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The Lounge Do you pick your nose? Jun 20 2012
17:34 (UTC)
Original Post by kotov_syndrome:

and...are you implying that you and your people are communists? O.o

More like cave men.

The Lounge Do you pick your nose? Jun 20 2012
17:30 (UTC)
Original Post by kotov_syndrome:

i cannot fathom why people actually trim their nose hair. :/

Some people have the misfortune to have nose hair that grows well past the nostril area. Luckily that's not one of the areas where I'm hairy but I often walk in on my husband clipping his. On the couch.

I seem to have confirmed my suspicion that I, and the people I associate with, have no class. Sweet.

The Lounge Do you pick your nose? Jun 20 2012
17:06 (UTC)

I do! Not consistently during the day, but occasionally when I'm alone I deem it necessary.

My husband gets grossed out. Too bad for him, I put up with his flatulence, he can deal with a little nose pickin'.

The Lounge . Jun 18 2012
17:35 (UTC)

I can't help much with eye contact, I have trouble with that myself, but I do think that summer-anxiety can happen. I realized this year that my anxiety (and occasionally depression) are at their peak in May. I have a feeling it's to do with the changing of the weather (even though I love summer, must have something to do with hormones or something in the air). Everyone is different. Do bring it up with your therapist. If you're on meds, sometimes they'll increase the dose during the months you're at your most anxious and decrease them again in the months you feel okay. There are a lot of options.

The Lounge Adding EX's on Facebook. Good or bad? Jun 13 2012
20:07 (UTC)

I'm friends on Facebook with a couple who liked me back in the day, a couple I almost dated...but I'm talking from when I was a kid. I wouldn't consider that an actual "ex" because we were never in a committed adult relationship. I just keep in touch because we were friends and we live in different cities and it's nice to talk once a year or whatever.

My husband had his ex on Facebook until just recently.  She used to send him these weird messages, and it made me kind of uncomfortable. She finally deleted him (she was the one hanging on) and he got all excited. I think he didn't want to cause drama by deleting her. Which is dumb, but I wasn't going to get on his case about it, but I know for a fact he'd never get back together with her.

So...every situation is different, I guess, but it's probably a bad idea if your relationship is rocky.

The Lounge I yelled at an adult Jun 11 2012
17:06 (UTC)
Original Post by insanespace:

 Two: adults don't have pink hair.

Some of them do.

Not all of them are that grumpy though.

The Lounge this special world... May 23 2012
14:15 (UTC)
Original Post by cajunrider:

Yes from birth everyone is special, not to everyone but to someone, most particularly yourself. When my daughter was 3 yr old, she had a crazy thought that she wasn't special. I held her tight and told her that out of billions and billions of people, I have only one daughter and that she is special to me.

Being her only dad, I am special to her. I will be different than any man on earth for I love her more than any one possibly can. Some day she may meet a man and fall in love and they belong to one another but still no one can provide her the fatherly love that I do.

Nurtured by that, she blossoms into a beautiful human being.


I needed that. Thank you for posting it.

The Lounge Just a major sad. May 07 2012
14:10 (UTC)

My condolences as well.

The Lounge On the verge of being fired! Apr 24 2012
14:55 (UTC)

I haven't had time to read the rest of the replies, I just wanted you to know that I can relate to your OCD. I worked with food for a while, and sometimes we had people bring back half-eaten sandwiches, it was a nightmare. I'm afraid of germs to the extreme...

The thing is, exposure to what you're afraid of is part of the process of handling your OCD. Are you seeing a therapist? That can help. Medication can also help (I'm going back on medication soon, actually, because of a gigantic flare up).

It's not a bad idea to get a different job, though. It's still hard to interact with people, but now that I'm out of the public eye and in an office, my panic attacks can happen when I'm by myself. That was always the worst part.

The Lounge I'm having an emo-day. Mar 28 2012
17:46 (UTC)

Group hugs are my favorite! *throws confetti*

Here's hoping the day gets better!

The Lounge Hump Day = slump day... Mar 21 2012
17:58 (UTC)

Why is this week so long? It's no different than any other week - unless it's because the sun is out there mocking me because I'm stuck at my desk.

The Lounge Theatre Mar 21 2012
17:54 (UTC)
Original Post by kathygator:

Far easier to suspend disbelief when the entire company doesn't burst into random song. ;)

You mean most people don't burst into song normally? Man, I need to re-evaluate how I live my life.

The Lounge Job Hunting - websites Mar 21 2012
17:44 (UTC)

We need a new receptionist. You know, just in case you want to leave the country and come live here.

Kidding aside, good luck on your hunt! I don't know any other sites than the ones you've listed (except one that's specific to Canada).

The Lounge Theatre Mar 21 2012
17:37 (UTC)

I'm not well-versed on my playwrights, but my favorite play since childhood is probably Pirates of Penzance. So many good memories. I'm also a big fan of the Rocky Horror Show in its live incarnation.

My favorite genre is also musical.


edit: typo.

The Lounge Would you rather be a penis or a vagina? Mar 20 2012
15:32 (UTC)

I'm thinking penis, penises really seem to enjoy themselves.

The Lounge Toughen up or people are going to be afraid to talk to you Mar 19 2012
19:35 (UTC)

I get the "snap out of it" lecture a lot. It's of no help whatsoever. Obviously if I could just snap out of it I would have done so already, durr hurr.

She obviously doesn't understand. Just ignore her.

The Lounge How long did you date? Mar 19 2012
18:58 (UTC)

Met August 2007, moved in together June 2008, got engaged November 2009, and married May 2011. Marriage was his idea, it was never in my list of things I had to do before I die, hah. When he proposed, I thought, well this feels right. We'd had the occasional conversation about what our wedding might look like if we got around to it...then we got around to it.

The Lounge I'm sorry, what year is it again? Mar 15 2012
19:58 (UTC)

I have a religious friend who thinks that gay men are sinners and are going to hell, but he also says they're "no worse" than any other sinners (which is probably the rest of us) and he's not going to go out and tell gay men not to be gay - God will deal with them.

I think he's a good example of someone who has an opinion and doesn't hurt others with it. I don't agree with him, but I don't have to fight him, either, because he's not stopping anyone from having choices or going about their business.

I don't like it when the government, or anyone else, tries to take my choices away.

The Lounge I'm sorry, what year is it again? Mar 15 2012
19:32 (UTC)
Original Post by jules817:

Original Post by dynacat:

Original Post by looloogirl:

The Churches stance is that it's ok to be gay, but to act on it is the sin.

So you're a woman that wants to plan out when the children are born and how many you have.  Sorry, just don't have sex.

So you're a gay man wanting the closeness of a relationship. Sorry, just don't have sex.

So you're a man with an ED.  Sorry to hear that. Let's give you this pill so that you can have sex.

Something is a bit lopsided here, wouldn't you say?

it's because the church was established by men, for men.

So you'd think they'd be okay with the gay sex thing, right?


The Lounge Let us speculate!! Mar 15 2012
19:30 (UTC)

Maybe they worded the email that way to make you all panic and work a lot harder, then after they tell you nothing's wrong you feel relieved and grateful?

It could happen.