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Fitness Atkins Diet: No Energy to Exercise Mar 27 2012
00:12 (UTC)

This is true.  Also with the initial weight loss, most of it is water, as in any diet really.  


Fitness small of back Mar 26 2012
23:45 (UTC)

thanks I will try both ideas!

Games & Challenges 3 words - Creepy First Date Mar 26 2012
20:19 (UTC)
Down his butt
Fitness Atkins Diet: No Energy to Exercise Mar 26 2012
15:00 (UTC)

Keep in mind that ANY diet that restricts a certain food, certain amount of carbs, calories, fats etc. when stopped, the weight will be gained back! 

Look at it this way......if you eat 20 carbs and lose weight and then go from eating 20 to eating 150 then of course you gain weight.  That's why with Atkins you add "5" carbs per day as you progress to know what your "Carb Limit" for gaining it all back will be. 

Same with Weight Watchers, and believe me, I know as I've done it.......If you are allowed to eat 27 points for and lose weight for example and stop eating 27 and start eating 52 points........what happens?  You gain weight!!!!!

Atkins is no different for gaining as any other diet......You increase carbs in moderation and when the scale starts to go up again, decrease your intake!  If it were Weight Watchers, you would decrease your points.  Simple

Also:  Don't eat "Low Carb" foods, eat real food.......fresh not processed.  Veggies are your friend, and when you get off of induction and are increasing your carb intake, start with fresh berries like blueberries, and blackberries and strawberries. 

Fitness Atkins Diet: No Energy to Exercise Mar 26 2012
12:16 (UTC)

Hi there, 1200 calories is too low during induction.  I love doing Atkins but have to be in the right mindset to do it, However, it is the way of eating for me by far.

You need to eat some extra calories and add some extra low carb veggies to your daily intake until you adjust to the diet.  That's what I had to do. 

Also, water, water, water!  That pushes the ketones out of your body, keeps the lightheaded feeling away, keeps you feeling fuller longer and of course, hydrated.  I get that light headed or faint feeling with dehydration during Atkins.

I'm just starting to calorie count again as I've been chowing down like a mad woman since Christmas! 

I will be starting Atkins on Monday, April 9th (Easter Monday).......hope you are still doing Atkins yourself and have much luck with it!

PM me if you have any questions.

Also here is a great site for recipes:


Weight Loss Wanted: Buddies under 5'2 to compete & lose the chubb with! Nov 10 2010
13:05 (UTC)

Oh I suck!  I got lost!  My computer was down for repair and I haven't been on here, maybe once or twice through mobile, but that's I said......"I got lost".

Now I'm trying again:(

Weight Loss Wanted: Buddies under 5'2 to compete & lose the chubb with! Oct 07 2010
13:40 (UTC)

Well, I finally had the wedding this past weekend..........the one I wanted to get skinny for........I got down to 143.0......that's it.......BUT.......5 weeks before that I was 157.6!  So that was an excellent loss for sure!

Now, I've been eating like a piggie since........pretty sure TOM will be stopping by this Monday and I now weigh 148.6! 

When I give it, I give it!  Being good or being bad........there is no in between! lol

I'm in Canada, our Thanksgiving is Monday, Oct. 11th........but we have our Turkey day on Sunday.......So, Monday I get back on track!  I'll "TRY" to be good in the meantime......."TRY"! 

Hey thighs are the same as yours exept in reverse!  Gotta love 'em......not!

Fitness 30-Day Shred Starting 9/27 - anyone interested? Sep 27 2010
01:03 (UTC)

Hi!  I will start this tomorrow as well!  I bought this DVD ages ago and never took it out of the wrap........I had good  I will post my thoughts, etc. tomorrow........hopefully I can stick with it......we'll see:)

Weight Loss Wanted: Buddies under 5'2 to compete & lose the chubb with! Sep 27 2010
00:17 (UTC)

Hey.....anyone still around?  I've been so off track over the summer and am back into the swing of things.  I know I posted previously for goals to be for September 1st and don't think I did another thing here I am, and ready to get to it again......for real now that the summer is over!!!!

Anyway, I'm now 145 lbs and never did meet my 135 lb goal for September....blah! 

Now I want to be 130-135 for December/Christmas/New Years.

If any of Y'all are still snoopin' on thru......pop in and say hi!

Weight Loss Wanted: Buddies under 5'2 to compete & lose the chubb with! Jun 29 2010
20:29 (UTC)

Hi all........weigh in tomorrow.......:)  I missed June 23rd's weigh in but I am still 152.........probably won't be much change tomorrow as I'm waiting for ol' Aunt Flo to come to town, so I'll be the same or!

Weight Loss Wanted: Buddies under 5'2 to compete & lose the chubb with! Jun 17 2010
15:48 (UTC)

Hi all!  I'm back........a complete failure! lol! 


Soooooo.........I'm back up to 152.....gross.  I've been doing everything other than coming on here and watching my intake!  I'm such a slacker...........NOthing fits, I gave all my clothes to my friend and now I'm freaking out.  I have to get back on track and stay on guys really kept me motivated!

Who else is still here?  Obviously there are some new folks....Welcome! 

danikac I'm with ya!  I'll set a goal for the 30th as well and I'd like to be 147!

