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The Lounge The sexiest thing about a woman is her confidence.. really? Jan 14 2012
13:32 (UTC)

My boyfriend says this too, and I know he means it at least.

I'm 97 kg (but tall, at 180 cm) and have always had plenty of attention from guys, even when I was heavier. Guys do find me attractive at this weight, I actually get more attention and compliments than I'm comfortable with. Most of the guys I've dated have been fit (a couple were competitive athletes even) and generally very attractive. 

I'm reasonably attractive and well-proportioned for my weight, but I'm no great beauty and I definitely need to lose a few kgs. I consider myself confident (but realistic), and guys notice that and comment on it. I've been told it's refreshing that I'm so comfortable with myself, not insecure about my body and that I don't need validation or reassurance from them.

I'm sure the confidence=attractive thing doesn't apply to all men, but I'm not attracted to all of them either, so it's fine :)

Weight Loss Is it just me? Dec 23 2011
09:33 (UTC)

I'm 5'11 and female, and eat 1800-2500/day depending on how much I work out (I weigh everything, so it should be accurate). I never complain about it, because I am losing eating this amount, eat pretty much whatever I want within reason and am never hungry. I only reach 2500+ on days I drink wine/beer.. I don't think I've consumed 4000 calories in a day, ever. I eat a fairly clean, mostly vegetarian diet though.. I usually have to purposely up my calories with things like olive oil and nuts to reach a healthy amount.

The Lounge Your favourite animal videos Dec 22 2011
15:48 (UTC)

My favorite is this one. The loris looks so sad when she stops.

The Lounge sharing a thread on CC to facebook? Dec 21 2011
22:49 (UTC)
Original Post by kotov_syndrome:

So...just hid pretty much all of my info, including pictures. I **** HATE facebook.

Where's the button to like this? Tongue out

The Lounge sharing a thread on CC to facebook? Dec 21 2011
22:11 (UTC)

Yes. I hate Facebook, and like being anonymous here. It's why I joined this site and not others. I know you can find the threads by search engine, but you have to actually be looking for the information. The likelihood of someone I know seeing what I've written and recognising it as me is extremely small, but I don't like the info there to just browse by random people. 

Foods high fiber/taste good foods Dec 21 2011
20:05 (UTC)

I add a couple of spoons of crushed linseed/flax to a meal everyday (works well with pretty much anything you can stir it into). It doesn't have much taste, but adds omega-3, lots of vitamins and about 25% of the RDA for fiber (2 tbsps).

Have you tried hummus or bean dip? They make a good dip for fresh veggies or a spread for sandwiches, and maybe seem less bean-like.

The Lounge Any songs playing in your head today? Dec 21 2011
19:39 (UTC)

Morphine has been stuck in my head all day today.

Foods I hate water... Dec 21 2011
16:49 (UTC)

I keep a pitcher of water in my fridge, flavored overnight with fruit/veg/herbs. Some combos I like are lemon/mint, cucumber/ginger/coriander leaves, and melon/lime.

Do you like herbal tea?

Health & Support back to omnivore, help Dec 21 2011
16:29 (UTC)

I'm not vegetarian (I eat fish rarely, no meat/poultry), but I eat a mostly vegetarian diet. I don't know what health issues you were having, but I still get all the nutrients I need (checked by regular blood tests, since I have hypothyroidism) and tons of protein. I'll list a few of my usual meals, maybe they'll give you some ideas?:

Breakfast: omelet with lots of vegetables + cheese; couscous with fresh fruit and nuts; vegetable pancakes + greek yogurt with herbs; baked vegetables (balsamic tomatoes and mushrooms are my favorite) on cheese toast; smoothie (banana, frozen fruit, milk/yogurt/juice, oats, peanut butter or flax)

Lunch: whole wheat noodles with broth/dried mushrooms/frozen vegetables + miso; whole wheat noodles with sauteed/baked vegetables and some sort of sauce (lemongrass, ginger, sesame seed and soy is a favorite); couscous salad with raw veg, chickpeas and lemon/herbs; bean salad with pita bread and hummus

Dinner: I eat a lot of curry, examples: 1 2 3 served with couscous/quinoa/etc; barley soup with seed bread; whole wheat pasta salad (lots of fresh greens/herbs, any veggies you have around the house, feta/parmesan, seeds); fish with salsa

Breakfast and lunch usually take less than 10 minutes to make. Breakfast is usually ~400 calories, lunch is 400-600, dinner is 600-800, plus snacks. Dinner takes longer, but curries and soups can be made in large batches ahead of time, and frozen into portions. I add lots of yogurt, fresh cheese (I make paneer myself, but it's possible to find similar stuff in shops), seeds (especially flax), beans and nuts for extra protein and calcium.

Weight Loss 5'10+ what is your healthiest weight? Dec 21 2011
11:17 (UTC)

I'm 180 cm (just under 5'11) and most comfortable with 165 lbs or a little higher. My lowest adult weight was around 160, but I think I look best with a few extra pounds.. I'm large framed and fairly curvy.

Weight Loss BMI seems crazy to me... Dec 20 2011
16:53 (UTC)

My boyfriend is your height and a few pounds heavier, he looks healthy and active. He was 170 lbs when I met him, and looked underweight almost to the point of sickly. I can't imagine him at anything below that, even then his hip bones were sticking out. 

