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Weight Gain weight gain meal plans Jun 29 2012
15:54 (UTC)

It can be really hard to gain weight--especially if you're active.  I needed almost 5000 calories at one point.  Generally the best thing is low-volume, high calorie foods.  Try to drink a lot of things with calories (like juice, smoothies, full-fat milk, gatorade).  Nuts/trail mix and peanut butter are also good.  Dried fruits (raisins, etc).  And of course things like chocolate and ice cream are always fun!  Also, carnation instant breakfast is an easy thing to add to milk (130 calorie packet you mix with milk=250+ calorie drink).  
also try to have 3 meals and 3 snacks a day if you can. 

Here's a sample meal plan:

Breakfast:  large bagel (300 cals) with 2 TB peanut butter (190);  12 oz whole milk (225) with 1 carnation instant breakfast (130);  1 banana (90) ~~950 calories

Snack:  yogurt (150) and 1/4 cup nuts (175) = 325

Lunch:  turkey sandwich (3-4oz turkey) [350], juice (120), chips (170) small salad with dressing (100) = 750 calories

Snack:  smoothie (1 cup whole milk, yogurt, 2TB peanut butter, fruit) [600]

Dinner: pasta, pesto, chicken, salad with dressing, juice [~850]

Snack:  Ice cream, nuts, fruit, etc

Health & Support Depression and thoughts of self harm do to being Anorexic...anyone else?? Jun 18 2012
03:30 (UTC)

I have been dealing with severe depression and anorexia since I was 10 or 11.  I was in and out of the hospital for self harm/suicide attempts/anorexia 10+ times.  I tried over 20 medications and lots of therapy.  Nothing helped.

I know this may seem drastic, but the only thing that helped me was ECT (electroconvulsive therapy or "shock therapy").  I started getting it when I was 15 or 16.  At that point, I wouldn't eat unless someone was making me.   I was suicidal and frequently self-harming.  After a few treatments , I started noticing a big difference.  In a few weeks, I remember calling my mom and telling her to come home so I could "show her" that I was eating ice cream (for the first time in years).  As the depression lifted my ED thoughts began to recede.  I still battle these thoughts, but things are so much better.  I wouldn't be alive without ECT.  It completely changed my life, with ver few side effects.  It's painless and quick, with fast results.  If you have any questions feel free to message me.

Health & Support In an inpatient hospital for an ed--need help!!! Jun 02 2012
04:17 (UTC)

This website is great for the truth about eating disorders.  They are mental illnesses that distort reality.  Here is the link:


Anosognosia is a symptom of anorexia, which means the patient does not see their behaviors as sick and they fail to recognize that they are ill.  

My anorexia started in 5th grade, and my parents forced me into hospitalization many times.  I never understood why.  But once you are eating regularly and are physically and mentally healthy again, your life will improve so much.  You only realize how hell-ish anorexia is once you're recovered.  Then you ask yourself why the hell did I do that to myself?
You deserve recovery.  You deserve to escape the hell of living with an eating disorder.  
This too shall pass.  Keep fighting. 

Weight Gain gaining weight after losing too much weight- a true dilemma May 12 2012
18:21 (UTC)

You are very underweight, and yes, eating disorders can be deadly.  I've struggled with anorexia for the past 7 years and I was diagnosed with osteopenia when I was only 15 (bone loss from malnutrition).

It is essential that you go to a doctor ASAP for blood work, mostly likely an EKG do evaluate your heart, check for orthostatic vitals, etc.  Once you are cleared physically, you can start refeeding.  You need to STOP all exercise immediately.  Your heart could literally just give out at any time.  There is nothing wrong with needing inpatient or intensive outpatient treatmetn for your ED, and you should defintely look into it.  They can support you in refeeding, it can be so hard when the "ED voices" are so strong, telling you that you're fat or you shouldn't eat when your body is starving, malnourished and you aren't thinking rationally.  You may need a lot of calories to gain weight, as your metabolism will sky rocket.  I needed almost 5000 calories on bedrest to gain 2 pounds a week.

