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Health & Support Need support Aug 15 2016
14:56 (UTC)

Oh true. I mean look at a BMI of 11 and discharged after only 1 week in hospital. They said..ok, you can go home and do this on your own now."  WTF??  An is still seen by some as "vanity" or just wanting to be thin---it's so crazy. The general public and many medical professionals need to be educated all about the real causes of EDs!

Health & Support inpatient meal plan Aug 15 2016
14:53 (UTC)

You wouldn't be in an ip unit if there was nothing wrong with your weight. At BMI of 11 i sometimes think there's nothing wrong with my weight too!  And before, when i was eating only 1,200 cals a day and dividing that up among 3 so called "normal" meals i thought that there was nothing wrong with that either--don't let your mind screw you around. Listen to what your team says and give ip a chance--you will feel so much better.  

Health & Support inpatient meal plan Aug 14 2016
14:48 (UTC)

Yes it's quite low. You need a minimum of 2,500 cals per day to gain so they should be bumping you up. You will need even more if you are active at all (not completely sedentary) and if you are under 25.  

Health & Support Migraines with refeeding? Aug 14 2016
14:45 (UTC)

Thanks Tigermoth---and hugs right back at you.  I know we can BOTH do this--recovery is tough but there's strength in numbers.  

Health & Support Need support Aug 13 2016
16:05 (UTC)

MrsWilsonscat, thank you for that lovely post. I truly believe it is never too late...i've started the weight restoration process and im determined to stick it out!  I'm lucky to have a great dr that is encouraging me --one who respects me and collaborates ...he's amazing!  

Health & Support Migraines with refeeding? Aug 13 2016
15:47 (UTC)

Thanks..hugs happily accepted.  I need them..and the encouragement. I started the refeeding process very eagerly and asked to be admitted myself--it was 100% voluntary.  Since getting out of hospital i've slid back a bit---but i'm trying to get back on track asap. Do  you know if there are any ramifications with relapsing for a few days?  

Health & Support Migraines with refeeding? Aug 13 2016
15:11 (UTC)

Don't panic lovies i am being closely monitored. The headaches have gone now...and i see my doc this Tuesday for follow up.  I'm doing well.  

Health & Support Migraines with refeeding? Aug 13 2016
03:11 (UTC)

Yes i thought i got out a bit too early too. But we don't have an ED unit where i live so i was just on a general medical ward.  My dr who doesn't have a lot of experience, well any really with ED patients thought i would be ok if i was monitored while being at home.  I get labs done 2x per week--more often if i increase my cals more.  

My ankle is really i guess that is water weight?  Also my belly feels a bit that normal in the early stages?  



Health & Support Need support Aug 12 2016
21:56 (UTC)

congrats orlaith--that is so great and  your attitude is super--keep fighting.  I gained 3 in the last 3 weeks..hard at first, but i know i need it!  We all do!!!!

Health & Support Need support Aug 11 2016
15:01 (UTC)

YES i so agree--try your hardest to move to a stage that will help get your metabolism revved up. And i found this a great read...and a good motivator.  We can go this Orlaith.  IT's been too long for both of us.  You only get one life---let's quit wasting ours by letting this disorder rob us of the best years of our lives. 

https://beatingeatingdisorderspage.wordpress. com/2016/08/10/dealing-with-weight-gain/

Weight Gain Increasing calories? Recovery Minnie Maud Aug 10 2016
17:30 (UTC)

You are bloated probably because you're somewhat constipated...that's very common with low intakes.  I would probably go to 1,700 then do that for a few days and then go to 2,000 and then increase. It is what my team had me do.  

Health & Support Need support Aug 10 2016
17:26 (UTC)

Orlaith i remember you and know that we have both fought this for a long time. I recently went ip for a week and it was the best thing i have ever done.   1850 is's still too low and not really enough for the average moderately active woman.  For someone who needs to weight restore you should be shooting for 2,500.  I know how hard it is though..the ED fights you every step of the way.  I am finding adding a nutritious drink several times a day helps. I use a product called N8ked.  IT's awesome.  It's a whey protein shake with a few other things added to it...check it out online and maybe it will help you too.  Stay's never too late to recover!  

