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The Lounge Where have all my good friends gone? Sep 13 2009
21:53 (UTC)

I haven't been on in three weeks, but I'm back, because I need the support and accountability that CC gives me.  Got to meet that goal or get close soon.  I want a baby!

Weight Loss Fed up, need help, please Jun 26 2009
23:54 (UTC)

If it is possible, I would stop the birth control pills.  I had a hard time with all of the pills my doctor put me on and eventually decided the convenience was not worth the side effects.  I had a hard time with gaining weight and my periods actually were worse while on the pill.  But that is just me, I know most people have wonderfully easy periods and no other issues while using the pill.


Foods favorite summer food? Jun 26 2009
23:48 (UTC)

I live on a farm and we have a garden, so anything from the garden, especially home-grown tomatoes and cucumber.

Weight Loss I want to lose enough weight so that . . *fill in the blank* Jun 26 2009
23:46 (UTC)

I want to lose enough weight to wear size 10s and 12s.  (Some of you are probably in those sizes and trying to get to 2s and 4s.)  I'm 5'10 and large framed, so those sizes are my "skinny clothes."

I want to lose enough weight to look long, lean, and toned.

I want to walk around in my bathing suit w/o sucking anything in.

Weight Loss Is it possible to lose 20lbs by September 1st, 2009? Jun 16 2009
03:46 (UTC)

Hi Carrie, use the calorie target tool.  It will help you determine how many calories per day you should eat to meet the goal date you set for yourself.  Record what you eat daily into the food log.  Don't go over your calorie target and you shoud drop some pounds.  Go back and look at your account settings.  Just play around with Calorie Count and you will have it figured out in no time.  I've lost a bunch of weight in the 11 months I've been using CC, so I know it works.

Weight Loss Losing weight, gaining understanding Jun 16 2009
03:43 (UTC)

I agree.  I've lost 87 pounds since I came to Calorie Count eleven months ago.  It has honestly changed my life.

Weight Loss Question about food, and weight loss Jun 16 2009
03:41 (UTC)

Your face will slim down in your 20's.  You will see! 

Foods how often do your grocery shop?? and when? Jun 16 2009
02:31 (UTC)

I get paid twice a month, so I have a big shopping trip every two weeks.  I live in a rural area of KY, so I end up stopping at smaller, local stores a few times a week for things I have forgotten.  I try to split my shopping trips between Wal-Mart and Kroger.  Kroger has much better meat, but Wal-Mart has much lower prices on non-perishables.

Foods survey: where is your favorite place to get.. Jun 16 2009
02:25 (UTC)

hamburger: Ruby Tuesday (love the turkey minis)

fries: Ruby Tuesday 

onion rings: local restaurant - Farmer's Feedmill

ice cream: Sonic

baked goods: Kroger deli

chicken wings: Pizza Hut


pizza: Papa John's

chinese food: not for me

italian food: pathetic, but Fazzoli's, I'm not a huge fan of Italian food.

turkey sandwich: Subway

caesar salad: not a caesar eater

milkshake: Baskin Robbins

taco: El Mazatlan

doughnut: Kroger deli

bagel: Bagels and More

cinnamon roll: Pillsbury in a can with that amazing frosting


Weight Loss Question about food, and weight loss Jun 16 2009
02:15 (UTC)

How old are you?  If you are still a teen, you can expect your face to slim in your twenties.  (mine did, until I started gaining weight)  I would not lose anymore weight if I were you, if you are comfortable with where you are at.  Google facial exercises and see if you find anything.  I've never done them but I've read about people doing certain exercises to try to get rid of a double chin.

Weight Loss Choosing Your Ideal Size. Jun 15 2009
23:57 (UTC)

I always knew that with a large frame, size 12 is perfect for me.  This link confirms that and that size 10 is not out of the realm of possibility.  Lately I've been thinking that there might be hope for me eventually wearing a size 10.

