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The Lounge If....then.... Nov 24 2011
01:03 (UTC)

I love this thread Laughing!


You are not allergic to the words "Please" and "Thank you". So before you snatch your groccerries off of my counter, after I have so kindly packed them for you... Then would you please, remember to have some manners and be polite. Instead of grunting mindlessly and shuffling out of the shop. I know it's not the best place to be after you've worked an eight hour shift, but I have to make some money too - and i'd like it to be a little more pleasant than a lot of you make it for me. I always say it to you. Oh, and saying "ta". does not count, it's merely lazy.

Motivation Why don't I feel good? Nov 20 2011
21:42 (UTC)

Double post!

Motivation Why don't I feel good? Nov 20 2011
21:41 (UTC)

Thank you for you kind reply. It's just what I needed to hear!

This isn't on a weight loss forum though, it's a beauty site that has a casual chat forum and this is where she posted. She isn't actually disgnosed with an ED, nor are the rest of the girls that replied - as far as I know. So why all the encouragement to "Get to spin classes" etc? This constant competition between women to lose weight... They think it's normal. I find it disturbing. And to think i'm one of the heavier ones. Makes me shudder. Ofcourse I know i'm not 'fat' and certainly not overweight, but the whole topic put me in a panic, thinking "If she's 109lbs - and they think she's fat... then what am I?!" It really does set you back. It's frustrating. It seems like more and more girls think it's okay to be that thin.

The Lounge Christmas is coming... HELP! Dec 19 2008
04:44 (UTC)

Thanks for the suggestions everyone!

I've bought her gift now and I can't believe that I never thought of it before.
My sister loves music and she's much mlore into music than alot of her friends. She listens to it alot so I thought i'd invest in a metalic pink ipod shuffle. It was only £32, which I think is good for the ipod make. If anyone has one im sure they'll agree that theyre easy enough for a 'tween' to use. You just turn the thing on and it shuffles through your music - no dodgey button pressing involved!

For stocking fillers I got her the nightmare beforem christmas dvd which I'm sure she'll love as she has never saw it and is a great fan of both holidays lol.

I don't know if any americans have heard of the British author Jaquliene Wilson? She's one of the best childrens writers here and has lots of book awards. Well Claire, my sis, wants to be an author when she grows up and loves writing little stories. Well the book i've got her is Wilsons autobiography, the story of her childhood and how she became one herself. It has been wrote simply and has lots of pictures, so I'm sure she'll enjoy reading it as that's another one of her past times.

I'm crossing my fingers she'll be happy on Christmas morning! :)

The Lounge Christmas is coming... HELP! Dec 01 2008
10:27 (UTC)

I realise that what I bought her last year was a little old. Alot of her friends are into clothes etc, but I guess Claire is more interested in having fun outdoors and getting mucky lol.

She already got alot of high school musical merchandise last year, and has basically everything hanah montana! However, doesnt really seem to be as excited about all of that recently.

Last year my mum bought the whole family tickets to go and see a pantomime.. whcih thanks to my ED stopped me from going - and she was really upset. And I was also devastated as acting is a passion of mine. To go and see a show with her would have been great..

I don't know if my mums got the tickets in this year and is just leaving it a surprise... so im afraid to go ahead and buy them!

Motivation AMAZING weekend! Nov 19 2008
13:08 (UTC)

Exactly compound! I was like, no Ana YOURE not going - IM GOING.

Lalabanana.. I know what you mean by lighter options, and I suppose relative to the menu, it was. But I havn't eaten a steak in a VERY long time. Anyway, I don't think that many people on this forum would chow down on a man-sized lasagne oozing with sauce and heaving with cheese lol.. It might have been light in comparision but the calories were hiting the right number, and im thrilled with that :)

Health & Support Stupid irrational fear foods Nov 19 2008
08:19 (UTC)

This is my biggest overall problem!!
I have been eating the same foods everyday for almost a year.
I am scared of a wide rang of - most - foods.
The majority of my diet consists of baked potatoes with tuna, wholegrain toast, salads, cereal and lowfat yoghurts. Being a Brit, I can face drinking tea with milk and two sugars. Which is strange because if anyone offers me sugar in or on anything else i'd think of them as insane?

