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Fitness I twisted my ankle, any ideas for calorie burning excercises? Mar 20 2006
23:03 (UTC)
Wow, thats a tuffy. Id say stick to weights with your arms. If you do it the correct way and do enough it could get blood pumping. Also, so you dont gain weight, eat the ammount of calories you should eat without excersise.

If it helps, if you sit up straight, you boost motabolism by 15% and if you eat spicy foods, it raisis your motabolism slightly.

I hope you get better soon and you have no pain!

Weight Loss New! Mar 14 2006
04:02 (UTC)
Hey! I have been on this site a while and I love it! Hey im close to you hight! 5'1'' SHORT POWER! talk to me for support or anything at all! I know you will louse those extra pounds with the help from everyone here!
Weight Loss Help me plz! cant stop thinking abt foods =( Mar 14 2006
03:59 (UTC)
Chill!!! Chill!!!!! Its okay! Repeat after me: Gooooooooooooooozzzzz fraba. Goooooooooooooooooozzzzzzz fraba. It really helps. Okay, fasting to louse weight it stupid. You will deffenitly binge later from over restricting and then just gain it back, and after that feel bad about it and starv, binge, stave, binge, etc. Its a cycle, and dont start cause its hard to stop. Just lower you calories a bit and up your exersise! FIND SOMETHING ELSE TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE BESIDES FOOD!!!!!!! thats what my tharapist tells me! Paint, draw, get into soccer, baseball, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!! (i hate it too) But 5 pounds does make you feel bad huh? I know how you feel! You seem smart and a good person, so try to get something else on your mind besides food! :) talk to me if u need anything or just anyone to talkk to!
Recipes I need a recepie before Friday Mar 07 2006
00:15 (UTC)
Diet Coke Cake!!!!! I just looked at the recipie! Its here on the site, the link is: .html
Recipes Diet Coke Cake Mar 07 2006
00:12 (UTC)
I agree, do you need eggs, water, etc??

If you look on the nutrition information on the box of the mix it will propably say how many calories it has for just the mix uncooked. Well, then just add like 1 or 2 calories for the diet coke and that should give you a pretty good estimate!
Weight Loss Oops - too many calories already today! Mar 05 2006
19:53 (UTC)
lettuce!!!! it has 2 calories per 1 inner leaf! Also egg whites have like ten calories and a good ammount of protein!
Weight Loss binge eating Mar 04 2006
17:01 (UTC)
Heck yes!!!!!! This past week I have been binging sooooo bad!!! And we have all, at least once (for me a ton more), and then we all hate the feeling of being so full and guilty afterwards!
Foods What's the one food you can't give up? Mar 01 2006
06:00 (UTC)
Blueberry muffens. The ones from vons with the suger sprinkled on top! They r huge but they are my main binge food, so when i want one, i cut it in half and have my dad eat the other half!
Weight Loss Ahhhh - the Girl Scouts have arrived!! Mar 01 2006
05:54 (UTC)
samoas, tagalongs, uhhhhhhhh and those innoying little 4th graders! Always look at it this way, there is always that one really huge girl scout, well dont buy cookies and help child obeseidy!!
The Lounge No Saturated Fat, No processed sugar, no sodium WHAT AM I TO EAT!!! Mar 01 2006
05:51 (UTC)
One of the best food i think for your if Fiber One cereal! I love the stuff and only 100 calories per a cup! Add some berries and the stuff is perfect with some skim milk!
Weight Loss What's so bad about eating at night? Feb 28 2006
04:21 (UTC)
You do not have enough time to burn off the calories from dinner and you sould have your biggest meal at breakfast and slightly decrese by every meal.
The Lounge I feel alone!!!! Feb 28 2006
00:04 (UTC)
Thank you guys all and bless ya too! :)
Motivation Stress Feb 27 2006
04:47 (UTC)
when i feel like im genna have a binge, i just take a really nice, long, hot shower or bubble bath with bath sents! I can be in the bathroom forever, but steam helps not only control hunger, but it makes me feel so soothed!
Motivation Family not exactly supportive...any advise? Feb 27 2006
04:44 (UTC)
Your mom obviosly does not no how to saftly diet if she says go to mce'dees for dinner and eat popcorn all day. I would just explain to her that her methods of eating and your ways of eating are different. My best friend is well, the most unhealthy eater i have ever meet. And me too, i love her to death, but I just wouldn't eat at the same fatty resturant every time i hang out with her. So, eventully, I just stoped eating with her! Simple as that, i ate with my faimly. I guess what wouldn't work with you! I guess you could just ask if she could stop commenting on the way you eat or you could just cook for your faimly and possibly change the way they eat and have them become healthier too!
The Lounge I feel alone!!!! Feb 27 2006
04:37 (UTC)
It has been so far supprisingly better ever science i have been in more communication with her. I can see from your point of view how bad that must have been to find out that your daughter was suffering so badly and not being able to help. I will keep in good comunications with my mom, we have actully gotten closer! :)
Weight Loss How much have we lost collectively? Feb 26 2006
20:58 (UTC)
uhhh sorry i gained bringing our total down 1 pound. But I am trying to gain weight so you can just add it as a good pound instead of a bad :)
The Lounge I feel alone!!!! Feb 26 2006
20:55 (UTC)
I came back home from a long, long trip last nite. I binged when I got home on a huge blueberry muffen and a half of anuother one and felt awfull. I hated myself and was about to excersise off all the calories I had that day when I got my computer and checked what you all wrote. I found it so nice and helpfull! I went to my mom who the two of us have been miscomunicating ever scince i have been dignosed. We talked about it and i feel so much better. Thank you all for what you wrote!

I binged again today on blueberry muffens again too. I was so desperate to get the feeling and the screaming of the sick voice in my head I was trying (shamefully and unsucsessfully like always) to purge it back up again. I tried and tried and tried again and again and scraped the back of my throught with my nail. This is a very desperate point for me. In faluire of my purge, I went to my room and ws having a breakdown. My mom came in and helped me threw it. She convinced me that it was my body getting out of starvation mode is why I have been binging so much lately. I felt so much better finaly sharing things with her.

If it was not for the kind support of you all, i would have probably excersised anouther pound off my body and would have hert myself even more. I was so sappy and supprised when i read all the things you worte to me because I have never met any of you and yet you all cared. I am also glad I am not the only one here who is underweight or has had/known someone with this awfull disorder. I found it very mutch tutching and so unblievably supportive and am sure that it was a God thing that I posted something about my disorder (I had my doubts).

Anyways, this has been the longest post i have ever written, I am really planning to step it up with my calories and try really hard to get over anorexcia. (by the way, I did find that site very helpful:) ) You all so kind and helpfull. And for those like me who are underweight, this is not as easy as it looks! Am I right? I wish you the best of luck for weaher you are trying to lose or gain or just maintain.

The Lounge are their male dieters on this site? Feb 25 2006
08:27 (UTC)
Hey thats a good question... where have all the men gone in this world of dieting!!!

The most people i see that walk down the street that are obese are (no offence) males. I guess they just dont really care about their health!!
Foods Evil Fast Food!! Feb 25 2006
08:24 (UTC)
Oh really? Why is there different menues it makes everything SO CONFUSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well i did find this if its helpfull, but you probably have already seen it if you looked on the Quiznos site. o_s_subs

hope it helps.... somewhat...

or you could just look up all the things that are inside a quizons sandwich on this site and calculate it! thats what i have done with subway sandwiches!
Foods Evil Fast Food!! Feb 25 2006
08:08 (UTC)
Sorry my last post the link didnt com threw. =quiznos