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Weight Loss Fiber supplements for weight loss May 08 2012
00:25 (UTC)

Eat 3 helping of fruit and veggies per day. That should take care of any fiber issues. There is also fiber tablets if you need to skimp for a day or two. 



Weight Loss NO FAT LOSS FOR A YEAR NOW...nightmare *tears* Nov 19 2011
18:57 (UTC)

I try to stick to 1600 cal a day and my workouts are pretty intense. So i eat extra carbs on my weight days and fewer carbs on the cardio days. Like others have stated there is no magic formula everyones body is different.



Weight Loss My Cheat Day is turning into cheat DAYS. Oct 10 2011
21:44 (UTC)


I think its natural for us to want to over eat. It's human instinct. I know that when I do I start fearing the worst. That I'm going to binge myself right back to heffer status and waste my whole time!

I think the key is not to beat ourselves up. After all ,  they all told us when we started this journey that we were going to have rough times as well as good times. 

I think it's a test for you to conquer. Remember we are human and will binge . The temptation will never go away. We will learn to control it and its power will fade.

Next time you have the urge, ignore it. 



Fitness Ran First Mile Without Stopping . Oct 08 2011
19:33 (UTC)

Wow!!! Lots of repies. Thank you everyone . Its really you guys who showed me the way. I just got off the couch and did it !!!

Today I ran 5 miles. Took me like 1 1/2 hrs .........but I did it !!! 

Now I am back on the couch and probably cant get up for a while Im so sore. 

Thanx guys........If I can do it YOU can too !!! 


Fitness Never done weights, how do I tone upper body? Oct 06 2011
16:07 (UTC)

Push ups and other resistance training will tone your muscle if you are persistent with it. 

But weight training is where you will achieve the fastest and most dramatic results. 

The above poster gave out some good advice regarding the exercises. 

Good luck. 

Fitness What's your resting pulse rate? Oct 02 2011
01:02 (UTC)

My wife timed mine at 56 once but it usually hovers around 64. 


Fitness muscle growth vs. Fat loss? Oct 01 2011
01:32 (UTC)
Original Post by neanderthin:


 Your confused. Jumping adds resistance as does any cardio feat, but that doesn't build muscle. Anytime we move any muscle, there is resistance, but that isn't enough to actually build muscle fiber.  Heavy weight training that stresses the CNS with proper diet and recovery builds muscle. In the context that cardio builds muscle.....not going to happen, in the context that cardio causes resistance, sure,  but so does standing up.

It's actually 'you are' or 'you're' . You might want to get the word right when insulting someone . Looks funny when you don't. 

I am not going to stoop to insults. I will ask you do the same. 

 Resistance training builds and strengthen  muscle. I am certain a whole raft of gymnasts agree. We can use our own body weight to create the stress required to stimulate the muscle growth. 

If your theory was true, nobody could do more push ups because their muscles couldn't get bigger or stronger. Nobody could run longer or faster because running wont build muscle . Only with the invention of weights did anyone ever gain muscle. 

Or are you trying to suggest you can run stronger and faster WITHOUT growing any muscle? Magic dust perhaps? 

I guess the ab exercises wont produce muscle either. You need to put copious amounts of high end weight on your stomach to produce the effect. Lol. 

Back to reality...

Anytime we move muscle we cause the 'micro trauma' to the fiber. The extent of that trauma then becomes about the stress involved which would require as much weight as you can lift . This we can agree on. 

But your original assessment was that cardio did not build ANY muscle . And that is just ridiculous. 

In your final attempt to minimize resistance training as 'standing up 'shows you know little about it. 

I suspect the reason why you don't know is  you don't do any meaningful cardio You subscribe to the 'look as big as possible in the mirror' as the only point to exercise at all. 


If you did any meaningful cardio, you would know the extreme effort you can put up by doing it and the rewards you get from your effort. 


I know for a fact. I am living it. Try it sometime. 

Weight Loss How come I gained 1 KG OVERNIGHT? Sep 30 2011
17:09 (UTC)
Original Post by halloskinny:

I'm so frustrated.

Is there someone that can explain me why eating the same calories one day I'll lose weight, the other I'll gain?

I started logging my cal on monday.

1300 a day

I lost the first 2 days and now I'm back at my starting weight :(

I also have a love/hate relationship with my scale. 

Some days I will lose 2 lbs then I go a week and only lose 1/2 a pound . 

Then there are the weeks where I dont lose anything and then the days where I gain somehow in spite of the calorie deficit. 

Dont worry. It takes 3500 calories to gain a pound, and thus x 2.2 = 7350 calories to gain a KG. 

Since you obviously didnt eat that much, its dead weight . Water weighs 1lb per 2 eight ounce glasses. Also, food itself gets stuck in your digestive tract and you carry that around too. 

So in your case i think you are holding on to water and digestion . Not fat. 

