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Fitness What should a fat loss lifting program look like? Jul 16 2014
18:55 (UTC)

Thanks, everyone! The majority of what I understand about lifting has been gleaned from this forum and I think I just needed to hear it again, especially since I haven't had a goal of fat loss before. 

I was feeling kind of stuck, and a little unsure of what I needed to do. I have been paying attention to what kinds of foods I am eating, and trying to follow a 40/30/30 macronutrient ratio (which has worked well for me before). However, I tend to let that go on the weekends. I also have been lost with my lifting routine, a little unsure of what kind of program is best for me. I feel comfortable with my cardio... I run and bike on the weekends and go to cardio classes every now and then for fun. 

Obviously I need to continue eating well over the weekend. I think I am going to go back to a 3-4 day, full-body strength program (unless anyone wants to chime in on the merits of splits vs full body?). I can realistically go to the gym 3-4 times per week.

I feel like I have a much better grasp of what I should be doing and I am feeling much more excited and encouraged. Thank you all so much for the feedback!!

Fitness What should a fat loss lifting program look like? Jul 15 2014
23:26 (UTC)

That is extremely helpful, dakatz. Thank you!

I had been noticing the high rep trend in the "fat loss" labeled lifting programs I have seen, which is what made me wonder. I really appreciate your insight and advice. 

Fitness I need some great ab workouts Apr 24 2013
02:26 (UTC)

What works best for me:

  • Squats & deadlifts really work my abs. Posture is key.
  • Planks kick my butt to the curb and back.
  • Cardio... I am not the biggest cardio fan, but if I don't keep up with it any definition I have really fades away

I've seen ppl on here say they have had great results with NROL4Abs. I haven't been able to try it out myself, but plan to once the semester is over. I was doing Starting Strength and felt that it worked my abs pretty well.

The Lounge If he posted here it would get deleted Apr 24 2013
02:19 (UTC)
Original Post by dbackerfan:

#1 - Take control with proper proportions--40/20/20 - 40% protein/20% simple carbs/20% good fat. Plus the vegetables on Bob's freebie vegetable list that you want to eat.

40% protein, 20% carbs, 20% fat.... What do we get to do with the remaining 20%, I wonder?

Reminds me of when that Joy Whassername from MSNBC was promoting the cookie diet (another starvation "diet"). I was astounded... and she IS a nutritionist. People who have such a large platform should be more careful with what they say, especially regarding nutritional advice. People's caloric needs vary so greatly; I think it can be quite dangerous to have a go-to number for how many calories people should eat when dieting.

Fitness Fitness Myths Jan 12 2013
03:14 (UTC)
Original Post by bigchipd:

Now squatting, properly to at least parallel with a loaded barbell on your back will do wonders for strengthening the muscles needed to maintain good balance and posture as you age.

Now this is something I have been trying to find out... is it a myth that a "proper" squat stops when your thighs are parallel to the ground? Isn't it better to perform a squat using the full range of motion of your knees?

(I'm not trying to be snarky. I really don't know and have found conflicting instruction on how to do a proper squat.)

The Lounge Was anyone else LIVID about The Next Iron Chef? Dec 26 2012
17:51 (UTC)

I didn't see this season, but I did see last.... Falker is amazing, and I can't believe she didn't win.  I though Zakarian won appropriately last season, but imo Falker was the best next option for Iron Chef. I don't think Guarnaschelli is boring and I really like her as a judge on Chopped (can't STAND Freitag on Chopped), but I don't think she works well under pressure of a cook-off competition. At least last season, she seemed to get flustered easily. 

Fitness Cold weather running gear? Please share what the best stuff is for the best price! Dec 24 2012
05:15 (UTC)
Original Post by bierorama:

I bought these running tights when they were on sale for $20. So far so good.

I just recently bought the same Reebok tights and they are all I want to wear now. So awesome.


(I tried them on in store and actually went with one size smaller than what I would have ordered using the size chart on the Dick's website.. just in case anyone plans to order them online.)

Fitness How much weight do you add for every inch of height? Dec 12 2012
02:38 (UTC)

Add to what? The amount of weight you are lifting? Or how much a person weighs?

