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Health & Support How long does the threat of refeeding syndrome last? Nov 25 2016
22:23 (UTC)

Yes i get my blood work done 2-3x per week, so am being monitored. I'm just wondering about the time long the possibility of it lasts. 

Weight Gain Weight gainers what did you eat today? Nov 23 2016
16:21 (UTC)

Almost there Amy_beth!

Health & Support hate this faint feeling:( Nov 22 2016
17:31 (UTC)

Well said tigermoth--I think you and i could write a bloody book. It is hard reading the excuses/denial of younger sufferers when we KNOW how this disorder can endure and fester, ruining lives.  

Weight Gain Weight gainers what did you eat today? Nov 22 2016
17:23 (UTC)

What has happened to this thread--where is everyone?   I found it very helpful..very inspirational--shame to see it die off.   

Weight Gain Over 30s People? Nov 17 2016
16:27 (UTC)

Hey Houself...are you on Your Eatopia?  You might find that site helpful least some of her blog posts on these subjects (like experiencing intense hunger in recovery--totally normal and expected by the way)  The ideal in recovery is to yes, just let yourself respond to your increased hunger.  OF course you will automatically this ever going to stop?  But rest assured it will.  Right now the thing is to follow those hunger cues and let your body repair itself. Not just your body actually--but also your brain..your mind.  

I too struggle with "permission to eat".  That is why i continue to contemplate going ip again for a bit.  OR alternatively, going to stay at my brother's house for a while. It is just nice to hand over the reigns so to speak to someone else for a bit---until the habit of eating more becomes more "set"--less frightening. Is that something you could do?  Is there anyone in your life who could act as that sort of support..someone to just NEED to do this?  

Weight Gain Over 30s People? Nov 11 2016
16:30 (UTC)

I've read that during initial stages of weight restoration it is normal for hair to fall out. Also to appear as you're describing things.  It has to do with rapid cell turn over apparently. I wouldn't worry---it means you're doing the right thing and repairs are taking place! :-)  It's all good!  

Weight Gain Over 30s People? Nov 06 2016
15:52 (UTC)

Are you experiencing any edema houself? This can cause pain.  My ankles swelled up when i got home from ip---also i got migraines. That's sort of what made me relapse--but i should have just realized these were inevitable side effects and indeed signs of "repair" taking place.  I think a lot of things can happen during recovery. Have you read any of the blog posts around this on the youreatopia website?  

On another note--how are you finding doing this recovery with your brother as an adult--it's sort of a like FB therapy for adults isn't it?  Do you find it better than ip?  I remain uncertain as to which one to choose--though i do think at home recovery is maybe more lasting???  

Weight Gain Over 30s People? Nov 05 2016
15:41 (UTC)

I do freelance writing from home. I have two regular health columns i write for magazines and also a regular blog post for one of the mag's websites. Other than my weight i can't really BMI is below 12.  

Weight Gain Weight gainers what did you eat today? Nov 03 2016
15:35 (UTC)

Aw, gosh need to go on account of this.  We're simply straightening things out--it's part of life.  I welcome reading your posts. If you feel it's what you have to do so be it..but i'd hate to see you go.  In order for this thread to have merit and to continue to be the inspiring thread so many of us find it to be---well people have to post right?  So i hope folks will keep the faith and keep on posting.  I support every single soul on this site...i support every single soul attempting recovery--it's a brave and noble fight and often a lonely one--we all need to support each other and keep battling the stupid foe ED is.  

Weight Gain Weight gainers what did you eat today? Nov 02 2016
21:33 (UTC)

Recoverplease you have misconstrued my post. I agree that we are all individuals, and that each person, in tandem with their treatment team, should decide what is best for them.  I did not set the rule that this thread is for those eating a minimum of 2,500.  Someone else did.  

So, given that this rule is stated and that it is tough for most to get to that amount, I just think that maybe that rule is best honored, so that people like Kycb don't feel triggered by reading meal plans of folks eating much less. There's tons of other threads where people can go and get support on this site. They needn't be ostracized or made to feel they aren't doing recovery "right"--i don't think anyone is saying that at all. They're just saying...don't post on THIS particular thread.  I don't post here for that very reason. For me the salient thing is that people are eating enough to initiate weight gain--weight restoration--whatever calorie amount that requires--and it will be different for everyone.  And this amount itself will fluctuate during the process.

