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Fitness is it normal to be this weak? Nov 14 2011
22:28 (UTC)
Original Post by dbackerfan:

 it will be hard and painful ( well sore- pain is not good)



took me a while to distinguish between soreness and pain

Fitness is it normal to be this weak? Nov 14 2011
22:27 (UTC)

Absolutely normal. 

"Endurance strength" is very different than "power strength".

You will be surprised at how quickly you improve, given adequate nutrition and rest.

Protein, water, and sleep are your friends.


Fitness What is lifting heavy? Nov 14 2011
21:57 (UTC)
Original Post by newtotown25:

I keep reading about 'lifting heavy' with regards to working out.  What exactly does lifting heavy constitute and can this be achieved by using machines in the gym or does it have to be free weights?


back from the drift....

IMO lifting heavy means 4-6 reps per set [or lower] and 4-6 sets per exercise.

Lifting heavy with free weights [better] OR machines [better than nothing] takes a bit of working up to.  Both physically and mentally.

Stepping back in the squat rack on the fourth or fifth set with a weight that you can only do 4 or 5 times is intense.  I think it taxes my nervous system as much as my muscles.

I find the warm-up sets critical to preparing my mind for the work sets.

I would suggest you have a few weeks at 3x12, then 3x10s, and then 3x8s as a glide path to 5x5s.  Then start the 5x5s at weights that you can easily do.  Then just keep adding weight each session. 

Having a few successful sessions where you get all the reps per sets helps develop a mental state where you expect to succeed.

Fitness Weak grip or weak forearms? Serious question. Nov 14 2011
21:43 (UTC)

Training with a thick bar is going to put more load on your fingers and wrists.

It is going to be more difficult than what you are presently doing.  So you will probably have to lower the weight even more than you already have.

But over time, your weak point [grip endurance] will be improved.

Then you can go back to a regular diameter bar and load it up.

Weight Loss Am I doing anything wrong? Oct 28 2011
14:55 (UTC)
Original Post by libsterdc: I think a lot of people try to start too fast and lose too fast.  I would counsel moderation.  In my mind, by doing this so slowly, I'm setting myself up for long-term weight control.  I've done the rapid weight loss thing, and it always comes back.  Incremental steps are the way to go.


After a number of yo-yo weight fluctuations, I am concentrating on long term habits.  Things I will do for the rest of my life.

The pounds will eventually come off.

Fitness No More Trouble Zones Oct 28 2011
14:38 (UTC)

What about adding strength training?

Fitness What Is Your Favorite Workout Activity? Oct 27 2011
21:35 (UTC)
Original Post by ambereva:

Anything that makes the boys in the weight room squirm with embarrassment that a middle aged soccer mom is tougher than them. So usually deadhang pullups and deadlifts.


I would only add that this only makes the boys squirm, the men are happy to see a woman who knows what serious strength training is

Weight Loss Are Any Females Looking To Lose Weight Just To Get A Boyfriend? Oct 27 2011
20:28 (UTC)

When I was in my twenties, I lost weight mainly to attract women.

But, then again, pretty much everything I did back then was focused on attracting women.

Now, in my mid-forties, looking good nekkid for my wife, is one of the reasons but not really at the top of the list.

Weight Loss How to lose weight within a healthy BMI range? Oct 26 2011
15:32 (UTC)

Strength training 3x week.  Real strength training like NROL4W, not the routine for toning and buffing from Shape Magazine.

Daily cardio.  Doesn't need to be a huge time commitment or a sweaty mess. It does need to be consistent.  I walk everyday 2-3 miles everyday after supper.  Everyday.

For one week, keep at highly detailed food log; including accurate portion sizes.  Weigh and measure foods if need be.  You need to be sure you are truly creating a daily calorie deficit. 100-200 calories a day could make or break your efforts.

Cycle in a day or two of maintenance calories every 4-5 days of calorie restriction to prevent your body from going into starvation mode.

Foods Favorite Protein Bars Oct 21 2011
20:36 (UTC)
Original Post by bestephens:

Original Post by tom_murphy:

170 g  dried cranberries
142 g  dried cherries
544 g  almonds, natural


170 g  dried cranberries = = 85 cal

142 g  dried cherries = 179 cal

544 g  almonds, natural = 3213 cal

566 g  GHIBELLINE 60% CACAO = 3022 cal

85 + 179 + 3213 + 3022 = 6499. cal

 So divide that by approximately 30 (how many snack bags I get out of each recipe)...that would be about 100 calories.



6499/30 = 216 cal.

Foods Favorite Protein Bars Oct 21 2011
19:14 (UTC)

170 g  dried cranberries
142 g  dried cherries
544 g  almonds, natural


170 g  dried cranberries = = 85 cal

142 g  dried cherries = 179 cal

544 g  almonds, natural = 3213 cal

566 g  GHIBELLINE 60% CACAO = 3022 cal

85 + 179 + 3213 + 3022 = 6499. cal [?]


