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Fitness Victoria's Secret revolutionizes fitness Mar 28 2008
05:21 (UTC)

hahaha is all i can say

Motivation 17 and sucky Mar 27 2008
23:41 (UTC)

oh i have playing back i'm to agressive, XP

i nevered played on a team before this year but i always used to play around with people.

Motivation Am I Being Stupid? Mar 27 2008
23:40 (UTC)

ah to be that thin, if you get any skinnier you might snap in half, lol i think you should stay the way you are now.

Motivation 17 and sucky Mar 27 2008
04:55 (UTC)

really thats cool i usually played center mid outside mid or forward you?

Foods worst eater ever....HELP PLEASE! Mar 27 2008
04:35 (UTC)

Its all in my head I know and its embarassing but I can't seem to over come it. I'm just not sure whats good to eat.