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Health & Support Carbs-how much? May 08 2008
23:28 (UTC)

okay that makes sense thanks so much!

Health & Support To all you smokers... May 08 2008
23:25 (UTC)
Original Post by spoiled_candy:

At $90 that is about a carton and half here in Canada.  I wonder how much the refills are?

 thats how expensive cigarrettes are here?? i thought they were like $10 a pack (25 in a pack) i live in alberta, where do you live?

Health & Support Sugar makes my face red May 08 2008
23:17 (UTC)
Original Post by strawberry-dolly:

I know this is a really bad habit, but I often eat spoonfuls of white sugar :(

 that would do it lol

Foods Plain yogurt...spoiled? May 08 2008
22:52 (UTC)

mix it with granola and fruit SO! good!!

Weight Loss Just started, first time to go on a diet. May 08 2008
22:39 (UTC)


i started at 145. so i'm here to loose 10-15 lbs, and i have a binging problem, so i'm using this to help me control it.

Weight Loss Grocery prices in your area? May 08 2008
22:22 (UTC)

Hello, i live in norhern Alberta Canada, (just above Montana, cept i'm farther north into the province) and i'm a cashier. here are some prices and most include 5% GST on top

cucumbers: 1.38 each     iceberg lettuce head .69 each(saleprice)    

peeled carrots: .99 each (sale price)

Becel Marg. 6.99(sale)  Kraft Single Slices cheese 5.89 (sale)      ; 

Coke 24X355:  5.98(sale)

Avocadoes: 3 for 2.79   organic pineapple 7.99

2L Milk $2.99-3.99

(Most people spend over $100 -$200 on groceries for one week here.)

Fitness question about jogging May 08 2008
22:08 (UTC)

your not being overcautious at all! good luck, hope his pain goes away!

Fitness question about jogging May 08 2008
05:21 (UTC)

that sounds like exactly what i used to have when i used to run competitive, it could be a plain and simple muscle ache, because he could be pushing himself more, perhaps jogging hills, it should go away after a good two weeks while still running the routine, just make sure to stretch the calves AFTER running. he could be pulling the muscle while stretching before the run.

Weight Loss Breakfast is useless - stop eating it. May 08 2008
05:13 (UTC)

breakfast gets your metabolism running

Foods Thoughts on soda? May 07 2008
22:18 (UTC)

i gave up 'soda' (in Canada we call it 'pop') in September 2007 and hadn't seen results till Christmas. I had lost about 5 lbs, but that was about it. Maybe you're taking in extra calories in food instead of in pop? i'm not sure, you still might be able to loose a few.

Young Calorie Counters 13 or 14 trying to lose about 30 pounds May 03 2008
05:00 (UTC)

dragon fruit is a redish/pink large round fruit, the inside is white and has dark seeds like a kiwi. the outside looks like it can peel. check it out on google! you'll find out some more information.

Weight Loss plus size models? Dec 06 2007
01:28 (UTC)
i'm 5'5 and i weigh 137, and i am definitely NOT plus sized i'm sized 5/6 in pants and wear medium shirts, so a person who weighs 133 and is 5'7 probably wouldn't be a plus size model.
Weight Loss Just started, first time to go on a diet. Oct 19 2007
22:03 (UTC)
hey ! i'm 16 too well almost 16 next month. i just want to loose a couple of pound too, i'm 5'5 and weigh 138, my goal is 130-135 ish what is your goal?
Motivation 13-19 yr old girls Oct 15 2007
05:44 (UTC)


162 cm is 5'3, if you calculate your BMI at 110, you are at a healthy and normal weight, if you loose that 15 pounds and get down to 95, you'll be underweight!! You don't need to loose that much weight at all!

Weight Loss When do you eat your most calories Oct 12 2007
05:22 (UTC)

i binge. its bad. i know. lol mostly after supper and late into the night.

when it becomes a know its bad...

Weight Loss What are your measurements? Oct 12 2007
01:43 (UTC)

female-15 and 11 months lol

waist(belly button) : 32
waist(natural waist) : 29
thigh(middle) 19.6
thigh(top) 21.9
chest(upper, under arms) 35.7
chest (lower) 32.5
chest middle :35.5
arm:biceps: 10.4
arm(forearm) 8


Weight Loss 25 pounds or less to lose... Oct 12 2007
00:21 (UTC)
hello so i lost 1 pound based on when i weighed in on wednesday, i will check saturday again or wait till next wednesday !!
Weight Loss Activity Level and logging exercise? Confused... Oct 10 2007
20:55 (UTC)

this is what i thought it meant: the burn meter is your metabolism rate, i think i burn my calories at like 2654 in a day or something like that, you add into your activity log and of course you burn more because you're doing the activity which keeps your metabolism/burn meter up.

 this is so hard to explain, does this make any sense at all?

Motivation no support from ppl who see you everyday?? Oct 10 2007
20:38 (UTC)
thanks so much  for replying and giving me some advice, i really appreciate, it i thihk i will start making my own meals, it'll be a lot  healthier and i don't even have to say anythihng about it! and its true i think they do take what i say the wrong way. thanks so much for YOUR guys support, i really appreciate it!!
Weight Loss Find your twin on CC! Oct 10 2007
05:25 (UTC)

weight: 140

height: 5'5

sex: female

age: almost 16

message me if you're my twin!!