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Fitness Last week of Insanity!! Now what?? Jul 24 2012
23:33 (UTC)

lol! Laughing

Fitness Last week of Insanity!! Now what?? Jul 24 2012
00:41 (UTC)

Not 2 brag, but check out my pic...this body is from P90x & Insanity mostly and those other programs are filler so I don't get bored...oh yeah, I forgot I do step from time 2 time...personally I HATE the gym but love the ease of working out @ home. Have a good night!

Fitness Last week of Insanity!! Now what?? Jul 22 2012
22:32 (UTC)



If you did Insanity you can do P90x...Insanity to me was a step up compared to P90x...I mix it up w/bellydance, cardio dance, latin/salsa dance, hula dance, walking & ALWAYS taking the stairs (3 flights throughout the day) at work. I am 32 years young! Laughing

Fitness Exercise Videos - Success? Jun 24 2012
19:45 (UTC)


Not to toot my own horn too loudly here, but take a look at my photo...this was/is done at home following P90x, Insanity, Cathe F. Step, Latin Dance, Cardio Dance, Belly Dance and Hawaiin Dance DVD's...I swear by them! I had put on about 20pds when I had my foot surgeries and doing just the step & latin vid's lost 15 of those pounds...the rest came off when I wanted more of a challenge and downloaded/bought the rest of them. I HATE the gym (I'm kind of a germ-a-phobe Laughing) and love the freedom of being able to workout in the privacy of my own home without having to worry about wiping down equipment, buying/renting tons of equipment in general, paying a trainer, gassing the car, dealing w/membership & sales and mostly because when/if I get hot I can take off stuff w/out having men leering (well, besides my husband, but that's welcome!), to me it's a winning situation all around! Good luck to you & your decision Wink


(Oh, by the by, I went from 127pds to 147pds back to 125-127pds and I am 5ft 8in)

Foods Almond Milk -- your experiences good and bad May 30 2012
18:23 (UTC)



I've never had any problems with it, (and I am the QUEEN of sensitive-stomach-ville), however, I use the regular/original kind, no flavors, no sweet/unsweet, just good ol', regular almond milk...oh, and the brand is the same as yours: Almond Breeze, that other brand tastes like cardboard! I don't know what they're doing differently, I just know it's nasty! (lol) Wink

Weight Loss hunger I can manage- cravings are impossible! Apr 25 2012
15:44 (UTC)

I too LOVE the sweets...if you're out 4 lunch, go to Boston Market & order a small side of the apples...if I'm going home I'll order the side then crumble 2 graham crackers over it or if no grahams, put a small amt of whipped cream on it, just as good and mos def knocks out the cravings 4 sweet...

We also have been doing healthier fruit tarts: tiny filo-dough cups filled w/whatever fruit, (mix fruit w/a sml amt of brown sugar & a lot of fresh lemon juice, mix it all up, let it sit 4 about 5 min's), put fruit in dough cups bake 4 about 20 min's & voila! Tasty & healthier dessert...or sometimes, I don't use dough and just eat the fruit...also u can use regular pie dough cut n2 tiny squares and use the same method above w/the fruit, personally I like fresh peaches/strawberries because when you layer them on the dough & bake them they taste just like pop-tarts, I kid you not! So Delicious!!

Also, we make in-house s'mores...simply break graham crackers in half, put on a couple marshmallows (or 1 big 1), then add 1 chocolate morsel (we use the ones from the health food section that are about 70% dark choco...any hi'er percentage & it's 2 tart 4 my taste buds, but experiment & find out what you like)....throw'em under your ovens broiler for about 15 sec's, pull'em out & enjoy~

These things have GREATLY helped me w/my cravings...esp the once a month kind. Laughing

Fitness Sticky What's your Non Scale Victory ( Brag away ) Apr 14 2012
17:26 (UTC)

I used to do only light exercising: Step, belly dance, latin dance, hula dance, modern dance & dance fitness dvd's. While those were good to maintain the weight I had put on (147 @ 5ft 8in) I wanted to lose weight back to my "model days" (127 @ 5ft 8 in), so I stepped it up to p90X and Iv'e dropped the weight to where I want it, got most of my six pack back (lol) and I'm loving my body again! I can now do over 30 "man" push-ups, over 30 pull ups and I even started jogging w/my hubby! I am 32 years young! Laughing

Foods Ideas on how to avoid sodium? Apr 11 2012
14:51 (UTC)



What I've noticed about most calorie loggers is:

1.) I make my own soups & broths and barely use sea salt at all, yet somehow the "counter" just assumes I've dumped a ton of salt into the mix.

2.) They often calculate more calories than what the item is actually giving you, so if you read your boxes/packages carefully and add/subtract for yourself, you'll be better off.


Source: Proof having been there, done that, throwing it all out the window and dropping 20 pounds back to my "model days" weight of 127 at 5ft 8in at age 32 Wink


Hope I helped a bit~

Health & Support No Support From Husband May 19 2011
12:55 (UTC)

Unfortunately, it is hard for some men to grow completely up...what I mean is they often grow into grown children, for example, "I don't want to eat healthy now because my parents made me when I was a kid", so they choose to eat as much junk and crap as possible now because they are "adult". By you wanting to eat healthy and his pushing against it, he may be viewing it as his "parents" all over again trying to tell him to eat healthy. Just a thought, this is somewhat what my hubby does...he's all muscle right now because he's an agent and he's out and up constantly, he'll eat some things healthy but generally has a problem with all veggies except for spinach, (I call him the rain-man of veggies because he will eat this EVERYDAY), and doesn't want to eat turkey bacon, but will suck down bags and bags of twizzlers or any corn syrupy candy you can think, right?   Maybe try to gently explain to him that he should try to set good examples for the kids, because believe me, what's next will be, "...but mommy, daddy doesn't eat it...", then you've really got troubles my friend.

The Lounge Things you do that annoys or frustrates your friends. Apr 28 2011
15:23 (UTC)

I tend to talk over my friends and anyone else. It's actually really funny because I don't have a loud commanding voice, I just do it...I wait for a pause and off I go~ lol, I am trying to stop and listen totally to what others have to say though =)


Sometimes I think we all go into hermit mode, there are days or weeks even that I don't feel like talking to anyone except my hubby. Then, my mom, dad or older bro will call and I pull out of my little cave~ It happens, my hermit-ness tends to be when it's gloomy out, which is often in Michicave