Do you have any family members or friends who can help you, monitor your eating, help support you and encourage you?  They could start a schedule of bringing you meals and sitting and eating with you.  It can be so hard to make yourself do this, because your eating disorder will try to convince you to not eat, but don't listen to its lies.  You deserve to be healthy and happy, and you will not be able to achieve this with ED.  

Weight Gain Meal Plans for Gaining Weight May 09 2012
01:06 (UTC)

You probably want to eat really dense foods if you are having problems with feeling too full.  

So try to eat high-calorie, low volume foods.  Some ideas are:

  • nuts or trail mix
  • dried fruit
  • full fat milk or yogurt
  • Weight gain drinks (like ensure plus)
  • smoothies or milkshakes
  • bagels
  • Nut butters
  • cheese (full fat)

Here is a sample meal plan:


Smoothie, made with 1 c whole milk, 1 c full fat greek yogurt, 1 banana, 2 TB peanut butter = aprox. 600 calories

with 1 or 2 pieces toast with butter

Snack:  1/3 cup trail mix (190 cals) and 8 oz juice (120)

Lunch:  turkey sandwich with cheese; salad with dressing and nuts; 1 c chocolate milk

Snack:  apple with 2 TB peanut butter, yogurt

Dinner:  Pasta with oil or pesto, veggies with dip/dressing, 3-4 oz protein; juice or milk

Snack:  ice cream with nuts; dried fruit

Weight Gain gluten free, dairy free, egg free and looking to gain weight Apr 11 2012
23:45 (UTC)

First, are your allergies diagnosed?  Could you be re-tested, just to make sure?  Because malnutrition is a serious problem, and it sounds like you're pretty underweight.  You should definitely see a doctor, even just to check on your physical health (esp. things like blood pressure).  
Have you looked into nutritional supplements?  You might want to look around the products on this site to see if they work with your allergies:

http://www.nestle-nutrition.com/Products/Prod uct.aspx?ProductId=f5f4d29a-d26e-4152-85a4-31 ba79059fd0

I agree with allipali about nuts.  They are great!  Healthy and high in calories.  There are also a lot of gluten-free alternatives now, so be sure to look for those.   

Weight Loss What is your experience with Seroquel and weight gain? Apr 08 2012
23:52 (UTC)

Weight gain is a possible side effect.  All meds have possible side effects.  Especially with psych meds, its about finding the med that is best for you.  That can be difficult, especially when it helps your mood but has lots of side effects.  Ultimately it comes down to weighing the benefits of the medication with the negative aspects.  I take a lot of meds (Seroquel, Lamictal, Xanax, Adderall, Lithium, and a few others).  There are a fair number of side effects, including messing up my thyroid, but without these meds I would be suicidal and in the hospital.

So it's a personal choice, I guess.

Health & Support Help with shyness / anxiety? Apr 08 2012
23:40 (UTC)

Seeing a therapist would of course be ideal, but insurance can be absolutely horrible.  CBT or DBT is generally recommended for anxiety/depression.  There are some workbooks or books that describe these treatment methods that might help.

Basically its about recognizing irrational thoughts, reframing situations, and accepting feelings as just feelings, nothing more.  I've had terrible depression and anxiety, with multiple hospitalizations and suicide attempts.  I've been getting electroconvulsive therapy for a few years which really turned things around for me.  But now that my mood is more stable, I've been working hard in therapy.

I'm in school so being around people I don't know terrifies me.  I get physical symptoms like you mentioned, shaky hands, stuttering.  I always feel like I'm saying stupid things, like everyone hates me.  I also am sensitive/misinterpret how people react to what I do.  Like if someone says they don't want to do something with me, I automatically think they hate me or that they were judging what I said earlier.

But these sort of responses/negative thoughts become automatic after a while.  Whenever I used to make a little mistake (like drop something) I would automatically tell myself that "I'm a stupid piece of **** and I don't deserve to live"  ...looking back I know now that is not at all rational.  Maybe you can examine some of your negative thoughts and think if they actually make sense.  I would cry for hours if someone said they couldn't go to a movie or something with me, because I thought they hated me and I was worthless.  Now, I realize they probably were busy/had things to do/didn't have the money/were tired/etc.  

