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Foods Starbucks = HEALTHY! SWEEEEEEEET. Jul 15 2008
15:07 (UTC)

So I had the Mango one this morning and it was awesome, but I was wondering how the nutritionals change if you use skim milk or get a sugar-free syrup in the chocolate one. Since the starbucks site doesn't help, do you guys know exactly how much milk is used in these drinks, and how many pumps of mocha?

I'm also curious about the protein content difference, is it because there is more milk in the chocolate drink?

Thank you!

Foods Food Analizer: Ever noticed how...... Jul 15 2008
00:51 (UTC)

I assume you're talking about entering a recipe in the recipe analyser.  After the ingredient name enter the ID number in square brackets and the analyser will recognize that specific food from the database.  You can find the ID number at the end of the url for that ingredient's page.

For example,

1 tablespoon jam [87530]

will add one tablespoon of President's Choice Blueberry and Concord Grape Jam to your recipe.

I don't know about the alcohol in the grape juice...

Good luck!


Foods Coke Jun 26 2008
15:38 (UTC)

If you still want something sweet and fizzy and don't like Coke Zero, you can add a tablespoon of orange juice concentrate to about 12 oz. of sparkling water (club soda works fine, no need to buy expensive stuff) for about 30 calories.  Use less water if you want a stronger orange flavour.

Lipton Iced Tea to Go (I like it better than Crystal light, sucralose vs. aspartame) is also nice in sparkling or plain water, and lemon juice with a little sugar free vanilla syrup is also great.

Weight Loss Father's Day Dinner Jun 15 2008
18:20 (UTC)

I'd chose number 2 because I'm not a fan of cooked tomatoes and I love mushroom risotto and all things lemony (the alcohol will cook out anyway)...They both sound fine nutritionally...

Foods Canadian frozen dinners (Lean Cuisine, Smart ones, etc) Jun 08 2008
02:40 (UTC)

I don't eat frozen meals that often but I do occasionally pick one up on my home from school if it's late at night and I'm low on other groceries.  I've been wanting to try a Kashi frozen dinner but don't think they're available in Canada/not anywhere I shop. 

I'm jealous in general of the larger variety of flavours and apparent wider availability of just about everything in the States.  I love frozen yogurt and want to try either Haagen Daz or Ben and Jerry's but can't find either.  I've seen the raspberry Haagen Daz Smoothies but would much rather spend my money on the mango which never turns up in the grocery store.

And I live in downtown Toronto so it's not even like I shop in a supermarket out in the boonies (ie. smaller range of products, know from experience having grown up in the middle of nowhere).

Foods zucchini Jun 05 2008
15:08 (UTC)

Homemade zucchini relish is my all time favourite condiment...

There's always the not so healthy but delicious chocolate zucchini cake...

I also like to use a vegetable peeler to shave the whole thing into strips then cut the strips up a bit length wise and boil them until they're soft but still hold their shape and use them like pasta with tomato or some yogurt based sauce...

But with six plants I have the feeling you're still going to be giving away a lot to some lucky friends...

Foods Almond Butter Jun 02 2008
02:27 (UTC)

I like to drizzle a tablespoon over a frozen banana when I have a particularly low fat percentage and a couple hundred calories to go at the end of a day

Foods My peanut butter is WRONG May 27 2008
19:13 (UTC)

Haha...Maybe your peanut butter was packaged in a factory that does both creamy and crunchy and you happen to have bought a jar that was one of that first to come off the line after switching from crunchy to smooth and there were a few nuts stuck in the machinery...

I remember a similar thing happening when I was a kid and we bought our milk at the grocery store that was supplied by a local dairy and we would very occasionally get a bag (one of the three small bags) of whole or part-skimmed milk mixed in with the skim and my siblings and I would refuse to drink it.

Foods Dempsters Bodywise bread? May 20 2008
03:00 (UTC)

I've seen it at Dominion in Toronto, but not at No Frills

Weight Loss What's The Equation?!?!??!?! May 14 2008
22:03 (UTC)

Take the basic number you burn without activites, divide by 1440 (number of minutes in a day) to get the basic number of calories you burn per minute

Then add up the number of minutes you are doing the activities and multiply by the basic number of calories you burn per minute.  Subtract this number from the amount of calories that is given to you from the activities to get the additional number of calories burned while doing the activities.

Than add this number to the basic number of calories burned to get your daily total.

for example, if I burn 1500 calories without exercise and run for 60 minutes which burns 500:

number for cals burned per minute = 1500/1440 = 1.04167

number of additional cal burned while runnning = 500 - (60*1.04167) = 437.5

total cals burned = 1500 + 437.5 = 1937.5