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Motivation I don't know how you all do it. Sep 04 2009
16:37 (UTC)

Maybe you're depressed. That can hurt motivation. I'm anxious so I get nervous when I eat too much.

The Lounge removed quote Aug 12 2009
19:15 (UTC)

I think that you're getting really excellent advice here. Let me add that birth control will really help the situation from getting even worse. He may be a parasite who's sucking up to you to get what he wants.


Good luck!Cool

New Members New member from Portugal/Bulgaria Aug 11 2009
21:52 (UTC)

Hi Welcome


I'm American but my family comes from Portugal.


Good luck!

New Members New Member from Germany Aug 04 2009
03:30 (UTC)

Sounds like you're being very sensible. I love cereal too. Let me know if there's ever anything I can do to be supportive of you Cool


I love sweets too, especially schokolade. The German special is cool.

New Members New Member from Germany Aug 03 2009
17:45 (UTC)


I eat a lot of airpopped popcorn and grapes during the day and then I have a somewhat balanced dinner and I always have ice cream at night. All I want to eat are little kid foods. Since I was always chubby I never really got into the habit of eating three meals a day. I just figure if I keep it around 1500 a day I won't baloon up or anything.

What do you like to eat?

New Members New Member from Germany Aug 03 2009
14:55 (UTC)

Your English is wonderful. I always wanted to learn German. I love the way it sounds. I would love to be supportive of you :-). I'm just doing 1500 calories a day and trying to be as active as I can. I'm recovering from a knee injury. I'm not sure if I'm losing weight but I freak out when I go on the scale so I've been avoiding it.


Weight Loss Not hungry some days/ starving other days Jul 30 2009
15:36 (UTC)

Me too for sure.

Pregnancy & Parenting Termination topic - I made a decision Jul 28 2009
15:07 (UTC)

Good luck. I hope you have a more pleasant pregnancy than last time. Kiss

The Lounge Child's Play Jul 24 2009
18:01 (UTC)

Your concerns are valid. I think people give in to their kids because it's easier short term for them. If they thought about it they would realize that they're cheating their kid and setting them up for misery and failure in the future. SO there's a serious lack of empathy and interest in the kid. If he doesn't really care all that much about the future and wellbeing of his own kid... then he showing some pretty huge red flags. I could tell you what I think they are but you know the situation much better than I do.

Weight Loss **UPDATE**Competetive friend.....need advice Jul 22 2009
23:05 (UTC)

She sounds like a narcissist and they can't live without attention. I feel for you because it's hard to get along at work with this type of personality. I know someone who gets roped into lunch everyday at work. If my friend doesn't comply the guy sulks and tries to make my friend feel guilty. Then at lunch the jerk plays devil's advocate the whole time and acts like he knows everything. The leech comment was perceptive. All I can offer you is sympathy. I have a horror of narcissists because they can be very mean when you don't give them what they want. I'm sad for you that you can't just avoid her. Also bragging about one's kids is just plain ol' bragging. I noticed that a lot of narcissists like to brag about their kids because it makes them seem nice and caring (which they are not). It's the socially acceptable way to brag--no one can call you out on it.

The Lounge Body Mods... Jul 16 2009
17:33 (UTC)

Sounds like a bad idea. Big breasts are out of fashion too. I know it's a crazy world. I just had surgery on my knee and my body was totally shocked and miserable and bloated. I couldn't understand why anyone would ever want elective surgery except if you have a harelip or something equally disfiguring. I would definitly get a pushup bra or a corset for vavoom and be glad that you can wear any kind of top you want with the smaller (very chic) top that you have.

Weight Loss Why is So Hard To Find Clothes For Overweight People? Jul 15 2009
22:18 (UTC)

I was wondering why they don't make enough clothes for bigger people. The only answer that made sense is the fact that all big people are different sizes than each other so it's hard to cater to everybody and make a profit. Meaning size "medium" and "large" would fit the vast majority of people everywhere. I got tired of it so I learned to sew. Have you seen fatsionista?


A lot of the fashionable ladies seem to wear torrid, target and monsoon clothes.


I guess online is the only way to go for sizes that fit outside the majority :-(

The Lounge Thoughts on boss`s weight loss pills? Jul 15 2009
17:32 (UTC)

I think you can ask him if he's doing okay. Unsolicited advice is to be avoided in my book. I find it does little good and it's quite annoying. If someone looks for help they're ready and it's pretty easy to find (with the internet).

Motivation Negative remarks can be demotivating, depressing, and upsetting. Jul 13 2009
16:03 (UTC)

People do that to me too! I always feel like they're not trying to be rude. It's like they think it would be great if I was pregnant. Maybe it's social awkwardness. Now I just tell myself, "they think I look young!" If there's any doubt about it people don't ask!

I wear high waisted clothes sometimes because they're comfortable and flattering so maybe that's it.

Weight Loss Bloating after surgery Jun 18 2009
18:47 (UTC)

Hi Mel,


Your name sounds Portuguese. Are you (or Brazilian)? That's exactly what I was looking for and it sounds so right. My poor body! I feel bad for you for all those procedures. So stressful! They said they gave me antibiotics. I've been checking my temperature. It's been good so far thank goodness.

I got home put my rings on and was all "what's up"? I wasn't thin but I was feeling thinner and I loved it. I really do appreciate your input.

I need to force myself to rest. I like being active a lot.

Thanks again.

Weight Loss A Tale of Two McFlurries... Jun 18 2009
18:31 (UTC)

There's a lot of ripping on Americans going on here. I'm trying not to get defensive. I'm a big fan of Europe except the need to look down on us for LOTS of things. We're on this site because we're trying not to be gluttonous. A lot of us are nice people trying to do our best JUST LIKE YOU.

Weight Loss Bloating after surgery Jun 18 2009
15:46 (UTC)

Thanks for your response. I was wondering if the trauma is causing this. When I woke up from surgery I had a 106 fever which somehow the nurses brought down quickly. It's hard to imagine what is happening physiologically. It's just interesting how tubby I feel. I know I haven't gained but I feel 10 pounds heavier.

Weight Loss It just wont come off! What am I doing wrong? Jun 12 2009
07:40 (UTC)

I really hear you and your frustration. I had to stop going on the scale because I couldn't bear to see that the weight wasn't coming off. In the meantime I'm trying to accept that chubbiness is normal for me. I'm doing what the site says to do but I don't want to eat like some people suggest here (clean/no sugar/no ice cream). I just want to calorie count and exercise. I wonder if it'll work? I was eating 1200/1400 a day. Now I've upped it to what the site suggests: 1500. We'll see I guess. I have about twenty pounds to lose, maybe that's why it's so slow.


The Lounge Ok getting a little frustrated Jun 12 2009
07:26 (UTC)

Fair enough. Sometimes I'd like to post but I'm afraid I'd get attacked so I don't.

Weight Loss When is a good time to give up weight loss Jun 05 2009
06:13 (UTC)

I gained twenty pounds last year on the antihistamine xyzal. It gave me insatiable hunger. I'm losing veeeery slowly but I'm eating more with calorie counting and I changed allergy pills.

It jumps out at me that your profile picture is bleak and your name includes the word fatso. I suffer from low self esteem so I am wondering if maybe you can relate to that issue? If that is the case maybe addressing certain emotional challenges might be a great way to find a program that you might enjoy.

I hear a lot of self defeating language, victimhood talk and tons of anger. I really do feel for you. If I were you, I would give up the gym, find something active you enjoy and count calories seriously without any excuses. Good look with finding your bliss :-)