I have found journaling really helps me work through my thoughts and sort of understand my behaviors better.  I also make lists of little goals.  Anxiety is very difficult, so just make a few little goals to begin.  Like 1) Say hi or wave to people I know when I pass by  2)  Talk in class  3)  have lunch with someone 4)  ask someone how their day is

If you want to talk I would be happy to try to help.  Anxiety and depression are absolutely horrible, and all too common.  Just know that you are not alone...

Health & Support Will I ever get my boobs back after anorexia? Apr 07 2012
23:17 (UTC)

I think it really depends.  I became anorexic when I was about 10, so I never really had boobs pre-anorexia lol.  But I'm 18, at a healthy weight though i still have very disordered eating, and am an A cup.  

I'm very self-conscious of it, though there isn't much I can do about it.  Do you have your period?  Are you sure you are at a healthy weight for YOU?  If you aren't fully weight restored, you aren't going to get boobs lol.  Also, it is very, very important that you eat a lot of healthy fats post-anorexia. There are even studies that show having a higher body fat percentage helps maintain recovery.  And, btw, boobs are primarily made out of fat :)

Does percent body fat predict outcome in anorexia nervosa? Mayer LERoberto CAGlasofer DREtu SFGallagher DWang JHeymsfield SBPierson RN JrAttia EDevlin MJWalsh BT. Source

Eating Disorders Research Unit, New York State Psychiatric Institute, Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University, and New York Obesity Research Center, ST. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center, New York, NY 10032, USA. lsm16@columbia.edu


The goal of this study was to investigate the relationship of body composition and neuroendocrine levels with clinical outcome in women with anorexia nervosa in a relapse-prevention trial.


Body composition and fasting cortisol and leptin levels were assessed before random assignment in 32 weight-recovered subjects with anorexia nervosa from the New York site of the Fluoxetine to Prevent Relapse in Women With Anorexia Nervosa trial. Clinical outcome at the end of study participation was defined using modified Morgan-Russell criteria (full, good, fair, poor), then dichotomized into treatment "success" or "failure."


In a binary logistic regression model examining the effect of percent body fat, body mass index, anorexia nervosa subtype, waist-to-hip ratio, and serum cortisol and leptin levels on treatment outcome, only percent body fat was significantly associated with outcome.


In recently weight-restored women with anorexia nervosa, lower percent body fat was associated with poor long-term outcome.


Health & Support The Reality: Life after Anorexia Apr 07 2012
18:27 (UTC)

Holy crap.  Our stories are almost identical.  My anorexia started when I was 10.  First hospitalization in 8th grade...many more after that (including residential 1/2 way across the country).  I've also struggled with severe depression which has made recovery much harder.  

I have been getting electroconvulsive therapy for the past 2 years which has helped my mood and surprisingly was a turning point in my road to recovery.  I've had several suicide attempts and hospitalizations since I've been getting ECT, but the ODs and cutting are less frequent now.  

I'm 18, a freshman in college.  My eating was somewhat stable which is the only reason my mom let me go to college.  Since I've been here, my eating was pretty good in the beginning.  But as my depression got worse, I started binging and purging for the first time because I was so scared of the fact that I was eating something besides the safe foods I'd eaten at home.  My roommates caught me and now I only purge occasionally.  But I only eat fruits & veggies.  I know its wrong, but somehow I'm basically maintaining my weight so I convince myself I'm ok. 

But, like you, in this limbo, recovery is so close but so far.  I'm stuck.  I don't know how to escape.  I miss out on so much and hate myself for not just being able to go out to eat with my friends.  I've missed out on so many social opportunities and gotten so many looks for my strange food choices.  But I'm "not sick enough" to need real treatment.  I just don't know how to escape this "bubble."  It's so habitual.  But i'm doing so much better in that in high school I wouldn't eat anything unless it was in front of my mom.  So I don't know what I should be doing...this is all so hard.  The behaviors become so engrained.  

