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Health & Support i feel faint all the time :( Jun 04 2008
08:46 (UTC)

I get the exact same thing, and have been for years. I have naturally low blood, sometimes verging on the very low, which causes me to feel like that when i stand up. Do you know what you're blood pressure usually is...high/low/normal? I also have vertigo which I think contributes, because sometimes I get dizzy sitting down too!!

Check the red rim around you're eyes. If its very pale or white then you could be low in iron. If its red, then you're probably not.

Unfortunately there is nothing the doctor can do with me. I just take extra care when I'm standing up. If you're worried, you should get a check up, just to be safe.

Fitness Gain muscle while losing fat Jan 22 2008
16:42 (UTC)

I'm confused now about all this. I don't want to lose weight. I want to build muscle BUT I am still carrying a good few inches of fat around my middle. I want to reduce this fat.

Should I be concentrating on losing fat, or building muscle? I thought that if I continue to lift weights and do cardio I would be able to do both. Am I wrong?

(btw I eat > 25% protein and around 20% fat)

Fitness Pregnancy and exercise? Jan 15 2008
12:29 (UTC)

lol, this is something i have wondered about too. I think if I was pregnant, i was would do exercise like walking, swimming, etc. Therefore you know the baby is always getting enough air. I would also count calories. During the second and third trimester you only need about 200 -300 extra cals. That really isn't much. You're talking about a bowl of cereal and a banana! I would also do pilates.

I wouldn't run, or do any exercise that is overly vigourous, but i would still exercise all the time (given that i had the energy, and wasn't feeling to sick, of course!)

Weight Loss When should I eat breakfast? Jan 10 2008
12:23 (UTC)
long gaps are bad. best to eat every three hours are so, to keep you're metabolism going. Have a snack.
Weight Loss whats going on? Jan 10 2008
12:22 (UTC)
kaybee1382 is right. Are you working out? thats the most likely explanation. 
Fitness workout videos Jan 08 2008
09:21 (UTC)
There was a guy on the T.V yesterday giving a review of workout videos, and he said that the best one in his opinion was the cindy crawford one. I haven't tried it personally though!  
Fitness * resistance bands * Jan 07 2008
15:04 (UTC)

Hey, I just bought a resistance and i have been the moves on the following link: stancebeginners.htm

I've only been doing this for a few days, so i haven't noticed any improvement yet. I'm interested to hear from people that have been using them for a while.

Fitness Getting sick after workouts - help? Jan 03 2008
13:42 (UTC)

I would say you didn't have enough water or calories. 5-6 glasses for that type of workout isn't enough. You should eat a good few hours before the workout to give it time to leave you're stomach.

I find that if i drink too much water during/after a workout i feel really sick, so i drink it slowly. Also, another thing that used to make me feel really lightheaded and sick after excercise was breathing in and out through my mouth. someone else mentioned this to me, and when i concentrated on breathing in through my nose, i found i haven't been sick since. This might not apply to you though!


Fitness lossing 2 inches around the waist by hula hooping Jan 02 2008
12:00 (UTC)

I tried this about two years ago, and I got really bad bruising. So bad, people thought I had been in an accident. I do bruise easily!

Has anyone else had this experience? I stopped using it then. Maybe i'll try again....

Health & Support I need help :( Oct 19 2007
12:02 (UTC)

you should aim for 1 - 2lbs per week, so in a month, you should could have about 8lbs off.

Maybe you should post a sample diet of what you eat everyday. Also, do you weigh the food you eat? Sometimes we think we are eating 100g of something, but if you actually weigh it, its closer to 150g. Seriously, happens me all the time. I just bought a new set of scales, and i'm still surprised at the portions of foods, particually carbs like rice, pasta, oats etc. 

Health & Support I can't sleep!!! Advice please Oct 17 2007
09:45 (UTC)

I'm like that too. Try reading a light book in bed. That distracts me from my thoughts. And then you can go to sleep thinking about the characters.

Also, another thing I do is think postively about things. If I'm thinking about my day and what i've eaten, and say I've had a bad day, I plan for tomorrow, and think about how it will be when I lose weight. I visualise thin me, and think of my life that way. I do that for whatever is annoying me, or going on in my head. Works for me! 


Health & Support So much for counting calories... Oct 17 2007
09:41 (UTC)

If you do have epilepsy, then it needs to be controlled. You know that.

However, there are many drugs on the market that help control it. And you will probably spend some time finding one that suits you. My brother found that a combination of two worked best for him - epilim and Tegretol. One of my friends is on epilim only, and another friend is on a different drug entirely.

You might find that Topomax doesn't suit. Maybe it won't control the seizures, or maybe it will have too many side affects. Don't be afraid to tell your doctor that you want a different drug if it doens't work or your not happy with it. Theres a good chance you will be on the drug for the rest of your life, so you need to find one that suits.

