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Weight Loss Constipation Aug 16 2011
12:06 (UTC)


Since I switched to a raw vegan diet I have had no trouble with constipation.  It does wonders to detox you in the first few weeks and you lose tons of plaque that has been clogging up your intestines for years. This means that your body can absorb nutrients fully and you feel more alive.  Try out one of my Smoothie recipes on my website, that should get things moving :)


Vegetarian Healthy entertaining with a vegan flair Aug 12 2011
14:32 (UTC)

I have some raw vegan recipes on my site

Foods Help keeping sodium levels down Aug 02 2011
13:49 (UTC)


I had Menieres disease which resulted in constant dizziness, making me completely disabled.  I was told to reduce salt in my diet from 6g to 2g a day but this was impossible with processed foods, bread, cheese etc and so I embraced a raw vegan regime where I eat tons of healthy food all the time, don't have to bother with cooking and washing up greasy pans and I have got rid of my Menieres disease along with arthritis, carpal tunnel and spondylosis which I was told were incurable!  I also lost 64lbs in weight over 5 months and have kept it off for over a year.  Lots of info on my website and you can download my free ebook which tells of my transition to raw foods


Recipes Sticky Favorite cookbooks and recipe sites Jul 26 2011
17:50 (UTC)

You can find some great raw vegan recipes here