Weight Loss What have you learned from being overweight? The silver lining. Jun 15 2009
23:51 (UTC)

Okay this forum is making me cry.  I received three messages on my Facebook in the past week about how I have inspired different people in my life to exercise and eat right.  It's amazing how I was over 300 pounds at this time last year and I am an inspiration to friends/family this year.  I have always loved myself, but I didn't love myself enough to make the changes because they weren't "painless."

Example, it takes some effort to go exercise instead of lounging on the couch in my jammies.

Like another poster said, I've realized what a wonderful husband I have.  As I look back at pictures of me over 300 pounds, I am amazed that he was even attracted to me.  He has never made any negative comments about my weight and he has been a constant supporter and I make positive changes.

As I close in on 100 pounds lost, (God-willing by the end of the month), I appreciate what led me to Calorie Count, because this site has changed me for the better.

Foods Finding the worst fast food (just for fun) Jun 07 2009
17:18 (UTC)

I thought I was making a "better" choice, not exactly a healthy choice by having a plain Arby's large roast beef.  It had over 500 calories in it, so I could just as easily have eaten a Big Mac and gotten more enjoyment from it.  (Of course, getting pleasure by eating is what has landed me here today.)

Foods Deep Fried Coke? Apr 22 2009
20:33 (UTC)

Okay, while most of that looked disgusting, the Horseshoe sandwich looked good.  Buttered Texas toast open faced cheeseburgers, topped with french fries...not outlandish, not healthy, but definitely not disgusting...get rid of the extra burger, throw in some lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickle and that would be a tasty burger!

Weight Loss When do you weigh yourself? Apr 17 2009
06:10 (UTC)

Now that I have a decent, accurate scale, I will be weighing every morning.  My old scale was off by 30 pounds.  Not fun!  It was weighing me 30 pounds lighter than I really am!  Yikes!

Foods Foods you thought you hated... Apr 14 2009
23:54 (UTC)

You read my mind, because I was a peanut butter hater.  Now I love it and actually crave it after workouts.

I also really like Laughing Cow cheese and I thought I would hate it.

Weight Loss For all of us who were "naughty" over easter... Apr 14 2009
23:46 (UTC)

This forum has a good vibe to it!  I noticed a couple of posters were talking about wings.  I'm been baking boneless, skinless tenders in the oven with Frank's Buffalo Wing Sauce on them.  The wing sauce has almost no calories per serving, maybe 15 for two tablespoons???  I'm not quite sure, but it's not many.  I also don't use ranch or blue cheese when I eat buffalo chicken this way, so I save those calories.  It satisfies my craving for something spicy and maybe, just maybe, it jumpstarts the metabolism.

Weight Loss Fad Diet Rehab Apr 14 2009
23:35 (UTC)

I lost and kept off 30 pounds as a teenager, back before everyone had great Internet resources.  I kept a journal in a spiral notebook and had a paperback food dictionary with calorie counts.  I think I stuck to 1200 calories back then and I walked an hour each day.

Fast-forward to my first year of marriage in 2003.  I gained 90 pounds between 2001 and 2003.  I did Atkins, lost 30 pounds, gained it back plus 20 more.  I can't live without white potatoes.  I eat two to three plain baked potatoes a week.  I love them.

Now to 2008:  Found calorie count and have lost a large amount of weight!  Hurray!  There's no quick fix, it's all out input and output!

Foods FOOD WARS--fiber one oats and chocolate vs. fiber plus [kellogg's] chocolate chip Mar 27 2009
19:13 (UTC)

I actually really like them both and will probably buy the one that is on sale.

Weight Loss Stuff About Weight Loss That Bugs Me Mar 09 2009
14:50 (UTC)

First, I love a genuine compliment!  A well-meaning person that wants to congratulate me is a true blessing.

There are a few people that have even said, "I'm so jealous."  I'll take that because it is honest.

Then there are the people that check out what I eat for lunch, monitor my snacks, and that I can't stand.

I suppose it's all about how the person meant it but there are people that just need to mind their own business.  Especially the people that say, "you are about to blow away."  I want to scream, "I weigh 206 pounds!  There's no chance of me blowing away."  (Edit:  80 some pounds is a big loss, but I'm not even close to my goal of 170 yet.)