Weight Gain Weight gainers! What did YOU eat today? Feb 2 - April 20 Apr 05 2012
06:30 (UTC)

Breakfast:  2x toast (200) with 3 TB peanut butter (280); 1 banana (90); 1 cup whole milk (150) with coffee = 820 calories

Lunch:  1 bagel (300) with turkey (150) and lettuce/tomato; juice (120); carrot sticks dipped in dressing (150) = 720 calories

Snack:  Smoothie [1/4 cup heavy whipping cream (200); 3/4 cup whole milk (110); yogurt (150); frozen fruit (70)] (530) and crackers (120) = 650 calories

Dinner:  stir-fry with rice (400); salad with dressing (120); juice (120) = 640

snack:  yogurt (150) with 1/4 cup almonds (170), 1/4 cup raisins (130); cereal (190) = 740 

Total:  3570 calories

Weight Gain Please delete Apr 01 2012
02:43 (UTC)

So do you eat at school (i.e. meal plan/cafeteria)?  If not, I would buy food in bulk to save money.  And, make sure the food you do buy is as calorie dense as possible:

  • full fat dairy products (milk, yogurt, etc)
  • nuts/trail mix
  • dried fruit
  • nut butters
  • bagels/bread (check labels, buy the highest calorie option within your budget)
  • eggs
  • pasta with oil/butter
  • nesquick or carnation instant breakfast
  • granola or very dense cereal

Some quick/cheap meals:

Oatmeal:  cook oatmeal (~150) with full fat milk (150), stir in 1/4 cup raisins (130) and 1/4 cup almonds/nuts (170) = 600 calories in a bowl

Bagel &PB-- 2TB peanut butter on a large bagel = ~550 calories (depending on brand)

stir fry 2-3 eggs with frozen veggies (in lots of butter/oil!) and serve with pasta or rice


Weight Loss SHORT GIRLS: how do you deal???? Mar 29 2012
20:35 (UTC)

1.  You're only 16, right?  Most girls don't stop growing until they're 20!  And, you're in the 25th percentile for height for your age, so you aren't the shortest!  Here's a link to a growth chart, for weight and height:

http://pediatrics.about.com/library/growth_ch arts/ngirlstwo.htm

2.  I can imagine you feel self conscious about looking young because you are around people that are older than you.  You must be pretty smart to be in college at 16!  I'm 18 and I feel self conscious that I look younger than I am.  I'm really flat-chested and I tend to dress very casually.  But, I've been trying to dress more maturely.  And, when I dress nicely I feel better and act more confidently.  Confidence is key, as others have said.  And, POSTURE.  Stand tall, focus on alignment, and smile!  

Good luck, being short can be hard.  But don't let it stop you.  

Health & Support i reaaaaaalllly need support Mar 29 2012
03:15 (UTC)

I have been/am in a very similar situation.  I've been struggling with anorexia since about 5-6th grade, and I just started college fall 2011.  I was at a healthy weight and things started out going really well.  Then I started binging.  I don't know why, but I did.  And then I started purging to compensate.  It was a vicious cycle--eating too much, purging, not eating due to guilt, binging, etc.

If you are trying to gain weight, perhaps you aren't eating enough right now and it's your bodies way of responding?  At some points in my treatment I needed 5000+ calories to gain weight while in the hospital/no exercise.  Also, I would try to have a structured meal plan.  Maybe you could see a dietician or a doctor to try to help?  Your school might offer ED support groups as well.  
But a meal plan might be really helpful.  It's important to make sure your meal plan is balanced, not just adding high calorie foods.  Make sure all your meals have proteins, carbs (ideally with fiber) and fats.  I'm in college too so I know the cafeteria can be daunting.  So maybe try for meals like sandwich/salad/full-fat milk or meat/protein, pasta (ideally with sauce), salad/milk.  

Also, try to include snacks.  My blood sugar drops if I don't eat every few hours, so I try to eat 3 meals & 2-3 snacks per day.  Some good foods that might be easier to include:
nuts/trail mix, peanut butter (or PBJ), yogurt (ideally full-fat), granola bars, cheese-sticks, cereal, etc.

Good luck, and you really should be proud of yourself for the point in recovery you have reached.  Many anorexics switch to binge eating, so try your best to stick to a meal plan and add structure to your diet.  This is a key point in full recovery--staying on track and staying healthy.  Best wishes!