Weight Loss Wanted: Buddies under 5'2 to compete & lose the chubb with! May 20 2010
15:23 (UTC)
45 I blew it on low carb.......just wasn't ready for it:(  Anyhow, I was 148 this morning.........I missed weigh in yesterday, sorry........I have been sick with a head cold since Saturday .......I can't taste anything so I've been eating everything in sight in search of flavour!  I don't know what my deal is lately.......I have no ambition to lose, although I really want to!  Make sense?

Weight Loss Wanted: Buddies under 5'2 to compete & lose the chubb with! May 14 2010
12:28 (UTC)

Hi y'all sorry I missed weigh in on Wednesday........but today I am at 145.6 and Wednesday I was 147! 

I've been drinking water like crazy and started low-carbing on Tuesday, along with calorie counting.........I can't believe how quick the water weight came off! 

Not really missing carbs right far so good.........lots of salad, steak & cheese to keep me full!  Fats & protiens are really keeping me satisfied........I am eating less due to that, but at the same time getting the right amount of calories........without feeling hungry!  So far so good!

Weight Loss Wanted: Buddies under 5'2 to compete & lose the chubb with! May 10 2010
11:14 (UTC)
Original Post by perluti:

Is good to see you back girls!

Minerva: Yay for your graduation! 
Sweetchili: now at home, you'll get back on track. I'm sure you'll get ride from those "vacations' pounds" :)

I wanted to share with you... yesterday I was bored at home, went to the wardrobe and took some old 3/4 jeans I loveeeed, but didn't fit anymore.... and I had the most wonderful experience when I tried them.... They so fitted!!!!
I hope this will return me the motivation to go back next week to the gym, I've been a bad bad girl this week :(

Have a great weekend everyone!


 You go girl!

Weight Loss Wanted: Buddies under 5'2 to compete & lose the chubb with! May 10 2010
11:12 (UTC)

Hi ladies......I didn't get back on track at all!  Boo-hoo!  I've been going at it steady..........Now I'm 151 as of this morning!  OMDG!  So, TODAY is the day! 

Does anyone want to start weighing in on Wednesdays again on a weekly basis? helped me so much before to stay on track, and since I went away, I've only been on here like 3 times!!!!!  Some of  us have seemed to disappeared, but those who are still here, lets do this and keep up the motivation for each other!

I will be posting weights on Wednesdays from now on...........

P.S.  Thanks for the words of support ladies!


Weight Loss Wanted: Buddies under 5'2 to compete & lose the chubb with! Apr 30 2010
14:28 (UTC)

Hi Y'all!

I've been on a two week eating binge and I'm baaaacccccckkkkk! lol....

Ate like crazy on my vacation in Punta Cana for a week and have been eating steady for the last week on top of that......I can't seem to get enough, it's sickening really!  Tomorrow I will start fresh for sure.......I'm too far gone already to begin to be good today.......I've been a very bad eater today!

So, I weighed in this morning and I was 147.6......gross!  I totally don't even feel good......drained, bloated and crabby!  I was about 141 or a bit less when I weighed two weeks ago!  When I'm bad, I'm really bad.

I am starting a new goal for myself for the 5th of June as my friend is having a bridal shower and I want to slim down.....maybe I can reach my original

How is everyone else doing?.......seems like some have disappeared

Weight Loss Wanted: Buddies under 5'2 to compete & lose the chubb with! Apr 14 2010
22:41 (UTC)

Well, 141.8......:( and I'm at my destination on Saturday :) Hopefully I can be good until then! ;P 

At least the scale didn't go up any, so I guess it's alright.......Not anywhere near my goal but whatever!  I'll work on it when I get back and make a new goal and date for myself for June.  Small steps I suppose!

I was at the grocery store today and a neighbor who I haven't seen in a while was there and told me how great I looked and that she had to look twice, she didn't recognise me at that made me feel great!:):):):)

Not sure if I'll be back on here as I have a hectic day tomorrow and Friday.......I hope everyone has a great week and I'll be back next Sunday............Imagine the damage that will be done by!  No calorie counting for me this week........yay!  

Weight Loss Wanted: Buddies under 5'2 to compete & lose the chubb with! Apr 08 2010
22:20 (UTC)

Oh......Savvy!  We are in the same boat!  Trip next week, and damn ol' Aunt Flo......BTW I started taking the pill to alter my period so it would come this week instead of next so I could avoid having it on my hopefully next Friday I will be in the 130's!  I don't even care if it's! 

I've been drinking so much water I could float the Titanic and I still think I'm retaining fluid!  I might be having too much sodium though.........and chocolate....damn Easter Bunny.......I knew I should have locked the door on the bugger! lol!  He should leave carrots instead!


Weight Loss Wanted: Buddies under 5'2 to compete & lose the chubb with! Apr 07 2010
16:15 (UTC)

Gross!  142 :(  

Easter that lasted until yesterday!!!!!!!!!  I leave next week for Punta Cana!  Groan!  I just stocked up on fruit and activia for the week..........I love that yogurt........lots of cals but soooo yummy!  Anyone else like it?  I don't eat the fat free's too chalky and not as creamy and yummy!

Games & Challenges 16 lbs by 11/April ! I keep missing the start of other groups so I'm starting my own! Apr 05 2010
13:49 (UTC)

142.0.........I'll never get out of the 140's :(