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My philosophy and how I lost over 100 lbs! Laughing

Well, the answer is pretty simple. Everything in moderation.

I do live by my tag line... there are no bad foods, only bad portions! I do not deprive myself of something I really want, I just limit how much I have. You can count on me to have candy/ice cream/junk food every day!

I'm 5'2" and try to eat about 1650 cals/day, although I only count my weekly average. I walk on my lunch break 5 days a week, and do one exercise class on the weekend. I do NIA, which I love - you should check it out! When I started walking, I did under one mile, now I do about 2.8-3 miles in 45 mins.

I started in Jan 2007. I have had days where I eat a ton, and family celebrations where I don't count at all - but these are rare. Consistency over time has been the key for me.

Start Weight:  267.8
Current Weight: 140.4

Current Goal:  134

1st Goal:  150 - MET!


New Goal:


Goal Met! (Started 1-07, Ended 6-08, Average 6.5 lbs/Month)



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