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Foods Substitute for Mayo?? Sep 08 2012
15:54 (UTC)
Sorry you didn't like my mock-mayo suggestion. That post was years ago. I no longer even try to substitute anything for mayo. Go for the real thing or not at all.
Foods Stevia!! - all natural sugar replacement Jul 09 2011
02:59 (UTC)
Stevita is my favorite Stevia brand and they have both a pure Stevia powder, "Simply Stevia" ( and liquid ( Both available in US on Amazon. Stevita is dedicated to growing and processing Stevia, it's all they do. Their Stevia is grown in South America, not China. See my blog post for more info:
Recipes Reheating Turkey Nov 28 2009
00:07 (UTC)

Good luck DC. We've used this method every time since, with great success. Steaming over corn seems to be the trick. Happy leftovers!

Foods Synergy Kombucha Fruit Drink Sep 30 2009
16:11 (UTC)

Grape is my favorite too when I'm in the mood for sweet (great with popcorn, yes, I've snuck it into a movie theatre!). Trinity is what I tend to get the most often, something about that ginger zing. And the new botanical flavors are really interesting.

Has anyone else noticed that they tend to "explode" less often lately? New formula or new cap, or just coincidence perhaps!

Foods Synergy Kombucha Fruit Drink Jun 17 2009
17:53 (UTC)

Hi char. I'm not a doctor, I just self-medicate a lot! Wink No need to disclose your email, I'll send you a message to your account here.

Foods Synergy Kombucha Fruit Drink Jun 16 2009
17:25 (UTC)

you're on some serious meds, charcarlat, and it sounds like you're doing the right thing, taking it a little at a time to see how it reacts with your body and the medication you have to take.

As for it going "bad" I wouldn't worry about that. If it was taking you 6 months to get through a bottle, maybe, but unless you notice the "mother" growing or a funky smell (funkier than usual, that is!) I wouldn't be concerned. But that's me.

I drink the whole bottle at one time. I've had 2 or 3 in the same day. But I do think testing the water before jumping in the pool is smart for you. Drugs are nothing to mess with, and reactions to - and side effects of - medications are a very common cause of health problems, so tread lightly. That said, kombucha could be very healthy for you, only you can decide if it makes you feel better.

I also don't feel the need to sweeten it, that's one of the things I like so much about it, I find it sweet on its own and I'm always trying to cut down on my sugar consumption. Honey is moderately alkaline forming so it shouldn't change the alkalizing nature of kombucha, (just one of the healthful reasons I drink it). You mentioned the acidity of kombucha, and that's true, but it doesn't make your body acidic (which is bad) it does the opposite (which is good). Lemon juice is very acidic itself, but it's alkaline forming in the body. Same with Kombucha. Many people also have low stomach acid (unfortunately many of those people are on otc things like prilosec for acid reflux, which is only making their underlying problem worse...but I digress), kombucha aids stomach digestion because of its acidity. And proper digestion of our food is the first step in gathering all the nutrients from our food. So again, the acidity is a good thing.

Good luck with your kombucha experimentation!

Fitness Ideas to make the boring treadmill less boring? May 28 2009
05:51 (UTC)

The cure to cardio boredom of any sort is Nia! Think gymboree for adults!

Nia is basically a combination of simple dance moves and some basic martial arts blocks, but it's so much more than that. It's about asking your body how it wants to move. It's about letting go (of your inhibitions, of your self-consiousness, of your pre-conceived notions of yourself - like "I can't dance"). It's about moving freely, no impact, loose joints, expressive movement, heightened awareness. It's not tuning out (like most of us do when we watch tv as we walk on the treadmill or the elliptical) it's about tuning IN.

There are some great videos at, but to get the real Nia experience you've got to experience the energy of a group class (you can find classes on their website too). You'll notice a couple of things in a Nia class. Bodies of all shapes and sizes moving all sorts of different ways, and lots and lots of smiling!

Fitness Has Anyone Tried NIA? May 28 2009
05:41 (UTC)

I've never done Jazzercise either, but would think the calories burned would be similar. It's all an estimating game anyway, really, so close enough is close enough.