We really should start a group where we challenge ourselves to try and introduce a new food every week and report how we coped up on CC etc,.. :)


Weight Gain Gaining weigh-ins!! Nov 19 2008
08:08 (UTC)


Last weight - 49KG, 107lbs. BMI 19 according to my psycologist, 18.4 according to CC?

Goal - DONT HAVE ONE! Any ideas where I should aim guys? :)

Weight Gain do you WANT to recover? Oct 19 2008
21:38 (UTC)
It's not a question of WANTING TO, it's NEEDING TO. We have all realised, that the truth is, the painful weight we felt was desireable - is not, and is also not maintainable. We NEED to recover in order to get on with our lives. If we do not - we simply die. If you want to live, you have no choice. That's the way I viewed my recovery. There have been alot of of times when I would not have cared if I did die... But I then realised, that infact my eating disorder MADE me feel this way. Starving wasnt going to PREVENT it the way I felt about myself, starving was creating it. It was stopping me from being a normal, healthy girl. And If I wanted to be happy, I HAD to recover - no other choice.
The Lounge Average bra size? Oct 12 2008
20:50 (UTC)

Fashion modles (in Britian) are extreamely flat chested and usually a size 0.
"Page 3" modles (boobie modles in dirty magazines LOL) are probably a 32D?
But it's thier job to have FAKE breasts. So I wouldnt compare a 'supermodles' breast size to the ''average american woman'', because the average american woman doesn't have silicone inplants!

Im a 30B and hate it. So flat. Most of the women I know are a C cup over here.

Health & Support How do I effectively gain muscle weight? Oct 12 2008
20:23 (UTC)

So what I should do is eat a few hundered calories more than maintainance, mainly in protien, on the days I do weight training and exercise?

How many cals should I eat if Im 17,  did Body Pump twice a week (one hour sessions), swimming once a week (maybe for say two hours?), go to school -  also have a cleaning job on a wednesday? And how effective would it be?

Health & Support How do I effectively gain muscle weight? Oct 11 2008
22:26 (UTC)

If you're all talking about the picture of me in the bikini, that's over two years old! My body doesn't look anything like that now a days. The picture of my face was only taken two months ago, but I don't think you could tell if I've ever exercised before just by looking at it lol.

I used to work out five times a week. I did toning with 4KG weights and aerobics in the house. But it only made me lose weight, it did tone though.

Seeing as muscle weighs more than fat, could I just eat maintainance (same in, as out) - and tone up with weights? Would that work?

Thanks for the support.

Foods name a food you've never tried, but want to try! Oct 05 2008
14:41 (UTC)

I'm sorry, don't hurt me lol! I've never tried pumpkin, pumpkin pie or anything pumpkin based. The only time I ever see pumkins in scotland are at halloween - which is dreadfully soon, and I PROMISE I WILL buy a pumpkin. Somebody once told me that some parts of a pumkin are poisonus?! True or false... IM TOO YOUNG TO DIE haha!

This isn't really in context; but I find it hilarious that americans call AUBERGINES, egg plants! I mean, they aint nothing like eggs! It's mad.
Weight Gain Is this healthy? please tell me... Oct 05 2008
13:40 (UTC)

I would be very proud of myself if I could do that. So, you should definetely be! I eat to an 'unwritten' schedule. Breakfast is usually at 7, lunch is at 12.30/1pm and dinner is around 5.30. If I could break that pattern, eat something delicious like cookies and stop when I was full - I would see that as some sort of breakthrough for me. You have did so well. Im happy for you, keep it up!

Weight Gain Hmmm..getting hungrier Oct 02 2008
04:22 (UTC)
Yeah recently I've been feeling hungrier too!? I have been eating though, and I don't think that there has been any gain. It must just be our motabolisms recovering. THANK GOD :)!
Weight Gain Weight Gainers: What did YOU eat today? Sep 28 2008
19:34 (UTC)

Breakfast: 310

Pro+Pre Biotic Yoghurt (95)
Porridge (180)
w/ Tbsp sultanas (35)
Sprinkle of cinammon (?)


