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The Lounge have you successfully banished your dog from the couch? if so, please come talk to me. Apr 22 2011
19:56 (UTC)

I did the foil for my had hurt his back and they are not really supposed to do much jumping, but I never thought we could stop them(after 7 years of doing it!).... but the foil on the couch for a week worked! Now and again they will get that look as if they are about to try it...but I give a firm NO..and they sigh and lay on their blanket on the floor. I was very amazed it worked!

Motivation Guaranteed Motivation...Right Here!! Apr 06 2011
12:49 (UTC)

Where is the "LIKE" button?   :)


Fitness Treadmill & Weights Sep 20 2010
13:17 (UTC)

I am not super buff...but I was able to get some muscle tone by just using small 3 lb weights and swinging my arms while on the treadmill. I do that the first 5 minutes, while I am walking slower and warming up. I also have some 8 lb weights I do a few toning moves with after I am done with the treadmill. I just got little dumb bells at wal-mart. Good luck!

Foods Trader Joe's Jul 20 2010
14:50 (UTC)

Whenever I go, I get their pot-stickers and vegetable fried rice....Yum!

Motivation Stretch Marks in Scary Places Jun 24 2010
12:56 (UTC)

Stretch marks stink.....and the way they come up...all ninja like, and bright red and scary can be so traumatic....but, almost every woman's got them, and they do look better in don't get too upset with this normal part of life :)

Foods Almonds are good for you? Jun 21 2010
19:02 (UTC)

I struggle with the same thing as you....knowing they are so good for you, yet disappointed I have to limit how many  I eat because they are so high in calories. (you are right about the fat though, it is the "good" kind...and helps your body to eat it) I decieded to have 7-10 a day. That's only about 50-70 calories, and I think it is enought to benefit from eating them. (make sure you get the raw ones..with no added salt,ect)

The Lounge Best friend's S/O doesn't like me!? Jun 20 2010
21:59 (UTC)

Well..we all know it is an extremely RARE thing for a man and woman to "just be friends"'s the thing TV drama and movies are made of, because it just doesn't work that way most of the time. Either one person really has feelings, or the feelings you once had come back, or (here's the part that seems to fit your situation) one of the parties gets involved with someone who doesn't feel it necessary for the pair to remain friends. I had a male friend, just like Bill, before I met my hubby....we were inseperable for a while (after we tried a relationship, then decieded it was best as friends) well, I met my hubby and he didn't want me to have other guys as my friends, confidants, shoulders to cry I had to give him up for the realtionship and family I have now. I think some friends come into your life for a reason, and give you what they can, then go...and you will meet other friends through life that will give you new things....and the ones that stay will be a great treasure. Sorry you are going through this situation, it isn't fair....but no one says life is, ya know?

Health & Support Why is my mum fat?! Jun 19 2010
19:38 (UTC)

Good article! It is a-lot like my mom too. She hates to exert herself, and doesn't eat much, but is pretty flabby and looks fatter than she is. Good to understand how that can happen.

Foods Potato Chips Alternative? Jun 19 2010
13:40 (UTC)

After reading about Kale Chips on here for a while, I tried it yesterday....I tossed 5 HUGE leaves (With the thick parts cut off) in about a Tbs of olive oil,salt, and pepper...and baked it at 400 about 10 minutes. They had a flavor of slightly carmelized (or burnt) cabbage...and the texture was more like thick paper than a thicker chip. I wasn't sure if I liked them...but I did eat the whole batch :) I guess they are worth a try...I will make tham again, but not to satisfy a chip craving.

Motivation Have you lost 50 Pounds? How long did it take? Jun 18 2010
01:53 (UTC)

It's taken me 1 1/2 years to lose almost 50....I took a few months off though, to see if I could just lose it without counting and watching every bite....NOPE...I cannot! I am back on here to lose the last 15 pound :) I got comfortable at being "almost the right weight"...but recent photos of myself made me see I really need to get the rest off. Plus I feel so much better when I am eating right. I am really encouraged to see others who have been so succesful!

Recipes what to do with 10 lbs of raw carrots? i can not eat another carrot... Jun 18 2010
00:52 (UTC)

You could steam them and then puree them to freeze, then use in pasta sauces, and muffin recipes in the future. Or you can shred them and use in stir fry's and carrot cake :)

New Members New here from North Carolina Apr 14 2010
02:01 (UTC)

Hey.....shout out from a fellow NC'er! The great thing about it here is the weather allows for a-lot of year round outside activity...which is great! Also, there are a-lot of nice parks :) One thing I must say need to be eating more or your body will stop losing weight and you will gain a lot back when you can't keep up the 800 calorie plan. I know it is a-lot of pressure to get married and fit into a dress....but, it is not worth your health!  Have you done the tools here to see how many calories you should be eating? The number is going to be at least 1200......and since you work out, even more. Don't torture youself unneccesarily :)

 I have been on this site over 2 years, and am close to having lost 50lbs....and I have eaten 1500-2800 calories daily.....but by doing it like that, I can do it forever, ya know?


