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Maintaining after giving birth Jun 12 2013
01:56 (UTC)
Breastfeeding is good for keeping off a regain. I hope your hussy appreciates it. Unless you meant hubby. :-)
The Lounge I used to date a dyslexic woman. Jun 11 2013
15:15 (UTC)
How many potatoes does it take to kill an Irishman?

Weight Loss Are Any Females Looking To Lose Weight Just To Get A Boyfriend? Jun 10 2013
17:46 (UTC)
I know this is a zombie thread but I wanted to make a point about the very last post! Men's greatest fear about Internet dating is their date will be fat. I believe this. If you ask women their greatest fear about Internet dating I bet it would be that the guy turns out to be nuts and stalks/harms you. If only our biggest fear would be that he is "just" unattractive! Or even shallow and douchey.
Pregnancy & Parenting How long did it take you to get pregnant? Jun 10 2013
00:51 (UTC)
Just need to add, do NOT stop the metformin. It DOES improve fertility in PCOS women. Don't know where the earlier commenter got their information.
Pregnancy & Parenting getting pregnant after iud Jun 10 2013
00:44 (UTC)
Be prepared for immediate fertility. If there is a delay it is not likely due to the iud but rather ordinary luck.
Weight Loss Can't lose weight no matter what I do :( Jun 09 2013
02:50 (UTC)
Maybe your body is defending your (healthy) weight because it is your adult set point?
Weight Loss 37f, y, 200 plus pounds want to get to a healthy range Jun 09 2013
02:48 (UTC)
Just spent two days not counting accurately and mildly overeating (was bridesmaid, so this was rehearsal dinner and wedding). Will certainly set me back a pound or two... But that is fine. Two days ago I was at 211 and my mini-goal is 207 by the 24th, so hopefully it will still be doable.
Weight Loss Need help losing weight! Jun 09 2013
02:42 (UTC)
Your bmi is 19.5 at 110 and 20 at 114. Don't spend any mental or physical energy on losing weight. You clearly have the ability and determination to do so much more with that youthful energy. Work hard on your education, or planning your future career, or getting involved in a social cause that you believe in. Your thighs will then cease to take up so much space in your mind (that is the only place in which they are taking up too much space btw). You will also develop more self-confidence, which is very attractive. (Note: self-confidence based on appearance is vanity, and is not attractive. Self-confidence based on achievements is the kind you want...)
Motivation I need help. Jun 09 2013
02:26 (UTC)
If you have a mini-freak out at the thought of losing weight, as you described: what are you afraid might happen if you lose weight? Is your fat protecting you from something? Are you afraid of upsetting a balance in your life somehow? Thinking about these things and uncovering hidden motivations and sources of self-sabotage may help. And make sure you stay positive about yourself-despite the weight you are thriving, with work and family and purpose. Getting healthier will be the icing on the cake (lol).

The Lounge Cliches II Jun 07 2013
14:09 (UTC)
The cake one got me too until I heard the French translation which is roughly "you can't have the butter and the money for the butter". Basically if you eat the cake it will be gone and you won't have it anymore.
Weight Loss how to keep from eating my feelings...? Jun 04 2013
23:28 (UTC)
I would add the following: find another source of self-esteem. Other than your appearance, I mean. I am not trying to be catty either, I'm serious. An intellectual pursuit, a sport, a social cause, something to make you passionate and interested, and to give you another definition of yourself. Your thighs will then take up less mental space.
Weight Loss can't stop binging ! related to set point theory? help Jun 04 2013
01:50 (UTC)
Hate to ask but are you pregnant? That can cause hunger and overeating without gaining...
The Lounge Tokyo tips Jun 03 2013
23:31 (UTC)
Just did a quick search and saw quite reasonable places under 100$/night next week. What trouble are you having, OP? Yep I'm envious and dreaming. Would love to go back.
The Lounge Tokyo tips Jun 03 2013
23:22 (UTC)
Go on and the like but since you are booking so late you may not get a deal... Most important is location. Don't be on the outskirts of town bc it will take you so long to get anywhere. Be near a subway line. And remember places may be small and old but they will never, ever be dirty. Don't be too worried.
The Lounge Tokyo tips Jun 03 2013
23:19 (UTC)
Must see roppongi hills and mori tower. Ueno park and zoo is cool. Walk the rainbow bridge at dusk. Take the elevated train to/from odaiba at night (the yamanote line I think, the one that is not part of any other rail company and is 3$ each way). That train ride shows the cool futuristic urban Tokyo like no other.
The Lounge Tokyo tips Jun 03 2013
23:15 (UTC)
I have had good luck with the business hotel chains: Tokyu inn (not a typo), chisun inn, wing hotel, etc. the earlier you book the greater the discount in Japan unlike elsewhere.
The Lounge Is obesity your doctor's problem? Jun 03 2013
23:08 (UTC)
As for doctors intervening with obese toddlers with obese parents: Tricky because the parents already know they themselves are obese. Tell them their toddler is obese, sure, we do that, and advise them to feed the kid healthy foods, etc. Refer to nutritionist (usually not free so they can't afford it). But what I'd need to do and can't do is give them the money to afford healthy food, show them how to select and cook it, and then convince the kid to eat it (and/or convince the parents to just keep offering only healthy foods and eventually the kid will eat it, they won't let themselves starve...) it would also require them to make the same changes for themselves, because otherwise both they and the kid would find the hypocrisy unsustainable. (Dad gets to eat hotdogs! Mom isn't eating the lentil salad!) It's not like we don't try. Giving free access to nutritionists would help. Banning junk food in schools and making the school lunches fresher and less processed would help. Cooking classes that include good nutrition education and teach kids simple healthy meals they can make for their whole family would be nice. Not cutting physical education would help too. These things make it doable.
The Lounge Too young to be feeling my mortality Jun 02 2013
12:10 (UTC)
A friend (not close but still a friend) of mine committed suicide last summer. It was awful and still bothers me more, I think, than my dad's death in November. My dad was very sick for years; my friend was 27 and literally had everything to live for. My heart still breaks for her and for her parents. (She was an only child, just finishing residency, just bought a house...)
The Lounge Is obesity your doctor's problem? Jun 02 2013
12:04 (UTC)
In some cases overeating can absolutely be an addiction. Same pathways as drugs, gambling, sex. That doesn't mean all cases are. The fact that we are starting to investigate bupropion (med used to help quit smoking) for compulsive overeating is telling.
The Lounge Is obesity your doctor's problem? Jun 02 2013
11:55 (UTC)
I don't like seeing "obesity" as some monolithic entity with the same cause. The extra 10-40 pounds that people carry as a result of an obesogenic environment (when we talk about the "increasing waistline" of a nation we usually mean an increased weight, on average, of 15-25 lbs) is one thing. The generational addiction transfer from cigarettes/booze to food, culturally, is another, along with true compulsion (not for nothing does overeating unhealthy foods give a serotonin release). Genetic predisposition plays a part merely in determining who will be more susceptible to gaining weight in the context of the previous two, but does not act independently.