It will even out. Cool

Weight Loss Mind over matter? Willpower where are you? Sep 30 2011
17:03 (UTC)
Original Post by ticiaelizabeth:

Oh boy, this is such a huge problem for me..... I can literally eat thousands of calories in the last couple hours before bed and not be phased. I appreciate this post, and am open to any and all suggestions! lol. Here's to not making a pig of myself at night! @kelrantymus, you really, really are lucky. Who would have thought mindless eating would help with boredom?!?!

I struggle with this as well. I think I have finally got it beat by eating enough during the day where I wont want to binge before bed. Then I have a juicy red Apple waiting for me in case I give in which seems to do the trick and is only 80 calories. 

Fitness muscle growth vs. Fat loss? Sep 30 2011
02:43 (UTC)

I disagree. 

Cardio requires a lot of strength training of your core and legs. There is quite a bit of resistance training during robust cardio. 

In fact, there are scores of exercises we can do for every muscle in our bodies to provide resistance training that require no weights whatsoever. 


Fitness For you smartie-pants out there Sep 29 2011
23:06 (UTC)
Original Post by tom_murphy:

I take a multi-vitamin and two OMEGA-3 pill daily.

I think a consistent, clean diet is the real magic bullet.

I like this plan ! 

Weight Loss Embarassing Question: How can I stay regular? Sep 29 2011
23:03 (UTC)

I have enjoyed this thread. Thanks for the tips . 

Good luck finding the right balance Crystal !

Fitness Ran First Mile Without Stopping . Sep 29 2011
22:56 (UTC)

Thank you for the replies guys !!! Cool

I am sure grateful for having you all in my corner and appreciate the advice. I will aim to get up to 10k but I will have to wait on the Grand Canyon !!!



Weight Loss Body Fat Explained Sep 27 2011
20:02 (UTC)

Thank you for posting this Cool

Weight Loss Not losing weight - Why? Sep 24 2011
21:21 (UTC)
Original Post by peweuk:

I gave up smoking 8 weeks ago.

According to research, based on the number of cigs I smoked per day, when I stopped my metabolism would change and I would retain between 300 and 350 calories per day - ie put on weight.

So I started a walking regime and in addition to my normal amount of daily activity I walk for an hour every day at 3mph which should consume 370 cals - balancing out the reduction due to stopping smoking.

In addition at the same time, I reduced my daily food intake to about 1500 -1800 calories per day. At my height, age and current weight my 'sedentary' calorific needs are about 1800 - 2000 per day.

After 8 weeks, I have still put on a significant amount of weight (at least a stone -14lbs )

Anyone any suggestions as to where I should go from here?

I have been down this exact same road. I smoked for 27 years. I gained 45 pounds since I quit smoking over 2 1/2  years . I was already 25 pounds overweight when I quit smoking so i ended up 72 pounds overweight! 

The most important thing to realize for me was that it was irrelevant how little or how much weight I gained if i was ever to have a cigarette again. I was under enormous strain for the first year as a non smoker . Its one hell of a life change. 

In fact, I smoked so long I had no idea what it was like to be an adult as a non smoker . Last time I was a non smoker i was 15 years old. Thats decades of habits to undo and relearn. 

I know we all want everything at once and you dont want to gain a bunch of weight because you quit . However, the fact you quit probably SAVED YOUR LIFE and no amount of temporary weight gain can ever compare to that. 

I applaud your attempt to keep your weight down but if you have to choose one, TAKE THE WEIGHT GAIN for the first year. 

Just dont smoke , no matter what. Regardless of weight gain. 

Congrats on quitting !!!!

Fitness What was YOUR workout Today? Sep 24 2011
20:58 (UTC)


This morning I worked out my upper body with three sets for arms chest back . 

I also did two sets of squats and lunges. 

I generally dont count the calories i burn when working out with weights. Its the strength I am after. 

I count the calories I burn during cardio. 

I then did 45 min @ 140 bpm cardio = 639 cal

I then did another full body workout cardio 37 min 145 bpm = 559 calories

Then I did a full 60 min all out cardio @ 150bpm = 963 calories


Fitness Moderately or Very Active? Sep 23 2011
02:39 (UTC)

I mark myself as sedentary and then add my activity. My BMR plus walking upright is 2100 calories a day. 

In my first 3 months i kept at 1700 calories as my exercise was daily but since i was just starting it wasnt much more than a few hundred calories. 

Now I burn 1500 calories a day plus weight training (= about 1900) 3 times a week. I do endurance cardio twice a week for 2100 daily and another cardio day 1500 and the 7th day i do a light 680 cal burn. 

But I am careful to eat well, use a multi , use 6 scoops of whey, veggies, healty carbs, and at least a gallon of water.

So now i try to eat 2500 calories a day to keep it going. 