 Good luck with your upcoming wedding and welcome to this neck of the woods!

Weight Loss Finally hit a 50 lb loss as of today Apr 12 2010
23:32 (UTC)

GREAT accomplishment!! Losing 50 pounds is NOT for wimps!! :)~

Motivation Body Image and Fitness Apr 12 2010
12:50 (UTC)
  • I am the exact shape you are...and I feel your pain. I had some jerky kid make fun of me 20 years ago about my flat rear (I am now 35...and I still hear his comments at times)...but I have also had countless compliments on my nice legs, and chest....and learning how to dress is very important for our shape....which took me years to figure out....I still tend to be drawn to clothes that look AWFUL on me...but I try to only take the clothes that have a chance of looking good on me into the dressing room. I found a very good site that you put your measurements in and they pick clothes for your shape.....I havn't bought any from their yet...but I like to use it as a guide. It is Try it said I am a "P".....pretty much what I look like...LOL!
Weight Loss What's for dinner?! Mar 29 2010
22:14 (UTC)

I made a chicken pasta salad. I cooked the chicken with olive oil and garlic, then tossed with wheat pasta (cooked) halved cherry tomatoes, arugula, shredded carrots, parmesan cheese. and pine nuts. I tossed it with a dressing made with 1/2 a lemons juice and olive oil, pepper and salt. It is fresh and yummy!!


Weight Loss How to Get Through to Boyfriend About His Calorie Needs - Advice Please! Mar 12 2010
16:38 (UTC)

I can relate, as I have a husband who recently started to work out to lose a little weight, and has only lost weight in the past by undereating. I made the focus eating healthy, rather than just eating more calories...and here are the "easy" foods I pack him for lunches (that might work for your boyfriend)

Hard boiled eggs (you can pre-peel them and put them in a baggie...very easy)

Thin wheat bagel with peanut butter and banana (I make one for his b-fast every day) or you can make a few days worth and refridgerate...just make with raisins instead of banana's)

I like making a big pot of pasta with the leanest beef, lots of veggies (you can get canned spinash and carrots and blend them into a puree and add to the sauce) mushrooms, red pepper and whole wheat can make a weeks worth and it freeze's well for a quick healthy dinner or lunch)

The tuna in a pouch that is seasoned is an easy option for lunches, along with some bread and cheese.


Those are some idea's I use to get my husband eating enough and right...hope it helps a little. It is great that you care about him so much :) He is lucky to have you, but he has to realize what he needs to do for don't get too frusterated...just show him things you have researched and let him come to his own conclusions. Biggest Loser is not such a great example for real life, so I agree with your frusteration there!


Fitness Help!!! I have a problem and I need to know if any has had it happen to them!! Mar 04 2010
16:17 (UTC)

I have gotten that too...especially when walking in cool weather, and I get it from the jets in a jaccuzzi, and back massages with vibration. The masssage person said it was from the blood cells getting stirred up. I havn' experienced it in quite a while since I have been loseing weight and working out more, so maybe the body adjusts after a while? Anyways, I thought I would throw what I heard out there. I remember it driving me nuts too....and I wish I could tell you how long it took to go away...but I would just advise to keep at it if it is not sweat allergies...and it should get better.

Weight Loss People who used to be 200-230 lbs Feb 27 2010
23:42 (UTC)

I agree...I started at 208...and it wasn't till around 170 when people that did't know I was trying to lose weight noticed. It was a frusterating wait!! But, I started noticing around 185ish

Weight Loss Merina IUD and weight gain Jan 21 2010
14:47 (UTC)

I got the Mirena a few months after I had my daughter.....after a few months my body adjusted to it....and for a year it was ok. Then I started feeling crummy, low energy, gaining weight (about 20 lbs), hungry all the time, emotional, depressed......I kept it in another year and that year is a fog. I researched some sites about Mirena and it seemed that other wemon's bodies didn't handle it well I felt like I couldn't leave it in anymore. About a month after I had it out I started feeling more like myself....and then felt like I COULD lose weight. I lost weight after I got it out.....with hard work and excersize....but I don't think I would have had the energy before to even try to. I think some wemon can handle it, and some can't...I seem to be sensitive to any medicatiion.

Motivation Challenge: Before - midway and after pictures Jan 12 2010
17:57 (UTC)

Double post...sorry

I couldn't get my most recent picture to down load just picture me 10 pounds less :)