For reference:

I typically have a snack of one (1) ounce of unsalted peanuts for late afternoons.

This is about 30 peanuts and about 180 cal.

Motivation The Darker Side of Losing Weight? Oct 21 2011
16:35 (UTC)
Original Post by emmykate88: It breaks my heart to see her this way, and I want more than anything to help her get healthy.  But I can't help her if she doesn't see the problem.

That sheds more light on your concerns.

My wife has always had a healthy weight, good eating and exercise habits. 

It has been a very delicate balancing act for her over the years between encouraging me and letting me be.

IMO your friend does not have a problem.  You need to accept her as she is. 

Believe me she sees the changes in you and will come to you if she wants to change.  In the mean time, accept her as she is.

Fitness Confused about number of sets and reps in weight training. Oct 21 2011
13:59 (UTC)

I am in a similar position.  Back in the gym after a few years of being lazy.

If I get one more rep on that last set I consider it progress.  I consider stalled being no improvement on any weight, set, rep of any of my exercises.  I have had days when I have gone slightly backwards too.

I started out doing 3x12s and made great progress over the first 6 weeks and then it petered out.

So I changed to 3x10s for this six week phase. I started with the weights I stalled with at 3x12. Made some progress but I stalled again, this time after 3 weeks.

So I doing a few things:

- more sleep each night

- light carb snack about 45 min before workout

- taking a full 90 seconds between sets

- warm-up set at ~ 50% of working set

It does sound like you have been increasing your volume [total sets/reps] by adding additional exercises so you might consider going back to the original set of exercises.

I am debating going to 3x8s or 5x5 for the next 6 week phase.  Then after a week to decompress I will be going back to 3x12s.  Rinse and repeat.

Good luck, please let us know what you do and what finally works for you.

Health & Support OCD? Oct 21 2011
13:39 (UTC)

My mother-in-law has anxiety disorder and germophobia [is that a real word?].  All of your behaviors sound a lot like her.

To me the biggest issue is that you don't trust your therapist.

How can someone help you if you can't be open and honest with them?

Motivation How depressing. Oct 21 2011
13:34 (UTC)

I am so sorry that happened.  People can be so cruel.

I was thriiled to read that your Dad had the courage to call this guy out.  No doubt you are loved.

I spent a number of years working in Korea, China, Indonesia, and the Philippines. 

Now all cultures have good and bad and not to generalize since I meet so, so many wonderful people, BUT I found many Asian men are very threatened by the independence and confidence of women from Western societies.


Weight Loss How often do you weigh yourself? Oct 21 2011
13:22 (UTC)
Original Post by 50begone:

I weigh myself on Monday Mornings right after I get up and go to the bathroom to get rid of the overnight water weight.


The Lounge Is this costume cute or.....distasteful? Opinions wanted. Oct 21 2011
13:21 (UTC)

Skanky and slutty are bad things?


Foods Favorite Protein Bars Oct 21 2011
13:12 (UTC)
Original Post by bestephens:

I hate protein bars because of the quantity of sodium and sugar and fat.

I buy a big bag of Ghirardelli 60% cacao chips, natural almonds, bag of dried fruit, then mix and separate into snack baggies (.5 C or 3.0 g) for nominal calories and sweetness...but a great serving of protein, since there are usually more nuts than anything!

I carry them everywhere and eat about 1-2 bags a day...Omega 3 and potassium (sour cherries and cranberries are my fruit), plus antioxidants in the cacao!

Thanks that's pretty good.

Can you give us an idea of the proportions of each?

I assume you go pretty light on the dried fruit; I was stunned when I learned how many calories raisins have.



Foods Favorite Protein Bars Oct 21 2011
13:04 (UTC)

I am curious why you want I carb to protein ratio of 3:1.  I would rather the opposite ratio.  I am looking at protein shakes and protein bars to increase my daily protein intake so the less carbs the better for me.

What I see many companies do is use sugar alcohols to sweeten them and then not count them as sugar in the front of the packaging but still there in the small print on the back.

Looking at the fat/carb/protien splits and total calories of the bars you listed, I wonder if a big glass of 1% milk [or a soy milk or an almond milk] might be match what you are looking for.

Certainly a cheaper solution.

Good topic, that's for posting it.

Weight Loss My first plateau Oct 21 2011
12:54 (UTC)

My understanding is that that the closer you get to a healthy BMI the lower your daily calorie deficit should be. [i.e. closer to your BMR]

Otherwise you risk put your body into starvation mode.  And starvation mode means is that your body tends to burn muscle for fuel rather than burning fat.  This is really bad cause it is the opposite of what we want to do.

So I was able to tolerate a large calorie deficit early on and was losing ~ 2 lb per week. 

Now I need to eat closer to my daily BMR and I need to exercise more [increase time or frequency or intensity] in order to burn the same calories I was burning earlier at the heavy body weight.

Also I think I got a bit complacent in watching portion sizes and snacks.  So I rededicated myself to a strict clean diet.