The Lounge May I attack the NHS once again? Dec 20 2011
16:41 (UTC)

I lived in the UK for a year, and the NHS was fantastic when I became seriously ill (with septicaemia). I was in hospital for weeks, right after I moved there, and they took really good care of me.

But they were horrible with everything else, especially mental stuff. Even though I brought a letter from my previous GP listing my meds and that I was in treatment, I was told that the waiting list was over a year. The GP didn't want to bother putting me on it. He wouldn't prescribe one of my medications either, which meant I had to stop it cold turkey. When I tried to switch doctors, I was refused at several places on account of having dual citizenship (one of which isn't European) and not having separate health insurance (which wasn't actually necessary since I had my EHIC). It was a mess. I got tired of waiting and moved.

Foods Herselys chocolate... Dec 20 2011
16:25 (UTC)
Original Post by ootek:

I spent a summer in Norway and I would have mugged my grandmother for a bar of plain American chocolate--everything there was like eating a stick of margarine.

I guess it depends on what you're used to, though.  I'd take southwestern food over anything I ever ate in Europe.  Y'all do have better cheese but, dear Lord, stuff is so bland!

I love Freia's Premium range (Cote d'Or in the rest of Europe) but agree about most of the chocolate here in Norway. I like Green & Black's and Lindt, don't care for Hershey's or Cadbury (except Cadbury eggs, which are appealingly disgusting).

If you had bland food in Europe, you were eating in the wrong places (all of Norway counts as the wrong place for exciting food though). UK for instance has fantastic food (curries!), so does most of southern Europe.

The Lounge Paris Dec 20 2011
09:31 (UTC)

I love Paris..! I go there fairly often (whenever I can!), so maybe I can help. What are you interested in? What sort of things do you like doing? What food do you like? And what part of town are you staying in? Any specific questions?

Foods FAVORITES--food survey time!!! Dec 19 2011
11:28 (UTC)


Fruit: pineapple

Veggie (cooked): squash (any kind), mushrooms if they count

Veggie (raw): snow peas

Meat: don't eat it

Cheese: parmesan

Bread: seed bread

Dairy item: frozen yogurt

Milk: 1.5%

Candy (chocolate): Freia Fig/Almond or Lemon/Ginger

Candy (non-chocolate): anything cinnamon

Family meal often made: curry

Thanksgiving food: no Thanksgiving here

Christmas cookie: gingerbread

Packaged cookie: don't eat them

Chinese Japanese food: miso

Italian food: parmesan

Mexican food: enchiladas verdes

American food: gumbo z'herbes

Baked potato topping: baked mushrooms

Food at a BBQ: don't eat it

Sit-down restaurant: anything Ethiopian/Eritrean, I don't eat out unless on holiday

Fast-food restaurant: don't eat it, it's pretty much impossible to find vegetarian food here

Drink (hot): chamomile

Drink (cold): water, tomato juice

Ice cream flavor: saffron

Cake: lemon

Pie: coconut


What do you eat when your sick? soup, hot curries

What UNHEALTHY food item isn't worth the splurge that others LOVE? deep fried anything

What UNHEALTHY food item IS worth the splurge? miso (lots of salt!), ice cream

What’s your favourite snack food? olives, pistachios

How many meals do you eat a day? 3

How many snacks? 0-2

Which meal is the biggest meal of the day? dinner

How often do you eat food prepared by someone other than yourself? when my boyfriend cooks, maybe 2x/week

The Lounge good workout songs Dec 18 2011
13:18 (UTC)

My most played album at the gym is Pendulum - Hold Your Colour, followed by a VA Elektro Swing album (Parov Stelar, Chinese Man, Mr Scruff, etc). Also like:

Mari Boine - Eight Seasons

The Prodigy - Invaders Must Die

Fujiya & Miyagi - Transparent Things

The Verve - Forth

Tobacco - *ed Up Friends

Hooverphonic - Blue Wonder Powder Milk

Electric Six - Fire!

Foods Holiday Tea YUM! Dec 17 2011
16:45 (UTC)

My winter tea smells like spicy cinnamon candy.. I love it.

Young Calorie Counters 15, 153cm, 63kgs 14FF's.... helpp:// Dec 17 2011
16:26 (UTC)

My boobs were bigger than yours at that age, and I still ran track (and fenced).. You need to find a really good support bra that straps you in. There are companies that make custom bras if you can't find one in your size. Look for a very wide band (if it's a pullover sports bra, it won't be supportive enough) and it should fit fairly tight but not be uncomfortable. Whether you decide to run or not, you need a good sports bra. They aren't pretty, but make a huge difference.

You don't have to run to lose weight. I can't run anymore due to an injury, but I walk everywhere I go (fast pace) and can cycle/row without problems. Do you have access to an elliptical machine? That's not as bouncy as running, so it's more comfortable. Or maybe try swimming or a dance class. My sister had stats similar to you (she's lost about 5 kg) and she cycles, goes snowboarding and lifts free weights. You don't have much weight to lose, so even a little extra walking could make a big difference. What's important is that you enjoy it, so you can stick with it. 

Hopefully someone else has a link to a teen calculator, so you can figure out how much you should be eating (my guess is around 2000 calories, but don't take my word on it). 

The Lounge what are you listening to Dec 16 2011
21:26 (UTC)
Original Post by zoeinrussian:

1979 by the smashing pumpkins. so beautiful

Yay, Pumpkins.. I saw them (again) last month!

The Lounge what are you listening to Dec 16 2011
20:59 (UTC)

Asobi Seksu - Citrus