If we want to be more inclusive with this posting meal plan idea then perhaps another thread should be started that allows for meal plans with a lower total calorie amount.  I don't know. I just think ya'll misconstrued little old me.  Let's stop the blame game and make this a truly supportive site...i think THAT would be awesome!  



Weight Gain Over 30s People? Nov 02 2016
15:41 (UTC)

Oh kiwi i can relate. I did well the first few weeks out of ip--but then yes, real life takes over. I have flirted with going back in---but i keep asking myself if it's worth it, as i think doing it in a "real life setting has a more lasting impact.  I've thought of going to stay with a family member to keep me accountable. Have you thought of taking that route?  

I do worry about the refeeding syndrome --the dr. has me paranoid about it--but i think if one is careful this can be avoided.  

Weight Gain Weight gainers what did you eat today? Nov 02 2016
15:37 (UTC)

Plentiful_life, while i agree with you about comparisons i do have to say that there IS a very valid reason to make consuming a minimum of 2,500 calories a requirement for posting in this thread.  That number is backed by decades of solid research--study after study has shown that the REAL recovery of which you speak does not truly take place until someone hits that calorie mark. To fully repair both body AND mind, we need those calories.  We've done a lot of damage.  Compelling research shows the brain (and the body)  doesn't fully heal when one flirts with quasi recovery.  Sure it's great that someone may be eating 1,500 after restricting to lower amounts---BUT 1,500 is still starvation.  People need to be pushed be encouraged to get to where they NEED to where they MUST go if they ever hope to beat this disorder.  And no one should post in this thread unless they are at 2,500 because if they do...well it's an insult of sorts to those brave enough and resolute enough to eat proper recovery amounts.  

Those who aren't consuming that can always come up with reasons not to--they can always coat these reasons in positive speak--however, they are just kidding themselves.  Let's applaud those eating recovery amounts and honor their perseverance and determination by respecting the rules of this thread.  


Weight Gain Weight gainers what did you eat today? Nov 01 2016
14:41 (UTC)

Kycb I understand your concerns but i would ask--how can you be SURE some posts don't meet the 2,500 cal mark?  I am a nutritionist and yes there are one or two people whose meal plans i have questioned---BUT  because they do not stipulate amounts (ie. they write "cereal" and don't say whether it's 1 cup, 11/2 cups, 2 cups or whatever) there is NO way i can be absolutely sure they aren't hitting the 2,500 cal mark.  

I think your suspicions are hallmarks of your ED in some ways---we are all like that.  We compare ourselves to others and then feel guilty about what we are eating.  But that's the ED side of our nature and for me i have found it's best to fight this.  Comparing ourselves to others..whether it's concerning eating, how we dress, how tall we are, our hair..etc etc is the road to misery.  

I, for one, really welcomed your posts--you were always positive about recovery and very rational about it.  And i know you were coming from a very low BMI like me and i found that hopeful and refreshing.  You have to do what is right for you---but i know i would welcome seeing your contributions!  Either way good luck---and pm me anytime if you want to vent or anything.  




Weight Gain Weight gainers what did you eat today? Oct 23 2016
15:49 (UTC)

Houseelf please end my curiosity (teehee)--what is "topper"???????????  

Health & Support Anorexia and GERD Oct 23 2016
15:27 (UTC)

Thanks houseelf--yikes did i post this previously? I'd forgotten..sorry about that. Can i ask if the med you were prescribed initially was a Proton Pump Inhibitor?  (like nexium, tecta, prilosec etc) ?   My dr. said i could try a H2 blocker at first..something like Zantac to see if that helped as these have less side effects etc. and they don't tend to develop a dependency.  I KNOW it is ED related....and it's only gotten worse since my weight dropped to this crappy level, so ironically yes, eating and gaining and healing my digestive system is the way to go..i realize that.  I am being monitored whilst refeeding btw and am back on track to almost being at 2, 500 again.  