Lunch: 300

Tuna Sandwich (240)
Apple (6)

Snack: "Fun size" Pear (40)

Dinner: 365

Two bits of chicken (200)
Carrot soup (110)
Slice of bread (55)

Snack: 230

Two glass skimmed milk (120)
Cheerios (110)

Subtotal: 1205

Young Calorie Counters If you had a petite frame, would a size 6 suit you? Sep 28 2008
17:52 (UTC)

I forogt the majority of people on CC were american! When I read size six I automatically assumed a british size six - US size 1? By the end of your post I thought you ment you were a size 00.. and got a bit of a fright lol.

Is the average size of an american woman, the same as a british woman. Here apparently the average size is a 14-16, a US size 10 I think?


Weight Gain Weight Gainers: What did YOU eat today? Sep 24 2008
19:33 (UTC)

I’m so glad there are people here to speak to that understand. I never knew why my body was maintaining on 1200 calories. But I’m prepared to be the guinea pig and up them - even if it does mean scaring myself silly. I’m a coward, I know. I should just get the nerve and face the food, and the facts.
The thing is I’m comfortable with my weight atm, and stuck in the situation of fear of weight gain and unhappiness - classic symptoms. But I’ve never felt so comfortable with my weight since the beginning of recovery. What happens if I gain, and end up frightening myself too much – and end up running back in the other direction?
If I’m 5''4, 17 and have ''light activity'' - where about should my calories be? I’m actually really scared to find out... But I want to do this...

Today SO FAR (this is not the end) I have eaten:

 Breakfast: 317 cal

 Shredded Wheat, Honey Nut (166)

w/ Skimmed Milk (46)
 And a Banana (105)


Lunch: 284 cal

Minestrone soup with wholemeal pasta (134)
Warburtons wholemeal – two slice (110)
“Fun Sized” apple – (40)


Dinner: 233 cal

Can of Tuna (130)
Broccoli, boiled (50)
And a small pear (53)

Snacks: 100 cal

Tomato juice (64)
Rich tea biscuit (36)

So far over all: 934

Weight Loss Why do we care so much? Sep 24 2008
19:04 (UTC)

I've always believed in the saying; "if you look good, you feel good." And it's the absolute truth, if you feel pretty, healthy and fresh - you'll act like someone who is pretty, healthy and fresh. However, on the other hand, if you feel fat, ugly and unhappy - you're not going to want to leave the house or do anything remotely fufilling at all.
And even though I was a healthy teenage girl with a BMI of 20. I felt like fat, ugly and unhappy. I hated myself, and wanted ever so much to be that pretty, healthy girl with the fresh personality. Unblatant to me, I already was her. My key to be perfect turned into a thin obsession, and I now battle anorexia.
Im moving off subject, but to conclude my point - what I mean is: if you dont think you look good on the outside and youre not happy on the inside, where is your confidence? Nowhere but through the floor.

We always look at these images of the rich and the popular; the beautiful people. At the end of the day, looks do have something to do with confidence - we all want to look AND feel good. But it all starts with loving yourself first. Otherwise it could end up out of control. Take it from somebody with that first hand experience. Work on the inside and THEN the out.


Maintaining 1800 Calories? Sep 24 2008
16:46 (UTC)

Id love to eat 1500 calories and maintain my weight at 105lbs. Sometimes I wonder what i would look like right now (wight, height, looks in general) if I never had an ED. My motabolism used to be so fast. I could eat forever. But that was my problem, I wasnt as big as some of my friends who ate less. They counted calories, so I must just be the big blob who eats what she dares.
And now I wish I go back and love who I was. I have no idea what Im going to do about my intake, especially as my dietitian always says: "If you're eating three times a day, then youre doing well''... I think I was past that stage a long time ago. When I tell her I snack etc.. Iam patronised with a ''GOOOD WELLL DONE!!''. I just want advice and support.