Health & Support inpatient meal plan Aug 10 2016
17:21 (UTC)

They will start you off slowly to avoid refeeding syndrome. You will probably need a lot more than  this to gain and keep gaining.  It looks very reasonable and moderate to me..not a lot of food at all really. Stay strong and keep going--you will begin to feel a lot better soon--your heart rate will go up and your metabolism will shift into high gear and you'll get more energy.  Recovery is worth the initial difficulties! 

Weight Gain obsessing over sugar :/ Jul 30 2016
03:52 (UTC)

HI All

I  just got out of one week on a medical ward--that was all the dr. here would give me--he suggested i weight restore at home whilst being closely monitored.  I find i have the same problem--i over analyze every food item and worry about too much sugar.  One thing i did find was a drink called Orgain--it's similar to Ensure but is all natural..made from grass fed whey protein and it contains coconut palm sugar in fairly moderate amounts. There is also a protein powder you can buy that has about 320 cals per scoop and if you mix it with whole milk--well it has more cals than Ensure. So you could try that..i think it's called N8kd.  But don't quote me!  

Health & Support IBS problems Oct 12 2015
15:09 (UTC)

Have you talked to your dr. about something like Linzess (in Canada it is called Constella) it is a new medication for people with constipation dominant IBS.  I hear it is quite helpful.  

Health & Support Can't believe i am posting, but... (ED related) Sep 30 2015
17:01 (UTC)

krayola i am sorry to hear you relapsed, but good that you are nipping it in the bud. I think your over analysis of everything is just that..over analysis. It's ED thinking...not you. He wants to "control" intake and worry about BMI's and what not.  I think you KNOW how many cals to get--2,500.  That is what it will take to shut the beast up. You are active no--running etc?  You probably even need more.   And 7 pounds is NOT a lot in 38 days..not at all.  I think you need to see the dietitian and counselor pronto and follow their advice.  Also google Chris Sandel and listen to some of his podcasts...they will help.  Wishing you the best...

Health & Support Yes, I'm back on the roller coaster, stuck AGAIN (TW) Sep 29 2015
15:23 (UTC)



I can relate to this as i am older and have been off an on this site for a while. But here's something to consider--i too "semi-recovered" and maintained that semi reasonable weight for a while. BUT then the tsunami hit--both my parents died and my relationship broke up--presto a BIG relapse. I'm now in my 50's and emaciated with a ridiculously low BMI.  A year and a half ago another tsunami--the worst--i was badly burnt in an accident and almost lost my life. The AN and the fire left me with a neuropathy in both my lower limbs. IT may or may not get better-- much depends on my gaining weight i suppose...but even then they can't guarantee anything. SO i guess what im trying to say is that when yoiu stay semi-recovered you're always at danger of relapse.  The only way out of this is to weight restore to a normal weight. THAT does seem impossible doesn't it?  Yet i know many people who HAVE done it.  The fear is mind boggling--but the only way through is to face it and do it anyway as the saying goes.  I read this post this morning by this superb British nutritionist Chris Sandel. I highly recommend his work--listen to his various podcasts..they are brilliant. Here's a link to what i read this morning... ut-weight/


Also i can provide links to his podcasts if you like.  We should form an "oldies" group haha and support one another.  Strength in numbers sort of thing. This is tough...for sure.  

Health & Support Am I anorexic? Sep 15 2015
16:34 (UTC)

Yes you ARE anorexic. There is no calorie number that magically depicts anorexia--if you eat below your calorie needs consistently then you ARE anorexic.   And guess BMI is TW..very very low...its just below 12 and i eat 1200 cals every day and never go below it ever...nor did i ever go below that amount. Yet i am dangerously thin...the weight came off gradually at yours is doing so now..but keep it up and you will end up very sick.  Thankfully i am getting help and am turning things around--i pray you too can reach out and get the help you need.