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Games & Challenges The famous person game Oct 05 2007
22:16 (UTC)

Kevin Bacon (yum)


The Lounge Movies you watch over and over Sep 15 2007
21:52 (UTC)

There's quite a few


Matrix (any 3)

terminator (any)

East is east

Indiana Jones (any)

any with Gary Oldman


Games & Challenges The film link game Sep 15 2007
21:42 (UTC)
Will and Grace - Madonna
Games & Challenges Choose one and pass it on ;) Sep 15 2007
21:40 (UTC)

Apple picking

Strawberries or blueberries


Games & Challenges New Game - Three BIG words Sep 15 2007
21:40 (UTC)
Heal the world!
Foods The best fruits Aug 24 2007
22:04 (UTC)
So true, blueberries are very exspensive.  I think anything good for you is exspensive.
Games & Challenges Song Title Game:) Aug 24 2007
21:58 (UTC)
Look of Love - Madonna,(the best)
Games & Challenges Change 1 letter Only Game Aug 24 2007
21:57 (UTC)
Foods Low Water Intake Aug 22 2007
21:03 (UTC)
I heard that drinking iced water (inbetween meals not during) speeds up the metabolism.
Motivation Walk with your head down? Aug 22 2007
20:56 (UTC)
I walk with my head up.  Mainly because of work.  They tell us to always walk with our heads up and acknowledge customers as you walk past, smiling or say hi.  I get so fed up with the miserable buggers who won't even look me in the eye or smile back.   I'm that used to doing it now that I do it all the time when I'm out and about.
Weight Loss Help! Am I eating right? Aug 21 2007
20:19 (UTC)

Ok sorry, I got confused.

Weight Loss Help! Am I eating right? Aug 21 2007
19:43 (UTC)
Hang on is this in one day? I think 3778 grams of carbs is very high if so.  Or am I wrong?
Weight Loss Help! Am I eating right? Aug 21 2007
19:31 (UTC)
I don't know about the rest (it would be best to tell on a daily report) but 12g of fibre in a month is way too low.
Calorie Count Where is my friend finder? Aug 21 2007
17:05 (UTC)
Go to the home page and under the recent memebers section it says see more members click on that and it goes to friend finder.
Calorie Count Burn Meter Aug 21 2007
15:52 (UTC)
No the total estimate is the amount of calories you burn in a normal day, doing normal activities (eating, cleaning, getting dressed, sleeping etc)  So to get your calorie deficit you would minus your calories eaten from your total estimate calories burned.
Fitness ever just feel like NOT working out?? Aug 20 2007
21:06 (UTC)
I don't do any exercise in a gym or anything, but I do lot of walking and lifting at work, so I'm pretty active.
Weight Loss fruit Aug 20 2007
20:59 (UTC)
I think if you ask most of the people on here who've lost weight, they eat fruit in their diet.  I do too.  It just depends on each person, how much fruit they eat, what else they eat.  Sugars in fruit are natural sugars, so they're not bad for you.