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Health & Support Scared about Laxative May 10 2012
18:51 (UTC)

Relax. Taking one when you clearly need one is absolutely justified. 

Foods Cold Weather Foods May 07 2012
19:50 (UTC)

Really spicy red lentil and tomato soup. Fills you right up, has TONS of fiber and is so amazingly warm and comforting.

Foods Health food survey! May 06 2012
09:57 (UTC)


Raw/healthy food bar? - I try to avoid food bars as they're not really "real" food

Nut butter? - peanut butter, chunky

Non-artificial sugar alternative(stevia, agave, etc.)? - honey

Exotic fruit(depending upon where you live!)? - passionfruit

Healthy way to prepare meat/meat alternative? - don't eat meat

Raw nut/seeds?- almonds and pumpkin seeds

Smoothie? - i don't like smoothies

Way to prepare oatmeal? - 1/2 milk, 1/2 water + homemade strawberry jam

Type of whole grain bread? - rye bread with seeds

Unhealthy food that you've made healthy? - savory muffins with buttermilk instead of most of the oil 

Type of bean(kidney, black, etc.)? - kidney

Leafy vegetable, and way to prepare it? - baby spinach or cabbage, raw

Starchy vegetable, and way to prepare it? - potato, baked

Fruit? - apples

Healthy breakfast? - oat bran porridge with jam and a banana

...Lunch? - red lentil soup/veggie chili with brown rice

...Dinner? - salad with mushrooms and a boiled egg

...Snacks? - fruit, nuts, seeds

...Desserts? - jello, dark chocolate, ice cream

...And drinks? - water with some frozen raspberries thrown in for taste

This or that...or neither!

Chia or flax seeds? - flax

Red/green apples or grapes? - apples

Coconut or pineapple? - pineapple

Brown rice or quinoa? - brown rice

Kefir or yogurt? - kefir

Cold cereal or oatmeal? - oatmeal

Cocoa powder or dark chocolate? - dark chocolate

Whole grain pasta or bread? - bread

Nuts or seeds? - nuts

Yay or nay?

Juice? - eh

Protein powder? - nay

Tea? - all the time

Coffee? -  rarely

Restaurants/Fast food? - avoid, otherwise pick healthier choices

Granola? - nay

Popcorn? - yes!

Pita bread? - rarely

Frozen fruit/veggies? - yes



Weight Loss Confused about calories and scale May 02 2012
09:34 (UTC)

I'm also trying to lose the same amount of weight (and we have pretty much the same stats!) and it's taking forever. However, we are both at a healthy weight now, right in the middle of the healthy BMI range, so it will take some time for the body to understand why it has to get rid of the fat.


Health & Support tall and overweight / boyfriend not attracted anymore. Apr 13 2012
09:25 (UTC)

Ok, really people. I am amazed by how many of you instantly think they should break up and how the boyfriend is being horrible. They've been together for 10 years, so it should be possible for the guy to express his concern without getting instantly dumped for daring to mention the truth. 

Health & Support POLL: all about you!?? Apr 05 2012
06:55 (UTC)

What's your name (first)? [rather not]

Height? 5'3

Age? 26

Weight? 54kg 

Highest weight? 68kg

Lowest? 50kg

Goal weight? 52kg

Your favorite color? green

Favorite snack? chocolate

Favorite workout? belly dancing

Ever had an ED (hope notX)? I've been close

Who's the most important person to you right now and why? Grandma, she's awesome.

What are you doing this month? Any occasions in particular? Writing my head off.

How many calories do you eat a day? 1300-1500

How much do you workout? Belly dancing 3x week + running whenever I feel like it

What's your favorite type of music? I guess rock, but I have a very eclectic taste.

Who are you favorite singers? Amy McDonald, Amanda Palmer, Frank Turner

I you could choose 5 foods to be CALORIE FREE which would it be?!? chocolate, ice cream, curry, avocados, cheese

Are you a vegetarian? Yes

Do you drink Starbucks? Only at airports

Motivation If it weren't for (insert food here), I'd probably be slimmer. Apr 04 2012
10:52 (UTC)

Has to be candy for me or really, anything sweet. 

Motivation Food Addiction Mar 27 2012
12:29 (UTC)

I have a similar problem - even since I was little there was no amount of candy and greasy things that were too much for me. I am a healthy weight (it did get a bit out of hand a couple of years ago but i got it under control) and I have to constantly remind myself not to buy all the greasy deliciousness that seem to talk to me from the shelves.

I've found that not switching it off completely is what works best for me. Need some candy? Work it into my day. Feel like eating fast food? Wait a little and if I still crave it, have a reasonable amount then have an extra-healthy dinner. I think I only need fast food about once a month now, which is nice. I've tried to stop completely, but I only end up craving more and it makes me miserable and prone to pigging out (I wouldn't say binge, it's never that bad). 

