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Young Calorie Counters Why are gothloli clothes so expensive?? Oct 10 2011
07:12 (UTC)

Please do not buy any dresses for lolita on ebay unless the user links to an EGL feedback page.

For lolita clothes at a discount, try buying on livejournal's egl_comm_sales

From japan, hire a shopping service for mbox or yahoo japan.

If you can't work through the SS process, order direct used clothes at closetchild's website.


Bodyline has cheap clothes and ships to the US.  Hit and miss on elegance though.  Dunno what sub-style you're looking for.

Chinese designers have become quite popular this year.  Hire taobaospree or taobaonow, or order through Quiteland (not sure of the spelling) and you can shop the chinese mall

For a beginner on taobao I'd suggest sticking to the Livejournal EGL group's taobao "trusted sellers" lists.  Surface spell and KidsYoyo are especially nice.  You can find the reviews by googling EGL taobao.


:) good luck!

Motivation I want to lose weight badly but I just cant stick to it Feb 17 2011
00:28 (UTC)
This is the "diet" day right?  I'll give 1 more idea (all of these have been great!) : fake out the diet.  E.G. make trades so that you can eat "more" and "less" at the same time.  Also, how are you with exercise?  At the beginning of a weight loss journey, you can burn a TON of calories without taking much time to exercise.  Like, I'm very very jealous.  So if you even incorporate walking every day, it'll do wonders.  If you have a smartphone, there's this App that tracks you on GPS while you walk & says how far you've gone and how many calories you burned.  Then it gives you medals / totals for the week.  Super fun! Original Post by sugardollie:

When i wake up i usually have a whole grain english muffin with a tbs of strawberry jelly a glass of milk and an orange

- look out for the 100-calorie english muffins or bagel thins

- skim milk.  I swear after 2 weeks it'll taste normal

- add another orange & maybe an egg or egg whites (I think protein & eggs are more filling, plus you have extra calories now that you reduced other things a bit)


then for lunch i have a tuna sandwich 1 can of tuna a tbs of mayo [dont really like it but tuna tends to be dry]

On whole grain bread

- find the 35 or 45 calorie bread if you can.  I absolutely refuse to eat bread with more than 70 calories per slice unless it's freaking amazing bread.  Just not worth it.  I actually like the soft lowcal breads with tuna better anyway.

- have a bowl of fruit!  (try dark colors like berries, the more colors you get, the more different vitamins.  Same for veggies.)

Than for dinner i have what my mom or dad makes
usually spaghetti or grilled steak with salad

for snacks i usually have  peanut butter on toast.

- YUM.  Me too lol.  But seriously, the bread.  Double the peanut butter, halve the bread calories!

I try to eat alot of protein to keep up my blood sugar it tends to fall on the low side.

ask your parents if they will buy you chicken at the store.  You're already on the right track with high protein.  I'm not saying eat less by the way, I'm saying eat smart, then you can incorporate more "non-diet" food into the day. 

Secret diet chicken recipe:

1 tablespoon pesto or red sauce

1 chicken breast or thigh


put chicken in the microwave for 7 minutes (i swear it's the magic number).  Halfway through, add pesto or red sauce.


PS are you stopping the diet because you are bored?  Just not feeling it?  I think that mixing up the foods and exercise will really help keep you going.  You gotta get excited.  It's not a death sentence, it's an opportunity.  I started around your age as well, and my main motivation was the fact that I didn't want to pass my 20's by without being the best I could be!

If you are stopping pretty much "just cause" (that's me as well) then what you need is distraction.  Join a club, set a goal (like walking 100 miles in 1 month), start a hobby (I recommend crochet, force a friend to learn & watch movies all afternoon while you do it), or get a job.  Just stay out of the house, or busy if you are in it.

Health & Support connection between gluten and depression/sluggishness? Feb 17 2011
00:02 (UTC)

I agree with the placebo idea & am getting more and more annoyed with the recent anti-gluten craze.  My whole outlook changed when I met a girl with very bad celiac's & realized that people who say they are just "sensitive" to it and have "cut it out" are really just cutting carbs, not gluten.  Not that cutting carbs is bad for you, but the amount of stuff the girl with celiac's can't eat is MISERABLE.  Stuff you'd never think of as having gluten.  There is no way that all these people are like YAY GLUTEN FREE :D and actually doing it right.  They'd be like FML D: just like the girl I know, because you can't EAT.