The Lounge Tips for growing long hair? Nov 12 2012
16:04 (UTC)

Ahha, that makes sense. I have heard new mothers often shed a lot of hair after giving birth, which jives with what you have learned, pav.  Perhaps you are ahead of the curve? ;)

The Lounge Tips for growing long hair? Nov 12 2012
14:53 (UTC)
Original Post by gillian75:

I have  heard, no actual proof, that taking prenatals will help. The extra stuff in them that your body doesn't need because you aren't making a baby go into your nails and hair.

If there is "extra stuff" in vitamins, it does not get magically absorbed into your nails and hair.  It is expelled from your body in your urine. Prenatal vitamins don't make your hair grow faster, changes in hormonal levels due to pregnancy makes your hair grow faster.  It just so happens many pregnant women have been taking prenatal vitamins for a while....

There isn't anything that is going to make your hair grow faster. Most suggestions to "promote hair growth" are really tips to prevent hair breakage (which is important when you do want to have long hair).

The Lounge In General, Men are nicer than Women... Nov 05 2012
02:08 (UTC)
Original Post by richmondbread:

Oh, okay.  Women claim its their right to kill their own babies and then they call it a "choice". How many times do we hear on the news about a mother killing her child so she can go out and continue her party lifestyle? While men kill, its usually for survival on the streets. I've heard lot of women get their boyfriends to kill someone for them- women are smarter and more cunning than men when it comes to brutality. What they lack in physical strength, they make up for in mental calculation .

Having the right to do something gives you the opportunity to choose whether or not you want to exercise that right. I have the right to own a gun, but I choose not to.  I have the right to vote, which is a right I do choose to exercise. Not having a right bars me from making a choice.

Fitness Working out with or without music? Nov 02 2012
00:05 (UTC)
Original Post by dbackerfan:

also there are some dangers to using headphones in a gym if too loud- you can't hear if someone yells DUCK!  or if someone is warning you of something else

lol, that is an important tip to remember as well. 

(Reminds me of this at 0:38)

Fitness Working out with or without music? Nov 01 2012
22:44 (UTC)
Original Post by smashley23:

I don't listen to music when I lift because I don't want the cable from my headphones to get caught in the barbell.  I'm at the mercy of whatever crap is playing at the gym.  I try to tune it out.

I too am at the mercy of the gym with respect to music.  I don't have an mp3 palyer, and though I could use my phone, it's not worth it to me.  I like to think about my form, how I'm feeling, and what exercises I will be doing next.  I don't get a lot of time to focus on me during the day, so it's nice to have that respite without any distraction.

Also, my bf is a firm believer that it is dangerous for your hearing to listen to music (with headphones) while you work out.  He said it's an issue of the hairs in your ear not receiving enough blood, so you turn up the volume and damage your hearing. (I'm including all the "he said"s in here, because I have no other source, one way or another. He's not in medicine or anything, just a very devoted runner and biker.)

I don't know if that's true or not, but I do think that listening to music with headphones in general can be bad for your hearing, if the volume is up too loud, regardless of what else you're doing at the time.

Fitness Weak legs, what are couple good alternatives to squats or leg press Nov 01 2012
04:41 (UTC)

I am still rather a novice lifter, but FWIW I thought I would share my thoughts. My lifting program has step ups incorporated in several stages, which I think are a very practical exercise.  I know it made a difference for me, especially during my recent move.  I could definitely notice a difference when I was carrying boxes up and down stairs.

Regardless of what exercise you do however, I think you should be careful wrt how much weight you use.  It's only necessary to add weight when your body weight becomes too easy for you.  Perhaps your issue with squats and leg presses isn't so much the exercise, but the load? I'm just guessing here, but going up to 360lb when you were previously pressing 270lb seems like a big jump to me.

Fitness BMI and "frame size" question Nov 01 2012
03:24 (UTC)

I have those, and I don't really like them. They're not bad for the price, but if you squeeze to hard or don't hold them right, they will twist outward. I think the spring-guided ones oldguysrule recommended might be a better option.

As for BMI/frame... I do put some weight to that line of thought (no pun intended), but I think it was of more importance for me to do so, because although my BMI indicated I was at a fine weight for my height, if I took my frame size into account, I actually was underweight. (I have since gained a few pounds, and am very happy with how I look and feel.)

