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Fitness new to running Aug 21 2013
02:08 (UTC)

You may also want to visit a running store and have them assess your form.  They will recommend the right shoes for you.  The right shoes make all the difference.

The Lounge Are good looking people less likely to be unemployed? Oct 16 2012
15:52 (UTC)

Hmmm.  The majority of HR professionals I know are women. 

Weight Loss What weight loss myths do you hate? Oct 15 2012
20:04 (UTC)

My all time favorite is when a guy told me that he was eating 500 calories of tuna and tomatoes a day for 21 days to lose 30 pounds.  Tuna and tomatoes, that's it. He did lose the weight, but then right away he found it again.  Silly.

Weight Loss clothes are so frustrating Oct 15 2012
19:53 (UTC)

I currently have three different sizes of clothing in my closet and they all fit.  I started in an 18w and lost a significant amount of weight.  While I was loosing, I didn't want to spend a ton on clothes because I didn't want to be in that size for very long. 

I started going immediately to the clearance rack to find appropriate work clothes.  The habit stuck.  I'm in the size I want to be now and still head for the clearance rack whenever I go into any store.  Sometimes you can find some great deals as long as you are willing to pick through the racks.  Good luck!

Motivation Quitting smoking and losing 10lbs Oct 10 2012
16:13 (UTC)

Congrats.  Doing both at the same time can be difficult.  I know you can do it!

Weight Loss HELP!!! trying to lose 65lbs Oct 10 2012
15:54 (UTC)

You can do it!  I lost 65 pounds four years ago and have been able to maintain.  Since then I've been working on the last 10.  Haha.  The one thing I would tell you is to lose the weight slow and steady.  Its easier to maintain that way.  I usually exercise 30-45 minutes, 4 days a week.  I consume about 1,400 calories a day.

I'm 5'6", sw 226, cw 161.

The Lounge The Biggest Loser Apr 20 2012
18:19 (UTC)

Helen, one of the previous winners, said in an article that she sustained herself on sugar free jello and asparagus the weeks leading up to the final episode.  That didn't sound healthy or realistic to me.

I fully agree with a previous post, losing 4 pounds in one week is amazing.  To see someone cry because of it is unbelievable!

Fitness Addicted to endorphins? Apr 19 2012
14:27 (UTC)

Hello.  My name is Terri and I am an endorphin junkie...

The Lounge Why dating is impossible in 2012 Apr 17 2012
17:08 (UTC)

Dying to ask, how old is an "old" woman?

I don't consider myself old or ugly, but perhaps my standards are lower?

For some strange reason, whenever I go out I always get hit on by other women.  Usually very attractive women.  I'm not a lesbian, been married for decades.  I think I am just more receptive to friendly women who approach me versus creepy men.

Motivation I broke 200 Apr 17 2012
16:55 (UTC)

Yippee!  Hope you are doing a happy dance around the scale this morning!

The Lounge The psychology behind having lost weight and how people react and treat you differently. Apr 17 2012
16:53 (UTC)

I think that people see you and make an automatic judgement about who you are as a person based on what you look like.  Try going into a high end department store to buy something dressed really well and then in sweat pants.  You will notice a difference in how you are treated by the sales staff and other shoppers.

The more difficult part of losing the weight is your own mental image of yourself.  It is so difficult to adjust to the "new you" that you see in the mirror.  Sometimes when I am doing laundry and folding my jeans, I can hardly believe that I fit into them.  And I've been maintaining for more than four years.

The battle with myself constantly rages and it is sometimes difficult to understand that I am strong, healthy and look beautiful.  I think it may be so difficult because I felt so bad about myself for so long.  It is a long process that I am so thankful to be able to experience.

Weight Loss any women 5'6.5 whats your ideal weight? Mar 29 2012
14:59 (UTC)

This is a very interesting thread.  I'm 5'6", 155 and 43 years old.  I think that if you lined everyone up who posted, we may all be the same height but our bodies would look vastly different.  Muscles are the variable. 

A woman who weighs 155, works out and strenth trains will look completely different that a woman who has reached that 155 weight purely through diet.  A pound of muscle weighs exactly the same as a pound of fat, but takes up much less room.

A better question to ask would be, what is your body fat percentage?  Mine is currently 22%, which isn't terrible.  Clothing size can be an indicator (but not a good one since most of the sizes vary by manufacturer).  When in doubt, break out the good old measuring tape.

The Lounge older women/younger men Mar 07 2012
15:55 (UTC)

If two people really connect, I don't think age makes one bit of difference.  The caveat of course is if one wants to get married and have children and the other does not. 

Women in their 40's rock.  They know what they want and aren't afraid to go out and get it, both personally and professionally.  Singing that song, I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan...

The Lounge The Walking Dead Feb 28 2012
17:07 (UTC)

Loved, loved, loved when Andrea told Laurie off.  Reminded her she had a husband, son, baby and boyfriend.  Hahaha!  I wonder if we will ever know who the father is?

Motivation What made you change? Feb 27 2012
16:44 (UTC)

I had a "come to Jesus" meeting with my doctor.  She told me that if I didn't lose weight I may die from a heart attack or stroke.  She only asked me to lose 20, I'm close to a 70 pound loss.  Blood pressure is normal and everything else is good too.

Weight Loss Throwing out clothes that don't fit anymore? Feb 27 2012
16:32 (UTC)

I started at a size 16 and am now a 6.  I had to have work clothes during the transition (about a year).  So anytime I needed something new, I would go directly to the clearance rack.  I just had the bare minimum to carry me through because I wasn't planning to wear them for long.  Still the first place I go even though I'm not planning to go to a smaller size.

There is an organization in Los Angeles that is called "Clothes the Deal".  They provide support for women in need to find employment.  One of the services is a boutique where women can pick out appropriate interview outfits.  I donated all of my bigger work attire to them.  You may want to check out similar organizations in your area.

Fitness pros and cons of running on tredmill? Jan 09 2012
15:17 (UTC)

Treadmill [n.]:  A torture device perfected in the 20th century, designed to destroy one's mind through sensory deprivation and monotony.

Weight Loss 35 yrs of overweight history time for a new path Jan 04 2012
16:08 (UTC)

You have already taken the hardest step Priscilla.  Admitting that you need to take control of your life and live healthier.  It can be done.  You can do it!

Weight Loss Trying to open up about weight loss journey Dec 16 2011
16:07 (UTC)

I do wish you the best of luck.  When I started I decided to give up alcohol completely to reduce the number of calories I was consuming.  I didn't drink for two years.  My friends loved it because I was always elected the DD.

I drink now, but usually only in social situations.  Beer can be a calorie bomb.  It isn't my drink of choice and I'm sure since you brew your own, you would scoff at some of the "diet" beers available.

If you can drink them in moderation, keep track of the approximate calorie content and throw in some exercise for good measure, it shouldn't be too difficult to continue indulging once and a while.

I would encourage you to share your plans with your friends and family.  They can be a great support system and help to keep you accountable with your plan.  Maybe some of them would even like to join you.  I don't know very many people who wouldn't mind losing a few pounds.

I wish you the best of luck!

Weight Loss Should I stress and strive for BMI or size I wear? Dec 13 2011
15:49 (UTC)

We are very similar Tggerlady, so I thought I would throw in my stats.  I'm 43, 5'6" and currently weigh 150.  I wear a size 6 consistently (sometimes 4, sometimes 8 depending on the manufacturer).  My body fat is at 24%, which is pretty good for a woman my age.

155 looks different on a woman who works out versus a woman who is just consuming less calories.  I think you should throw the scale in the closet.  Get your body fat test done and just go by how you feel/look in your clothes.