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I am married since 1996, now a mother for three daughters ( 15-14-5 years old). for 10 years after my marriage I watched my weight and i cared about having good looking, then I started to forget about myself and just being alife. since 2006 I gained 90lb over. I was carless for a while, and as I said i was alife but I kept myself gaining more and more lbs.

 on Jan 2012 i said that is enough, that woman in the mirror is not me. I was looking for support from my freinds who are overwight without any response.On 6th Jan I met my coleague in the WC and I asked her " do not u want to lose weight? let's do it together and let,s make a timetable so we can lose at least lb per week. however losing 1lb per week is much better than keep gaining lbs.

I could easily convence her and we started it 7 th january 2012. I hope to lose 60lb by 7th Jan 2013. Then make another time table starting from 7th Jan 2013 till may 2013 to lose another 25lb. 

i am glad that I could stop eating and gaining weight, happy to get my health, shape, life back


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