So, I agree with weirdfish and oldguysrule, that BMI isn't the most useful tool to refer to, though it has its place.  I do think it matters when you're underweight or nearly so... but for those who are not, there may be other factors (namely body composition) that BMI just doesn't take into account.

Fitness Is it possible to gain 10 lb of muscle in 2 years (women) Oct 30 2012
03:44 (UTC)

I started weight lifting roughly two years ago as well, and have also gained about 10-15 lbs. I don't know what my bf% is, but I know I fit into the same clothes. I think I look different (less frail), but none of my peers or coworkers have ever made comment about my change in appearance, so I am assuming I look the same, too.

I don't know if it makes a difference, but I never lifted before. Did you? There seems to be some special things that occur when you're a newbie to lifting, such as the ability to simultaneously lose fat and gain muscle, as well as quicker recovery times. Perhaps when someone is in this "newbie window" he or she is able to develop muscle more quickly/efficiently?

I have no idea, I am just taking a wild stab in the dark. Mostly, I wanted to let you know I have had a similar experience wrt weight/muscle gain and lifting.

The Lounge Sexy Winter Wear Oct 29 2012
18:24 (UTC)
Original Post by angolmois:

dress waht you think is sexy on the inside and then just wear a warm coat.... problem solved :)

Exactly... what counts it what is on the inside. ;)

I think the secret to winter-time dress success is layering and accessorizing. For example, while I was running errands the other day, I saw a girl wearing an oversized sweater and plain jeans.  But her hair was up in a top knot and she had on this really cute scarf, which really transformed what could have been an otherwise frumpy look. I've also seen people wearing otherwise simple outfits with a pair of killer boots, or a great jacket, or something that really put their look on a whole new level. 

I am really bad at finding versatile accessories that can do this sort of magical outfit polishing, but there are tons of fashion blogs out there that can offer inspiration. And Pintrest.

The Lounge She dated a former pick up artist Oct 27 2012
19:18 (UTC)
Original Post by catwalker:

Original Post by syc212:

I thought it was interesting she felt "dehumanize" was too strong a word to use, but "misogyny" was not...

Why? To me, dehumanize would be a stronger, harsher word than misogyny.

ETA: My actual comment. Apparently it disappeared?

"Dehumanize" means to remove human qualities/personality/spirit, whereas "misogyny" means hatred of women. To me, it's pretty clear which is the more harsh word to use when describing a person's approach towards the opposite sex.. I think often times, "misogyny" is used interchangeably with "sexism". While both words each describe something very negative, they aren't describing the same thing. Hatred of an entire group of people based on their gender is very much a bad thing and I think accusing someone of thinking that way is harsh. I think using "dehumanize" could be harsh, as well, but I think that alleging someone is misogynistic is also harsh.

The Lounge She dated a former pick up artist Oct 25 2012
22:45 (UTC)

@tblover900 I am not sure, but the way the author made it sound was that a PUA would be a real-life Barney Stinson, who basically makes a game out of going home with women.  I think someone who chronically has one night stands would not be much different, but perhaps would have a less malicious motivation? I think the author would say that PUAs think women are second class to men, whereas chronic-one-night-stand-havers just don't want to/aren't ready to/can't commit to a relationship, but want to have sex.


I thought it was interesting she felt "dehumanize" was too strong a word to use, but "misogyny" was not...

Fitness Ellipticals Oct 25 2012
01:28 (UTC)

I unfortunately can't add any advice regarding a "shred" routine, but you could try some body weight exercises (push ups, lunges, squats, etc.). I have also seen older posts regarding "home made weights" such as canned foods, gallon jugs filled with water, cinder blocks, etc. If I can find that topic, I will add the link.

If you're going to start a weight training (which I think is a good thing to incorporate) it's good to use a program. I am currently following New Rules of Lifting for Women, after learning about it on this site. There are other programs out there, but as a beginning to weight lifting, I really liked this book and program. The first half is a great explanation of the importance of weight lifting for women, and why the way we're told to exercise (cardiocardiocardio + light weights) is not the best option to help us meet our goals or improve our health. The second half details the 7-stage program, and has a description and picture guide for each move.



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