Also, just becasue it affected your mum that way, doesn't mean that it will affect your that way. Drugs effect everyone differently. Take the birth control pill for example - some people find it makes them gain weight, others find it makes them lose weight, and others find no difference.

Hope this helps.

Weight Loss What body shape are you? Oct 16 2007
17:09 (UTC)

I'm ruler! lol, i have never heard that one before.

Any other rulers out there?

Fitness Swimming Oct 16 2007
11:41 (UTC)

Hey coach_k

That is really helpful, thanks. I have also been trying to use swimming as my exercise, as I have a bad back. I usually swim 4 lenghts for warm up, then I swim breast stoke down the pool, and either back stoke or freestyle up the pool, and finish with a cool down.

However, I'm not a good swimmer. I only learned to swim earlier this year, and I'm out of practice. I get about 25 laps in 30 minutes Frown. My breast stoke is really slow. I'm probably twice as fast at the free style and back stoke.

What would you recommend? From reading your last post, I'm thinking that if I swim freestyle or back stoke for 1 lap very fast, really pushing myself, and then do breast stoke for 1 lap, would that work as intervals?

I'm going to work at swimming. I want to get stonger and faster. I always try to make myself swim an extra lap in the same time.  

Weight Loss Having trouble with new image Oct 16 2007
10:48 (UTC)

Personally, I loved it Laughing. I do get what you mean though.

It will take time to get used to the new you. I lost 60lbs too. My face is completely different. I have a bone structure!  And I do look really different. The thing is, most people still know who I am, even if they haven't seen me in years.  Of course, there is a few who don't recognise me, but I see that as a good thing.

Sorry, rambling a bit. Anyway, now when I look back at pictures of how I used to look, I can't actually believe that was me. That will happen to you eventually too. Try to enjoy shopping in a different part of the shop, and trying of different things. You have a new body now, so you need to find things that suit your new shape!

Motivation I Came Here Looking for Cameraderie and Inspiration, But... Oct 15 2007
09:40 (UTC)

I have to say that I have noticed a huge change in the forums in the last while. When I first joined, there wasn't very many underweight threads, or teenage girls asking for advice when their already painfully underweight. I remember then that the big topic was "Starvation Mode", and everyone was talking about that.

 Anyway, this site is still fantastic. The tools available are great. Personally I love the analysis tool. If you don't like the topic's discussed, maybe stay out of the forums.

Personally, I have a look at the post, and don't bother reading/replying if it's one of those ones.

I agree that some people are goind overboard. I'm not one of those...I'm with Kathywainman...Average all the way:)  

Weight Loss quite perplexed.. Oct 15 2007
09:19 (UTC)
maybe you could post a sample days's food, so we can see what you are eating??
Weight Loss Eating At Work Oct 12 2007
12:09 (UTC)

I'm a programmer too, so I know what you mean.

maybe try replacing the kit kat and crisps with fruit. It helps with the sweet tooth. I fond grapes good, as they are quite sweet.

I also have crackers as a snack, with cottage cheese, or you could try peanut butter.

Weight Loss Percent Body Fat Questions: Oct 05 2007
17:32 (UTC)

I'm trying to do the same thing.

So far I have been concentrating on eating more protein, less fat. I aim for 25% protein. 20%, and 55% carbs. I try to get that fat from good sources and avoid saturated/trans fats as much as possible. I eat between 1250 - 1600 cals per day. I try to keep my fat content around 30g. it usually comes in between 35 -40g. I have high cholestral, so that is why I keep my fat content that low.

I am 5'11, 150lbs, 23 years old. my body fat % is around 20% now. It was 26% last august. I do exercise, but i'll be honest - not that often. I try to swim 2-3 mornings a week for 30 minutes. I go walking most evening for 40 minutes. And apart from that, i sit at a computer all day. I plan to increase my exercise, but have other issues at the moment preventing that.

Just thought id share what I have done. You read so many things, all suggesting different things. Exericse more, exercise less often at a higher rate, exercise for longer at a slower rate etc, that I gave up on all of that, and just did what I could. Seems to be working!  

Weight Loss large ribcage anyone? Oct 03 2007
16:04 (UTC)

yeah, I have this problem too. I can't believe so many other people do too! It makes me feel so much better.

Having a large ribcage makes me feel like I will never look slender. It makes me look larger, and I have to buy much larger tops than other people. I don't have any fat at all on my ribs, and they are still huge. I wear a 38" bra, and I am really small chested. It does make your boobs seem much smaller!

I hate it. This has always been one of the things I hated  most about myself, because there is nothing I can do about it!  No matter how much weight I lose, it won't change it:(