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Health & Support Water Fast Trouble Apr 12 2008
14:50 (UTC)

Why are you on a water fast?

Foods If you could eat ONE food before you die............. Apr 11 2008
12:06 (UTC)

Whatever I'm craving at the time, really.

But if I were to die in 5 minutes, I'd probably ask for TONS mint chip oreo icecream with TONS of gummi bears, TONS of pretzels and a HUGE crushed chocolate bar ontop.

Foods How do i stop eating at work? Apr 09 2008
02:21 (UTC)

Just keep asking yourself "am I hungry?"

If the answer is no, then realize that it's your boredom making you want to eat.

Maybe you could bring things to do to work that never seem to get done when you're home. Or, bring your favorite CD and sing along, you can't eat when you're singing!

That, or gum would work.

Foods If I'm eating clean... Apr 09 2008
02:18 (UTC)

I think I'd feel better putting natural things into my body rather than chemicals, so I'll make sure everything I buy doesn't have anything fake in it. :/

Thanks for the help guys!

Foods Vitamuffins, are they good? Apr 09 2008
02:15 (UTC)

Thanks for your help guys!

I'm trying to eat clean so I'm not eating any processed stuff (or at least attempting not to) so I took Vitamuffins off the grocery list. But if anyone ever asks me about them, I'll tell them that most of you guys said they were pretty good.

Fitness Pre-workout and post-workout snacks.. Apr 09 2008
02:13 (UTC)

So, would a yogurt and a piece of fruit be an alright pre-workout snack?

I might have a cup of black coffee with that too.

Motivation What to do after a 4000 calorie binge? Apr 08 2008
22:32 (UTC)

Drink lots of water, first of all.

Get a good night sleep, make sure you go to the gym tomorrow, and hop back on the 'healthy eating' wagon again tomorrow.

Health & Support Cant Stop Sleeping- Need High Energy Foods Apr 08 2008
22:01 (UTC)

Bananas are high energy as well as oatmeal, I've heard.

Foods If I'm eating clean... Apr 07 2008
03:12 (UTC)

Eating clean means not eating anything processed or man-made.

Foods Why is Pizza Sooooo Good? Apr 06 2008
22:54 (UTC)

Why is EVERYTHING loaed with bad fats and high in calories, so so good?

Foods When should I eat fruit? Apr 06 2008
21:15 (UTC)

None. Eat fruit when you want. As long as you stay within your calorie limit, it doesn't matter what you eat, or when you eat it.

Foods Subs vs. Wraps Apr 06 2008
20:11 (UTC)

I get the wraps, it may have more calories; but I prefer the taste of the wrap to the bread.

Weight Loss Mind Your Business! Nosy co-workers Apr 06 2008
18:38 (UTC)

I've had the same thing almost!

I don't work (yet) but when I mentioned to my friends and to my Mom that I was going to eat more healthy/eat cleaner, excercise and try to lose weight they were all like "you're tiny enough, you don't need to lose ANY weight" but I'm barely in the healthy range!

I almost think they're afraid I'll get skinnier than they will. I'm doing this for ME; and what they think, doesn't matter.

Foods my healthy snack list.... Apr 06 2008
18:06 (UTC)

Hummus on crackers, yum yum yum. You can make your own hummus too if you wanted.

Foods If I'm eating clean... Apr 06 2008
18:02 (UTC)

Thanks guys! I'm going grocery shopping soon - I'm just starting this whole 'healthy lifestyle' thing, so I'll make sure to only get organic and healthy things.

Weight Loss Can I snack all day? Apr 06 2008
16:34 (UTC)

I've always had a smaller stomach, so it doesn't take that much to fill me up. I tend to snack all day as well.

I truely think that the reason I'm not at a higher weight than I am now is because of my small stomach. I eat (I'm quitting) tons of junk, but not like a whole pizza or anything.

It's all about calories in vs. calories out if you're talking about weightloss. You could eat 2 meals a day of 1000 calories each if your calorie goal was 2000, or you could eat 100 calories 20 times a day in all different snacks and lose the same amount of weight.

Recipes bland hummus help Apr 06 2008
16:29 (UTC)

I buy a roasted garlic hummus at my local grocery store. It's HEAVEN, between my mom and I - we go through a whole box of crackers and a whole tub of this stuff in 3 days!

Games & Challenges The Food Game Apr 06 2008
16:27 (UTC)

Lucky Charms cereal.

Foods Is milk good for weight loss? Apr 06 2008
15:58 (UTC)

I don't think there are any foods that can help a person lose or gain weight. Weight loss/gain is all about calories in vs. calories out. Milk has protein and may fill you up longer, but it's not going to magically make you drop 3 lbs.

just eat a balanced diet, with good fats, protein and carbs and stay within your daily calorie range and you'll lose weight.

Foods What is the Number One Food You Hate???? Apr 06 2008
15:44 (UTC)

I'm actually a really picky eater too. I must hate at least 40% of foods on the planet.

But my #1 least favorite food HAS to be brown sugar.

I suffer from Depression and a few years ago when I was 15 I took a whole botle of Ibuprophen as a suicide attempt and was rushed to the hospital. In order to save my liver I had to drink a whole bottle (which is actually only 250 ml) of Charcodote, which is thick, black and tastes like STRAIGHT brown sugar. It was the worst 250 ml of my life! I nearly gagged, and now I won't eat ANYTHING that tastes like brown sugar, or anything that's black in color.