Weight Gain Hello Please someone help or explain this to me!! PLEASE!! D: Mar 29 2012
02:20 (UTC)

You need to gain weight.  Period.  A BMI of less than 15 normally warrants hospitalization.  I've been in and out of treatment for anorexia & depression since middle school...I'm 18 now.  You are very underweight, though you may not be able to see yourself this way.  That is the eating disorder.

Anorexia is deadly.  I've had all sorts of complications, and what you're describing sounds like it may be thyroid related, though I'm not a doctor.  The swelling on your neck often indicates this.  One of the meds I take is lithium, so I got my thyroid checked as this can be a complication and it turned out my thyroid levels were all out of wack.  My main side effect from this was being extremely tired, headaches and digestive problems.  

But once I started taking meds to regulate my thryoid I felt a lot better.  You should go to a doctor ASAP and get blood tests & I would even ask for EKG.  Please get the care that you need, it is very serious.

Weight Gain Sick of Smoothies! Sick of Nuts! Jan 01 2012
16:37 (UTC)

Definitely make the most of what you're drinking:  try to avoid calorie-free drinks, and instead have juice, etc.  

Muffins can be very high calorie as well.  So can bagels.  

Hot chocolate:  make with part full-fat milk, part cream.  Add hot cocoa mix, sugar, etc.  

Oatmeal:  make with full-fat milk/cream, add dried fruit & nuts

Pasta is also pretty dense, especially with things like pesto & butter on it.  

Weight Gain Muscle trembles/shakes????!! Dec 02 2011
03:23 (UTC)

I have tremors from medication (lithium) and I also developed hypothyroidism, which also contributed to my tremors.  

I also find in general my tremor gets worse if I'm dehydrated.  I have a blood pressure medication prescribed to help my tremor (i don't have bp problems).  I take it as needed and it helps. 


Weight Gain someone want to make me a vegetarian meal plan? :) Nov 22 2011
04:01 (UTC)

First of all, were you vegetarian/did you have all these dietary restrictions before ED?  Or are they part of your ED?  If they are, you should be eating everything you ate before.  

But, here is a sample vegetarian meal plan:

Breakfast:  oatmeal (150) made with whole milk (150) and 1/4 cup almonds (170), 1/4 cup raisins (130) and a banana (100) [700]

Lunch:  PB sandwich:  2 slices bread (180) with 2 TB peanut butter (190) and jelly (100);  juice (100), 1/3 cup trail mix (200)  [770]

Snack:  Smoothie ( full fat yogurt, whole milk, banana, peanut butter) [aprox. 650]

Dinner:  1 cup pasta (200) with fried eggs and veggies (~350)  [550]

Snack:  dense granola (300) and whole milk (150) [450]

You can always add Ensure as well.

Health & Support I can't handle this anymore, I'm about to explode Nov 09 2011
01:12 (UTC)

As others have said, I would definitely encourage you to see a doctor, get blood tests, etc. 

With eating disorders often comes body dysmorphia, basically you don't see your body as it really is.  I think somewhere you know you are healthy, need to be at a healthy weight, etc.  Hold on to this, and use it to counter the negative thoughts and feelings.  I always had/still have a back and forth banter in my head.  There are 2 "voices":  the ED and me.  

ED:  You stupid fat piece of ****/ you don't need to eat that/ you don't deserve to eat

Me:  I am at a healthy weight for my body/ I need to eat/I need to follow my meal plan/ I can't lose weight or I'll have to go back to treatment/ Everyone needs to eat

In terms of physical discomfort in your own body, I definitely understand.  I always picked at my skin/fidgeted a lot.  So I tried using like a stress ball, doing things with my hands.  Also, if you feel bloated/your stomach hurts, try using a heating pad or doing some gentle yoga.  

I don't know if this was any help, but what you are doing is very brave, and you should be very proud of yourself for taking action.

Weight Gain Would this be possible? Nov 06 2011
19:20 (UTC)

I was in an inpatient program where we had to gain .2kg (aprox. 1/2 pound) PER DAY.  It wasn't a good program, very punitive (if you didn't gain 1/2 pound per day you couldn't shower!).  

But anyways, that's over 3 pounds per week.  Try to use this event as motivation.  You don't want your ED to take away everything in your life.  28 pounds in 20 weeks is definitely doable.