And isn't Nia a riot? I've only taken 4 classes now, but I'm HOOKED! Aerobics has always been a chore. I do it, but only because I feel like I have to. But Nia? Nia is truly joyful movement for an hour. Throw in some shouting (how cathartic!), some laughter and the inability to take yourself very seriously and you've got yourself the perfect cardio session if you ask me!

I can't believe I've been working out all these years and just found out about it! Where has Nia been hiding??!

Fitness How often to do Pilates? Apr 26 2009
20:03 (UTC)

You can do Pilates every day since you're not overloading your muscles as in traditional weight training. The basic mat repertoire especially can, and even dare I say should, be done every day (which should only take 15-20 minutes). For the basic mat work I love System 7, 17, and 27 videos by Rael Isacowitz (yes, I'm biased, I'm BASI certified). But as darky said, listen to your body - if it says you need a rest then rest!

Pilates is not just ab work though, it's a whole body exercise regimen and the repertoire is huge, so look for some DVDs that offer you some variety and focus on different things. Stott has an extensive video collection for work you can do at home with different props like therabands, toning balls, and the magic circle. You can rent them on Netflix to see if you like them before buying them.

If you can afford it, have a private session with a certified instructor (not someone who had a weekend course) every once in a while, it's almost impossible to "get" Pilates from a video since the smallest correction in your form can make a huge difference in how it feels and how effective it is. Basic rule of thumb: if it feels easy, you're not doing it right! If a private session is out of the question then pick up a copy of "Pilates" by Rael Isacowitz which does a great job, I think, of explaining proper form and has some great imagery for the exercises.

Fitness Goodbye flabby fat arms!! ... I wish.... Apr 26 2009
19:25 (UTC)

While it's true that you can't send the old fat-burner to your triceps, you're on the right course. Eating right and Pilates will tone your arms. I've been doing Pilates almost exclusively for the past 3 years and my arms look better than they ever did (hello tricep definition!).

I'm a certified Pilates instructor if you want some ideas on arm-specific stuff you can do.  And don't forget about cardio. Pilates is great but unless you're using a jump board you're not getting any cardio.

And keep the faith with the diet (although I hate that word!). Healthy eating is the key. It took a while to get those arms out of shape, it's going to take a while to get them back into shape. Hang in there!



Foods Synergy Kombucha Fruit Drink Nov 23 2008
17:04 (UTC)

mdsellers, that's AWESOME!  My favorite physician, an osteopath (a DO as opposed to an MD), taught me that the body has the innate ability to heal itself, if you give it the chance.  Congratulations!

Foods Stevia!! - all natural sugar replacement Jul 10 2008
18:06 (UTC)

Meima, you'll find some flavored stevia-based mixes here:

but I prefer to keep things as close to nature as possible, so I make my own stevia lemonade simply by combining stevia with fresh lemon juice and water (I use either liquid stevia or mix the powdered with some warm water firm to dissolve it since it doesn't dissolve easily in cold water). Stevia is also great in herbal and rooibos teas. My local Teavana has me hooked on several herbal concoctions, caribbean breeze combined with apple lemon pomegranate, wow that's good stuff!

Fitness Pilates question Dec 15 2007
22:03 (UTC)

Hi. I'm a Pilates instructor so I know the answer to this one!

Pilates will NOT bulk up your middle, it will do the opposite. It's big time core work, true, but in Pilates you learn how to engage your transversus abdominus muscle which is your deepest ab muscle and the muscle that 'sucks you in'.

In a good Pilates mat class you should get the cue in almost every exercise to "sink the belly", or "pull your navel to your spine", or "scoop the low abs". That engages that TA muscle which prevents your rectus abdominus from pooching out when you go into flexion (bending forward like in a crunch position).

The class at your gym may - or may not - be a "real" Pilates class. Ask about the qualifications of the person teaching the class at your gym. And not every certified Pilates instructor is the right one for you. If you don't like the class, or don't see results, look around for a Pilates studio that offers mat classes, they're usually very reasonably priced.

Good luck! 

Fitness Working out while sick? Nov 11 2007
21:49 (UTC)

I stick to cardio. Low-moderate level cardio, this is not the time to kill yourself with intense cardio! Just get the old blood pumping. A good long walk stimulates your immune system.

And I second the motion about taking it easy if you've got a fever, aches, chills.

