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Weight Loss Weddings! Jan 07 2011
17:19 (UTC)

weigh in #1: 156.4

total lbs lost: 5.8

GW: 130

Weight Loss Weddings! Jan 06 2011
01:28 (UTC)

I desperately need this!  I am getting married on May 7th!!!

H: 5'8"

CW: 156.4lbs

GW: 130lbs (I hope to make it to at least 140 by the wedding)

WD: May 7th 2011!!!!


Weight Loss Last ten pound troubles Jun 12 2009
16:40 (UTC)

We are practically twins!  I am 5'8" 142lbs and 32.9% body fat (last time I measured, I think it is down around 29% now).

Weight Loss Last ten pound troubles Jun 12 2009
07:49 (UTC)

I never said my diet was perfect but based on what I am eating all of the math points to me loosing weight.  Over the past year I have tried many changes to my diet to jump start things, each for at least a month, and exercise program.  I have tried low-carb, never had cheat meals, tried increasing calories for a week or two, tried HIIT, tried low intensity cardio, tried weight lifting with low reps high weight and to failure.  The only thing left on that list is fasting morning cardio.  If you can think of anything else please let me know.  I have been stuck for over a year now so I have had plenty of time to try many things to get the ball rolling again.  

Fitness question re: building muscles at a deficit Jun 11 2009
19:43 (UTC)
Original Post by floggingsully:

Original Post by triffid2002:

Ok so if you are not gaining muscle on a deficit then could someone please explain how you can loose inches and not loose weight?

 Increased glycogen stores in the muscles.

So I think you are saying that I am loosing fat which is why I lost inches and that the reason that I have not lost weight is that my muscles are retaining more glycogen.  In my case, while eating a deficit, I lost 2 inches around my waist and gained a half inch around my upper arm but my weight is the same. (5'8", 142lbs, small frame, 24yrs, female, eating 1300cals)

Fitness question re: building muscles at a deficit Jun 11 2009
18:57 (UTC)

Ok so if you are not gaining muscle on a deficit then could someone please explain how you can loose inches and not loose weight?

Weight Loss Last ten pound troubles Jun 10 2009
00:36 (UTC)

I am in the same boat with you.  I have been trying to loose the last 10-15 lbs for a year now and they just won't budge.  Even though I am doing everything right in terms of diet (I went to a nutritionist and she couldn't figure out why I wasn't loosing anymore either).  I agree with joe603 diet alone doesn't seem to be working for me (although I have been working out as well).  The only thing that has helped at all in the past year was doing the 30 day shred (Jillian Michaels DVD).  Although I didn't loose any weight I lost 2 inches around my waist in 16 days!  The fat around my tummy is the last hurdle for me so even if the pounds don't come off but the inches do that is good enough.

The Lounge THE depo shot May 25 2009
22:04 (UTC)

At the time I went off the shot I couldn't exercise due to an injury so I can't say.  But don't give up!  Burning calories is the only way to go I am sure you will get there!

The Lounge THE depo shot May 25 2009
01:38 (UTC)

I stayed on it for 3 shots and I gained a ton of weight and had spotting continuously for 9 months.  Unfortunately I never lost the weight after stopping the shot so I can't say how long it stayed in my system.  I went off of it about 6 years ago.

Weight Loss So unhappy,been trying for so many years, even though numerically it seems small-eek calorie deficits! May 13 2009
20:38 (UTC)

I have almost exactly the same stats as you!  I am 24 5'8" and 142lbs and stuck there just like you are (after loosing 30lbs).  I do a minimum of 3.5hrs of exercise (circuit training mostly but with some extra cardio thrown in occasionally) a week, so a little less than you.  My burn meter without my exercise is 1750 and I do about 260 cals per day of exercise.  Right now I am eating about 1300cals per day (now I know gi-jane among others will yell at me for this) but my daily deficit with this is about 550cals.  I have tried increasing my calories as per the suggestions of people on this site and seen worse results not better (moved up to between 1500-1600cals).  Now to my point, I am absolutely NOT suggesting that eating the number of calories I eat will be right for you, all I am suggesting is that the math does not seem to be as straight forward as they would have you believe.  Perhaps playing around with your calorie intake to see what works best for you is the only way of really figuring this all out.