Weight Gain Weight gainers what did you eat today? Oct 22 2016
21:21 (UTC)

HI Blossomingberry, as a nutritionist i would say you could tweak your meal plan a bit to make it more balanced.   Currently you are eating a lot of fruit. I think your morning snack could be improved by having just one fruit and combining this with a decent serving of nuts and seeds. You need a bit more protein so you could include some protein rich seeds like pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds/hemp seeds.  In addition you could also whip up a plant based protein shake.  (there are some great vegan protein powders out now)  

Also your lunch could do with a bit of maybe having a generous serving of nut butter or  hummous on 2 ciabatta would be a good idea. (with the soup and bar)  

Same sort of thing applies to your afternoon snack.  Instead of the 4 bowls of Special K and all that fruit maybe some nut butter on Wasa with a soy milk smoothie or some avocado and dairy free cheese on toast.  Or the toast with a vegan protein bar.  

Your dinner and night snack seem fine.  

Good luck to you and well done for embracing recovery.  


Weight Gain Weight gainers what did you eat today? Oct 18 2016
16:10 (UTC)

Aw bless you houself--i'm sending you a cyber hug and big thumbs up.  I think what we all need to focus on, and remind ourselves and each other of, is ---we aren't gaining weight per se--we are RESTORING weight we never should have lost in the first place. We're restoring health---it's a whole different kettle of fish.  

Weight Gain Anorexia Recovery-Experiences-Calories?? Oct 18 2016
16:06 (UTC)

1,200 isn't merely not enough to's not enough to sustain life. I 2nd what tigermoth just do face the fear and do it anyway. AND you tell yourself you're not gaining weight...your simply RESTORING the weight you never should have lost in the first place!  What you're gaining is HEALTH! 

Weight Gain Weight gainers what did you eat today? Oct 17 2016
15:25 (UTC)


I know this thread is not meant to be "chatty" but after reading kycb's post i felt the need to share this, as i think her sentiment is something we may have all felt at some point or another.  

Kycb i used to think the same thing, whether it was reading this thread or reading the Your Eatopia posts. I thought people were lying, falsifying their meal plans--i thought there's no way they are eating as much as they say they are. I would read about some women on YE eating 4000+ cals per day and think "yeah pull the other one".  I thought they were all doing this so they would encourage others to eat and gain and sit back in their emaciated glory laughing. Conversely,  I'd also look at some people's meal plans and realize how restricted their diets still were--they were still focused solely on "clean foods" and on and on and the comparison game would just spin round in my head and sabotage my own recovery.  

The thing is, i think not being able to trust others, and worrying about what others are doing, thinking, etc is a very ED thing--it's ED driven. It serves ED's purpose.  BUT i think it's a natural part of recovery we just have to work ourselves out of.  There's  a great post Chris Sandel put on his website today you guys should all is marvelous and addresses this very issue. ned-audience/


As i said..i felt exactly as you --and then i realized that i had to go beyond this feeling--that my recovery was just that...MINE and if people wanted to come on here or YE and lie, well then in the end they were only truly hurting themselves--doing themselves a great disservice. And what's more..that in the long run, they would be the sad sorry ones, still stuck in the shriveled hell hole that is anorexia--with their health deteriorating constantly until they could no longer exercise at all or even enjoy food. So...i pitied them.  

So..i get where you are coming from---but i encourage you to keep going...and if posting on here helps you stay accountable and feel part of a community---then dang it keep on doing it. I hope to be joining ya'll real soon! 

Weight Gain Weight gainers what did you eat today? Oct 04 2016
14:59 (UTC)

Recoverplease i make this hot drink that is a blend of almond milk, medjool dates, maple syrup and cinnamon with some protein powder --you mix all in a blender (soak the dates first to make them soft--i do that in the morning) and then put it in a saucepan --heat it up and sprinkle with cinnamon!  Oh dang i forgot..i also add a big spoonful of tahini to the blender mix too (you could use almond butter or pb too)  It's really good. Make sure you add lots of maple syrup or honey!!!