motivation Hit my target today! Jul 19 2013
13:34 (UTC)

Your welcome :)


Hopefully in a few months I can post the same thing! lol

Motivation how can I get supporters? Jul 19 2013
13:32 (UTC)

5feet: When you 'support' someone, you become their friend....basically like on FB. So when you post journals, you show up on their friends journal feed, and vise versa.
When I am being good, I journal a lot and will post what I have eaten and my workouts.

Kat, see? lol It's hard not to do good things or stay away from bad things when you read about everyone else! hehe

It helps me because if I know I am going to post my food and whether or not I worked out it sort of stays in the back of my head and I am more likely to do well!

Motivation searching motivation Jul 18 2013
19:11 (UTC)

Yea I need help with accountability too! It's easier to let myself down than to say on here that I haven't been doing diddly squat! lol

Motivation how can I get supporters? Jul 18 2013
19:04 (UTC)

When I lost a lot of weight this site really helped by friending people and doing small challenges! Sometimes just reading other people's journals and hearing how good they are doing or supporting them makes it easier for me.


That's why I'm trolling the motivation threads today. I need to get motivated!

Want to do a challenge? Most of the people I used to do challenges with aren't really on here anymore. We used to do things like committing to making it to the gym x days a week, or keeping cals at a certain point x days a week. It wasn't really competitive, more to help keep each other accountable.

Motivation Hit my target today! Jul 18 2013
19:01 (UTC)

Congrats! Keep it up and don't do what I did and get lazy and gain 20 back.


Motivation help me Jul 18 2013
19:00 (UTC)

I'm with you! Lately I get 1 or 2 days in a row at the gym and eating well, and then BAM. Back to doing NOTHING! It's very frustrating that I cannot keep my motivation up.


The sad thing is, I was at my goal weight a year ago, and have gained 20ish lbs back since. I lost over 40lbs, and let everything go.

We just have to keep remembering WHY we are trying and do our best every day. lol like not having McD's for breakfast like I did today! :)

The Lounge Things partners do when they are together... May 04 2012
13:00 (UTC)

Take walks, go on hikes. Try new activities in your a climbing wall or something like that!

You can always volunteer together, like Habitat for Humanity or soup kitchens!

You can join a coed softball league or something like that!

The Lounge Do you think fighting in a relationship is healthy? May 04 2012
12:58 (UTC)

I think it depends on the people and how they deal with things! In relationships, there is no right or wrong, and it will never be the same from one relationship to the next.

As long as any issues are worked out and you are both happy, then there is no reason to be fighting!

The Lounge Has anyone used CLA? May 03 2012
17:29 (UTC)

Yea CLA is too expensive for no great benefit. lol Eating right and exercise is the key!

The Lounge Music Peeps!!! Girl 1 Hit Wonders Jul 13 2011
20:06 (UTC)

Yea I've got tatu.....haven't heard of the veronicas!

The Lounge I'm about to LOOSE my mind over here! Jul 07 2011
17:52 (UTC)

lol I ALMOST started a thread on this; and saw yours. It's somehow becoming a pet peeve of mine!

Weight Loss Concerns over calorie intake Jun 22 2011
20:44 (UTC)

I wouldn't go down to 1200! It's hard to find the right balance of how much of a deficit to have, but you don't want too big of a deficit.

750 is good, just remember once you get closer to maintenance weight, you'll have to have less and less of a deficit.

But congrats! 7lbs is great !

The Lounge resentments Jun 22 2011
20:39 (UTC)

Hmm...I've been cheated on, I've been backstabbed. I've been cheated on while being backstabbed by a friend (long story). I have stayed friends with just about everyone.


That's not to say I've not held resentment, but life's too short. We all make mistakes.

However, I am no longer friends with any of those people, nor with the cheater. Although I was able to stay friends and forgive, it's impossible to forget. Which is fine, however sometimes people don't learn from their mistakes and dont become better people because of it.

At the end of the day I want to surround myself with people who I can trust, so that having to hold resentment against someone who 'wronged' me isn't even an issue!


Motivation Its official... Jun 07 2011
13:22 (UTC)

Great job!

You are right, mini goals are easier (and nicer to check off when you pass them!)

Weight Loss P90x diet Apr 22 2011
15:47 (UTC)

You do get cheat days or meals right? Just try to plan around that. If you go out, have the meal but then that's it for the week!

Weight Loss Protein powders... Apr 22 2011
15:44 (UTC)

One of the cheapest is Body Fortress at WalMart. Taste is so-so as far as powders go. That's about 100 cals for 26gs of protein. I've tried EAS, Jillian Michaels, and Optimal Nutrition....they are all about the same!