My general rule is symptoms above the neck (runny nose, sinus pain) I do a little cardio. symptoms below the neck (chest cough, body aches) then I take it easy.

Another tip for staying on track...raw garlic. It'll help you kick whatever bug's got a hold of you. Chop it up in pretty small pieces (so you don't choke on it), pile it up on a spoon and chase it with a big drink of water. Two cloves a day, one with breakfast or lunch and one with dinner. 

Hope you feel better! 

Fitness Can I replace strength training with yoga and pilates? Nov 11 2007
21:41 (UTC)

Just to be clear, Pilates IS strength training. The reformer, the cadillac, the wunda chair, they're all resistance training. A good mat class is certainly a lot of core work, but should also include upper body work and isolated leg work. 

So yes, you can absolutely replace traditional weight lifting with Pilates. While I was going through my Pilates certification course and for months afterwards all I did was Pilates, no lifting at all, and I didn't lose muscle tone. In fact, my butt got higher!  Have you ever seen a picture of Joseph Pilates? Or Rael Isacowitz? Take a look and try to tell me Pilates isn't strength training!

That said, I also enjoy traditional weight training, and try to fit in 2 sessions a week, one upper body and one lower (and thanks to Pilates my form is much, much, better). 

Most importantly wanna, do what you enjoy. And switch it up. I know I'm enjoying my weight training more now because I took a break from it for almost a year.

Good luck! 

Fitness How to get rid of sore muscles? Nov 11 2007
21:27 (UTC)

How about simply resting??

If you're so sore that you can't workout, that's your body yelling at you to let it recover!

If you really feel the need to work out make it an upper body day. 

If you push your legs before they're ready to be pushed you're asking for an injury. Trust me, it's not worth it!

Hope you feel better. 

Foods Almonds Oct 08 2007
06:40 (UTC)

hscher is right, raw is better.

But the California Almond Board  - who supplies 80% of the world's almonds - has decided that to address the fears of salmonella (there have been two outbreaks in the last 5 years, neither with organic almonds) they will now pasteurize ALL the almonds. Most processors will be using PROPYLENE OXIDE (nasty toxic stuff, once used to make racing fuel!). Whole Foods will only sell almonds pasteurized by steam. Not raw, true, but steam is a better alternative than a petroleum product used to make bowling balls and foam car seats!

I've never bought from these guys, but they claim their almonds are not pasteurized. 

Foods Soy milk Oct 08 2007
06:26 (UTC)

soy is not necessarily a healthy food. It's quite the marketing strategy on the part of the soy industry that it is now considered the wonder food.

Some 'soy is bad' links for you to consider:

The most balanced article I've read on the subject is from Patrick Holford, a well respected British nutritionist. He points out that not all soy is created equal. Fermented products like tofu, tempeh and soymilk made from organic, non-genetically-modified whole soybeans (not from soybean isolates, read your labels) are a far cry from the highly processed soy products like textured vegetable protein used to make soy burgers.

Personally I've taken the moderation route. I've reduced my milk intake - of all sorts - considerably and switch off between soy milk and skim cow juice.

If nothing else, soy is a very common food allergen and you should give your body a break from it now and then. 

Foods The no hydrogenated oils/high fructose corn syrup/refined sugar experiment Oct 08 2007
05:51 (UTC)

without a doubt. worked wonders for me (no more colds, no more painful periods).

read the research of Weston Price, he was a dentist who did nutritional research in the 1920's, looking at native peoples who hadn't yet had their diets "westernized" (read: fake, processed, nutrionally empty food).  The common thread in all the healthy peoples he studied? whole, natural foods.

The Price-Pottenger foundation also has info on the nutritional research of  Dr. Francis Pottenger. He studied several generations of cats and raw food diets. Really interesting stuff.

Foods Any quick lunch ideas? Oct 08 2007
05:32 (UTC)

don't go too low cal, your brain needs fuel! Save your calories elsewhere.

one idea - fruit and nuts. whatever fruit is in season (apples and pears now) with some nuts and/or seeds...walnuts (6 halves is a serving), almonds, pepitas, sunflower seeds, all very healthful. just watch the portion sizes, nuts are calorie dense but they're great brain food!