As an actual dietary practice though, I am all for low-carb / cutting white carbs and refined items.  Just don't call it a "gluten intolerance."

The Lounge Wikileaks.... Feb 15 2011
18:34 (UTC)

I agre with Brian in all aspects excepting that there have been lots of more important releases.  If you go to they synthesize some of the big leaks into salient points, such as this gem (if I'm remembering it correctly):

the US was doing bomb-drops over the tribal areas of Pakistan to quell the alquaida (sp?) pockets, and letting the Pakistanian gov take credit.  This way, the Pakistan gov looked stronger and more in control, and was better able to govern according to US anti-"terrorism" interests.

Not that anyone in the tribal areas of pakistan had access to wikileaks.... but still.  It's interesting stuff.



EDIT:  Also what the HECK is with these rape charges?  If you look back at the news reports, the women at first were not even trying to get him arrested or press any charges.  They just wanted to find him.  Then there's like.... a blank space while they talk to the police (and get pressured into charging him I'm assuming) and then suddenly RAPE, IT WAS RAPE.  Hello, one of them wanted to work with Assange's group afterward!  It doesn't make any sense and I hope he doesn't get extradited.  He'll disappear / get sent to the US to be killed.

The Lounge I screwed up. Feb 11 2011
01:12 (UTC)

Kotov, I don't know your history, but from what you're posting it sound like you're going through some serious unwanted empathy.  There's nothing wrong with you for feeling bad, it's how anyone would feel if they saw someone who needed help (or to help themselves) and there was nothing to be done about it.  It's your innate bond with humanity. *starts to go misty-eyed*


But I agree with PG & your reasoning.  Keep him above water for as long as is feasible, drop him quickly and cut it fully (but honestly and kindly like Kathy said), don't let it linger.  Maybe he'll get into the habit of health & have a revelation, who knows.

The Lounge what doctors really mean... :) Feb 10 2011
09:15 (UTC)

raychelc - I hear you on the last one.  One of my friends has tourettes (sp?) (and no it's nothing like anything anyone ever tells you it is.  at all.  like they just made all that shiz up from no where)  and it manifested as... hiccups.

She went through about a zillion meds, got completely spaced out and kept fainting etc because first they decided it was just hiccups, then it was schizophrenia, then it was a respiratory muscle thing, then she was making it up for attention & needed anti-anxiety meds for that, blah blah blah she missed like 2 months of school for HICCUPS (and a few other things like twitches that the doctors never noticed or thought were medication side effects / unrelated but turned out to be the tourettes).  Finally she threw a tantrum and refused to take anything except the 1 thing that had worked.  Boom, all better.

Foods Apples Feb 10 2011
00:14 (UTC)

When I started out I was all about the fruit-weighing.  Now I'm just like "This apple is 100 because I say so."

so I guess I'm the opposite of most people :P

I like even numbers, and I like apples (green ftw)

Foods ALMONDS...good or bad??? Feb 08 2011
08:35 (UTC)

there is nothing bad about having a high fat intake, as long as your total calories stay the same.

Weight Loss Yerba Mate or Ten-Chi Cha, anyone? Feb 03 2011
08:21 (UTC)

Yum, I love yerba mate with lemon and splenda.  I've never had it from a tea bag though!   Mine came in a huge bag of the stuff.... mmmmm :)  I know what I want when I wake up tomorrow!

Foods calling all peanut butter addicts! Feb 03 2011
08:17 (UTC)

I decided that since I'm going to be spending a  lot of time in my lab this month, I needed to put some food in the break room.  Aka - a jar of peanut butter.

What was my lunch today you ask?

Peanut butter and a 5-hour energy.

Weight Loss Sleeping in Jan 24 2011
00:12 (UTC)

I'd take your BMR for those hours, but don't discount that you're also staying up later.  On the days that you get only 7-7.5, don't you think you burn a bit more by your logic?

Foods Food RANTS! Grrrrr Jan 24 2011
00:08 (UTC)

Rosered - YES.  My roommates think I'm crazy for buying the super-sized broccoli bags and cans of clearance pumpkin.  THEY are the crazy ones!  I eat 10oz in 1.5 meals! 1 meal as a side or main, 0.5 as an add-in for pasta or something.


