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Weight Loss But I do it anyway...what do you STILL do, when you know better? Feb 18 2009
19:32 (UTC)

god! Wine is my main issue too, and sure only on the weekends but still! I love it, I just have a hard time limiting myself to the "one glass" I set out to have. It usually ends up around three and way too many extra calories. I always wonder how much more progress i could be making ! at least red wine has anti-oxidants?...weak argument.

Foods Biscuit binge - point of no return!! Feb 11 2009
19:22 (UTC)

How many calories are you eating per day. Often when people dont eat enough calories they crave high fat high sugar foods. People who meet all of their nutritional needs usually report craving these things less.

Foods Clean Eating Grocery List Feb 10 2009
17:42 (UTC)

Has anyone tried Stevia? Its an all natural no calorie sweetener...there seems to be a splenda debate, and splenda Does have  chemicals, so I thought Id offer an alternative!

Weight Loss cant loose weight!?! problem? doing something wrong? help?! Feb 10 2009
17:34 (UTC)

I think that 9 pounds is a Great accomplishment. Sometimes we lose weight at slow rates, the good news is, the more slowly you lose it the more likely you will be able to keep it off. You may be underestimating your calories, its the only think I can think of, if not maybe you just lose weight slowly, I am sure more will  come off as you continue to run more. Just be patient. You have accomplished a lot!!

Weight Loss Can i really eat ANYTHING? Feb 07 2009
20:52 (UTC)

You can eat anything and lose weight pretty much, but your nutrition which is vital, will suffer. You will be thinner, but not in good health. Also eating crap is less satisfying and will leave you with less energy and ....craving more crap. So you likely wont be as successful if you go on this kind of diet.

Weight Loss working out 7 days/week and gained 1.5 lbs Feb 07 2009
19:15 (UTC)

water, when you have just drank a lot can weigh up to 2 lbs are you weighing right after you work out and consume a lot? Or you could be building muscle, which is not a bad thing because eventually it will burn more calories! Final thought- are you watching sodium. A lot of "health foods" are high in it, and can cause you to retain. Anyway Im sure that 1.5 lb fluctuation is not gained fat, so you have nothing to worry about.

Weight Loss slightly new twist on familiar problem (treats at work) Feb 07 2009
19:05 (UTC)

Going off the fruit solution, clementines are SO sweet! And very small so would definitely fit in your pockets, or you could say to yourself that you are only going to have a treat at work once a week, so you wont feel totally deprived and like you have to miss out every time, but also wont over do it!!!