Fitness Jillian Michaels 30-day Shred May 13 2009
06:08 (UTC)

Ok so I just finished my first 10 days on level 1.  I lost 2lbs and 1inch off my waist at my belly button!  I just finished my first time doing level 2 and I felt like I was gonna die but I did it and I know it will get easier just like level 1 did.  

Current stats: 24yrs 5'8" 140lbs

Fitness Jillian Michaels 30-day Shred May 06 2009
23:41 (UTC)

I am eating at a deficit since I am still trying to loose weight (1300 cals).  According to calorie count I burn 1750 before any exercise (5'8" 141lbs 24yrs).  I am trying to eat plenty of protein to limit muscle loss.

Fitness Jillian Michaels 30-day Shred May 06 2009
00:14 (UTC)

I just started on May 1st.  I have completed level 1 everyday so far.  I can already feel it getting easier.  Until now I had been using a stair climber for cardio (the past year and a half) and weight training (since Feb this year) but after loosing 30lbs by cardio I have been on a plateau for 10 months now.  I decided to give the 30 day shred a shot, I feel like I have tried everything else.  Is anyone else having a hard time building muscle?  After all the weight training I have done (lifting more than double what I could when I started) I don't see any difference on the scale, in measurments, or visible muscle tone.  Hopefully the 30 day shred will break this plateau. 

Weight Loss Ladies I need your assistance/advice Apr 07 2009
23:19 (UTC)

I was having exactly the same dilema a couple of months ago.  Beware that David's bridal dresses run small, I usualy wear a 6 or 8 but I had to wear a 10 in the bridesmaids dress.  The 10 was snug on me but an 8 wouldn't zip up all the way.  The dress was to tight around the bust (I am not that busty either only a C cup) but fit elsewhere and since after 30lbs lost my bust has decreased in size the least (lucky me!) I figured that I was better off getting the 10.  When I looked at the alterations price chart at David's bridal I didn't see much price difference for the amount that had to be taken in.  I suggest getting a size that is snug but not actually to small now so that if you don't loose as much as you hope it will still fit but if you loose a little extra then it won't require that much alteration.

Weight Gain trouble accepting im not eating enough...please advise! Mar 16 2009
20:01 (UTC)

With your osteoporosis already an issue you really need to make sure you get a lot of calcium in particular into your meals. This means whole (yes WHOLE) fat dairy and lots of oily fish! And start eating three meals and three snacks a day.

Another good way to get more calcium is to eat spinach!

Weight Loss The Last 25-30 Pounds Not Happening. Help! Mar 16 2009
19:57 (UTC)

I am currently at a plateau myself after loosing 30lbs.  My strategy is to alter my workouts and increase the intensity.  The more you do the same exercise the fewer calories you burn doing it because you body gets used to the movement.  I can't tell how well it is working yet...

Fitness Please share...what exercises do you HATE but still do & why??? Mar 06 2009
00:36 (UTC)

Lunges and squats!  I HATE them!  I hate them because they are so hard for me but I keep doing them because if they are that hard it must mean that I need to build those muscles.  Not so fond of push-ups either...

Weight Loss How many calories are you tall girls eating? Feb 27 2009
05:06 (UTC)

I realize that 125 would be at the bottom of what this website considers a healthy BMI (other sites belive a healthy BMI is 18 and above instead).  I have a very small frame so I beleive that between 125 and 130 is actually very reasonable for me.  All the weight that I have left to loose is around my waist (the tomato on toothpicks effect) which is an extremely unhealthy place to carry it.  I never mentioned that I felt that 141 for a person my height is fat, on many people it is not even close to that.  However given my small frame, the location of the fat that I do have, and the fact that it is very difficult for me to gain muscle 141 is still more than I should weigh.

Weight Loss What size pants do you wear? Feb 27 2009
02:31 (UTC)

I'm 5'8" currently 141 and a size 6 or sometimes 8.  At 170 I was a 14.  I tend to carry all of my weight on my stomach giving the tomato on toothpicks effect.

Motivation Tall Girls in their 20s. Feb 02 2009
02:21 (UTC)

I'm 24 and 5'8" and currently 141 (down from a high of 170).  I am a small frame, especially considering my height, and I am aiming for 125.  I am doing 45 min of resistance/weight training 3 days a week and cardio for 45 min the other 4 days.  I am eating 1300 cal per day.  From what others have told me 1300 cals is low but whenever I increase them I gain weight so 1300 is what I have stuck to for a little over a year now.