Anna- you are going to get soooo sick of preachies in a topic like this, but just remember, people wouldn't be overweight if they weren't doing the same thing!

God, I remember I brought up cheese in a topic like this (I only get low or nonfat because I can't eat just a bit) and someone went off like Ommgggg you eat MORE than 1 oz?  That's soooo crazy, I can't eat that much! Wow those Americans etc etc.  Ummm.... then why are you in the weight loss forum lol?  Your 1/2 ounces of cheese just packing onto your thighs eh?

But on the other hand, I only eat 1 scoop of ice cream at a time ...





....... covered in chocolate sauce and peanut butter with 2 cups of whipped cream!  (now that i live on my own I just skip the ice cream and eat whipped cream and chocolate chips, much lower calorie than pretending it's a "sundae" lol)

The Lounge People are...confusing. Nov 27 2010
22:56 (UTC)

Did she call it "over?"  If so, don't let yourself get strung along.  Sounds like that's what is happening.  She is not going to take you back if you buy her things, and I think that a good way to disentangle yourself would be to NOT buy anything for her birthday and stop texting her.  Don't you think she might be busy on her birthday anyway?

The Lounge What's for lunch today? Nov 23 2010
01:46 (UTC)

My sleep schedule is all mixed up so my "lunch" was at 3pm... anyway, it was a Thai panang soup with chinese eggplant, chicken, broccoli, and some other things...I went a bit crazy with fresh basil but it all worked out well.


I LOVE panang :)  and making soups of it is so much healthier than the normal thick sauces with white rice.

Weight Loss Lost 30lbs (374 to 344) in 3 months, diet didn't change, can't seem to lose more. Help! Nov 05 2010
09:20 (UTC)

You sound like the perfect person to try once a month cooking.  Just google that phrase and it brings up recipes that you make a huge amount of in a morning, portion into freezer containers, and eat all month.  Things like casseroles and stews.

I agree that if you're eating that little, it has to be the nutrition and lack of water.  Water isn't something to get "bored" of, and drinking isn't for entertainment value.  You need to put water in your body like you need to put ink in your printer!

Health & Support Medically Prescribed Diet- Not for Weight Loss Nov 05 2010
09:11 (UTC)

That's way weird, did she specifically say "no veggies or fruit" or just no carbs?  When some people say "carbs" what they mean is "whte carbs" but being a doctor, she should  know better...

what you're doing sounds like a good idea.

Games & Challenges ****November Deficit Challenge***** Nov 03 2010
04:53 (UTC)

Name: teal

HW: 175

Goal Weight: 125

I'm doing the 21000 deficit challenge.

BIO:  Again again!

Total deficit: 16200/21000

The Lounge I just remembered something from long ago... some kids really don't know what healthy is Oct 30 2010
08:54 (UTC)

I agree sarah... and if you call someone else different, even if it's just some fantasized difference, it gives everyone else a "Sameness" to band together over.   So sad, but you can see how it happens.


Though I agree that kids don't know healthy.  I had no idea what health was other than a vague idea of "vegetables and things I don't like."

Weight Loss Good health magazines? Anyone else annoyed with "Prevention?" Oct 30 2010
02:07 (UTC)
Original Post by rosieblue:

Isn't the target audience for Prevention something like 50+?  And aren't you about 21 or 22 Teal?  I quit reading health magazines when I joined CC because there is only so much procrastination time in a day.

There is INFINITE procrastination time in a day.  *looks guiltily at the minimized window of the 18 page-long essays due tomorrow....*

Also yes, but 21-22 is an awkward age for magazines.  I can't do YM or 17 anymore, and I'm not interested in pop culture mags or cosmo (actually I've never given it a chance... hmm) and I absolutely LOVE Reader's Digest which is also for the older crowd.  Dunno.  I used to like Prevention at the doctor's office (allergy shots), so I started it up again... but I'm disillusioned now.


Thanks guys!  I Think I'll take a look at shape, women's world, and whole living.  All those I've at least heard of/know they ship US.

Weight Loss Drunkorexia. Oct 30 2010
02:01 (UTC)

Haven't they found that people who eat small amounts of bad things live longer than those who are perfect angels anyway?  I remember reading this somewhere...