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Motivation everyday weigh in group! Jul 11 2011
17:38 (UTC)

Yay fiona! Congratulations!!

@satyr: Pg 100!! Woohoo!

189 today. Really really need to get my act together!

Motivation that Summer grind! Girls weight loss goals between July 1 - September 1 Jul 11 2011
17:33 (UTC)

Ok, here's mine:

SW: 185

CW: 189

GW by Sept 1: 180

I need to seriously get my act together!...looking to everyone here for inspiration! :)


The Lounge Womaniestly ways to die Jul 09 2011
08:49 (UTC)
15 George Clooneys arms!

Edit: Wearing the perfect dress, perfect makeup, perfect shoes etc.

Motivation that Summer grind! Girls weight loss goals between July 1 - September 1 Jul 09 2011
07:17 (UTC)

I don't have a peference for any particular day either so I'm fine with whatever everyone else prefers.

@ikiibaii: I looove KFC too! But the number of calories in a single pc of fried chicken?!....ughhh!!

Motivation everyday weigh in group! Jul 09 2011
07:13 (UTC)

Hi everyone!

Down to 184 today. :) Good to be finally going in the right direction!

Games & Challenges "13 Weeks to a Better You" Challenge (cont'd from 12lbs in 12 Weeks Challenge) Jul 08 2011
08:43 (UTC)
Original Post by satyrswoman:

not that there's been much feedback, but i find i really miss this format (i know it's not even been a whole week yet.) so i'll work on setting up a challenge this weekend to start next week and go thru the end of september. looks like that will be 15 weeks. wonder what i should call it... any ideas are welcome.

 Can't wait for your challenge to start satyr!...I love this format too, especially the weekly prize part! :)

Motivation that Summer grind! Girls weight loss goals between July 1 - September 1 Jul 06 2011
10:46 (UTC)

Got place for one more? I'd love to join this group too :)

I've been on CC for a very long time and managed to drop from my starting weight of 190 to nearly 170 last october. But then I lost my motivation due to various reasons and the weight slowly kept creeping up till at 188 (a few weeks ago) I decided to start all over again. Also, I have to go to New York in october and I'd love to have lost some weight before my trip.

Height: 5'6"

CW: 185

GW (for 1st sept): 170

@naznaz: My stats and goal weights are very similar to yours...

@queensheba: It's vanity for me too. I just want to look hot! Wink 

@maurinah: Wow!! I'm in awe!

@karibear: I've never heard of this book (will google immediately) so keep us in the loop. I'm trying to limit my carbs but it's not been easy for me.

@fmjess: Me too! Most of my eating takes place after 9pm and its somethng id really like to change.


Motivation Starting over for the umtenth time but my last Jul 06 2011
07:57 (UTC)

I can totally relate to what you mean! It's pretty much the same situation with me....I reach home late and all I want to do is order pizza and watch tv. I did that for about a month into my new job, but the weight gain guilt was just too much to live with. So now I try to plan ahead...I exercise in the morning as I am too tired in the evening, and I cook ahead. Like, I make a batch of soup on the weekend and store small servings in the freezer. This way when I reach home hot, tired and hungry, all I have to do is pop my soup in the microwave for a minute and I have something to take the edge off my hunger while dinner cooks. Hope this helps! :)

Motivation everyday weigh in group! Jul 06 2011
07:24 (UTC)

Hey, has anyone noticed that we will be approaching the 100 page mark soon?!

I'm still at 185...but it's nearly TOM so ....

Weight Loss New Year's Goal - Buddies? Jul 06 2011
07:17 (UTC)

@eeyore: Hang in there, we're all rooting for you!!

@everyone: biggest loser of the week is the person who loses the most amount of weight that week. All we need to do is keep track of the regulars and how much they have lost over the challenge. I could take the responsibility for this if it's ok with the OP. 1st wednesday weigh-in:

SW: 188

New Year Goal: 140

Week 1: 7 July: 185   11 july:


Weight Loss New Year's Goal - Buddies? Jul 05 2011
09:39 (UTC)

I'm too self concious to post my stats here :( but I have a little diary where I jot down my weekly measurement and, happy to say, there have been small but good changes! :)

I usually reward myself for every 5 lb loss with jewellery or make up. 10lbs is too long a wait for me cuz I tend to lose really really slow (like 1lb/2wks) so a prize every 5lbs keeps my motivation up. Food as reward?...thats too slippery a slope for me! Laughing

So we are doing weigh-ins every wednesday and sunday stating this wednesday? Great! really looking forward to it!

@everyone: How about having a biggest-loser-of-the-week award every sunday?

@starr: Happy birthday!! :)


Weight Loss New Year's Goal - Buddies? Jul 01 2011
10:29 (UTC)

Can I join too?

@starr: My stats are actually very similar to yours (except for the age part. Sighhh..) Im 5'6" and at 185 these days. And my goal is 140 too!!

How about we weigh-in twice a week? Every wednesday and friday? And we set mini goals like celebrating every 2.5lbs of weight lost or something like that.


Motivation everyday weigh in group! Jul 01 2011
10:20 (UTC)

184.5 (actually I think it was more 185-ish than 184.5 but I'll go with the latter Wink)

@sunny: Yay!!

@rancho: What happened to cause the sudden jump?

Motivation everyday weigh in group! Jun 29 2011
11:01 (UTC)

Wow you guys are all doing so great I feel inspired to put a little extra effort into mine. Been taking it easy Im is very hectic these days and Ive been using it as an excuse to eat take out and skip exercise. But no more! :)

Oh, almost forgot...185 today.

Motivation everyday weigh in group! Jun 27 2011
07:16 (UTC)

185 today!

@maurinah: Yay!


Motivation everyday weigh in group! Jun 23 2011
06:58 (UTC)

@satyrs: I'd join your group too!


@maurinah: Yah for you! :)

@abby: A big warm welcome!

Thanks for all the encouraging words everyone! Smile

I'm at 185 today, seems like some of the water weight is coming off! (About time too considering I drank enough water yesterday to drown a mid size town!)

Motivation everyday weigh in group! Jun 22 2011
05:13 (UTC)

187.4!!! Nooooooooooo!!!

Doing my best to breathe deep and stay calm and drink lots and lots of water. This has got to be water retention right?...

Motivation everyday weigh in group! Jun 21 2011
05:38 (UTC)

@run: a little bit more....KICK!! :)

183 today...not happy, but won't complain.

Motivation everyday weigh in group! Jun 20 2011
10:14 (UTC)

Go Satyr!! 165 is amazing!!

Thanks for the welcome runyourlife!

@maurinah: I've been off the wagon for about 3 months now. It is good to always have CC to come back to isn't it?!

183 today.

Motivation everyday weigh in group! Jun 17 2011
05:51 (UTC)

Hi everyone,

181.9 today. I have really lost my grip on things and mostly it's because I have stopped using CC like I used to. But now I am tired of the creeping weight gain and ready to pull up my socks and give this (yet another) serious shot!