(EDIT: typo)

Motivation Post your reasons to our big list of reasons to lose weight! Mar 26 2012
06:05 (UTC)

I don't have a lot left to lose, however:

*I want to be a tiny (bmi 20) short person, not a chubby short person

*I want to show all my co-workers that you can be fit without starving yourself

*I want to be the last one to get tired when we go on hikes 

*I want to be thought of as "athletic"

*I want to be leaner and fitter than my boyfriend, so maybe he will feel jealous and try to do the same


Weight Loss How does this work out?! Feb 22 2010
09:09 (UTC)

I guess your body likes you :)

I've been good for a month and I seem to have gained three pounds. Just hoping it's PMS related.

Calorie Count CC and Fruit Feb 21 2010
14:38 (UTC)

Pretty sure CC counts just the edible parts, unless noted otherwise.

Fitness Breast Shrinkage!!! Feb 10 2010
17:15 (UTC)

My C-cup turned into an A-cup. There's nothing you can do.

As you lose your body fat, you also lose the part of it that's in your breasts.


Foods Who do I trust??? CC or Restaurant website's nutrition info? Feb 10 2010
17:11 (UTC)

I'd log the one that gives a higher amount of calories. Just in case.

Fitness Boyfriend complaining about working out Jan 20 2010
22:11 (UTC)

I'm in a long-distance relationship aswell. He complains when he's AWAY from me. If he was here, he'd just come with me.

Motivation Has anyone made fun of your calorie counting? Jan 20 2010
09:38 (UTC)

I don't think I've ever had someone say mean things to me about weighing and counting, but I'm keeping it from my brother to keep it that way.

My mother has repeatedly told me that I don't eat enough and called me bulimic (not anorexic!) and whatnot, when I eat a little of my favourite high-calorie foods and balance them out with vegetables, making it seem like I live on broccoli. I don't. My diet is just fine. Get off my back.

Some of my friends have tried to make me eat pizza and looked really worried when I went for a salad instead.

My boyfriend is very supportive to my efforts, but still trying to subconsciously sabotage me. He is one of those people who never gains weight no matter what they eat. It took me a while to make him understand that if we cook food together, I want him to eat ~2/3 of it instead of half, because I will eat what's left and I'm smaller than he is. He still wants to split chocolate bars evenly because he's a nice boy who wants me to have tasty things :D I find it adorable and try to sneak some of the candy back to him (we both have a major sweettooth).

Foods Anyone else obssesed with cooking now that you are counting calories? Oct 06 2009
12:55 (UTC)

Yeah, I am still absolutely obsessed with cooking. After all, I had to find new, healthy, tasty things to replace all those cakes and fried bread, right?

I love cooking now and finding new things to make.

Vegetarian Considering Going Vegetarian Oct 04 2009
10:56 (UTC)

I went vegetarian a couple of years ago and it wasn't for moral reasons. For me it was a way to coax myself into a healthier diet and to cut down on eating out (a couple of years ago in Estonia it was near impossible to find decent vegetarian food in restaurants, it's still pretty bad now). I eat milk products and eggs, but not fish or any kind of animal/bird. I guess that classifies me as a parasite:D

The difficulties would be getting enough protein and iron and B-group vitamins (eggs help, a lot), I also took supplements for a while. It was also hard dealing with other people, especially here, where vegetarianism was pretty much unheard of. Friends birthday parties were also hard because some of them only bought/made meat-based snacks and crisps.

Since I'm a student in my hometown, I still live with my mum. It was hard explaining my new choices to my family, but they eventually accepted it and became more accommodating food-wise.

Overall, I feel good about my decision, I started to like veggies a lot more, I learned to cook tasty things, I feel better, my diet has improved and I lost quite a bit of extra weight without too many problems.

If you're not that into meat, I would definitely recommend going vegetarian.

Sorry for rambling, if you have any more questions, ask me:)

The Lounge Talk to me about passive aggressive Sep 30 2009
20:47 (UTC)


Weight Loss For the Pears- Waist to Hip Ratio Jun 07 2009
20:54 (UTC)

I'm 5'3, 24''waist and 37''hips.

All my weight loss is behind me and I'm on maintenance... And I wear european size 34-36 (US 4-6?). It's nearly impossible to find non-low-rise trousers that fit my nonstandard figure, the outlets that sell stuff for people with curvier figures don't carry my size.

I've had to sew darts in 90% of my trousers and even skirts!

Foods Eating for your ancestry? What is your take on it? May 27 2009
03:55 (UTC)

My ancestry... That would mean eating bread with salted lard, perhaps with some potatoes. Times were tough for peasants in northern Europe :D