Hope this helps

Weight Loss The last 5 or 10 pounds (or last couple inches or so) group. Sep 21 2011
22:56 (UTC)
Original Post by john_liu:

Isn't that nice. Scale said 182.8 lb this morning.

Alas, there is a stiff challenge ahead. The grocery had this beautiful whole coho salmon, you see, a 7 pounder, and I couldn't resist. If you know how to do it, a salmon can be disassembled with very little waste. 6 lb of that big boy went into my refrigerator, as sectioned fillets.

Here's the thing . . . Even a very fresh fish, tightly wrapped, in the coldest part of the refrigerator, is really best eaten within about 5 days. The kids won't eat fish. SWMBO (refer to your John Mortimer), loves salmon, but is starting a diet and is not going to be a big help here. It looks like I need to eat about 4-5 lb of salmon in 5 days . . . Tough job, but someone's got to do it.

Last night, pan-seared salmon with salsa fresca from our tomatoes. Tonight, spicy salmon sushi rolls with avocado. Tommorrow I'm thinking deep-fried salmon strips crusted in panko crumbs. Thursday maybe we'll try a salmon-and-crab cake. And on Friday, I have no idea really, maybe grilled with a miso sauce.

This is not looking like a good week on the weight loss front! At least I won't be lacking for protein. Hey, maybe I'll make lox with a couple of pieces.

Salmon sounds great to me John !

Motivation Is There Anybody Out There... Sep 21 2011
20:25 (UTC)
Original Post by akela9:

Has anyone else been at this weight loss thing...

For YEARS?? 

I am so genuinely proud and happy for all of my friends who I met back in '09 (when I joined CC) who have managed to get down to (and maintain) a healthy weight... Mad jealous, of course, but SO proud. 

But at this stage in the game, I can't help wondering why I am still where I am... At most, I can claim that I've managed to lose (and keep off) 15 whole pounds. That's great and all, but when you're still trying to lose 80-100 lbs, it's kind of a drop in the bucket... And it's the ONLY drop in the bucket for the last two years.

The only thing I feel like I can be proud of is... I'm still here. I'm still trying. I've LEARNED so much. But I still seem to have a hell of a time putting all the things I've learned into long periods of practice. Maybe there's something wrong with me. Maybe I'm lazy. I don't know.

We can NEVER compare our journeys of self-improvement with anyone else. We shouldn't. It's going to be different for everyone. I guess I just... Need to know if there's anyone else out there "like me" who hasn't given up, but who still has to fight the uphill battle on an almost daily basis.

Because I'm just at a point where I've seen SO MANY people succeed and I don't know what's wrong with me. I still want this. I still think I'm going to make it. But... It's just feeling... Really pointless at the moment, I guess. I wish I could explain better. Hopefully some user (or users) out there will understand and throw in their two-cents.   

Hi!!! I can totally relate. I have been here since 2006. When I first got here I was 178 pounds - 174 without the water weight. I dieted down to 164 and couldnt lose any more. 

I gained back much much more over the years and tried another  attempt in 2010. 

I started at 219 pounds and went down to 191 and couldnt lose any more . 

Little did I know (or chose to ignore) that I had lost a pile of muscle in these dieting periods and then gained back pure fat so i was far worse off than ever before. 

Then finally in June of 2011 I weighed 225 pounds -221 without the water weight i tried again but this time I decided to do the whole thing the exact way people have been telling me to do. 

Exercise , eating habits , sleeping habits , nutrition. 

Now I am down to 195 but I have also put on muscle and feel way healthier. 

So I know how you feel about not succeeding and your advice is the same I would give. As long as we keep trying and coming back, we will make it!!!


Fitness Advice On A Mostly Bodyweight Training Program? Sep 21 2011
19:44 (UTC)

Congrats on your efforts to get into shape. I am also in the same boat as you are. 

This is what I have done. In the first 3 months I did as much exercise as I could without straining myself too hard but hard enough where I could feel it. 

I also ate 1700 calories a day but did NOT cut the protein portion. I ate 1g for every pound of lean mass -which in my case was around 150 lbs. 

As soon as an exercise became relatively easy, I pushed for more. This process never ends. 

I ended up losing 24 lbs of overall body weight but I gained muscle so i must have lost 30 or more pounds of fat. 

Now i can do 2 hrs 20 min of cardio at 145 bpm , which is 2100 calories. So now I have to eat before working out and have some simple carb snacks along the workout  so i wont eat all the glycerin out of my muscles.  

I dont even know how many calories I burn from the wicked after glow I get for hours after the work out but I have to eat 2500 calories now . 


I still weight train 3 days a week , doing one morning and one afternoon session  per workout. 


Also lots of water. A gallon to 1 1/2 gallons a day. 

The most important thing for me is that I have learned to LOVE it. If we dont learn to enjoy it, we will never stick to it in the long run. 


Cheers. Keep us updated! Laughing